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  1. question 1: what is your favourite species (excluding human, tajaran, unathi, skrell, vox, drask, grey, diona, ipc, kidan, plasmaman, vulp, nian)? question 2: what is your favourite job (excluding captain, hop, hos, rd, ce, qm, warden, secoff, magi, cargo tech, miner, medchem, scientist, roboticist, viro, geneticist, ntr, blueshield, iaa, detective, engi, atmos, doctor, psych, coroner, janitor, chef, bartender, librarian, chaplain, botanist, clown, mime, barber, explorer, assistant, ai, borg, drone, pai, nno, soo, syndie officer, special roles, ghost)? question 3: what is your favourite antag (excluding tot, cling, wiz, xeno, terror, blob, demon, revenant, revolutionary, nukie, morph, holopara, vampire, abductor)?
  2. right ok, presume i am insane for suggesting this, but... what if everything had a weight, everything larger than a pen. except for unprotective clothing, or something like that... and there were limits to how much a person could carry. carry capacity is only limited by how large your bag is. i can fit like 5 piano synths in my bag, which makes me incredibly strong (dont heck with me), but like, why? species could have different weight capacity, going over your carry capacity will slow you down until you cannot pick up anymore. remove duffel slowdown all together - an empty but larger bag shouldnt slow you down more than a full satchel (which doesnt slow you down at all). stuff like riot armours would be quite heavy (as they should be, considering they are lumps of metal and kevlar and magical bluespace protection), and effectively restrict you from carrying too many items, especially not in a backpack, if you want to walk at normal speeds. guns would also be rather heavy, cos guns arent just cheap plastic toys, they are military hardware, steel is not light. yea that was a rather psychotic suggestion but its a complicated solution to a simple problem.
  3. Probably one of the newer players here, but I've grabbed just under 1,200 crew hours, and over 7,200 discord messages since March 2021. This isn't alot compared to some people, but I still need to touch grass. Dont have many interesting stories, cos I'm a boring person! I'm still here because, as previously mentioned, I have no life. Yea.
  4. good idea, idk what natural selection 2 is dont like the gibbing though.
  5. yes year is 2566, apparently we have a progressive timeline, if thats what its called - so we change year every irl year. also dont forget to use the storyteller clubbbb https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/144-character-biography/
  6. Simply remove tcomms and employ assistants as message runners, or make Ian a carrier corgidgeon. Alternatively make the little PDA room thingy near gravgen a coldroom and put tcomms in there - the PDA messaging server is already in it, so it would make some sense
  7. Welcome to the De'naro Astronautics Home Page! De'naro Astronautics is determined to bring you the finest ships in the galaxy. From multirole civilian ships, to specialised military strike craft, we make it all. Our History Founded by Damien and Tobias De'naro in 2291 as the De'naro Brothers Aviation Company, our history spans over 275 years, and it has been a long, sometimes challenging journey. Let us take you through the key events that led up to what we are today. January 12th, 2291: Damien and Tobias De'naro found the De'naro Brothers Aviation Company, building light aircraft for use in the thin atmopshere of Mars, fulfilling a gap in the market. Their products sell well, and are known for their reliability and long lifespan. August 14th, 2297: De'naro purchases a company on the edge of bankruptcy, and the ability to use their copyrighted designs, which sell well under the influence of the company. May 4th, 2305: The company begins producing light civilian spacecraft, unable to use FTL drives, but are able to ferry people in and out of planetary gravity. These designs do not prove succesful. October 30th, 2311: A De'naro spacecraft on its maiden voyage suffers a catatstrophic failure causing its engines catch fire inside a station docking bay. The station, thought not destroyed, had to be evacuated for repairs. De'naro was charged 50,000,000 credits in damages, and lost a further 7,500,000 credits in out of court settlements with families of victims. March 3rd, 2313: Still not having financially recoverred from the previously mentioned disaster, De'naro merges with Frontier Dynamic Astronautics, a spacecraft company specialising in military vessels. The company's name is changed to De'naro Frontier Astronautics. February 22nd, 2323: Damien De'naro dies in his sleep of a heart attack, Tobias De'naro takes over his shares in the company, which now make up 41%. December 29th, 2329: Tobias De'naro, now owning over 53% of shares in the company, changes its name to De'naro Astronautics. De'naro also releases the first version of what would eventually evolve into the Cobra class, De'naro's most popular spacecraft. [ERR#UNKN] November 26th, 2507: De'naro ceases production of its [ERR#UNKN] class dreadnought, the AIs onboard all active dreadnoughts are remotely disabled. De'naro also releases the first version of the modern Cobra class, fitted with the new MK1-De'naro-FTL, capable of 5000c FTL travel. July 19th, 2526: De'naro is now the 3rd largest manufacturer of spacecraft in the entire galaxy, after purchasing the 7th, 10th, and 14th, as well as a few minor spacecraft companies in one large deal. A few days later, De'naro releases the 'Mule' class, a freighter similar to the Astron class, produced by a company it previously bought out. September 9th, 2540: De'naro release the MK4-De'naro-FTL, a state-of-the-art FTL drive capable of propelling ships to 10,000x the speed of light, able to travel 10 lightyears in a matter of hours. This drive is fitted to all De'naro-produced ships, and a production license is sold to Nanotrasen, who would later reverse engineer the drive, and create one of their own. April 20th, 2560: De'naro release a new line of fighter spacecraft, which are an immediate hit with all major galactic powers, models are sold to the Trans-Solar Federation, Nanotrasen, and even the Syndicate. Our Ship Catalogue De'naro Astronautics produces a vast range of 12 ships, fit for varying purposes. This catalogue will tell you a brief description of each ship, and their price. Please note, most details have been left out, if you wish to learn more about a specific ship, please head to your local De'naro Astronautics Salesman, or look in a local library for a book about the ship you wish to purchase. Serpentes Line The Serpentes Line are a series of multirole ships. The Cobra Class Cobras are small, 2-crew ships with 10 tons of cargo space. The minimum price for these ships are 20,000 credits. You can often find these in the hands of Military scout fleets, or private owners wishing for adventure, or maybe even space-courier services. The Anaconda Class Anacondas are medium, 5-crew ships with space for a couple of passengers. They can hold 30 tons of cargo. These usually cost 50,000 credits. They're the perfect choice for anyone looking for a general purpose ship, or maybe even a ship to live on. The Viper Class Vipers are large, 10-crew ships with space for another 5 passenger, They hold 50 tons of cargo. They cost around 80,000 credits. They are usually used for running trade through unsecure or dangerous routes, where they may also need to defend themself. Equine Line The Equine Line are a series of freighter ships. The Mule Class Mules are our smallest dedicated freighter ship, though don't let 'small' deceive you, these are the size of Anacondas! They usually have around 7 crew, and can hold 100 tons of cargo. They cost around 60,000 credits, but have a higher FTL range than the Anacondas. The Zebra Class Zebras are our midline freighters, typically carrying around 16 crew, they can carry up to 250 tons! They cost around 100,000 credits but the money these typically make can easily outweigh the cost. They are the perfect logisitical backbone for any navy or shipping company. The Horse Class Horses, also simply known as 'Equines', are our largest ships, they are manned by up to 30 crew, and can carry an astonishing 500 tons. They cost 250,000 credits, and are often considered the peak of any shipping company's fleet. Not many of these ships have been produced. Prey Line The Prey Line are a series of fighter craft. ERR#ACCESS - You do not possess the required authorisation to access these files. Please speak to a De'naro Astronautics salesman to learn about the vessels in the Prey Line. Sol Line The Sol Line are a series of passenger carrying vessels. The Neptune Class Neptunes are the size of Mules, but are staffed by 10 crew, and can hold up to 100 passengers. They can carry 10 tons of cargo, and cost 50,000 credits. These are often used as ferrys, as they are able to withstand planetary gravity. The Saturn Class Saturns are just larger than a Zebra, are staffed by 24 crew, and can hold 250 passengers, with 25 tons of cargo. They cost 95,000 credits. They are often used a workhorses for passenger transport or small cruise companies. The Jupiter Class Jupiters are enourmous ships, almost as large as Horses. They are staffed by as many as 50 crew, with the ability to hold over 500 passengers and 40 tons of cargo. They cost 300,000 credits, and have the highest FTL range of all De'naro ships. These are often used as the height of luxury cruise ships. Modules All De'naro ships are able to fit modules to enhance specific areas of the ship's function. To see which modules your ship can install, please read the ship's guide, found in a library, or talk to a De'naro Astronautics salesman. Thank you for visitting the De'naro Astronautics Website. De'naro Astronautics Fly Farther. Fly Better.
  8. First Name: Globbin Last Name: Googrim Gender: Male Orientation: Unknown Nicknames/Alias: Chaching Age/D.O.B: 27/08/2533 Place Of Birth: NCB Plutus, Xarxis 5 Species: Slime Person Blood Type: Slime Jelly Alignment: Lawful Neutral Affiliation: De'naro Astronautics Religious Beliefs: No Official Religious Affiliation Childhood: Adulthood: Detailed Information Appearance: Character Voice: Personality: Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Other Information De'naro Astronautics Product Catalogue coming soon!
  9. I like this, however I do think taking 50% of charge per hit is a bit too much, should be 25% at most in my opinion, especially if you can't put them in a backpack.
  10. Captain Antonio Valens Date of Birth: 9th October 2478 Date of Death: 25th November 2565 Species: Human Gender: Male Enrollment: 14th April 2536 Notes: A handsome gentleman of italian-american heritage, with short black hair, and perfectly shaven chin. Born on Earth to an upper-middle class family, inherited vast amounts of wealth upon his parents death, and decided to buy a ship and hire a crew. First Officer Claudius ERR#UNKN Date of Birth: ERR#UNKN 2516 Date of Death: 11th May 2558 Species: Human Gender: Male Enrollment: 14th April 2536 Notes: A scarred, but incredibly friendly man with a short brown beard and a bald head who prefers to keep his past a secret. Engineer Kate Jones Date of Birth: 2nd January 2444 Date of Death: 29th May 2541 Species: Human Gender: Female Enrollment: 14th April 2536 Notes: Already quite old when she joined the crew, this was the only ship that would take on as an engineer, despite her brilliant experience. She would die just under 6 months before Capella's birth onboard the ship. Doctor Juliet Date of Birth: 14th April 2536 Date of Death: 7th January 2566 Species: IPC Gender: Female Enrollment: 14th April 2536 Notes: An IPC ordered specifically for medical service onboard the ISV Shakespeare, Juliet was an IPC built to look like a human, with blonde hair, and standing at 5ft 4in. Scavenger Helena McFoley (née Rousillon) Date of Birth: 21st March 2513 Date of Death: 25th November 2565 Species: Human Gender: Female Enrollment: 14th April 2536 Notes: A happy, flirty brunette woman who's just under 6ft tall, not too great at her job, but a joy to be around. Scavenger Huurm-Goorm-Lourm Date of Birth: ERR#UNKN Date of Death: ERR#UNKN Species: Drask Gender: Male Enrollment: 23rd February 2537 to 1st December 2537 Notes: A mysterious individual, didn't seem to get along well with anyone, and seemed to be in it for the money. Had a grudge against Claudius for some unknown reason. Scavenger Jaques 'Jack' Serviteur Date of Birth: 3rd September 2507 Date of Death: 25th November 2565 Species: Human Gender: Male Enrollment: 13th August 2538 Notes: A long-blonde haired man of French descent. He was born on a space station his parent's ship was docked at, then as he grew up, started to work as a scavenger onboard his parents ship. His parents owed alot of debt, and their ship was sold off when they died, leaving Jaques to find a job onboard a different scrapper, and then this one. Scavenger Marcus McFoley Date of Birth: 29th December 2512 Date of Death: 25th November 2565 Species: Human Gender: Female Enrollment: 8th October 2540 Notes: A man of average height, weight, looks, who desperatley needed a job, so joined the ship. Within 2 months Marcus and Helena were dating, and they married on the 26th September 2547. Engineer Sam Meachum Date of Birth: 23rd May 2517 Date of Death: 25th November 2565 Species: Human Gender: Male Enrollment: 3rd June 2541 Notes: Only recently graduated from Space Engineering school on Mars, Sam was a young and quiet engineer, though very proficient at his job. Assistant Capella Date of Birth: 26th November 2541 Date of Death: Alive Species: Slime Person Gender: Female Enrollment: 26th November 2551 Notes: Ship logs provide evidence that Capella was onboard since her birth. Acting First Officer following Claudius' death on the 8th May 2558. Only survivor of the ISV Shakespeare's destruction. Escape pod retrieved by the NTV Charon. ###Full biography located here.
  11. First Name: Poppop Last Name: Boopbopbop-Poppop (née Poppop) Gender: Female Orientation: Homosexual Nicknames/Alias: Capella Age/D.O.B: 26/11/2541 Place Of Birth: ISV Shakespeare, YZ Ceti System Species: Slime Person Blood Type: Slime Jelly Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: No Official Affiliation Religious Beliefs: No Official Religious Affiliation Childhood: Pre-Birth: Post-Birth: Adulthood: Detailed Information Appearance: Character Voice: Personality: Medical Record: Personal Relationships Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respect | Friend | Like | Acquaintance | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Other Information ISV Shakespeare Favourites
  12. Name: Amelia Kent Age: 24 (26/11/2541) Gender: Female Race: Human Blood Type: B- General Occupational Role(s): Nurse, Blueshield & Security Officer Biography: Childhood: Adulthood: Qualifications: Employment Records: Security Records: Medical Records: Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Other Notes: Further info can be found on my Storyteller Club bio!
  13. Station Name: NCS Genesis Station Purpose: Starship Drydock & Repairs Facility Crew: 1,192 Residents: 306 Avg. Distance from NAS Trurl: 248.29 million km Captain: Jacques Du Blanc Date of Commission: 14/03/2505 (61 years old) History: The NCS Genesis started construction 3 years before its commissioning, and was initially only host to 250 crew and a few tens of residents, still, that was considered large for its day. It was one of the jewels of Nanotrasen's crown for 10 years, until other newer more advanced stations, for example; the NSS Cyberiad, stole its spotlight. Being, at the time, a highly advanced and sophisticated station, as well as one of the few and first in the system, employees and residents flocked to the station, quickly surpassing the supply of jobs and housing, creating a minor, but noticable, homeless-ness situation aboard the station, this was, in a few years, resolved, by expanding the station. The expansion brought jobs and housing, which in turn brought more crew and residents, which required more housing, so there was another expansion, and the cycle continued slowly, and still continues today, the station is ever-expanding, and ever-growing, even though its cracks are starting to show. Notable Disasters: The first disaster onboard the NCS Genesis was the death of it's first captain, Mister William Cornwallis. Captain Cornwallis was seen as a kind and empathetic captain, who truely cared for his station and crew. It came as an even bigger shock when it was discoverred that it was a murder. An infiltrator from an unknown organisation had stowed-away on a vessel due for repairs and slipped into the captain's bedroom undetected, and the captain was killed in his sleep, with incredibly high amounts of Capulettium found in his blood & digestive system upon autopsy. The captain was given a burial-at-space via the station chapel's mass driver. The second disaster occured when, during one of the regular blackouts later in the stations life, three large bombs were detonated aboard the station, one in an Upper Deck Medbay, one just starboard of the bridge, and one in one of the many ship repair docks, where a TSF Warship was docked for repairs. Current Status: The NCS Genesis is one of the largest stations, in terms of both popualtion and physical size, dwarfing a majority of stations within the Epsilon Eridani sector, including the NAS Trurl & NSS Cerebron. Its primary purpose is the construction of Large Civilian Vessels, as well as the maintenance and repairs of any other vessel that happened to find its way here. Due to its size, it has naturally evolved into one of the major economic and trade hubs within the system, and is considered home to thousands of people, including alot of families. Unfortunatley, the station is host to serious issues with crime and corruption, although rare, there are a few large regions, usually on the lower decks, that have been irretrievably lost to crime, upkeep of these regions are usually managed by the gang leaders who claim to control the areas. The Captain, Mr. Jaques Du Blanc, is uneffective in his aims to restore these areas, and most people suspect the most prominent criminal leaders are paying him to turn a blind eye. The station has seen better days, too. At 61 years old, it is nearing the end of its service span, and was originally intended to be decommissioned 4 years ago, however lobbying from the captain, as well as the many influencial people onboard the station, swayed Nanotrasen's hand enough for it to continue. Besides, if the station was decommissioned now, there would be no other stations in the Sector capable of doing the NCS Genesis' job, and the economic blow to the system would be crippling to further operations. For this reason, it is commonly considered to be the largest thorn in the NAS Trurl's side. They cannot get rid of it, but they do not want it around. The station also has alot of issues with electricity, with blackouts being frequent, and often requires the aid of docked ships to assist in its ever-growing power-consumption issues, as powering a station this monstrously large is a task deemed nigh-impossible. Notable Residents (Aka Ingame Characters who use this as a background): Amelia Kent, Apartment 24, "Athena" Habitation Deck no one else :( (PLEASE NOTE; NONE OF THIS IS CANON, AND IS PRIMARILY TO CREATE A MORE INDEPTH BACKGROUND FOR ANY PERSON THAT WOULD LIKE TO USE THIS AS A BACKGROUND OR PLACE OF RESIDENCE FOR THEIR CHARACTER. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR CHARACTER ADDED TO THE LIST OF 'NOTABLE RESIDENTS' PLEASE DM ME @xLouise#0386)
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