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  1. Given the strain movement/key-input puts on our master controller/CPU, I wonder how changing this up would affect that for better or worse. Is setting loc manually more CPU intensive then using forcemove() ?
  2. Greetings everyone, I'm opening up this thread for general feedback from the playerbase. If staff would like to provide criticism or feedback, I will also be making a thread for that later in our section of the forums. I genuinely thought that except the hiccup in the beginning, everything went rather smoothly and well in the execution of the event. I encourage all of you to mention what you enjoyed about the event but also provide constructive feedback as to what you think could be improved. Please do not be rude. You're also free to share any screenshots or stories here as well.
  3. What happens if every event character is clobbered within the first 15 minutes for being wizards?
  4. Thanks everyone for participating. I'll be posting my summary of it sometime either tonight or tomorrow.
  5. not currently, but I'd be willing to take suggestions for future events
  6. Hello everyone, as some of you know I've been working hard on prepping to do a custom event. I'm asking for around 18 players (more is always great) to take on event roles. It will be on the Kerberos and will involve lore factions such as CyberSun and BioTech as well as custom event factions called the Motley Crocodile Pirate crew and the Cult of the Jasmine Chalice. There will be custom items, shuttles, and objectives and I think it will be a blast. The Event will be held during 2:30-6:00 PM EST on December 18 so make sure you're on the server at that time. If you're interested please fill out this Google Form Q&A: I'm not sure what this event is about, could you tell me some details?: I cannot actually tell specific details but the basic rundown is that there's a few factions (as listed above) competing for some rare artifacts on the Kerberos. Among the main roles, there's people that specialize in bounties, illegal trades, and reconnaissance. There will also be a general populace part of the event that will be the station objective and start about halfway through the round and go on for 10-20 minutes. What if I put down a character name but am going to change it inbetween now and the event?: This is just to help me a little bit, your CKEY is the most important information I need, however, I will ask for your new character name before the round start during the event. What if I'm absolutely awful at combat? Don't worry there's many among us that don't really play SS13 for hardcore combat or being the most robust of them all. Almost every role has RP aspects of it, some of them are almost completely RP/specialized mechanic based (think medical). If you're really concerned about not being able to fulfill a role with objectives that may involve a bit of fighting or sabotage please lmk over PMs beforehand. What if I get removed from the round or I show up late? don't worry! I have a minimum of 5 ghost roles prepared for those of you!!!
  7. The Cyberiad put on the 127th Annual Trans-Solar Federation Gala. courtesy of @Warriorstar \/ --- Our Auditorium with full sushi bar and viewing area + stage! One of our bartenders passed out from an evening of hardcore bartending by the dance floor Our Keynote speaker Ferrucio Bandello giving his speech. The fancy dinner for our VIP guests before it was ethanol smoke bombed VIPs and General Crew chatting it up in the general seating area All of our guests, we even had a Vox Armalis attend and of course how could I forget:
  8. Hey everyone! Solid work this month. Slow but steady edits is always a wonderful thing! I know this is a bit late but I still feel the need to be consistent. Some news from the general SS13 community: TG has finally started reviving their wiki team and is starting to clean up their currently dilapidated wiki. Good for them! Currently the Para Wiki is focusing on slowly but surely finishing some newer articles we began writing 1-2 months ago. Additionally, we're trying our best to keep up with the PR load but we got some catching up to do! What needs to be done on the Wiki: Apparel needs to be expanded (We're doing such a great job y'all, keep it up) Starters Guide to Admin Tools needs to be updated (more admin stuff) Cyborg should have more explanation regarding cyborg UI and have a mention of the diagnostic menu. Random Events has lots of outdated info and its styling needs to be brought up to speed (I'm currently working on this) Telecommunications images need a once-over/fix Detective is lackluster as a page and should be rewritten EMP effects could use stylistic improvements Guide for beginners needs a once-over Guide to Regex needs to be expanded upon Singularity Engine is missing images and could do with a rewrite Guide to Robotics is missing info about the Cyborg Analyzer Morph needs to be updated for the new rework These Pages need to be written: Guide to Cleaning Guide to Command/Leadership Service Items Derelict Researcher Courtroom needs to be filled out Electrical Maintenance Needs to be filled out Meta and Delta location need to filled out and added(image files that is) other shit I can't be bothered to add or has been added since time of writing, see: Maintenance Panel October Change Log: Special Event Roles has been rewritten and looks a lot nicer now Containers has been finished and received nice table styling Guide to Construction has been updated to include ALL constructions thanks to @Krossarn The following portal pages have been created Service Portal General Portal Supply Portal Guide to Robotics materials table cleaned up thanks to @Quacks Slaughter Demon had clarifications made regarding slime jelly thanks to @Charliminator Space Law contraband section updated with contraband rework Tasers have been removed EVERYWHERE Vampire has been updated thanks to @Threes and @Longpipe23 Clarifications made in Guide to Chemical Research thanks to @Twoscythe Most Engineering Pages have been updated to have more accurate info thanks to @ItsMarmite Keep knocking out those revision requests y'all. if you were @'d on this post it means that you contributed meaningfully to our wiki in some aspect and I'd hope you are willing to stay around another month to keep doing so. If you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll happily sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every month. Here is a syntax guide for those who are curious As always, thanks for the hard work everyone!
  9. This would likely be used by antagonists as a weapon pretty much buffing every humanoid antag. Additionally, holy water is pretty well balanced currently, especially with the vampire rework. I agree there should be a coded in counter right now to feeding every holy water but for now we just bonk people for valid hunting and power gaming.
  10. If over time, morphs grow to be a terror or blob level threat, sure lets do a biohazard warning. Otherwise, we don't do biohazard alerts for other midround antags, I don't really see a point for a biohazard alert for morhps. It's just going to incentivize crew to curbstomp slower morphs.
  11. Romance between players is already a contentious subject, it tends to lead to less than acceptable behavior or "RP." If you wish to marry another players character in-game, just change your characters names and roleplay it out. There's such little tangible benefit to creating an object with a different description that requires another column in the DB.
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