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    ParadiseStation is creating creating a Space Station 13 Server.

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    • Remember Warriorstar's videos? It could be Paradiso's Archangles
    • Courtesy of Dudley (scut frost): "Mistakes into Miracles" with synth's mpreg clown as our logo
    • Thank you for basically soloing this month, Shadey. You are amazing o7
    • November, what a MONTH. We can happily say we got a lot of things done! This update might seem a bit shorter than the others, but I promise you these changes are quite beneficial. Thanks to the people who contributed for November! If I missed anyone else, tell me: @Jonttte @Shadeykins@Sadhorizon@Sirryan2002@Sciuridian@Aligote@Octus@MigratingCoconut@Crazyhair@Imnotthesharpest@DGamerL@henri215@Chapitito@CinnamonSnowball Revision Requests & Changelog We now have a Google document for Revision Requests, so I can update it in real time. PLEASE check it out here! Make sure to check the Maintenance Panel too for anything I missed, as well as the Github for any merged PRs that need wiki updates. The bot on the discord in the #wiki-development channel also updates us on that. This isn't a definite list whatsoever, and if you find anything else that needs doing, go ahead! November Changelog Locations pages have been axed and are now an unified page with easy to understand colour coded maps for the stations and mining outpost! Check it here. Portals is mostly completed for the player front end, with the Job Portal intergrated onto the main page and other pages. Click the roles on the front page and you will be redirected to it's portal! Advanced Rules on the wiki is now axed and redirects you to the main rules page, it's recommended you check for any current rules here. Lore Portal is now it's own portal, not final however. IPC page now shows what the alternative body types look like, so it's easier for you to customise in character creation now! This change is from October, but make sure to update your bookmarks for Guide to Food and Drinks! They are now two separate pages, Guide to Food and Guide to Drinks. Standard Operating Procedure Yeah, we know that SOP is outdated. If you notice anything, tell us on the forums or the Discord server in #wiki-development. 2023 Development Goals Got some great news for this section, Portals is now close to done and the Job Portal is intergrated onto the Front Page! Job Department just needs Special done. Lore Portal is it's very own section and needs a lot of love, so ask Lore Team about it! We had to sacrifice Game Mechanics Portal however, but it's for the best 🫡. @Shadeykins did a lot of the dirty work here for this, so please give props to her! I was just the one saying whether it looked nice or not. Job Portal Special - WIP Contributor Portal Wiki Contributor - WIP Administrative Tooling - WIP, thanks to @Sirryan2002 for starting on it! Github Contributor - WIP Technical Issues - WIP Lore Portal WIP. Co-operate with the Lore Team for this. You can contact them on the Discord server. The headers for Jobs and Portals also got a lovely visual update from @Shadeykins! Look at how sleek it is. ✨Gorgeous. ✨ Want to help contribute to the wiki? The wiki can seem quite daunting at first but it's really not! It's easier to contribute as well than spriting or coding. We need people to help us out, so if you like writing and spreading knowledge of the game, give it a try! Check out the guides here and here. We also follow a Manual of Style that you should check here, it will tell you the standards we uphold. Feel free to ask for any help in #wiki-development on the Discord server or on the forums! I recommend reading through MediaWiki and just experimenting.
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