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  1. As a note, Admins can force the SecBorg Module if it seems needed at the moment, though it takes some VV fuckery.
  2. I fill a box with Legion Cores, grab a brute kit from the vendor, two survival pens, and thats pretty much all I need to go ham with a KC. KA can probably go with much less.
  3. You don't need one, per se, and Botany really can take the 20 seconds it takes to walk to Science and get one. As with any Department you should only start with the basics and any upgrades require cooperation with other Departments. That and Science can look you in the eyes and say "yeah you get this but make sure you get us our damn plants."
  4. SoP is not Security's job. That's the Head's job to deal with. Minor crimes are also REALLY easy to just NOT do? So I dunno, not Security's issue if someone wants to break Laws that are written out for everyone to see. This may be because a majority of Antags can and do murderize officers for not getting someone into cuffs. If youre going to be loud/geared/known antag, this is what you are signing up for. Play stealthy and use disguises/tools or suffer the consequences of your actions. Considering a large majority of your hours are not in Security, I would suggest seeing things from their perspective before making judgements or claims to the Department as a whole. Security is there to enforce Space Law, period. You sign up to play Security to enforce the IC Laws on the players in the round. Given that most people who are baton + cuffed instantly are set for a violent reason (armed, Vampire, Changeling, etc) this is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. As said above, if you don't want to be instantly arrested when you go loud, go stealthy or accept the consequences. That's the name of the game. When you antag, if you don't succeed, you're either going to Perma or getting Executed. There's no reason to HAVE a disincentive as that's Security's SoP-based goal for dealing with Antagonists. EoC are not to be paroled barring extenuating circumstance, Perma Inmates who break Perma get shot. You have on average two hours to antag away and if you fail, you try again next time you roll it. I do want to note that this comment alone has zero context applied to it nor shows at all what Admins are dealing with on our side of the veil. 9/10 if we Freeze someone they're doing something MASSIVELY against the Rules. Someone who's following the Rules as a non-Antag has no reason to fear a bwoink. Worst case, if you are afraid of such, simply send in an ahelp and it can be discussed. The fact that you think Security's sole purpose is to "redtext antags" also shows that you haven't been an Officer nearly at all. Security has plenty of opportunities to RP and deal with things without needing to baton someone to death. I would suggest actually playing some Security before painting them all with a wide brush. Many of the things that non-Security-yet-plays-antag players tend to complain about is how Security is quick to jump to GUN. This goes both ways. Frankly, the moment you go loud/armed/start killing, you waived your right to RP until youre disarmed and in cuffs. Security has zero reason to risk their life and round for an antag's.
  5. Renaming it to "Contact Mentors/Staff" might be a decent readability fix.
  6. As per SoP: Botanists are not permitted to hand out (spatially) unstable Botanical Supplies to non-Hydroponics personnel; Just fire them if theyre being dumb. As per Space Law: You can argue that using a BS Banana on someone is Battery up to Assault. If there are any harmful chems in their fruit, it can also in theory fall under Possession of a Restricted Weapon (Any item carried by an unauthorized person, including chemicals, that can cause severe bodily harm.). Botanists are permitted some narcotics but are restricted by their SoP for toxins (Botanists are not permitted to harvest Amanitin or other such plant/fungi-derived poisons, unless specifically requested by the Head of Security and/or Captain.). Personally I'd charge a Botanist with Workplace Hazard up to Assault depending on where/what/how the Bluespace plant was used and tack on Restricted Weapon if its got something harmful in it.
  7. IMO technically they are. I personally wouldn't see an issue lethaling them but that would be a Head Admin question.
  8. There doesnt need to be a Security Comms Key Vendor for antags to break into and steal from. Departments have spare headsets anyway. Strongly dislike the HoP, who as an antag basically gets free AA already having this too.
  9. I always find it really interesting to see how people go through the many jobs you can play on-Station. So, I wanna know how you got to playing your current favorite role(s). Ill bold roles that have stuck as my favorites and underline stuff that I'd consider a "main" role for my character(s) specifically! For me, its a LONG journey... "Old" Malvor: Cargo Tech > Bartender > QM > Medical Doctor > Security Officer > CMO > HoP > Warden > HoS > Captain [I pretty much only played these roles for my first 6ish years of SS13, i was a gameplay nerd with minimal care for RP. This was my path WAY back when I played Bay and Para ages ago] "New" Malvor: Security Officer > Warden > HoS > Blueshield > Captain > Magistrate > Shaft Miner > Barkeep/Chef > Coroner [This "path" would be the one I've taken since coming back in 2019. Its a LOT more varied and RP-oriented compared to my old path.] In the past 2+ years I gained a new path for a new character too, and they had their own journey! MAL VR: Engineer > Atmospherics Tech > Scientist > RD > CE And of course, my one-off Characters. Atichiki: Chaplain > QM > Janitor
  10. 1. It’s non-addictive unlike morphine. While this is a small thing it is thematically nice in my opinion. You also want to avoid using morphine so that Chem can use it to make the Hydrocodone. 2. This is an immensely minimal bit in my opinion and not that big a thing for Ether. 3. It’s main use in my opinion is sedating obnoxious tiders via Syringe Gun. It’s not used too often but it’s absolutely a use that ether fits niche-wise. On top of that, it’s a component in some other incapacitating chemicals which antagonists can use. 4. There’s way better chems to use for this to be honest. All in all I don’t see a reason to remove it. It’s got it’s uses and has its niche.
  11. Luckily Blueshield is one of those roles where you can absolutely tell if someone's being a shitter in it. These people would have a fun adventure in HammerLand. It would be nice to have some Security requirements to play it, however. Nothing's worse than a Blueshield who can barely handle the tools theyre given.
  12. At the moment, the only reason Security doesnt lethal all armed threats (mind you, this means everything from stunbatons to disablers to sniper rifles) is because there's a group of Security players who self-restrict themselves from doing so. Space Law allows you to lethal all fo these as any Security member (this includes the Detective). This is intended as per Head Admin ruling, so at the moment a Det can kinda just blast away at any threat that falls under the Use of Deadly Force SoP. Do I agree with this? Absolutely not. I think its monumentally unhealthy for the game. But, unless the Heads want to change anything about it, I'm not going to be bwoinking anyone over using lethals unless its used for zero reason or if theyre doing it indiscriminately (ie lethaling a trespasser) with zero regard toward (the absolutely insanely open-ended) Deadly Force clause. At the end of the day, we're never going to get an answer that fixes all the issues regarding Antag/Sec interaction. Trying to balance a game that SHOULD be about RP is a headache and a half. The only way the issue is dealt with is if it becomes widespread (ie Security saying "fuck it" and using the Deadly Force clause to maximum effectiveness) or if the Community makes enough of a stink about it AND can convince Leadership that its an issue. That being said, as much as I'd love to go with Option 1 and go full Iron Fist of Justice and lethal all Antags that possess weapons, I'm personally unwilling to ruin the game for a multitude of people just to prove a point that its mega mega mega unhealthy for the game as a whole.
  13. Pretty much what's been said above. Shotguns were a (for all intents) free end-game weapon that out DPS'd anything you could get through RND. They were the one and only choice for high damage at all points of the round. "Reloading" and "pumping the shotgun" are all jokes of a damage bottleneck when you can just click-z-click-z-click someone to death in a few moments. There was no nuance to shotgun combat it was quite literally land one slug and fish for bone-breaks or IB. Shotguns are gone and I honestly hope they never come back. Rifles are just a better thing for game health overall. This statement alone shows that you dont have much of a grasp on WHY things are being removed and screams "I dont like my XYZ getting removed ahHHHHHHH". Game health overall is more important than making funny spaceman go horizontal via shotguns.
  14. This appears to be a skill issue. Should be easy enough, just need to add it to the list of vendor options. Might have to wait till after the freeze or if someone's got a surplus of GBP.
  15. The sad truth is there are a LOT of people who take every opportunity to get ahead when antagging. This means they can and will abuse/rob/kill/etc new players to complete their goals. This just makes getting targeted easier. Egos and thoughts of "Ive been here long, therefor I'm better" have occurred enough to the point where we have people banned for it. Adding more ways to ego-pump seems ehhhhhh in my opinion. All in all, at the end of the day, the HoP exists for a reason. All these solutions are fixable by a mechanic that already exists (getting your title changed) and just requires a quick chat with the HoP if you so desire.
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