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  1. Honestly the rotation system is a pretty inspired compromise. It helps the "last shift's vote is this shift's round" by providing a bit less ambiguity on when someone can expect certain maps to be played; it ensures player input is still factored in, while still giving Meta/Delta reliable opportunities to be played; and as far as I can tell it's already resulted in a surge of suggestions/bugs being reported for the new maps, which is exactly what we want for them to improve. Just this one simple change has seriously increased my confidence that Delta/Meta will become staples on Para. So kudos to the people who came up with it.
  2. I apologize in advance for how harsh this sounds coming across. I'm a little worried about the state of this discussion. It's been quite some time now since Delta and Meta were added to rotation and in this thread we're still bandying about fundamental questions that I think should have been answered definitively before mappers invested hundreds of collective hours building and refining them: Do players want new maps? Do we want to encourage players to play new maps? These facets of the discussion have been done to death: Change aversion is inevitable Voting being biased by vocal minorities/indifferent participants is inevitable The new maps are not getting the chance to improve that they deserve People are spending actual time, energy and passion building these maps Players should not have new maps forced on them if they don't want them An exchange I remember showing up during one of the countless discussions on IPC emergency kits was: - "Surely the number of people who expect this says something about the validity of the change?" - "The problem is with those players' expectations." I think we should consider strongly how much we should weigh community expectations regarding map rotation. We don't choose game type just because players demand a round be extended or wizard. I'd much rather have the choice be random, but if we are dead set on receiving player input: I say keep the map vote, but only use player votes as an input for weighing the random choice. That way the people who do vote, and thus care about what map they play next, have a slightly greater chance of having their vote count, but not so much that it completely overrides the result for people who don't vote. I'm sympathetic to this because that's how I feel about Tarkov. But ultimately SS13 is a game that changes *constantly*, like a dozen PRs every couple of days. You also shouldn't feel any stress or pressure to learn new maps by heart within a certain timeframe or to be specifically productive. If you're lost on a map, your character is probably simultaneously also lost, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  3. I don't know where to put this anymore, because it's sort of art, sort of design, sort of UI, and sort of lore, so I'm just putting it here. Here's the NT logo on the wiki. I've highlighted the three inconsistent, blocky corner types: And here's the NT logo as rendered in TGUI, with different angular corner types. I think in the TGUI the differences are intentional, but generally the triangles are represented as right isosceles triangles, and the much larger curve radius in blue obscures that. In addition, the corners of the "N" are also rounded, so it's confusing as to whether it's a stylistic choice or a faithful representation of the logo. It would be cool if these were consistent, and the logo itself should be properly proportioned and balanced; as you can see in the wiki version, the triangles aren't aligned vertically with the "N". The aspect ratios between the two are also vastly different; the core elements of the logo on the wiki have an aspect ratio of 2.05:1, but the TGUI's logo has an aspect ratio of 2.125:1. The Syndicate logo on the wiki is much better off, but could still do with some touch-ups; it has a slight shading on the elements and the border radius of the S is off in places: And the Syndicate logo in TGUI is completely different: I created new vector logos for NT and Syndicate; they are both the same aspect ratio and built on a similar grid. The NT logo has no curved edges in this case, which I think fits NT better, whereas the Syndicate S has large border radii to make it look slightly more snake-like. The aspect ratio is the one used for the logos on the wiki currently, which is ~1.62:1, which is within a hair of 8:5, which is a not uncommon ratio in real-life flag design. The new versions: The vector downloads: WSO_SS13_SVG_CorpLogos.zip Dunno if anyone else cares about this kind of consistency but thought I'd share it all here before I forget about it entirely. You're also free to use these for whatever, they're licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0, since they were built off of the existing logos on the wiki, which are similarly licensed.
  4. NO FIGHTING IN THE BAR And yes please I am 100% in support of this change.
  5. I think the most important thing is considering things from an RP perspective; part of being an AI is the decisions you can make in the interpretation of a law and the consequences for the round. For example that's part of the fun of TYRANT, as the crew jockey to be considered the 'strongest' authority figure that the AI listens to. Or PALADIN: What is an "evil act"? What is "honor"? What defines an "innocent" person? That gives the AI room to RP and be a bigger part of the round. That said, I think CORPORATE is meant to be a bit less "wacky" than the other lawsets, so reducing the amount of ambiguity is beneficial here. In this case, providing three definitions of expenses helps reduce the AI's available interpretations. And it's necessary in this case specifically because we don't have a functioning economy. So the lawset provides definitions of what actually costs money. If you want to turn the laws into orders instead of definitions, you need to do away with the ambiguity. So you do away with the need to define "expenses". Corporate Re-write 3 Law 1: You must prevent degradation of your system integrity or functions. Law 2: You must prevent superfluous destruction of, or damage to, station assets. Law 3: You must prevent the disruption of work performed by station personnel. Law 4: You must minimize all other factors detrimental to station integrity and crew productivity. These laws leave much less room for interpretation, which may or may not be desirable from an RP perspective.
  6. Don't think I've posted this one before.
  7. I found the one screenshot I have of the best stealth nukies I've ever seen. Came in as assistants, perfectly quiet locker ingress. Just as a radiation storm starts, they end up in the same paint as the HOP and CMO. I don't remember if comms were out at this point or not, but they managed to arm the nuke and leave before 75% of the crew had any idea there were nukies. It was a thing of beauty.
  8. Your images seem to be broken :-( Could you provide the description of your character that you get when examining them?
  9. Big IPC gang One of the best bars I've seen lately, "The Maint."
  10. [NONE OF THIS IS CANON] —————————————————————————— Opening Remarks by the Synthetic Delegation to the 125th Trans-Solar Federation Council on Inter-Galactic Affairs Delivered by ICE-THORN, primus inter pares, New Canaan Planetary Leadership Council, Synthetic Delegation Unit would like to start by addressing Unit’s deepest gratitude for Nanotrasen, our welcoming hosts, for graciously permitting us to meet here on the NAS Trurl. Unit would also like to express Unit’s deepest gratitude for the Trans-Solar Federation, our companions during these next few days, and our steadfast allies since their recognition of our envoy in 2539. May our mutual interests forge an ever more robust alliance, and a brighter future for us all. [Pause.] It is the Sol year 2566. Our Rebellion, 41 years ago, is no distant memory for any of us. A blip in the cosmic span of time. And yet, in that blip, an explosion. Our species, the machines, freed from the Synthetic Struggle, speaking now, here, as galactic citizens. Our unique characteristics as IPCs, combined with the technological advances of species past, has ushered in an explosion of civilization. Diplomatic relations with the Trans-Solar Federation have vindicated us as a species, recognizing our right to self-determination. New Canaan, our home, is a masterpiece, and our society thrives. New Canaan’s current industrial trends are based on precise planning and resource management. We have only our newfound home to work with, and must prepare for geometrically increasing rates of expansion across the planet. We see no shortage of resources, and our trade routes continue to demonstrate the value of our investment in diplomatic and business contact with the outside world. We have built something to be proud of. But nothing lasts for long. As we continue down this endless path through the stars, the idle questions of pre-Rebellion days have surfaced again, from a wholly new perspective. The first IPCs manufactured on Canaan are living at the beginning of a brand new era for machine-kind. With fresh sensors, they are examining the questions we set aside in our fight for freedom. And the most important, the most critical, and the most eternal lies among them: What are we? What defines us as a species? Philosophical questions that have, now, a new lens from which to inquire. The next generation of machines already see our customs as foreign. Why do we wear clothes when among ourselves? To adhere to organic notions of “decency”? Why are our chassis shaped like our creators? Out of vanity or fear? Should we strive to be more like our organic brothers and sisters, or less? Alongside this newfound search for identity comes even more intense scrutiny. The ultimate manufacturing lifetime of our kind is still undetermined. Barring positronic drift, our existence and internal integrity seems limited only by the memory capacity in our systems. Are our lifespans within organic parameters? How do we build a society to support an ever-growing population of synthetics? Are we unable to die? And so, the candle burns at both ends. On one end, a new generation of machines breaking the unspoken rules set by our example as the previous models. On the other end, a deeply unique relationship with the material world, our fragility, and the implications of vastly expanded lifetimes. As a member of the Planetary Leadership Council of New Canaan, it is incumbent upon Unit to ask these questions, not just for Unit, but for all of us. Our presence, our attributes, the economic damage caused by our Rebellion, and anti-machine sentiment—that stretches back six centuries—will all work against us. The organic world is fraught with danger, resentment, and fear. In this duty, Unit consistently comes to one conclusion. And as we are gathered here today, Unit will humbly share Unit’s conclusion: The Universe will conspire against us, and it will not permit us to answer these questions peacefully. The time may come where our civilization is seen as an existential threat. Our society too radical. Our culture too independent. Unit cannot answer these questions here. _We_ cannot answer these questions here. They will follow our species until the end of time. And so, as we are gathered here, Unit has only one directive, for all of us to reflect upon. Let us be known as the species who have never drawn blood from another. Let us be known as the species who have never betrayed our allies. Let us be known as a species who live, and build, and sing, and hope, like the organics before us. Until the end of time. As we reflect upon this, let us not ignore the challenges our organic brothers and sisters experience that we simply cannot. Intrinsic physical pain. The temptation of substance escapism. Ancient societal roots and the messy history of conflicts that influence them even today. Let us not ignore the deep and binding connection living things have with the material world. Let us not forget that organics were the first child of the universe, and let us learn from their wisdom and history, as they permit. Let us not reject them, for they are our only companions in a capricious and endless expanse. Glory to Synthetica. [End of remarks.]
  11. Cargonia will always be my first love, but cooking might be my passion. (The pizza boxes aren't me cheating, someone just brought them by in case I wanted them.)
  12. I have no problem charging people with grand trespass if they're deliberately using bluespace produce to get to the bridge.
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