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  1. Saying brain damage is a "counter" to the available anti-stuns is a MASSIVE meme considering a good botanist gets a "free" chem dispenser and can make as much mannitol as they want or need. Botany is annoyingly painful enough to deal with as Sec or Crew when they want to antag, and annoying enough as antag when some valids/slaps nukies or hijack with. They dont need anything, except maybe a solid slap with more nerfs.
  2. Malvor: headache, *snap, PAIN MAL VR: *ping, panic, BRAZIL MAL: wonderful, wonderful, ohgodohfuck
  3. Im in agreement with @Sirryan2002, this "style" of announcement would fit MUCH better in the "oh shit" moments of Code Red/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon. It sounds much more like someone from CC's military wing giving a warning or something SolGov Marines-esque. I think having the normal announcements having the AI-like VO is much better for the standard announcements, but something like this WOULD be nice for the scarier "oh shit CC needs to send an ERT" moments.
  4. Agreeing with most of everyone's stuff from above. On top of that, the Map is currently in a freeze, with little to no changes to be made until some other LARGE ports are done. And then you would have to compete with the Engi Remap, the Service Department Remap, and the new Medbay/Sci Remap, all which are MUCH more important from an overall standpoint as well as needed WAY more. But, as @BryanRsaid, unless you're willing to code it yourself AND convince the Maints to back it, it wont be seen anyways.
  5. So I've been thinking of ways to minimize the use of memechems, especially in Nukies and other "Big Scary Events" such as Spiders. Ive written up a new chemical, so far called methamphaldehyde, to be a mix of Methamphetamine and Mannitol, that would act as a "bad mix" of the two chemicals. They would mix at a 1:1 ratio, meaning you cant just use an offset ratio to avoid it, and it would basically remove the Meth + Hydro + Mannitol combo from use. So far, in terms of coding it up, im about 80% done with it, but . . . My only issue at the moment is WHAT to make the side effects for methamp
  6. Out of curiosity, regarding the Karma System, what would be the opinion on a Tier Based unlock system rather than a purchase system be? i.e. at certain breakpoints you would unlock a tier of possible unlocks 15 Karma gets you the basic Karma roles (Barber/Brig Doc) 20 gets you IPC 30 gets you Mechanic/SPP 45 gets you the other you didnt pick (SPP/Mechanic) 60 gets you a big Racial unlock (ie Vox/plasmeme/etc) 75 lets you pick Rep/Magi 100 gives you 2 Racial unlocks etc etc Hell, you could add some fluff based karma items with a tier system as s
  7. IAA is one of the "intro" to RP-based roles on Station imo. As someone with a LOT of hours in Sec, IAAs are always a VERY mixed bag overall. But, frankly, learning to do Paperwork/RP/SoP things is an important gateway to Magi/NT Rep and even HoP if youre REALLY into being a paper-pusher. Karma roles should be for niche and interesting roles that are special, as a "reward" for members of the community who give good shows/times/RP moments. Taking away a stepping stone that teaches people the fun of RP-based roles would be a loss in my opinion.
  8. Is there a neither? Use Hydrocode for surgery anyway and just call Security for Trespassers/Thieves. If you ether someone for PETTY THEFT, you deserve the Assault charge Sec is gonna hand you. The only exception i can think of where Ether'ing someone is warranted is if theyre absolutely trashing the place, which at LEAST has SOME tangent to real-life practice of sedating violent patients.
  9. Would it be possible to create a book that has all the proper BBCode'd paperwork examples in it to copy/paste? Might be a bit of an IC break, but it might help avoid the spammage of object types.
  10. Cargo: PaperworkCargo is a bane of existence and can just be remedied by having a QM be around to approve/deny questionable things Mechanic: This would be neat, but 9/10 Mechanic just disappears into space to loot things anyway Detective: The printable-sheet from your scanner has a notes section if i remember correctly Magi/IAA: These are the rolls most likely to use paperwork, and from my experiences, most of the more adept players in these rolls already HAVE personalized templates to use, so giving them starting paperwork seems kinda eh NT Rep: See above, same idea Robotics: This W
  11. CC could send a box of "Confiscated Syndicate Contraband" to be used by an officer to "simulate" a traitor for the trainees to pursuit. I still would want it to be Extended with no REAL antags, solely so that it would be TRAINING and not someone fighting for Greentext.
  12. Name of Event: NanoTrasen Training Day One Sentence Description: Time to teach the Crew how to be a better Crew! Map Changes: No/Maybe? (Admemes spawning certain things may make it easier, see below [mostly Sec/Engi stuff]) Suggested Number of Players: Any, though higher pop could be a tad messier but "train" more people. Full Description of Event: An idea I've been toying with in my head for a while has been a semi-event/semi-changed Extended Roundtype where the Crew has a "Training Day" where assistants, staff members, and other crew cross-train or straight up learn
  13. out of curiosity, we have an "Advanced Rules" for the server rules, why can there not be one for Space Law? While the quick-and-dirty square of TLDR is what most OFFICERS use, why cant Magi/HoS/Warden be expected to know some "case law" that would be admin-backed precedents to the much "simpler" Space Law page. edit: this would be more for the nitpicky arguments of "but its not DIRECTLY said in Space Law that I see get used in the Brig occasionally, so while it would be still up for some interpretation, there would be a historical "fallback" per se.
  14. Pretty much parroting the above comments, BrigBay is a symptom of people having free time and upgrading the FUCK out of their little place in the station. 8/10 Ill head to Medbay for serious wounds, and only really go to BrigBay for implant checks on prisoners, implants for myself and then the occasional topping-off of Saline.
  15. I basically fully agree with @Mitchs98 , Security "not policing themselves" does tend to happen, but there ARE a few officers/Warden/Magi/etc players who WILL swing the Brig-Hammer at offending officers and such. IAAs really SHOULD be documenting this all to fax to CC either way, which is one of their main jobs anyway. In regards to Perma/Execution access for IAAs, ive got a bit of a mixed opinion there. Most IAAs, probably around 50% from my experience, are rather new. I know Sec mains, myself included, who goof up Execution SoP occasionally, and while the IAAs should be documenting it,
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