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    • SOP for Gamma Alert has been changed. Essentially: SOP does not apply at all during gamma alert. Sec can do whatever they need to do to ensure the safety of station/crew. If you interfere with people dealing with the emergency (e.g: sec, command, ERT) you can be detained. If you physically threaten such a person, (e.g: by pulling out a weapon) they can respond with lethals. If you actually attack such a person, they can field execute you on the spot. Don't be the idiot who thinks it is cute to drag people away from ERT, or try to disarm them, during Gamma Alert. As of this SOP update, they are clear to perma you for the former, and execute you on the spot for the latter. Gamma Alert can only be called by admins, and typically is only granted for exceptional threats. If Gamma is declared, treat it as a sign from the admins that the whole crew needs to pull together if they want to survive.
    • Clickbait title woo. So let's talk about shaming culture. Shame is an important social tool to indicate a societal attitude towards behaviour. Go look up sociology shit on wiki. As crew, comments on your coworkers shape their actions. As admins, it can be our job to shame people for their behaviour. This can be done appropriately some times - but someone shouldn't feel too ashamed over a simple mistake, especially newbies. This needs to be done carefully and correctly to ensure that it stops the behaviour, and teaches people the correct action. You should avoid direct insults to the persons intelligence. This can cross IC/OOC boundaries, where your IC insults are being reflected at the person behind the screen. Several people have talked to me recently about how they've been shamed by admins OOCly and ICly in a variety of circumstances. Some of these times have been appropriate to shame someone for their behaviour.  The degree to which this has been done and ways has not always been to my liking - I'd like to take this opportunity to remind admins that even a minor comment from someone with the power of a banhammer, comes across very strongly. Calling them an idiot in front of the entire station can be mortifying, and totally turn a new player off the game. This is something that should be remembered when you play the game too. Everyone has off days, and abusing the CE for messing up the singularity isn't going to stop anyone getting sucked into it or make the shuttle arrive faster. When you criticise someone's actions, try to do it in a way that teaches them what the correct thing to do is, and doesn't humiliate the person behind the screen too much. Over this weekend especially I'll be collecting various feedback etc on this, so feel free to message me. If you're reading old forum posts a year from now, also feel free to message me. It's literally my job to talk to players and the community about things like this.
    • I like this, especially the 3rd point. I would absolutely actually RP with psychs with these changes.
    • IAA is not really a good role to teach those skills for a beginner point of view if they do not have a helpful magistrate or NTRep guiding them then they are just lost not knowing what to do.     Even if you think that was the intent it really is not NTRep, Blueshield, Magistrate are roles you need some experience in the deperment before you play those and need a good grasp on the game before attempting them as those roles are the last shield for normal players when a abuse of power has taken place or can cause huge down time for important roles when not properly played.
    • Mentor apps are now open. See here for info & how to apply: https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/85-open-mentor-applications/
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