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    TWO for the price of one! I've been sick for the past few days, but I managed to get these dones before/after. Hazel! I see her around and she said she wanted draws... So, I decided to oblige, because Hazel Ray has been someone who I've seen as Bluesheild quite a bit, always quite the robust defender. Annnnnnd A commission for @AmericanToxic of their character, Aaron Whelen. Defending their office from an interloper with their pointy metal stick!
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    Another picture done in QUICK SUCCESSION, a creaky tree known as Silence of Starsong. They are nice to interact with, and have a cute speech pattern, hm! Drawing Dione was a challange, but I think I did it okay... they are just a bunch of nymphs after all. Anyway, this is a good message to obey I feel.
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    Small doodle of my radio host character I play on goon (tfw no vox). Mary Crowe doesn't get out of her box much
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    Battling Blob in xenobio. Prime an acid grenade I made to clear blob tiles. Get put into crit and collapse by application of accelerator cannon to back of head. Drop acid grenade at feet which finishes me off. Get nuggeted by blobbernauts.
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    Happy New Year every one! Here's hoping for a great year with some awesome folks, and more arts!! And we just won't question why these characters are celebrating 2020 when it's *looks at the Wikipedia* 2562..
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    https://gyazo.com/bb5f3f97e6e6ab207eb120f84c63dade Torque spent a good 60 seconds pushing them side to side before Giki finally grabbed him and locked him in Torque jail, where only the most nefarious of torques go!
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    Me and the gang standing up against a wrongful arrest. The clown might also have stolen his baton, so uh...
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    No doubt something fishy happened
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    Sometimes I draw memes - The concept behind this one was from Tully, basically calling me out about how I refused to say my art is good xD Also, hi yes, I draw myself as a Catgirl. Because I am one IRL My beautiful Shadowrun character (that I don't get to play any more but I'll forever draw him) Damien "Kitten" Bryar A fun comic of Jonah and Zeke, because I thought this would be a funny situation that would of happened early on in their relationship.
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    This was my artfight reference for my SS13 character! I drew this after watching a drask punch a vampire to the floor to protect me I drew this out of hatred of the concept of the vox clown suit. It is sprited well but it terrifies me Don't ask
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    Blue nobility? How perfect because i am a self proclaimed Queen
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    After that I was watching Demon Slayer(it's a good anime go watch it!) and found myself in a weebish mood and so made this over the course of a few days. psst you can find a not so secret line of text on the picture that tells you the story of this duel.
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    You examine your surroundings... Looks like a dark dusty room... You muster your Voxxy strength to open the can... It's easier than you'd expect... They look fake. Probably. You equip the mouse. Headslot taken. Combine? >Yes >No.... >YES
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    I made escape even better!
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    WAIT i just realized that VULP'S NAME IS SIMILAR TO MINE. ..Curious. Anyway, I remember telling my friends to hold vox like hamburger like..a few months ago oddly but they denied that cause they were supposedly too big for that. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH BELIEVING.
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    There are a lot of appeals that get processed through this forum. While a majority of them have been accepted this is often after a lot of posts back and forth. This results in players being unable to play the game for a longer time while they're waiting for their appeal to be processed and in the admin team spending a lot of time working with people to bring an appeal to the successful stage. This post is intended to help cut that time for everyone by telling you upfront what you'll need to include. 1) Use the template. As a policy, any appeal that doesn't follow the template will not be processed until you use the format from the template. This template covers all of the information we need to know to process your appeal and it keeps everything in a consistent format which is easy for the admins to read and respond to. 2) Read the rules. These will show the code of behaviour that you're expected to follow while on the server. Your appeal is a commitment to follow these rules in the future, something which you can't do without reading them. If your ban was legitimately based on breaking any of these rules, then you'll be expected to identify what rules were broken so that you can demonstrate that they won't be broken again. 3) Decide what sort of appeal you're writing. They'll generally fall into the following categories. Identifying a factual mistake of the admins: If you didn't break the rules, then let us know. While we investigate every ban, mistakes do happen. Sometimes we get the wrong person's ckey if multiple people were involved in an issue. Sometimes a situation that looks like one thing was actually something else. In these cases it's best to get straight to the point. Identify what the ban was for and what we thought was going on, then explain the actual situation. If we were wrong then your ban will be lifted. Apology and commitment to improve: If you've actually broken the rules then the ban was legitimate. Regaining the privilege to play on the server may require some work on your behalf but if you can demonstrate that you're going to be a valuable member of the community and able to follow the rules in the future, we will work with you to find a way to bring you back. The best way to show that you're genuine is to understand and identify what you did wrong, if you don't know then how can you change it. If you genuinely don't know, even after looking through the rules, then feel free to ask and we can explain. It also helps for us to know why you did the action you were banned for. This isn't a matter of making excuses, it's helping us to understand the situation you were in and perhaps provide better strategies for handling that situation. Finally if you are going to change your behaviour, then say it so that we can see the commitment that you've made. If you're not genuinely willing to commit to this, then don't bother with this form of appeal. You might pull the wool over our eyes and convince us, but what's the point if you'll get banned for the same thing in a week's time. Work with us and we'll work with you. 4) Avoid using arguments that aren't accepted for appeals. There are some arguments which aren't accepted as valid reasons, while it's impossible to be fully comprehensive here are the ones we see most often. I don't like your rules Your appeal isn't a place to question the current rules of the game. That would be the suggestion forum. We will only be granting appeals to people who will commit to following the current rules of the game. If the environment you want isn't what we provide then unbanning is a waste of everyone's time. My brother did it You are responsible for everyone who uses your Byond account. By giving someone your password, you're enabling them to perform whatever actions they want in your name. Now this does sometimes happen and we're not asking you to lie if this is what genuinely happened, but it's not a defense. Instead you'll need to follow the policy above and understand what went wrong (allowing other people to use your account) and letting us know how you intend to prevent it happening in the future. Abusing the admins It should go without saying that abusing the admins isn't a good way to get us to invite you back to our server. However sometimes in the heat of the moment things slip out, so I'll remind you here to avoid this method. While we'll try to look past this, it does send a signal that you're not looking to co-operate. It should be a temporary ban If you're going to do the right thing, why would we wait to bring you back instead of doing it straight away? If you're not going to do the right thing, why would we ever bring you back? We only use temporary bans when that seems like the best way to change someone's behaviour. If you think that some time away will be a strategy you can use to commit to following the rules, then that's fine. You're welcome to suggest a temporary ban as the best way to bring you back, but this isn't detention or a prison sentence, it's not about providing justice or "paying for your crime". It was good roleplaying You choose the character you play and all the consequences that follow. Your character isn't a real person and we can't hold them accountable for your actions, it has to be done the other way around. Someone else did something wrong first If you've broken the rules, then it doesn't matter what anyone else has done. This is your appeal and unless we've clicked on the wrong person's ban button, we're not going to ban other people based on what gets decided in your appeal. Letting us know what someone else did, at the time with an adminhelp is the best way to see that appropriate action is taken against them. Once you've taken vengeance into your own hands, the issue gets so muddied that it's hard to take any action against them. 5) Listen to what the admins reply. If we're asking you questions or trying to teach you something, then it's pretty clear that we intend on keeping you around. We rarely waste this sort of effort on someone we're kicking out forever. Usually we're telling you exactly how to get your appeal accepted. Regards, M Kenner. Senior Admin.
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    Well that’s just the perfect setup to hand out free heart attacks to the men in red, great!
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    New base! It started out with the usual shenanigans. Then we got a drone friend, who made themselves a room. And then we got a seal friend. I know not where I will build next, but it doesn't take much exploration before ideas come to mind.
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    I charged a space drake with two chairs in hand and hopefully distracted it enough to allow some people to escape our holdout in processing in the terrifying carp war of January 2563 The council will decide Jay's fate Sometimes your SO's a station-grade AI.
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    Truely, even space cannot unstick duct tape
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    Ghost's ? well i got just the group of heros you will nee...and they are already booked ah well i will just get my vacuum cleaner and suck them up
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    Offer them a sandwhich
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    Either you take better components, deconstruct the machine and reconstruct it with the better stuff, or you use one of those bluespace-fast construction thinghies. ORs do not have sleepers however, so i just make them from scratch. I always patiently wait for research to be done first. If tou see a drone waiting on a table inside R&D, you now know why. Definitely. While i see some other drones from time to time, i've never seen another drone main so far. Looks like i'm the only one enjoying doing all the hard work. I do it for a reason though. I like that feeling when i know i made someone's round a bit better. I always start from medbay because i know it's one stressful job to do(hell, i used to play doctor and medborgs). I also do it for the love. Here's THE best phrase i've ever seen. Random engineer:"Who completed the dna vault?" AI:"The drone did." I would like to add that SOMETIMES i dont play drone. Mosly because it's too late in the round(i won't join after 1:30), or because the station is just utterly fucked(station got maxcapped in multiple places? Yep, not fixing that.) In short, be gentle with drones. Also for god sake dont emag them. It's 3 mimutes of "what the fuck do i do" and 10 minutes to respawn.
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    Well if you draw up some concept art with possible coloring of said drinks/food/produce then I might see what I can do.
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    I may or may not look into making alien produce and dishes someday. It'd be a neat little project I think.
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    I will not lie my dude. I think you had a stun weapon on you at that time and it looked like the BS was Redshielding so when they stunned I saw it as an opportunity to 1. Get my target. 2. Help a fellow Syndicate Agent. 3. Teach a Blueshield Nerd a valuable lesson. It probably didnt help that I pointed at you and told Security you were the bad guy in the scenario roburgering her. God this situation just feels more awkward now. Also the AI was traitor with no-organic/synthetic hijack so they approved of my roburgering and thought we were going to be some good assistance in fighting the Crew.
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    AAA! Gosh! Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I'm so glad you're putting up your work! It's incredible to watch someone grow artistically, and I really hope you keep it up! Such nice work, good job NERD
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    Hi hi! Thanks for always being so nice to Kikeri! It's always so fun to see you around! I'm also delighted to learn you were the wisdom nymph!
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    I think this is the first time I've ever seen art of a fully grown diona. Well done on being possibly the first! (in a long time at least)
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    this..is a cute iteration of a diona and you should hug one like..as soon as possible.
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    Thanks dan! Thats awesome, my bags of loot and swag after a good merchant shop
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    im absolutely hooked on this story the fuck forreal though this is amazing keep it going i love the art an the story both
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    I really love your traditional style too, dang.
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    Cutest thing in the world. *nodnod
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    We'll be working on the idea in the future. I've got a few ideas in mind to not keep security so occupied, possibly a way to go the whole 'revolutionary' route and a few other things. We'll see where that goes when I run the event on my end next time. Might be later tonight or Saturday.
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    You lot can blame me for the screenshot :3
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    Its the same short guy but in a battle UI. (bonus if you know what this is referenced to.)
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    Greetings everyone! Recently i was thinking about karma unlocks and what else could we add to the game. While I understand that there are a lot of things which are more important and have a higher priority, i decided it would not hurt to throw in my ideas, so here they are. It was quiet a big list of ideas, however i cut the least interesting ones, because the list was too big, and left the best of what I have, and made it as short as possible. First thing that comes to mind of everyone who thinks about new karma unlocks is fluff items. I have one idea for that - Medal of loyalty. 3 verions - for 10 years, for 25 and for 50 years of service. I think it would be cool to have each one being unlockable only if you have unlocked the previous one, so, if for example they cost like 5-10-20 karma, the 50 years medal would cost total of 35 karma, that way we wont see many of them around. I also imagine that if you add somehow a medal of loyalty to a specific character, that character would have his ingame crew record automatically updated to represent the fact that this person in fact is working for NT for over 10-25-50 years already. 18 years old catgirls with 50 years of NT work experience inbound Lets not linger for a long time on fluff items and move forward to my first big idea - the karma locked borg module. Now we move to another thing - secondary jobs. And the last thing is - new karma locked job. Here are my suggestions. I hope someone (especially coders and heads) likes them. You can post your suggestions or discuss mine. P.S. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes.
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    The idea is to have a preference in the character that randomizes it when you roll antag to avoid recognition. For example, my security officer character seems very suspicius when he has a warrant in every round that is not a sec officer. And I know some characters that are usually antags when they have certain jobs. I think its easy to code, if the current code for the regular character randomization can be used in the middle of the antag rolling process or after it happened.
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    Yeah i am up for "if antag is rolled, you get certain character" I think there should be an option that allows you to choose one of your character for antag preferences. So i dont have to choose between trying to get an antag and playing my nonantag character. It will also allow to get cling or vamp even if you selected ipc character for roundstart.
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    Death timer doesn't matter. Cloning exists. And like cloning, after 20+ minutes of being dead the player may not be interested in returning to the round if they are still there. IPCs are no easier to repair than any organic is to heal. In fact, it takes much more effort to heal IPCs than it does to heal organics even without considerations for things like NewCrit. BS You say? Oh I argue strongly. Welders heal 15 damage max and a cable coil heals 3 per length with a max of 24 burn heals, compare to brute and burn kits healing 25 each. Chemistry patches can heal much more than this, with styptic, silver sulf and synthflesh all capable of healing 100+ damage across the entire body instantly. But welders and cabling are common! They say, but round start a very generous estimate puts there to be maybe 10-15 complete sets of tools in public access, with 30+ assistants in a round if you don't grab them immediately they won't be available to an IPC hoping to repair themselves after the first 5 minutes of a round. But Cargo and Science can make more tools! And Medical and Science can make more healing patches. Far easier and without reliance on Mining to do a thing. Botany can make healing plants and anything with nutrition will heal the organic that eats, so the Chef's food, the donuts in security to the junk food in vendors will all heal an organic based upon how much nutrition, protein and vitamins are in the plant. But IPC surgery can be done anywhere! So can organic surgery. IPC limbs break faster and break from more sources. Burns don't break organic limbs, but IPCs need surgery after eating a few lasers. Going into crit doesn't cause an organic's ribcage to suddenly implode. But an IPC takes constant brute while in crit across their whole body, meaning a single person trying to repair 200~ damage may find themselves repairing over 400 because of how asinine the repair goes. IPCs also bleed from less damage dealt to them compared to organics, and do not regenerate their oil blood at all, where as organics can regenerate blood from food, saline and iron intake. TL;DR Easy to Damage, Easy to Repair is a myth. Only the easy to damage part is true. In every other sense organics have advantage when it comes to reliable means to heal and return to a round if their body can be found. If IPC buffs were nearly as potent as people made them out to be, how come nobody uses Prosthetic limbs, which are available to literally everyone and carry all the same pros and cons as IPC self repair. Because IPC healing is inconvenient at best and a time and effort time sink in its worst cases where the tools available to heal robotic crew are laughably underpowered compared to anything a competent medical bay can accomplish.
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    who wants SAD ART that i'm NOT EVEN GOING TO EXPLAIN, WOOO i'm tired (it's-a gif)
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