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    • Yes, I was the admin who conducted the trade. I'll say this on the matter.. trades are entirely doable. It depends upon your objectives... if you have to kill someone, and you'd like another objective, we may give it to you. A trade is unlikely as it'd make no sense on why we'd give you a hijack/nukie item if you have to steal something or kill 1 person. If you have hijack however, trades are entirely doable and depends on the context. You want CQC? We can arrange it. You want his grace? We can arrange it. It will cost most, if not, all your TC as  you are effectively getting an item, or role that can literally break or make a round. Some things however, we will not trade or offer such as super antag roles or very powerful items. If the crew have zero chance against you (Such as an ancient one) or the item (Such as instakill rifle), then please don't ask for it. It's up to the hijacker. Hijack allows them to do anything they want. If they want to bomb the bridge, they may. If they want to expose the bar to space and kill everyone in it, they may. If they just want to chill in one room until the shuttle is called, they may. The only rules they aren't allowed to break are ERP and racism rules, those still apply.
    • If you have a creative idea on how to approach your objectives, regardless if highjack or not, feel free to ahelp.  Also if you think your objectives are too hard, you can also ask for easier ones.
    • I'm sorry but you're 2 much of a nerd for us to tell you things.
    • First off, I really like the idea of more creative ways to accomplish the traitor goals. I would prefer them more interaction and RP based then violence based though. I also didn't know you could ask the admins for specific traitor items and trade them for TC:s. That is very helpful. Watching this video, I'm a bit concerned. You kill 13 people which to me seems extremely excessive. Even more concerning is the admin urging you on. Personally, a killing spree before hijacking is what I would call the opposite of creative, since murdering a lot of people is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think "traitor". I don't have all the facts about the situation. Maybe your traitor goal was to cause as much havoc as possible. But I have no idea how this could be considered an increase in fun. By my count, you're having a great time. The other 13 people who got killed.. not so much. I don't mean to sound harsh. I think the idea of the thread is great! The example used may not be the best though.
    • Spawned as a sentient animal. Creator basically said me (the tree) and the Lussy xenomaid should get married. We set out to join branch and claw in holy matrimony. It took some time but the captain finally put a ceremony together!
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