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  2. One of those artifact events, sacrificing most innocent crewmembers as usual. A silly plushie shop, toys and plushies brought to you by May Bee. Whiteship bar. Floor design by River Skwisha, furniture design made by everyone you see here.
  3. I suggested MedBorg Injector be given a radial menu given the chems also have increased.
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  5. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/20375 has been made with the intent to address some of the problems with Changeling Hivemind, please leave any feedback you may have there.
  6. I'm planning to change a lot of things to radial menus due to input being pretty buggy and radial menus having their performance fixed: so slap down what you think would be good with a radial menu rather than another thing. In terms of making your own radial menus it's pretty complicated but you either 1. Make a straight list of items and slap them in a static list (Performant and you can use a bitwise operator to automatically change the list if need be, most flexible option) 2. Make an MA of the item (good for stuff that changes often and would result in a lot of codebloat, like the ctrl click swapping on mechas). Then slap that list into a `show_radial_menu` proc, with a anchor (often the user/item), the user, and the actual list of icons to show. Example of like show_radial_menu(usr, src, my_list), then you store that as a var, your code should structurally look like this now: var/my_var = show_radial_menu(usr/user, src/user, my_list) other options normally don't matter. in terms of where these should be used it should be for stuff that uses input() and shows a table (AND IS NOT OOC, DO NOT RADIAL MENU OOC THINGS, EXTREMELY LAG CAN AND HAS STOPPED MENUS FROM PROPERLY DISPLAYING), and alert() stuff that can really be 3 options right now I got a two radial menu prs up, being the holopara injector and the borg hypo. My current todo list is: * station vendor circuit select * advanced pinpointer * telekinesis like abilities (dropdown to MA radial) * ranged holoparasite (also moving it away from a verb at least) * alt_click override for the 3 shot type guns (HOS gun for example) * disco machine (Will probably need sprites for each of the song, TGUI would also be sweet on this) * cardboard cuttouts
  7. I personally think we should trial it in a smaller way, see how effective it is.
  8. Discounts can be set on a per item basis, so that is entirely possible!
  9. Question, would discounts also apply to drip? Having discounts per type of clothing would be cool, so one company takes care of berets, other of winter clothing, other (NT most likely) of /rank jumpsuits, other maybe of basic shoes etc.
  10. If you ask me why, its just because more people use discord this days, i can't give you sadisfactory example, because "website" forum and "discord" forum are similar in function, only difference is activity on these places, what i noticed forum is more rarely visited than discord, this website people come to only to make ban appeals or check out stuff.
  11. I’d save so much money with a shadycigs card
  12. This is a new feature I have been coding, I am looking for ideas on how to expand it and make it better. The PR in question is here for those interested in its code. Shoppers Card A new item selectable in Character Setup. A loyalty card, a clubcard, whatever you call it IRL - you have a discount card associated with one of the big companies of our world! In Character Setup, you can choose a company (NanoTrasen, Mr. Changs, Donk Co, etc.). Upon spawning in, you get a shoppers card of that company that you can attach to your ID. Every purchase made with this ID will have a whoppin' 10% discount on products associated with your chosen company and make you eligible for a raffle! For example, if you have a Mr. Changs shoppers card on your ID and you purchase a chow mein, you'll get a 10% discount on the price. Mechanics, limitations Similar to guest passes, it can be slapped on and taken off from IDs. One ID can hold multiple shoppers cards. Shoppers cards are not account-bound. If you steal someone else's, you enjoy the same discount as they did before. To avoid metaslavery, YouTool items will not be associated with any company (thanks, Zorazi!) Possible Ideas Have command have an extra, special type of shoppers card, and make it a theft objective? Have all traitors spawn in with a Syndicate shoppers card but also add it to maintenance loot to make metachecking impossible (and for extra swag)? Track number of purchases for a bigger discount or other goodies? Events Lucky Buyer One planned event is being the "Lucky Buyer". The gist of it: Player purchases a discounted item. With a very low chance, this event gets queued up as a "Minor Event". This can get queued only once per round. When triggered, a station-wide announcement appears "Congratulations, [name on the ID], for being the [500.000th / 1.000.000th / semi-random big number here] at [company name]! You have been rewarded with [measly amount of money] for your loyalty." Example: "Congratulations, John Doe, for being the 1.000.000th customer of The Syndicate! You have been rewarded with $50 for your loyalty." This can get alternative rewards. Perhaps a crate sent from CC with something in it? This event gets removed from the possible events pool in the round. More event ideas here are welcome. Products Products are associated with companies on a product level, not the vending machine, so a vending machine can hold multiple companies' goods at once. You can see our existing corporations and factions here and our vending machines here. While chow meins, being in Mr Changs' own vendor is obviously a Mr. Changs' product, what about the others? Which organisation creates Space Twinkies, for example? NanoTrasen? Or is it a Shellguard Munitions product with a hidden agenda? Are crayons truly made for Sol Gov Marines? Here is your chance to come up with ideas. Both serious, hilarious, and out-of-game-reference ideas are welcome. This is a chance to make our little world a bit more colourful!
  13. I am not certain if this is actually a good idea. Even if Discord forums work well, it is effectively splitting suggestions into even more places. I think this might make following suggestions actually harder. Then there is the issue of accessibility. Maybe I'm just gatekeeping, but too much convenience might lead to low quality. I am nearly certain it would see a fair share of reactionary "suggestions" such as "vampire robusted me last round, nerf them". How would you ensure an easily accessible idea guys' forum keep enough quality to actually be worth reading? Because, I assure you, people will not bother reading it if every two hours it's flooded with "i ded nerf pls". Part of the charm of this forum is that suggestions here are very rarely reactionary. Most of the salt is filtered by Discord #PRT. People here are driven by genuine desire to improve things, not just venting anger after a bad round. GitHub is often even better place, because it's largely populated by people at least slightly involved in development of the game. This often leads to suggestions that take into consideration complexity of implementation. So my question is: What would be the benefits of a Discord forum, taking the above into consideration?
  14. As title say, i want to suggest "Forum" chat, what is new feature on discord, to make #ideas / #suggestion Forum, what have same/similar function like this forum, if you ask why, its because i once asked codder if he saw some specific sugestion, but he resonded: "I don't check forum, i only check discord and github", so it would be nice, if people with coding have fast access to #ideas "forum" on discord, some people give very interesting ideas/suggestion but not everyone want to check this website, and everyone would be able to write them on discord and discuss them. And you can create "Tags" in discord forum if you want ideas be "specific" category and give emotes to it, its very customizable function, it don't take much time to set it up. We have #mapping, #coding etc. sp have #ideas/#suggestions (forum) would be organized and fun. There photo how "forum" look like, its from other ss13 discord server (i will not say name, i don't want to promote or something, just example how it will look like)
  15. I also dont like your proposed change, i dont have time RN to write a full wall of text explaining how, but it would disrupt the whole balance, make antags even more insufferable, oversaturate the round with evildoers, and make security even more pitiful to play (it already quite is, everyone who plays HoS is either new or wants a terrible time, you can't prove me wrong)
  16. Here’s the problem. Anything that complicates processing for security creates a massive time burden. This is especially notable if there are multiple disruptive antags at play. Processing a single vampire is already a dangerous time consuming pain in the ass. Can you imagine if there were multiple loud vamps running rampant, and sec gets bogged down having to chem implant and parole one because they technically didn’t commit a capital crime? This would also get abused by antags as well by skirting the letter of the law to avoid perma charges as well. If I have a kill objective, I could kidnap the target with S class gear, and then get out of perma on the grounds that I merely kidnapped them and didn’t attempt murder. I can guarantee if this change was implemented myself and others would abuse it to the fullest to make things a nightmare for security. As for explorers and BRH’s, I do agree they shouldn’t be perma’d for it. I always drop the charge to possession unless they’re being blatantly criminal. The problem is most sec players don’t use any form of discretion and simply go by the explicit letter of the law, which usually makes things boring and annoying.
  17. How is that a problem? You fail, you learn to not repeat what led to a failure, you rinse and repeat until you succeed. There is close to no reason to wear a BRH ever. Space explorers already have space suits. Miners already have better combat armours. Putting one on serves no other reason than to provoke security. Play with fire, get burnt. Continuous reduction of antagonists in a round is fully intended. The other options are no reduction or round-ending all antags at once. Both are even worse than what we have. It is also countered by midround antagonists. Security gets a lot of freedom between perma, labour camp, exile and execution. Giving security an option that is basically not round-ending for an antagonist would only breed more salt, as all antagonists would expect to get it regardless of their actions. Antagonists being hostile towards security is fully intended. They're antagonists. I don't see how it limits RP, either. It actually gives you new RP opportunities as you can be openly hostile towards security and back your words with actions. Bad luck happens to everyone. All you can do is learn how to reduce chances of it happening. But let's assume we give antagonists leeway for bad luck. Do we also give security leeway for bad luck? I.e. running alone into two changelings is really unlucky, and the antagonists will freely take advantage of that. This goes back to point 4, where everyone would expect leeway because luck is almost always a factor. This barely affects antagonists. I think I have never temporarily brigged an antagonist for more than 15 minutes. It's non-antagonists who rack up insane timers, and they usually deserve them. Antagonists who play full stealth usually know they're clean and are cooperative, leading to security often minimizing sentences or outright turning blind eyes to pettier crimes. Overall, this is yet another suggestion that heavily favours antagonists at the expense of security players. Should it be implemented, security players would deal with even more shittalking for genuinely just trying to do their jobs and having some fun in a video game.
  18. There is nothing stopping you from just not following space law to the letter and let obvious new players or non-antag antags go even if they through special circumstances technically fall under EoC. Because being an enemy of the corporation is a bit more than just fullfilling a bunch of formal criteria in a law book. But if someone higher in CoC decides to overrule you on this for some godforsaken reason and decide to perma the assistant who held an emag in his hand for 10 seconds, then he would do the same even after some space law change giving you more leeway.
  19. I'd be all for allowing the Magistrate the ability to have more leeway when deciding to perma or not perma EOC, I'd even be up for allowing them more opportunities for parole. However I massively disagree with trials. They take forever to complete and they really are pointless 90% of the time. Almost every single arrest is cut and dry with a mountain of evidence which turns trials into the EOC in question just pleading for mercy and trying to get off charges whilst wasting everyone's time. I also disagree with allowing the Captain permission to have more leeway when permabrigging/paroling. I also firmly disagree with giving all of security that power. They, frankly, can't be trusted to use good judgement in instances like this a good chunk of the time. Not only that being an antagonist should land you with more than a slap on the wrist when caught, encouraging otherwise outside of specific situations I.E good behavior, non-violent, etc. is not how I believe we should do things pretty much ever. It shouldn't be the norm, but I would personally like the option to exist. I simply feel it should be delegated to Magistrate's only.
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  21. Breaking news, horizontal rules fucking suck Also there is spelling/grammar errors because there was a loud cult and I kept getting distracted
  22. I'm all for giving the magistrate further say in whether or not anyone really ends up in the permanent brig without a trial. A trial is deeply unpopular because it takes an age to complete and it's really just an invitation for tiders to be assholes or antags to cause chaos; but giving the magistrate the authority to rule in the "spirit of the law," which is a real doctrine of law, when determining if an EoC really is a threat to the station/blew it badly enough that they deserve it would be a great way to further improve the relevance of the role. I'd also like to see parole take a larger role than "the station is on fire and literal prison labor is one of our only shots at it." If an EoC or other p-brigged player were to exhibit remorse, good behavior in the brig, and otherwise give security/the magistrate a reason to think that they are no longer a threat, I'd love for the magistrate to be able to have wider discretion in granting parole. I understand that in terms of antags vs. crew, pbrig is there as a "you lose" condition, but that doesn't mean that the player should have to cryo or remain in permanent brig unless they riot/break out/are broken out if they just want to keep playing.
  23. I have seen EOCs get off the hook several times for different reasons in normal game play, it just depends on what;s going on. Massive bio hazard threats to the station can see perma prisoners being released to help the crew on probation, I have seen perma prisoners get out on parole for things such as good behavior or miners that found s class on lava land being let out on parole, capital crimes can request a trial from the magi, and there is always the possibility of them breaking out/ someone else breaking them out of perma.
  24. I'd just ditch it honestly, changlings should be monsters that thrive as their own individuals, also hivemind can't be stopped via any means but unconciousness and death, changlings really do not need it, especally as its completely non-interceptable. I'd prefer changlings to move towards being viable solo antagonists that threaten all life aboard the station like the monsters space law claims them to be, rather than just a funny meth speed person with an armblade who can sometimes eat up your stuns and can't revive if you decap them with anything ranging from a glass shard to a circular saw.
  25. I absolutely love all of these suggestions. Anything that brings more roleplay to the antagonist-security interactions can be nothing but positive.
  26. so, as it currently, stands EOC, under space law is the following; "Execution/Imprisonment - If an Enemy of the Corporation has not committed any Capital Crimes they are to be placed in Permanent Imprisonment (Permabrig/Solitary/Labor Camp/Exile) without exception." I find several issues with this, while it works for most situations, its implications is that an antagonist will always be round removed to the permabrig without any, exemptions if confirmed as one, now while this works normally and theoretically parole exists *(it usually doesn't get used so good luck), it does have quite a few flaws. 1: new players introduced to antagonistic roles, will be removed from the round without exception if caught with traitor gear, this can even include their starting nuke core kit or the like, especally if they don't know what it is. 2: space explorers/miners with bloodreds pretty much get removed from the round. of course the simple answer is, don't board the station with one but, under the clause "without exception", they're basically in confinement till a CC fax/announcement otherwise. like say one winds up dead from mining fauna in one, but they get recovered and the suit isn't stripped, its impossible to turn in contraband while dead. the same albeit far less likely cirumstances would be during space exploration and drifting to station. 3: continuous reduction of antagonists in a round, as well as absolutely no lee-way for antagonists caught red handed by really, say two antagonists buy a surplus crate but a borg maint wandering rolls in and security see them over cameras, or a vampire outted by starvation while AFK, security are pretty much forced to permabrig them, though to be fair with the very latter its fair enough reasoning considering that vamps are a reasonable threat. 4: not much freedom or leeway in how security gets to handle a confirmed antagonist, barring permabrigging every, single time. it also limits RP quite bit since antagonists will always be extremely hostile towards security as being caught by security, even if you de-escalate non lethally always means perma, surrender has absolutely zero benefit and escalation is only ever higher when sec and antagonists are pitted against eachother. 5: really really, bad/unlucky odds for antagonists can't be handled with leeway ICly currently. basically if you wind up in a really, bad situation. like security walking in on your surplus crate, a very few blood points as a vampire or starving as one or just caught in a random search upon rolling midtraitor/doing your own thing as a traitor/vampire with a nuke core kit in bag but literally haven't managed to do anything else, you're basically removed from the round without any exemption. 6: sentences still last a rather hefty time, especally with 2 hour rounds, 30-15 minutes can really set you quite back. my proposal below could be modified to account for breaking your short-term cell if security lets you off the hook as well. I'd propose the following, changes to the EOC clause, under space law. "If an Enemy of the Corporation has not commited any Capital Crimes, they are subject to Permanent Imprisonment (Permabrig/Solitary/Labor Camp/Exile) for the current or any future arrests, regardless of crimes at the discretion of the magistrate; if no magistate is present then perma confinement is subject to captain/security discretion. An EOC may request a trial for permabrigging which can be declined as long as reasonable circumstances are present (IE, overwhelming threats, low security staffing, ERT present, biohazard present, etc). An EOC is always able to request a trial for contined confinement further down the line if they have not commited any capital offenses. Confirmed EOCs are also subject to random searches regardless of alert level, demotion from any jobs capable of station damages (engineer, atmospheric technician, scientist, security, heads of staff, etc) and are to be tracker implanted and set to parole if not under confinement. Vampires are to be implanted with a chemical implant, loaded with holy water preferably in its entirety while on release as well as marked in records. EOCs with removed tracker implants are to be re-detained and implanted or subject to confinement as per arrest protocol above for EOCs." This gives security a lot more leeway than current EOC treatment, it also encourages antagonists to act towards security in good faith, since skipping to immedately backchatting or spam resisting cuffs can just result in harsh treatment and permabrigging. as well as allowing security to be more relaxed in arrests on quieter rounds if they feel like it. Compared to forcing a yes/no, it also makes security unpredictable to face as an antagonist, especally if circumstances change. It also gives IAAs some potental extra work to investigate into, finding out their exact confirmed crimes during a trial which could finally exist for once on quiet shifts. instead of every EOC goes to perma silently and the rest of the shift is a greenshift, which is the current case. especally as security will need some reason to deny one without anything going on. EOCs are still subject to the rest of the law, so if they crime too hard, they'll still get bapped for it, they just have the chance to remain crew albiet with far less rights and leeway. Surrendering EoCs also is something I've haven't accounted for in this suggestion but eh, one step at a time.
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