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  1. Agreed, a genderless/nonbinary option should be available for all species
  2. 6 glasses of vodka served by an overly-excited service borg
  3. I have no particular comments to make at this time due to being in the middle of schoolwork, however I must say Paul Blart goes to spess.
  4. That might be due to pressure and extreme heat crushing and igniting plasma tanks and welding fuel But I can't be sure
  5. This was by far one of the most confusing rounds I've ever had.
  6. borg with a car, march 25th 2021
  7. your laughter in vc the entire time was frightening i still wish i hadn't found out what the hell you did
  8. Today, I present to you: The all-new comprehensive guide to meeting the supermatter love of your life! So, you've just seen a gorgeous supermatter crystal, haven't you? Catching feelings for her? I know you are, so today we're gonna help you get the date of your dreams! Step 1. Obtain all of your protective gear- You'll need magboots to stop you from slipping into the arms of your angel before she's ready to embrace you (make sure they're on!) And you'll need a radiation suit in order to prevent painful death via radiation burns. Messon scanners are a great option to prevent you fr
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