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  1. MarsMond

    Nukies Nerf

    In a 1 on 1 with a nukie, the nukie should win. They are a spec ops, while the crew are civilians or mall cops at most. The problem that ops have is attrition. Every bullet they spent on unrelated targets means they have less to work with on the objective. Every hitpoint they loose moves them closer to a slowdown or other problem, and needs them to either invest consumables or time to heal/push through it, and time gives the crew to coordinate and move the disk away, which means you need to fight even more. A HoS in their hardsuit probably takes a bullet or two more to disable, but may also be easier to hit from the slowdown, or alone in space, and such they can focus on fighting them.
  2. I think both of these fit somewhat into what amounts to a crazy conspiracy theory: It's the NSS Cyberiad, which means it's a SCIENCE station. But what science gets actually done? The stuff RnD produces seem to be all known, robotics doesn't produce anything new, there are no chemicals to be discovered, toxins can only do so much for the perfect mix, and xenbio slimes are also known. So when the science department doesn't actually do science, what's getting studied? The crew, or rather the effects of prolonged exposure to bluespace activity. Lavaland does have quite a few "supernatural" mobs, and given the amount of anomalies/rifts we get to know (for the active shifts), the separation between the normal space and bluespace is weakened. And the NSV Icarus is there to monitor this, it does have advanced sensories for it. As the Caberiad is not the research facility, but rather the subject of said research, it makes sense to have a bit more lax screening and similar, as it's not that important, and it encourages stressful situations to happen. After all, NT will want to know that there are no problems from that exposure, especially in a crisis. What use is a bluespace exploration team if it goes crazy from the exposure in case something unusual happens? Moving on from that conspiracy thing, i got a few things i try to keep in mind for playing my Tajarans: As a motif in their religion is the light, and the veils kept their use there. They probably started as snow goggles, but after more advanced gear was made for it, their use got moved more to the religion. After all, you can get only so close to the light if your eyes burn from it. So blindness may even be seen as a boon to some sects of the religion. A figure of speech: "to wrap it in cloths" means to say it nicely, they use tapestry and such as insulation and make the wall feel nicer, so i would think that works in general. In a similar vein, an "ice shard" may mean the same as a red herring: Seen something glister, and investigated it, but it was just a chunk of clear ice reflecting the light, so a bad lead that something is there. During the Overseers regime, and the rebellion in the end, there was a need for smugglers and couriers, and as waiting and hiding in the snow is not the nicest thing, it was solved by running and parkour. Building will have been close together to retain some heat, so running over the rooftops is a good way to avoid otherwise patrolled streets. It changed to a more legal delivery, but otherwise survived to the current day, even if it may be dying due to other delivery methods brought in by corporates.
  3. Comms is the only communication we have that supports multiple users with no other restrictions. Trying to coordinate between three people or more that don't share a department or have one in the first place would mean you need to copy everything that's getting said around. And if you make something harder/more annoying to do, it will happen less, in this case it's players interacting with each other. It will also arguably nerf antags. They won't be able to hear where their target is, like a miner asking for RnD to be manned. Would need to keep watching some crew monitor or GPS for them, to even know whether they are on station or not, and miners don't necessarily set their sensors due to the GPS, which notifies both ways. With something like the transponder, antags may also be unable to tell whether they are busted or not, as they have no access to the alert channel. It would also need to alert engineering, else that plasma fire the activation was about won't be extimguished, and sec and med can only watch the person burning to a crisp until one atmos tech actually replies to a PDA message, gears up, and comes all the way from atmos to toxin, where the fire has now burned everything and solved itself. I could potentially see some Star Trek style coms badge as a replacement, but we need to pay attention it won't cost too much resources. We had PDA chatrooms, and they caused major lag if too many people were in one. The check whether a person would be the correct one or not to give the message to will be way more involved than checking if a device is on that frequency. Do they have their ID somewhere other systems would accept it? So check both hands, the PDA, the ID slot itself for the ID and a container holding said ID, if they don't have the correct ID, are they unmasked, and near a camera? Would mean an AI can track them, and such the system can identify them as reciever of the message. Heck, maybe even based on the voice, said something in the last X minutes? The comms badge must belong to the person with that voice, relay the message. It'll be a massive overhaul, common comms are quite ingrained into the game. It would have a testing phase to determine if it works positively for the game, but there are many doubts about it, so i think there is a good chance it will be rejected after testing at least, and the work required for such an overhaul is too big for the chance it has to be wasted.
  4. You all are as it's helping you. I may not care that much how high you get, but i do care that you do it right. And while i also care you make it fun or clever, your count is good enough, just don't post just numbers. Anyway, back to 1² for you.
  5. A problem with brig guards is that antagonists can have goals inside the brig, so as example a sacrifice or just the wardens gloves. Now, with a bit of time, they can wait for the brig to be clear short of a warden and maybe the brig physician, with the rest of the security force being too far away to respond to a quick strike. Now the brig guards would add two bodies with disablers to that, and more people that can raise an alarm if the antagonist has dispatched the warden otherwise silently. As for the prisoners themselves, we do have the lockable muzzles, but security would need to supervise the feeding on monkeys then. A bit of an extra load that takes at least two officers. Whats a bigger issue is where they are rulewise: If they count as a normal crewmember, escaping is really only possible by walking out during a graytide virus, and even then the manhunt for the escaped perma prisoner will tax securities time, even if they can only offer limited resistance. It may also result in a bit of an OOC trust, as people know they have to follow certain rules, which may be used well, knowing they are there for some RP, or it could be bad, giving the "mutineer and murderer" prisoner role parole rather than the agent who stole the blueprints without harming anyone to deal with another situation. If they are allowed to do more than just a crew member, what would stop this role to become a bigger problem to security than the "normal" tide? Pushing an officer over and throwing them at the door is not enough to escape, so you'll need to get their ID. But if you are already stripping them, the headset and glasses can't hurt, and a new jumpsuit with disableable sensors is needed, too. That's too far for a normal crewmember at least, but for that prisoner, it may be allowed, maybe after following some escalation rule, but that'll also be problematic. Ome of the more common bwoink reason already is self-defence taken too far, which is basically an escalation rule, and the prisoner rule would be primed for that. Lastly, i think in universe, perma is more a long-term holding area, rather than a prison. That explains the rather small size. It's a science station, not a prison one, hold agents and vampires until the next chance to send them off to NT for further handling, so the crew transfer.
  6. Let's add some more needs. At the moment, there is only the need for food, butif you can starve in that timeframe, you probably would also need to drink, rest, maybe take care of the personal hygiene. Could also have the need for some fresh air, always breathing the recycled air in the cramped rooms must not be nice, one would want some free room. It may not be vital, but you would be in a bad mood, and who knows what you would do throwing a tantrum. Eating without a table isn't that good, too...
  7. Add ceilings, else why wouldn't gasses just vent into space? May give a bit of a visibility issue, but that's worth the gained realism and immersiveness.
  8. I don't think it'll be that easy to stop abuse from happening, only to mitigate the impact by deleting the machine when it gets too much. As for the machine itself, it would probably be better if the ambient temperature would be more noticeable besides scorching/freezing. Air alarms can be set between 10-30°C by anyone iirc, and no one will notice it unless they check their PDAs air analyzer. Give people a character option for the comfortable temperature range, so they get notified if it's above/below it, without affecting the dangerous ranges. Give characters a default based on species (so as example drasks very low, tajaran low, human average, unathi high), and that allows cold rooms to be noticeable without snow laying around. Also, it may be less prone to abuse if making snow requires you to have the room cooled down before being able to get it placed, maybe it could just be made that if you have a room below the freezing point, throwing(splashing) a beaker with hot water to make snow. Usually requires colder temperatures for such quick snow creations, but that doesn't matter for this.
  9. IPCs not getting an oxygen would make sense, the emergency autoinjector is to stabilize. It deals with oxygen damage, which would kill you when in crit. So it's often for someone else, not for yourself. If there was a chem that stopped an IPC from deteriorating in crit, everyone should be getting an injector. But it's also the difference between IPCs and "normal" organics. If an organics gets heavily damaged, every second counts for recovery. An IPC can "just" be rebooted whenever. So in the end, why would NT invest in that? I think a small welder and a few cables (under 15, to stop every IPC from having cable cuffs roundstart) would be more like gauze and ointment in the box, as that can heal. But even these are very rare, basically only in emergency nanomeds, which in itself are rare.
  10. The system should also be an opt-in one, to not affect current character designs. Have a standardized limb, and a specialized one from each corporation. That way a player doesn't have to change their whole character design to be able to play sec without suddenly sturdier, but slower legs, and otherwise easily disabled arms, as example. If there are multiple options for a limb, it'll also allow to slowly add the options. So you wouldn't need to have every brand fully established before adding the feature, nor need to come up with all the lore and effects to add a new design.
  11. I, for one, don't know how, seem to just have been some jump up to 16, and continued from there. And while typing it, another explanation popped up, i guess that explains it, two.
  12. I think the chasms are good as the first stage of a tendril dying, given it makes the loot missable and somewhat more risky. But after a short time, it could fill up with lava, given it's quite a deep hole, may just hit magma to fill it up. This could even continue and let the area cool down and harden after a while, making it just normal ground. There is also only one way to counter chasms, with a specific restriction, besides "just don't fall in". The jaunter being on your belt slot stops you from using a webbing (which probably should be as easily accessible to the miner automatically using the jaunter), and without bluespace storage (or i suppose a ripley with a crate loaded), your backpack will be rather full with just basic miner gear, so a shelter, a survival pen, maybe a legion core/stabilizer, some bones/sinew/hide to craft some armor enhancment, gps... There is a commented out (as it's not working) redbullpotion that would give you wings, but as the source implementation was changing your species to achieve that, it wasn't easily ported and left out in the implementation, as far as i know. Changing that up to work on this codebase may give another tool to handle chasms, making them less punishing in turn.
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