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  1. 1. The role you are applying for. Captain/Security I forgot a screen shot before I ghosted: 5 foot, 10 inches grey wolf. Has a scar and what looks like a blind eye on left side of his face, while his right side has a sharp red coloured eye, staring at you. His fur is well kept, brushed, clean. You notice he is very well defined, everything in the right place. EDIT: Captain - he will have rolled down captain's jumpsuit, eye patch, captain's gloves, open-toed jack boots, and rapier. Security - rolled down security jumpsuit, eye patch with implanted sec HUDs, open-toed jack boots, security utility belt. Wolf O'Donnell
  2. Magic show Mime splitting Wolf into two. Then they went and attacked SolGov and died. Who knew they get up from a stun so quickly?
  3. No. can’t marry everyone. would break many hearts
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