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  1. @[email protected] I know you guys are understandably busy so I'm putting this in a forum post so you can get to it when it's convenient. The image service MW uses is called Image Magick and it apparently struggles to properly resize .gif files occasionally, namely File:Containment_field.gif. This produces this error message(on the article weirdly enough) when you attempt to reference that file and has not gone away in a couple months. Error creating thumbnail: convert: invalid colormap index `/var/www/html/wiki/images/6/64/Containment_field.gif' @ error/colormap-private.h/Cons
  2. I'm amazed this thread exists, maybe you'll get to three tomorrow.
  3. Welcome to the server! I hope to see you around!
  4. I would be also happy to help you at any time with this, and there is a wiki-contributor role if you're interested in further contributing. This is very well done paperwork, it's definitely one style of running Internal Affairs that's awesome and I'm happy that you shared your templates. I will say that regarding Central Command, you never ever should contact them for hiring an IAA(you should treat it like hiring a sec officer) and if you ever do need to contact them about the chain of command ignoring you, then a simple paragraph fax and maybe one page of evidence attached is appropriate
  5. I tried breaking up everyone I knew well into an alignment chart, feel free to recommend me people to add/move around. I feel like it's pretty accurate though.
  6. I would like to see side by side comparison of multiple areas on our maps using our current and this spriting scheme before I make any substantial comments. I will admit it looks cool but I'm concerned it make be harder on the eyes to look at based on some of the examples you posted.
  7. Thanks to Norwest again for the Lavaland Dwarves. We were able to create the Dwarven Fortress "Lavalfell" and spent three hours decking it out. It had a mead hall stocked with food and manly dorfs, it had full atmos setup that refilled by stealing the atmos from lavaland, it had a dormitory, full R&D setup, and a giant ass temple to Armok. The amount of crossover between Dwarf Fortress and SS13 is awesome.
  8. Yeah totally. The Bean Asteroid ruin was spawned in(massive asteroid with a small base inside) and around 6 people were spawned inside the base as "dwarves." They were given the dwarfism and sobriety genes(tiny people who can drink a shit ton) and were given advanced equipment + some raw materials. They were to dig out the asteroid and build room and trade with the nearby syndicate space base(researchers). They were given mindslave implants to "enslave" crew members that trespassed or the dwarves just in general captured.
  9. I figured I'd make this so everyone can contribute that participated. The Space Dwarf Event that @Norwest hosted was super fun and he asked for us to drop some suggestions at one point. Before I say anything though, it was super fucking fun and I hope to do it again some time. Some suggestions: Diplomacy should probably be encouraged at first so the dwarves don't just get dogpiled the second the crew discovers them It may be helpful just to condense the area the dwarves start in(I know this might be difficult due to the asteroid being a map template) so that that trying to b
  10. Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks, the wiki team has doubled down and worked their butts off to finally clean up all the issues left on the wiki. The changelog is... very long. For all intensive purposes we can now call the wiki 100% up to date, the remaining articles to fix are just guides that need to be written or expanded. I would personally like to thank a few people, @SabreMLand @Quacks have spent god knows how long uploading/upscaling/fixing/updating files on the wiki. I would detail what exactly they did but they've uploaded upwards 500+ fucking files in the past month which i
  11. Hey welcome to the game! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.
  12. honestly that's a good questions, imma go look into that soon
  13. I'm not a fan of buffing implants(or R&D as it stands). This would just allow antags to more easily get flash protection anyway without needing to wear a welding shield/steal sunglass or sechuds. Some implants like surgery/engi tools are beneficial and worth it to go spend 10 minutes waiting in the medbay for(this is really not a long time). I appreciate your suggestions as I've read a few, however, I think your suggested changes focus too much on the utility of item and features and don't give enough merit to how this affects balance in other facets of our server.
  14. I think this is cool, but just not feasible. The established purpose of the SRO is to allow players to play around with certain game mechanics in an environment that doesn't punish failure harshly(and for the most part w/o consequence). Implementing this change would give people more reason to invade this space ruin(which is supposed to be secret) and otherwise ruin the initial purpose of it. There wouldn't be a great deal of measurable RP value out of this anyway. People who are contract kidnapped are in jail for a small amount of time, and players who would take up these mob spawner slo
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