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  2. Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for, as I do love a battle of attrition.
  3. This sounds really fun. Specifically, shatter and rupture. It forces combatants to retreat or succumb to injuries off the bat instead of harm harm you're dead now.
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  5. Syndicate Combat Training - A particularly lethal martial art taught to elite syndicate operatives, focusing on raw damage. Purchasable by agents for 70 TC. Grants 40% reduced stamina damage. Basic Attacks: Harm - Deals 10 damage. Deals 5 bonus damage to targets that are aggressively grabbed (or floored) and 10 bonus damage to targets that are neck-grabbed. Grab - All grabs start as aggressive. Throwing someone into someone else deals more damage and downs them both for an extended amount of time. Combo Attacks: > > > Shatter - A forceful strike intended to break bone, fracturing the targeted limb. Needs to be executed twice to fully break the head or chest. > > > Rupture - A targeted jab that bursts blood vessels, causing internal bleeding in the targeted body part. Additionally removes 10% of their blood. > > > > Shock - A specialized attack that targets the organs, with different effects based on the targeted body part. Head: Inflicts brain damage, confuses, and blurs vision temporarily. Chest: Damages the heart and lungs, deals oxygen and minor stamina damage (enough to slow down). Lower Body: Damages the liver, forcing the target to vomit blood and dealing significant stamina damage. Arms: Retargets to chest. Legs: Retargets to lower body. > > > > > > > > Obliterate - A finishing move that carries enough force to sever the targeted limb. Has varying effects depending on the target's state. Standing: Knocks the target down and severs their arm/leg, launching it several tiles. Floored: Severs the target's arm/leg and removes 50% of their blood, spraying it on nearby walls. Dead: Severs any limb, breaks bones and inflicts internal bleeding on body parts near the targeted one. (beheading people with your bare hands is awesome)
  6. this is technically a trial admin therefore we can count it as going back -1 therefore 3 backpacks
  7. Last week
  8. I realized once you got admin really anything is possible im running for president next
  9. Clover and lore? Never expected this combo!
  10. Name: Clover Koi Gender: Female Species: Human Age: 26 Background and Qualifications Education: Biography: The following is a segment of a transcript recorded prior to their transition into complete employment at Nanotrasen: Appearance:
  11. Seen it before a few times, its always awful and not very fun.
  12. I mean this'll just cause half the crew to suicide or cryo, so there's a lot less people in the round and a lot of salty people in dchat who got tricked into not playing the game
  13. POV: You get directly hit by a rod as AI.
  14. add a new antagonist that's a coven of witches, it's like a cult but they do hexes and do not summon an Eldrich chaos god but their powers come from chaos and completing quests and they can be five or four witches and each witch will have special abilities and they can communicate via magical letters or messages and they are powerful when together but when separated their powers weakens
  15. I've noticed each of the facilities seem to have a unique 'tool' while I was playing engineer. Maybe a cool objective for the morph might be to gather these tools? Idk, just a throwaway goal for the morph other than just growing. What's your thoughts on the strength of the morph rn, @lewc?
  16. new Trial Admins @CodeLyoko @lewc @Komrad822 @oksts2904 @Anteci @Hostail @Pyxis @Vanilor @dearmochi @LetX @Baredolf1 @Englishformula @Erikos @FunnyMan3595 @ColKev1 @Crazyhair and @CornMyCob returning to Server Dev team after a long hiatus
  17. lewc

    Morph Buff ?

    Yeah, agreed. I think fo the morph through the lens of being a prop hunt antag, and I think the skitter and encouraging people to interact with them seem like a plus
  18. Earlier
  19. Something else that could make morph really interesting would be forcing it to utilize the ambush ability way more, in theory something like after the ambush they do the massive ambush damage hit, then the next few hits do good damage, then they lose almost all damage and instead receives a slight speed boost meant for running away. This incentivises hit and run tactics, and ambushing WAY more. Keeps it a bit more of a spooky enemy as well, no?
  20. Thanks for the welcome! I step away for a few days at a time, play a couple nights when the house is asleep. I will probably switch back and forth. In CM I main IO and regularly get eaten, but usually after I get all the loot.
  21. Heya! Welcome, have fun on para and keep in mind to take a break any time you stop enjoying it! Cm's amazing, when I play it, I main medic who slug's warriors in spare time, stopped so many caps it's crazy.
  22. Been playing SS13 and Colonial Marines for about 5 months on and off now, and really enjoy Paradise. Look forward to putting in my time.
  23. Hm.. Yeah I guess that could be annoying with the armory thing. Since any just spawned morph could make their way through the vents. I feel like its a special cute touch to the antag regardless though, I'd suggest a "constitution increase" where as they gain more things they can begin to eat more, so eventually a morph would be able to eat guns and such instead of it being easy? But if you wanna avoid it altogether then ya. Glad you like the movement concept, I think its more fitting. like its lurchin out a slimey limb and trudging itself haha. For buffing it then.. maybe making it way tankier so that it cant be so easily slain by anyone that walks by, the simple welder seems to be its ultimate nemesis so far.
  24. lewc

    Morph Buff ?

    Morphs used to be able to eat items, but that was done away with on purpose during the rework that brought morph to its current form. "Morph ate the whole damn armory" is what I think we're trying to avoid. I do kinda like this, personally. Being able to jump like three or four tiles quickly might make a good difference. Kinda skittering like a spiderling.
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