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  1. Don't worry, being nervous about your first few times as an antag is completely normal! It's the antag jitters, everyone gets 'em. That being said, a good way to relax yourself when you're new to antagging is to play good music (or heist music) and have good snacks. Apart from doing basic things to make yourself more comfortable, there's no easy way to get over the antag jitters- just go for it! And remember, the best way to learn antag is.... to lose. I mean it; losing as antag gives you a lot of insight on how to do better. Good luck!
  2. Concerning this idea, I've scrapped it entirely for the time being; unless some blessed idea of balance comes to me then this will definitely be a powergame language. Thanks for the input, everyone!
  3. oh god they turned angel into floppa oh god oh shit
  4. Pretty straightforward here: Sign language would be pretty cool for deaf, mute, or otherwise unable to talk/hear characters. That being said, sign language as a secondary language (and available to any species) would need some code fuckery since it would have to check for line of sight rather than actual ability to hear
  5. no but my phone didn't break and my snickers didn't melt, so i consider that a win
  6. in the wise words of Tom Lehrer, "As a public service tonight, I thought I'd offer a lesson in the new math tonight (sic) ) On June 27th, 2021, I rolled wizard at 11 AM; that afternoon I rolled nukie for the first time, and had a blast doing it. I then went bowling with my family, and got in a car accident on the way home; after a few google searches, some math, and them some more math (ew,) I've found that the odds of that happening were roughly 0.0000009 percent. I therefore declare myself the luckiest person on paradise station, for better or worse :trol:
  7. Image didn't upload properly so here's a discord file
  8. did a sketch-over of AA's pfp as a thank-you for all the hard work he does around here; it's not much but it's the best i can do
  9. before and after of my first-ever art project- sketching and shading over my heroforge of xion, and then adding bloodwork from scratch (bullet wounds, burn scars, slash wounds, and a stab wound) yes, part of her ear is missing the majority of this was pretty unsatisfactory but it was a good learning experience; i'm happy with how the wound and scar effects turned out
  10. Alright, hooboy- I'm actually trying my hand at art, so I'll keep y'all posted here on how that's turning out
  11. Right, I’d say I’ll keep this short and sweet, but it’s gonna take more than a few words to say what I mean. Over the course of the past 7 months, I’ve had the great pleasure of playing SS13 on this server, and being a member of the discord just as long. And with that being said, I’d like to thank everyone. I’d like to thank the maintainers and contributors who work to fix and improve the game every day, who work to make gorgeous sprites for us to see each time we play, and making all those old pop-up menus into TGUI (Sorry BrowserUI, I found a real man.) I’d like to thank the admins for being so patient with me despite my shortcomings, for hilarity in gimmicks and adminbus, for objective changes and foolishness galore. Thank you to the mentors who have taught me the things I never realized, for guiding me through gimmicks, antag opportunities and the little details I never would have noticed; the non-mentors who went out of their way to teach me a thing or two and gave me leeway to learn new jobs. And I want to thank all of you, every player here, for your wild gimmicks, well-planned schemes, comedic genius, RP, hangouts, and so much more. Thank you to everyone; discord, in-game, forums, past, future, and present; thank you for allowing me to be myself.
  12. Updated a couple of relationships here and there, nothing major but it's worth a look
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