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  1. If we added an additional curator role, the wiki contributor would likely just be a vanity role as I can't think of anything they would actually need outside of what a general user gets. A Curator should prob get autopatrol, noratelimit, unwatchedpages, patrol, delete-redirect and possibly delete pages like you said. Mentors could likely just get the same as a curator. If we were to make Wiki-Admin a full fledged staff role then I would amend the user rights to possibly just be full Sysops/Interface rights outside of what Bureaucrats get.
  2. Alright, so after having some discussion in the wiki-dev portion of the discord(and learning that pinging headmins is a gamble that you don't often win) and mulling over this for a month beforehand, I wanted to make this forum post so we could have an official discussion over this(and so I can be specific in what I'm asking for). As of now there are only a few User Group rights on the wiki. Those are: Regular autoconfirmed users Game Admins Interface/Bureaucrats Sysops Admins. Currently there is no in-between role for Regular Users Vs. Fully fledged administrator
  3. Hey everyone! Every day the wiki is getting more up to speed with all the changes going on! 90% of what we considered "in need of revision" back in December has been revised and made new! We are currently sitting at just under 20 articles in need of revision, most of which are brand new articles that need more added to them(or to be cleaned up). I'm going to try and continue this trend of providing sitreps on the wiki in hopes to document what's going on get people invested in the process. What needs to be done on the Wiki: The Guide to Food and Drinks is missing a few s
  4. Hello everyone! If you've been paying attention to the github and discord you'll notice that there is a lot of chatter about Map Rotation. I am unsure of how long it will be until Map rotation is actually an available feature of Paradise however things are moving fast so I wanted us to get ahead of the game and make some preemptive changes. I am going to begin adding the structure necessary to support locations for three different stations on one page. This won't be visible at first because they will be tagged out with <onlyinclude> tags, so please don't delete it. If you want
  5. You cool with me adding these to the wiki if they're not already there?
  6. Hey everyone! It seems to be that people are ramping up editing the wiki which is awesome. Infact, we've gone from having around 30ish articles needing revision down to 20. Which is spectacular! I'm writing these in hope that people will get some sort of direction in regards to what needs to be done on the wiki to improve it and how they can get involved so we can get people assigned to articles. Additionally, I'm hoping this can serve as some sort of documentation as to what big changes have been made to the wiki so people can read the actual up to date material. What needs to
  7. I think I mention the procedure channel in there a few times. You're kind of like a legal/SOP detective. If you focus on investigation and gathering evidence then your reports become better and you can really enjoy the process. Throwing in RP here and there also goes a long way to killing boredom and adding a little spice to your interactions. Personally, I think some people won't ever enjoy being an IAA. The whole paperwork process and the slow nature of getting things done isn't what people look for in SS13 and as a result many people avoid play an IAA. But if I had to give one piece
  8. Thank you :D IAAs are the forgotten heros of the station. Also yes the vending machine dispenses free food, the job has its perks. For your last question, all you need to look at is when the QM makes people do paperwork for using the autolathe, it gets ugly.
  9. Sirryan’s Ultimate Guide to being Internal Affairs Central Command hires trusted people who possess a high level of knowledge of Space Law and Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) to ensure that the rules that govern the station are truthfully and faithfully being followed. Those people are known as Internal Affairs Agents(IAA). While the IAA may not have a significant amount of power they have the backing of Central Command as well as the power of the pen. Every shift, 1-2 Agents are spawned in the Internal Affairs office just west of the security lobby. Within the office there are tw
  10. Well cortical borers can only tell whats going on with their host by reading their sensory input through their brain. So I don't think borers should be able to determine health outside of what the host would be able to without a health analyzer. Most of the time you should be able to tell what your host is suffering from in the case that they're injured/dying just by observing their symptoms.
  11. That's some good voice work. I feel as though this doesn't fit the general atmosphere of the station very well. The tone is very serious and very professional and for generic announcements it's kind of overbearing whereas the AI voice we have now is like a background noise and its not terribly great at grabbing peoples attention(which is good). It's almost like you're walking through the grocery store and you hear this deep voice come on and announce that there is a spill on aisle 5 and it just increases peoples anxiety unnecessarily. However, your voiceovers remind me a lot of SCP:
  12. I think this would make it much more difficult for antags to have a chance. This would most negatively effect newer players as it's already difficult enough for them to attempt to do syndie/cult objectives that involve kidnapping/assassinations. Maybe if we had a bigger map this would be feasible? Boxstation already has such small amounts of places to hide and do illegal things that announcing the location of the antag before they get away ruins the fun of trying to hunt them down.
  13. Digging through my old screenshots I found even more. A shadowling desperately trying to prevent a borg from hacking a door while his shadowstep ability regenerates. The HoS steps into a wormhole Some really cool diners I've built in maintenance The shift where no chairs spawned on the station and life became hell The time admemes played the Jaws theme.
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