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  1. Ahhh the racials about regrowing limbs are things I have no idea about. In dchat there's often people who discuss the various ins and outs of what happens when different kinds of species are transformed from one body to another, or what about the player-character gets preserved when being cloned and such... all the medical details are beyond me, but limb-regrowing does sound like it can be exploited. I appreciate everyone chiming in, also!
  2. Yeah I had to double check they didn't already have a relevant ability.
  3. All right! I finally went through my screenshots folder. Here's some stuff. That Time The HOS Murdered A Dude And Then Tried To Imprison The Magistrate And Then The Captain Tried To Overrule The Magistrate And Then CC Had To Come Down And Fucking Arrest Them And Put Them In Solitary Until Their Court Martials A weird garden thing in space. Giant Coffee religion Big Clown Wizard Den Ghost Gang hanging out pre-roundstart Eh The mime wizard challenged the mime to a duel on the Holodeck. It was a good time except the seat
  4. The loss of any limb of a changeling should result in that limb becoming a new changeling mob of some kind. It could become a new, player-controlled changeling with the appearance of the old one, or perhaps a cortical-borer-type AI mob that vent crawls and uses disposals to find new hosts to take over. Let's go full John Carpenter in this shit. And yes, obviously a ling can chop off their own limbs. But if they don't grow back, that's a significant sacrifice gameplay-wise. I don't know what objectives they'd get either.
  5. RIP Toko. I don't know if they've actually been banned I'm just assuming
  6. Right now they can only be waved away. If they can't be petted because they're incorporeal, there should be some other help-intent action that indicates affection.
  7. When I hit the Wiki button in the Byond cilent, I want to get to things quickly, but getting the wiki names right is annoying, and if we make abbreviations easier to understand with the wiki button, that will help newbies as well. So here's the list of redirects I think would be useful: HOP -> Head of Personnel HOS -> Head of Security CC -> Central Command RD -> Research Director CMO -> Chief Medical Officer CE -> Chief Engineer SOP -> Standard Operating Procedure IAA -> Internal Affairs Agent ERT -> Emergency Response Tea
  8. Syndicate Operative Ash: You're lucky to be alive Syndicate Operative Ash: Most of the time we're shoot on sight Syndicate Operative Ash: I mean we DID shoot on sight, but like Syndicate Operative Ash: You didn't die Syndicate Operative Ash: Very lucky
  9. During a discussion on why cargo shouldn't be able to order more varied kinds of weapons: Can confirm.
  10. The primary issue I'm trying to solve here is congestion: the main supply office is also the entrance to the cargo bay, disposals, the ORM, and the mailing room. This means that at any given time: a miner could be dragging an ore box to the ORM, someone could be walking back and forth between the lathe and the front desk to handle requests, crates are being dragged out of cargo to give to crew in the lobby, crates are being brought in from the lobby, either empty or with things that people are shipping, crates are being pulled from the cargo bay to disposals to mail, and MULEbots are moving in
  11. It's not intended to be just randomly in the middle of a room. I just didn't finish up furnishing it. In the previous image (I shouldn't have removed it tbh) this was furnished in a better way: But yes, I very much want to make it clear this is this is the part of the bay where crates are brought to distribute to the station. Sorry, I didn't mean hardsuits. I meant the mining softsuits. But like I said, that's just one idea of what to put here. There are tons of small rooms in maints that serve no specific purpose, like the various rooms in aft port maints. Why are there two
  12. Thanks for all the feedback! From clockwise: 1. The trash hitting the wall is a good point, that can be fixed. 2. I separated the "mailing" part of the mailing room and placed it next to the MULEbots, in order to eliminate people dragging crates from the cargo bay, through the supply office, to sorting. I'm not sure I'd call mailing the most important room in Cargo; it mostly has meta importance because people use disposals as a gameplay mechanic for escaping resistance. Disposals itself is an out of the way, run down maintenance room, so to me it makes sense that both parts
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