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This article is about a topic that is not In-Character(IC) knowledge
Paradise is a Medium Role Play(MRP) Server: IC knowledge for the most part is not restricted(see Rule 2) However, a few select game mechanics are supposed to be secretive and conversation about said mechanics should be avoided(or be very speculative) until your character becomes aware of them.

Syndicate Researcher

Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Guides: Guide to Atmospherics, Guide to Engineering, TEG, Guide to Toxins, Guide to Chemical Research, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Hydroponics, Guide to Food, Guide to Drinks, Guide to Virology, Guide to Medical
Access: Syndicate Space Base
Duties: Experiment with various things without worrying about the consequences too much


Departmental Head

Civilian/Misc. Roles
Civilian/Misc. Guides

Syndicate Researchers are Syndicate scientists tasked with researching various fields, including botany, chemistry, pyrotechnics, and virology. The outpost they're stationed at contains a full suite of systems and areas designed to facilitate long-term inhabitation, including a functional kitchen, bar, engineering department, and a medical bay. Aside from that, the station is also capable of spying on nearby Nanotrasen facilities by tapping into their communication and camera systems, as well as coordinating any agents on-site.

This job is mostly intended for players to experiment with various game mechanics without worrying too much about their responsibilities. There is no end goal for a Syndicate scientist - you can do what you want, and your fun depends only on how good you are at entertaining yourself. Consult the guides listed above for specific information about the things you can do.


  • You are not allowed to leave the base.
  • You are not allowed to interact with the station or its inhabitants, except by talking to traitors/nukies using the syndicate radio channel.

Getting Started

The Syndicate outpost is equipped with a TEG, which needs to be set up to power it - doing so is as simple as wrenching down the machine, turning on all the pumps, and maxing out the heater and freezer. Once the generator is running, it is a good idea to scour the warehouse for some stock parts, which can be used to upgrade various machines located on the base. Simply load them into the Rapid Part Exchanging Device, use a screwdriver to open the machine's panel, and then use the RPED on it. You are supplied with enough parts to upgrade most, if not all, machines on the station - doing so will enable you to do your job much more effectively. It is also a good idea to hack every vendor, as well as the autolathe, to give yourself even more options. Your combat gloves are insulated, so don't be afraid of shocks.

Mission Control

Syndicate operatives located on-site might have access to the Syndicate comms frequency you and your colleagues use. If that's the case, you may be able - and are allowed to - help them! The camera console located in the communications room is able to access all of the station's cameras, which you can use to find the agents' targets, warn them about the location of Security, and potentially even give a lucky, spaceborne Syndie some gear! Remember, however, that you should always avoid compromising the base's secrecy - its continued existence is more important than a random agent's mission.

Intruders Detected

It is possible that an Explorer or a particularly bored Shaft Miner will stumble upon your base, and attempt to breach into it. Should this happen, you have two choices: shoot them on sight with your pistol, or attempt to capture them, aided by riot foam darts loaded into Donksoft weapons from your - ideally hacked earlier - vendor. The foam force SMG is a very good weapon for this purpose. You can also use a stunprod. Regardless of what method you choose, you might now have a pacified Nanotrasen employee onboard. This can be a great roleplaying experience for both of you! You may interrogate them, or even perform some unethical experiments. Consider faxing your supervisors about the capture as well - you never know what they might have in mind. Keep in mind, however, that the intruder is another player - try not to do things that are too unfun to them.

Faxing the Syndicate

Inside the communications room, you can find a long-range fax machine capable of contacting your supervisors. This should not be done lightly - annoying the Syndicate is never a good idea. That being said, sometimes you might require additional resources for a particularly ambitious project, or perhaps want their input on dealing with a particular intruder you have captured. Like with all faxes, a well written report is much more likely to convince the admins Syndicate to play along with your ideas.

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