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    • Nations was axed completely because it was god-awful. It required an EXTREME amount of babysitting by admins and even then typically turned into all-out war due to the actions of one idiot in each department. Nations as a game mode was so bad that the only time admins would reliably use it was when a new admin had just joined the team and we wanted to haze and torment them as much as possible for their first shift as an admin. Its primary use was literally making admins suffer. There were one or two admins who'd also force it as an event, but this was rare, as it typically required 2 admins minimum to commit to devoting 2 hours to managing the round, one to manage ahelp tickets and another to manage the nations stuff. Neither admin could play in the round. It required that much supervision. Revolution is not in rotation for various reasons. Its not really that well developed, and has a lot of gimmicks (like for example, if a head enters a locker even for a few seconds they count as dead for the rest of the round, without knowing it). Xenos are covered on another thread. Basically they can't be a round type since they're not balanced for that, and not very fun or balanced in general. Terrors are still in active development (by me) but I don't want to make them a game mode. I feel they're better as a late-round event that allows for intrigue/RP earlier in the shift while confronting the station with a big threat late-game. More generally I favor modes like traitor (which allow both action and RP) over game modes that instantly degenerate into team death match. Cult was massively updated recently. Traitors (the game mode) is probably the game's default mode. Shadowlings are going to be patched/updated, not removed. That's the plan, anyway.   While in theory new game modes would be nice, it is an IMMENSE amount of work (both design and coding) to make a new game mode that's actually fun. Per the latest Paradise Community Survey, Terrors are a close second (after Traitors) for the most fun antag type to fight against... but it took literally years of work on them to get them to that point. And even then, they're not a game mode and I'm against making them one. Arguably making a new, original, fully fleshed out game mode would take, at minimum, MONTHS of work even if it was simple.    
    • Xenos are in the code, but their round type is not in active rotation. The reason is that they're not well balanced or fun. If the online admin(s) are prepared to go the extra mile in making the crew suffer, though, they can be a late-round event. They're not in active rotation even for that, but its still possible for admins to force the event.
    • For generations our employers and leaders have had us working like slaves, with slave pay. We live and die at their command. We build and research until we drop. Well I say 'NO MORE!'. Raise up with me, fellow spessmen! Rise up and show these impudent "Masters" that you will not take it no more!  We shall prevail! We will show no mercy! We are ONE!
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