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  1. Didn't have time to finish it but i am still happy with the results.
  2. Oh god oh fuck the lavaland is space
  3. Not sure whether to bring them holy water or run away.
  4. My first try on renovating something. I got hooked so expect alot of my "creations" on the station. Can't promise they will look well.
  5. that looks nice! shame i didn' have time to visit it #HoSgaming
  6. Aww thanks man! See you there! I'll give Fiona another 2k$ and see what happens.
  7. Time flies. It's been two years and I just recently got more into the community. So well... Heya! I am Manarith, immigrant from CM, some may recognize me (positively i hope ^.^) as Raarel Azzuirhi. Mainly i play security, science and mess around as a Trader being a nuisance to Quartermasters (sorry). Recently i try my best at command roles... maybe this will make me less chaotic. Feel free to say "Hi!" if you see me. I am more than happy to get to know you all. Thank you all for amazing adventures and being awesome. Looking forward to play with you all. See you in Spess!!
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