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  1. Name: Unknown (Refers to themselves as "Sludge," though this is unlikely their real name) Age: 26 DOB: Unknown, circa 2540 Gender: Masculine Non-Binary Pronouns: He/They Race: Slimeperson Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Chaplain, Security Officer/Detective, Assistant, Captain, NT Rep, and Janitor Biography: Sludge hails from the slime people's home-planet of Xarxis 5, having been born and raised there before leaving to join the Nanotrasen labour force. The details of his life are undocumented, and he has persistently refused to reveal anything about his upbringing, childhood, nor their parents, claiming that he is "not sure of these thing." In addition, they have repeatedly denied any knowledge of their birth-name, having only referred to themselves as "Sludge" for the entirety of their communication with Nanotrasen officials. Qualifications: -Nanotrasen First Aid Course: Passed -Nanotrasen Close-Quarters Combat Abilities Course: Passed -Nanotrasen Firearms Handling Course: Failed -Nanotrasen Construction Instruction: Passed -Space OSHA Certification Course: Failed Employment Records: Sludge has no outstanding employment records worthy of documenting, but has been recorded as working odd-jobs in repair and maintenance. They claim to have worked as a club bouncer and maintenance technician, for the sake of "building things up and beatings things down." These claims are without proof, and are not considered viable for qualification. Physical Description: Sludge is a transparent, muddy shade of tan-brown, with purple-dyed hair tied into a "Ronin" hairstyle. (editor's note: this is a real hairstyle btw look it up) He stands at roughly 5'8, and for unknown reasons, has various pieces of dirt, debris, and garbage seemingly lodged into his body. These foreign objects seem to cause no discomfort, and are accredited as a source of personality and appearance according to him. Whether the objects were placed in the body by choice, or simply collected over years of neglect and improper hygiene is unknown. Relationships: Sludge has yet to forge any particularly strong relationships, but believes that the crew generally like him "well enough" and hopes that they "do not mind [his] presence." Notes: Sludge appears to be either absent-minded and inattentive or simply simple-minded; they partake in such hobbies as the hoarding of garbage, and regularly consume inedible substances such as pepperspray, citing they enjoy the flavour of the so-called "spicy juice." Additionally, despite being fairly competent, albeit dangerous with a firearm, he opts for melee combat, often with blunt instruments, out of his desire to "beat thing into [a] pulp." Regardless, their work ethic is considered adequate for continued service aboard Nanotrasen stations, and they are capable of handling almost any task that does not require extensive textbook knowledge.
  2. Quiet thread but honestly radiation having an effect on IPCs would be pretty solid, at least logically speaking
  3. got bored, devised this absolute shitpost
  4. This isn't 100% related, but I have always been averse to HoP being able to roll antag since they have free all-access, can suspend and steal from all accounts on-station, and can get all comms channels with minimal effort; If the captain has a mindshield, you'd think the HoP would get one too
  5. where did she get one? well, that's a story for the next drinking binge
  6. I would like everyone to know that the spider sprite scared the piss out of me and I was not enjoying it at all
  7. Agreed; I get that there's concerns regarding the whole thing, but sometimes it feels rather.. patronizing
  8. Tachaka, James, and myself were hanging out in maints having coffee and donuts, and fled the station following a terror outbreak; we ended up in the space bunker, and established a cozy little settlement. It was fun and cute :)
  9. Honestly? Service channel just doesn't have a lot of applications in my experience, to the point that it really doesn't need to be used.
  10. I, the clown, was recruited to "honk" the ash drake. The Honkmother (admeme) decided to bless me with aheals, speed, and attack speed, and I punched the drake to death in hand-to-claw combat. It was legendary :D
  11. Coroner's office of the NSS Cyberiad, January 7th, 2566 Shadowling autopsy results: Time of death: 05:39:00 Weapon #1 Severity: severe Hits by weapon: 324 Approximate time of wound infliction: 05:38 Affected limbs: upper body, head, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg Weapon: Unknown (presumably visible light) CHAPTER 5 MEDICAL ACCESS REQUIRED TO VIEW THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. ANY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ACCESSING THIS DOCUMENT WILL BE SUBJECT TO TERMINATION. Proceed? >Confirm Audio Recording Initiated. WARNING: UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS DETECTED. "Oh, shit!" Gunfire, fleshy thud. Smash that [expletive] camera NOW! END OF RECORDING.
  12. Alright, the purpose of this thread, simply put, is to provide a place where we can dump lore tidbits and headcanons that we've created. Although there are other lore channels, this one is specifically dedicated to files such as incident reports, interviews, "experiments," etc. With that being said, happy posting!
  13. The only main problem with it though, at least from what I've seen, is that changeling targets are very hard to pursue if they change identity at any point in time, similar to if your target were to get plastic surgery.
  14. Another relationship update; more lore coming soon!
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