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  1. I wish he was... who wants to be hugged randomly? *scoffs*
  2. So what happens if x number of ghosts apply for that role but there is only 2 spots left? Those who spent x number of minutes creating their character get rejected? Seems like a waste of time for those creating their characters to get booted out and starting over again if that is the case. Unless it removed from availability after one selects its.
  3. Started drawing again, have this WIP.
  4. Still looks really good dude
  5. I expect more art from you or you’re going to be suplex.
  6. 1. Here to teach you lot how to dance real smooth.
  7. Holy hell do I get blueshield who are toxic if I don’t give them the spare ID. It’s either I get threaten if I don’t hand it over and tell me I am not doing my job properly, goes behind my back and have HoP give them AA or completely avoids protecting me at all cost, could care less IMO. I find it very stupid they get the captain’s spare headset too. They don’t need it. The only thing that makes sense is them having the pin pointer, for obvious reasons. the nad should always be on the captain as per SOP. I got yelled at for hiding it in the wall or floor safe.
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