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  1. You would be, if you could count, so now it's back to zero. Heck, i would have allowed you being at 5, given the "3 weeks later..." between the posts, would have been perfect.
  2. Miscount in the current attempt, go back to zero.
  3. It would always depend on why the syndicate would want to hurt/kill someone whether someone can be revived or not (on station). If it's just to send a message, getting revived should be okay. The people involved wouldn't need to know about the contents of the message, it could be revealed later to the victim, or it's meant for another person who would want to keep the victim healthy. To make someone forget something, or keep someone out of commission for a while, that would need to have the person not to be revived (on station). It can always be that NT has some sort of backup of everyone, b
  4. On the plus side, they have caused zero collateral damage during their mission, except maybe the count now...
  5. Didn't know that is possible, and i would guess it shouldn't.
  6. As for a nerf to the defib, there is one currently up: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14698 This would make the defib have limited ammo, and while you can probably replace the battery (not 100% sure you can, especially as it had an infinite one), will be hard to do and notice in that combat scenario. Also, I'm not sure the defib is that strong, you do trade your belt slot and the ability to have something in your off-hand for a stunbaton with automatic death confirmation. But if we take a nuke with a stunbaton and an esword, they can equally land the stun and finish t
  7. Guess the surgery comes a bit late, the patient has 0 blood left.
  8. A filling cabinet that accepts IDs and maybe PDAs sure would make sense.
  9. Think ignoring the shock stun will basically instantly kill them, currently. At least for hacking, you get shocked, and then the code goes "still interacting with the wires? Time to shock.", repeat that until no longer interacting due to crit. Makes kinda sense, as nothing seems to have a breaker/fuse, as long as you are touching an electrified wire, that'll shock you. Getting a potentially shorter stun and lower burn damage would be more feasible.
  10. The hologram really just needs to work like a temporary active intercom, so why not. Maybe the basically unused multicam button can be used for it. If you are allowed to use it, can just drop a small window for the hologram, if not, and there is that hologram of yours, can jump in and out of it.
  11. I think one problem theese will have is what people can see. For one i think you'll have a rather small distance. 7 tiles you can view doesn't give you much distance you can traverse. And given that you need to see it, that'll reduce the possible uses again. Want to get in the captain's office? Not really possible, both doors into it don't have glass. So at best you can glitch in while someone is moving through the door. What could make the glitch gadgets more usefull if you can split the targeting and teleporting. Tag someone in you view, now you can see what's around them and actually swap
  12. For the drone thing, they have soap that'll work without running out. And if they would get the full cleaner, they would be janitor/janibot+. All access, big clean capacity, quick travel due to pipes and disposal, can almost always join as one, trash can directly recycled rather than trashbag carrying it to the next disposals, the only thing they would be missing then is cleaning by moving over something. As for the atmos thing, bigger starting capacity may not be needed, but a way to get more gas, could at most order tanks in cargo currently, but no filled canisters.
  13. Kingston was resurrected, though admin only, but that means new players can dread it. The other part, good riddance i would say. And two things that always come up, and i'm a bit surprised it wasn't named already: Vox leap and naked slime ventcrawling. Superfarts are also gone, and i think with it, fart-based propulsion in space.
  14. Would need to get some implants that won't actually do much. But without doing anything, what'll be the difference between the implant there and making the affected organ cybernetic. Want an implant that explains how your character knows who is speaking over comms, and the additional information a script may add? Probably a small hud implant, so why not just take mechanically assisted eyes for that. Any implant can't easily be disarmed, so anything allowing to transmit information or produce a potential weapon is out. A few new implants that could work, even if some won't make that much
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