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  1. Hey everyone! Updates are solid this month, also I've been tied up in learning trialmin stuff so I haven't hadn't a ton of time to work on stuff. But here's everything that's going on. Licensing is a thing that we've really dropped the ball on. After some discussion, ALL IMAGES need to have licenses included on the page(I'm working on doing this en masse with tools). However, if you upload an image to the wiki YOU MUST specify the license it uses. There is an option when uploading to select the license, when in doubt, use CC-BY-SA 3.0 it covers the majority of sprites in our codebase, anything created by our server contributors or taken from another server without special license(goonstation) is covered under this. If you know that the image you're using is a goon asset, use CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. Otherwise, if you're uploading a wiki specific image (flowchart, diagram, splash, etc) please use GNU 1.3+. Please manually add them(copy and paste into file wikitext) if you're updating an image. Otherwise, me or shadey are going to virtually slap you. What needs to be done on the Wiki: Apparel needs to be rewritten(in progress, please help) ERT needs to be rewritten. I'm currently working on that right now Special Event Roles needs to be rewritten (details on the page) it also needs some kind of Gif Icon uploaded Starters Guide to Admin Tools needs to be updated (more admin stuff) AI Modules needs to be updated to be in line with recent PRs Containers needs to be expanded, see the Needs revision description on page Cyborg should have more explanation regarding cyborg UI and have a mention of the diagnostic menu. Engineering items needs to be looked over for missing items and the styling made uniform Guide to Virology needs to have info regarding viruses being invisible to med HUDs until final stage ID Card needs ALL of its images updated to be in line with ID Card resprite PR Implants is still missing some implants and should be expanded to have more explanatory material rather than just tables Janitor is missing the holosign projecter in its table Medical Items is missing items and medkits should list items with sprites like in Supply Crates Pets is missing Pete Random Events has lots of outdated info and its styling needs to be brought up to speed Setting up the Database needs to be updated to reflect TOML PR Template:Species needs to recieve a styling makeover sooner or later Telecommunications needs info about user filtering Guide to Atmospherics needs to have heat exchangers included in the guide Implants needs more explanatory content added to it Vendors needs AI upload vendors added + more explanatory material added These Pages need to be written: Guide to Cleaning Guide to Command/Leadership Service Items Derelict Researcher Derelict Researcher (needs to be written also) Courtroom needs to be filled out Electrical Maintenance Needs to be filled out Meta and Delta location need to filled out and added(image files that is) other shit I can't be bothered to add, see: Maintenance Panel July Change Log: Sol traders has a proper icon now Secure Storage's contents have been corrected EFTPOS has been added to Misc Items Vendors has been put into a table and all most missing vendors has been added Supply Crates has been put into tabs and completely brought up to date with ALL item sprites thanks to @Quacks Proper sorting for tables has been implemented on most articles Disambiguation Pages Update: Items Weapons and Armour New fancier styling updated with more pertinent articles Lots of awesome grammatical spelling correction made across articles thank to @PopeDaveThe3th Some outdated info on sec pages have been cleaned up thanks @Vulkoras Guide to Medical has been updated thanks to @Woje Licensing Information added to Wiki thanks to Shadey MediaWiki:Licenses Template:CCBYSA Template:GFDL Template:CCBYNCSA Guide to Hydroponics Chemical information has been put in a collapsible table and updated thanks to @Pckables Various updated to Guide to Food and Drinks as well as many drinks being put in recursive templates Fernet and Adminfreeze were added along with their respect recursive templates Bee explosion and various other corrections added in Guide to Chemistry thanks to @farie82 Additions made to Guide to Contributing thanks to @Charliminator MediaWiki:LoginHelp has been updated to reflect Host switchover I also added a giant ass HELP ME button for those who are confused Apparel has had some expansions made to it Added more equipment and info to Janitor Locations templates have been updated Template:Locations is now based on the station the location template uses Template:LocationsMeta Template:LocationsDelta and Template:LocationsBox have been created Location template now has variable for Station name(determines which template is used for locations) Template:Location has been completely restyled and image overflow issues fixed The following Locations pages have been created Electrical Maintenance Escape Checkpoint Showroom Arrivals Customs Escape Customs Courtroom Containment has been brought out of archive and the old box containment moved to Containment/OldBoxStation Derelict Nanotrasen Research Station has been created and updated Telecoms Sattelite/Old Service Hallway Template:Archive has been restyled, formatted better, and expanded Proper gifs and cypher keys has been added to Headset Songs/Blues has been created I have begun categorizing every article and building a proper category tree for our wiki Honk Squad has been given the out of rotation template (I'm considering moving this to Special Event Roles) Nucleation moved from obsolete to out of rotation Protolathe and Circuit Imprinter condensed into Research Items original pages turned into redirects the BSG has also been added to this page Clarifications made to Cultist regarding cleaning Summon rune Template:Broken_Feature added for bugged stuff like the Honk/Resisnence mech Legal SOP has recieved clarifications regarding Mindshielding Space Law has had some of its contraband updated as well as clarifications made to Grand Theft This Months Contributors that I haven't recognized yet: @Xerdies @Longpipe23 @PacifistDalek Good work this month everyone, we're making solid progress. The fact that I feel dead on the inside from having to write this months update means that a lot of shit has got done (enough that I literally can't add all of it). Edits this month have been some heavy organizational stuff which is just upping the quality of our wiki by a lot. Every day we get closer to the goal of scholastic perfection. if you were @'d on this post it means that you contributed meaningfully to our wiki in some aspect and I'd hope you are willing to stay around another month to keep doing so. If you want to get involved with editing the wiki and don't know how, @ me on the discord and I'll happily sit down and teach you stuff when I get the chance. I hope to continue doing this every month. Here is a syntax guide for those who are curious As always, thanks for the hard work everyone!
  2. I just thought of this, the camera flash is nowhere on this contraband list, should it be added to Class-C?
  3. This is mostly for head approval and for anything else to drop glaring issues(not things you only disagree with). Artistic Toolbox is listed as Class-S which I'm guessing is supposed to be His grace since the artistic toolbox isn't really a thing anymore I'd like to just change it to "His Grace" I would like to alter the Class-C Chameleon contraband to include all chameleon clothing except the SecHuds and leave the other chameleon utility items(flag, projector, etc) as Class S. Make cult items under Class C take up two columns(for readability and formatting) Include the Nuke as an example under Grand Theft I wanted to move syndie docs out of contraband, but the more I think about it, withholding syndie docs from command/security def warrants a perma sentence IC wise. Also, should we consider donksoft long arms like the LMG and SMGs to be considered Class C
  4. I need to get around to updating this
  5. When people shit on wiki articles very rudely. In LOOC, Dsay, OOC, discord, or whatever. Most of them never actually think to bring attention to it in #wiki-development and when some do they just come there to bitch instead of actually contribute solutions or actually offer to lift a finger to god forbid edit it. We have max maybe 8 people who contribute 30 edits a month and 3-4 people who regularly maintain the wiki.
  6. I got up and eight breakfast this morning, I can't believe we're still going
  7. Hey atleast you're not a lowly cargo tech!
  8. Might be a good chance for people to start investing in turrets. Bring some tower defense to the game lmao.
  9. Its more than most people make, so yes you're a contributor xD
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