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    • As for a nerf to the defib, there is one currently up:  https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14698 This would make the defib have limited ammo, and while you can probably replace the battery (not 100% sure you can, especially as it had an infinite one), will be hard to do and notice in that combat scenario. Also, I'm not sure the defib is that strong, you do trade your belt slot and the ability to have something in your off-hand for a stunbaton with automatic death confirmation. But if we take a nuke with a stunbaton and an esword, they can equally land the stun and finish their victim off with the sword without much of a resistance. So in a 1 on 1, not really a difference there. If they have a cooldown like the normal defibrillator, they won't be able to do that against a group, even, while a stunbaton may be able to stunlock that group. And another disatvantage the the defibrillator for the nukies is that all the station has to do to bring them back is a defib of their own, instead of that and lengthy surgery for bones, bleeding, and organs. Think the defibrillator may actually be in a good spot balance wise, not weak, but also not too strong that you can't really choose anything else instead.
    • Now I can finally post this! Tetra "I use duct tape as anesthetic" Vega
    • I love the colours! So rich and vibrant
    • made for Pheonix, had a few bumps with uni and renovating the room but happy at the turnout and their feedback!
    • No escape means NO ESCAPE. While it does make use of 'slip_stun', it works more so like a taser in function. So it's less of a slip and more of a reskinned taser bolt, sort of. However, on this topic, I DO think the staff of slipping is kind of a silly weapon for something that's relatively easy to find. It has the same stun effects as a taser which is ~10 seconds depending on the server's tickrate. It charges itself AND it can be fired with less delay than a taser can. That being said, the CNS (the stun reducing implant) actually shortens ALL stuns to a few seconds, including the staff of slipping. The only thing that could keep you down for a significant amount of time is something that does stamina damage like some really specific chems or disablers or something like that. I don't really like the combat defib either. It's pretty insane that it'll automatically launch someone into cardiac arrest and is a pretty absurd silent killer since they're locked in place, unable to speak, and die in about 15 seconds, most of which is spent in hard crit and unconscious. Luckily, it's sort of quasi-locked behind the fact there's only one compact defib on the station UNLESS you're a nukie and you order a combat medic kit which is only like 7TC and it even nets you some really solid stims. Unironically, I think if nuke ops all got combat defibs, meth donks, and shielded hardsuits they would just annihilate anyone they'd run into. Emagged/EMP'd combat defibs are very strong from what I've seen. Unfortunately, the suit stopping the stun idea kind of runs counter to the combat defib, because one of the defining features of the combat defib (That being the unique Combat Defib and not just any compact defib that's been EMP'd/emagged) is that it can revive THROUGH hardsuits so it makes sense that it would work THROUGH hardsuits, too.
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