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    • Filing under resolved.
    • I think this would be a good idea. In a lot of situations gamma would make sense yet is not called/given due to the armory and the borg module the station gets. Removing those direct ties would be good. But as said in the post itself. There should be downsides to having the Gamma alert. Maybe cargo will be unable to buy supplies other than guns, medical items etc. Perhaps calling it should also be more difficult than red alert. (Requires 3 swipes? (Still) Requires admin intervention?)
    • If we were to make Gamma able to be called by station command, what would stop command from instantly calling gamma instead of red? Perhaps we could make it so that gamma can be called only (insert time here) after red is called first. I dunno.
    • I've always found it a bit odd that the "Dire Emergency" alert level is tied to an off-station decision. Granted, gameplay wise it stops people from throwing SoP out the window when the emergency is manageable, but the lack of accessibility means it's only called when things are often lost as is. Sometimes GAMMA is skipped entirely and nuke codes are called just because it's easier to do that than write out a full fax to CC. In an emergency, rapid response is key. I support the idea of separating GAMMA and the armory shuttle from each other, and using the armory as a supplement for security if their current gear isn't cutting it. I do think GAMMA should called in a similar method to nuke codes, where you use the console to send a request to CC with the reason for the request. If CC decides the threat is legitimate, they can call GAMMA, along with either a ERT or the armory as they see fit. GAMMA also gets a stronger response from the crew than red alert does. Every shift seems to see red alert, to the point where it's often ignored. GAMMA carries a stronger weight with it that can encourage the crew to actually comply with command. Realistically, GAMMA would be used for situations where the entire crew is in danger, such as near ascended shadowlings/cult, uncontrolled biohazards, nuke ops, and any other situation where the crew/station is the target of total destruction. Keeping it tied to contacting CC is still important, but allowing it to be called without the armory shuttle being included would help encourage the use of it when it really needed.
    • I think this would be a cool point of discussion. I personally think that if we did change how requesting the Gamma Armory is done. It should be like requesting the on station Nuclear Codes. I would like to point out that while Gamma SOP is great, what's the point of the alert if people are going to follow the SOP in the first place? Red Alert requires that people stay within their departments and that all civilian level visitors stay in the dorms/bar area. Perhaps if we amended Red Alert SOP to be less restrictive on movement it would give Gamma alerts a bit more oomph.  While I think my suggestion for how to request Gamma Alert is rather restrictive and goes against what your vision of Gamma SOP should be, there's a lot of reasoning. Imagine a few members of command having the ability to suspend all SOP. That's not really something ICly command should have the authority to do, and abuse could not be prevented without the involvement of CC(if you could just swipe for the alert) which would put pressure on admins to either reduce the restrictiveness/seriousness of the alert or have to double-down on regulating/enforcing how it is used/called.
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