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  1. The difference I see is that for organics, NewCrit is a very real thing that you can still deal with personally (barring RNG slapping you with chainstuns). IPCs on the other had do not have NewCrit, they have OldCrit, which means once you hit Crit, youre down on the floor and cant even help yourself. This goes back to the idea that the Epi Injector is meant for other people rather than yourself most of the time. There's no reason to put an IPC-specific pen in there due to the lack of applicable situations where you'd use it that you cant use tools instead. TLDR: IPCs dont have NewCrit, therefore dont have a use for a personal "epipen"
  2. Anatg bodies go to the Morgue with DNR labels, give the evil nerds a chance to revive their buddies. Security that leaves bodybags in execution are not fun.
  3. Echoing Woje, half the fun of Brig Doc in the early parts of the Shift is setting up your BrigBay. That and making a "check" to see if a slot is there seems unneeded when the Brig Doc can just go walk and grab the tools they need.
  4. Name: Sam Springfield Age: 51 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Command (Head of Personnel, NT Representative), Cargo (Quartermaster), Service (Janitor, Librarian) Biography: TBA Qualifications: Masters in Business Administration - SolTech Class of 2539 NanoTrasen Employee First Aid Basics Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Cargo and Requisitions Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Quartermaster and Budgeting Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Head of Staff Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Corporate Certification - Representative - Passed Employment Records: 2540 - 2550: NSS Exodus - Quartermaster 2550 - Present: NSS Cyberiad - Corporate Contractor Security Records: Known Languages: Galactic Common 2540 - Drunken Conduct, Upheld 2544 - Minor Battery Charge, Dropped Notes: No serious notes are to be had. Short of a minor drinking issue, nothing seems to be amiss. Contact your nearest authorities or supervisor if alcoholic behavior is noticed. Medical Records: DoB: January 10th, 2514 Height: 178cm Weight: 74kg Eye Color: Blue Cybernetics: Right Hand, Replacement NanoTrasen Quarterly Psych Evaluation: Passed Other Notes: TBA
  5. As someone with a LOT of Magistrate hours under my belt, I can 100% see issues with a few Magistrates doing things like this. However, on the flipside, Magistrates will always be in a sort of "antagonistic" spot with the HoS/Security. Their job is to quite literally take whatever charges the Security Staff is levying against another Crewmember and then hold them up to the light to see if they properly follow Space Law to the T. A Magistrates job is to be the one person on Station who can tell Security to kindly "hop the hell off" when they overstep their bounds and start sliding into Shitsec-land. Its a lot like real life lawyers, Security is going to HATE some Magistrates due to their interpretation of Space Law. For the most part, Space Law is VERY cut and dry with little room for interpretation. But does it feel like the Magistrate is being "antagonistic" to Security? Yeah, a lot of the times it will. But any good Magistrate worth their salt is going to question nearly everything an Officer says to make sure that the Law is being applied correctly. Though, as always, if a Magistrate/NTR seems to be overstepping their bounds, do feel free to send a fax to CC about it or ahelp it. People abusing these roles WILL get punished for doing so as they are held to the same, if not higher, standard that the rest of Command is.
  6. Also, this is quite literally the plot to Doom Edit: I’m dumb and didn’t even see the argent note :honk:
  7. Thoroughly love this idea. The thought of Mining Tower Defense with this while also dealing with the usual Lavaland issues sounds AMAZINGLY fun. Hell, you could hire Civilians to put on the front lines to help defend too.
  8. Thanks to @McRamonwe can now see that Malvor isnt ACTUALLY FAT YOU NERDS!
  9. What's funnier is you play literally the same mix of Departments that I do, though when I'm in Engineering/Atmos I'm on MAL.
  10. Name: Matthew "Matt" Malvor Age: 29 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Command (Captain, NTR, Blueshield, HoS), Security (SPP, Warden), Service (Chef, Bartender), Medical (Surgeon) Biography: Matthew Malvor was born January 26th, 2536 upon the NHV Aceso to Thomas Malvor (2508-2552) and Victoria Malvor (née Springston, 2507-2561). The Malvor family sustained itself via shipbuilding, with the Thomas Malvor working as a Navigational Systems Design Specialist while his wife, Victoria, worked as an aide to the Technical Engineering Division of NCS Hephaestus. Growing up in a hub of commerce, engineering, and work led to Matthew picking up odd jobs around the Station once their primary education was complete at age 14. Foregoing an advanced education, Matthew took up residence assisting in cooking and bartending at the Nagamiru. October 10th, 2552. An attack on the NCS Hephaestus by unknown assailants led to the scattering of the fleet surrounding the now-destroyed Station. A small contingent of these ships would be relocated to the colony of Haverick to assist with colonization efforts and supply runs to and from the planet after the Malfunctioning AI incident that had led to the destruction of many transports in the area. The loss of their primary source of income with the death of Thomas Malvor led to the now 16 year old Matthew to seek more substantial employment while Victoria Malvor obtained employment from the incoming Shellguard Munitions team. Due to the KC-13 Controversy, the TSF had created specialized Containment Stations for dissidents and terrorists known to be associated with the USSP. While these Stations were defended by TSF Soldiers, the day-to-day operations were a mostly Civilian operation. Following a minor uprising along the borders of TSF space, more funding was sent to man the SPS Orion, the most remote Sol Prison Station to be noted as a USSP Containment Station. Matthew enrolled in the Correctional Officer Candidacy Program and excelled, with their supervisors noting both exceptional handling of their duties as well as a penchant for assisting in the aftermaths of riots and injuries amongst the inmates. Following a riot on August 3rd, 2555 Matthew received a recommendation to complete the SolGov Field Surgery and First Aid training as a Non-Combatant Trainee to assist in further medical issues aboard the SPS Orion. After 5 years of employment with the TransSolar Federation, Matthew was offered a contract to work upon the NSS Exodus as a Medical Doctor. After a short 2-year stay upon the Exodus, Matthew transferred to the NSS Cyberiad under a new contract, with most of their working hours in the Security Department as a Security Officer and Warden. January 4th, 2564. Following a routine day working as Security Pod Pilot upon the Cyberiad, a child was found stowed away upon the Station. This child was found to have no traceable parents upon investigation by NanoTrasen personnel. Following the Shift and the subsequent weeks of assisting with caring for the child, Matthew has become the legal guardian of Todd Malvor. Due to their efforts to assist with the child's upbringing and wellbeing, a paternal clause has been added to their contract with NanoTrasen, wherein MAL VR, an IPC contracted with the New Canaan Plasma Research Initiative shall cover for Malvor once per week to allow for time off. Qualifications: SolGov Correctional Officer (Tier IV) - Passed SolGov Field Surgery and First Aid - Passed NanoTrasen Employee First Aid Basics Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Medical and Surgical Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Security Officer Candidacy Training - Passed NanoTrasen Riot Prevention and Deterrence Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Detainment Management Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Head of Staff Certification - Passed NanoTrasen Legal Certification - Magistrate - Passed NanoTrasen Corporate Certification - Representative - Passed NanoTrasen Basics of Engineering - Passed (Satisfactory) NanoTrasen Basics of Research - Failed Employment Records: 2550 - 2552: NCS Hephaestus, Nagamiru - Assistant Cook and Bar Server 2553 - 2558: SPS Orion - Correctional Officer / Field Medical Specialist / Field Surgeon 2558 - 2560: NSS Exodus - Medical Doctor / Security Officer 2560 - Present: NSS Cyberiad - Security/Command Contractor Security Records: Known Languages: Galactic Common, Neo-Russkiya 2551: Minor Battery Charge, Dropped 2564: Assault on an Officer, Dropped Notes: While no serious crimes are noted within Malvor's records, they are known to toss trespassers into the disposals system of their Station. While this action is typically done off-duty from Security while working in the Bar/Kitchen, Security should be aware that this activity is rather regular. Additionally, comments along the lines of calling Malvor "Fatt Malvor" have led to minor cases of inter-Departmental shenanigans which could be construed as Battery. Medical Records: DoB: January 26th, 2536 Height: 182cm Weight: 78kg Eye Color: Brown Cybernetics: None NanoTrasen Quarterly Psych Evaluation: Passed Notes: Fatt. [im leaving this in here, but which one of you [expletive redacted] added this to my official records, which I can SEE AND EDIT you [expletive redacted]! im not even FAT! - M.M.] Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Other Notes: They might come off as a hardass, but is always willing to grab a bite to eat or a drink with pretty much anybody. They are extremely loyal to those who they respect or are friends with. Dealing with a kid has softened them a bit, and has made them less of a risk-taker (gotta make it home to the kid, damn it). Enjoys donuts.
  11. It hurts me to not remember where in the everloving hell this is from. Also I love this Crew Records design, especially consider I need to actually get around to doing mine...
  12. Oh god Fiona's arm makes her BUFF.
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