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  2. Hello All Paradise services have now been migrated to a new infrastructure. Everything should be working, but please contact me if you are having issues with the game server, forums, wiki, or anything else.
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  4. I'm in full support of this. I think this would be a good way to write it, it's very clear in its meaning. It also allows doctors to continue treatment if they so choose. 11. Doctors are not obliged to treat any injuries patients sustain from repeated self-harm. After treating a patient the first time the patient should be immediately reffered to the therapist. If a patients kills themselves after recieving medical treatment for self-harm, doctors are permitted to put them in body bag, label the body bag with their name and "suicide - DNR", and deliver the body bag to the morgue for stor
  5. I'm not quite sure what you're getting at here. Security SOP for the Brig Physician is different than Medbay's SOP, and I absolutely haven't seen any brig docs demoted...basically ever, especially for DNRing suicides. Yes what I posted is already in their SOP, the thing here is for it to also be added to medical SOP in some capacity to avoid situations like Blackdog and procdrone are mentioning. I'd prefer it to be outright disallowed, but I also understand that's unreasonable(sort of...I wouldn't consider it unreasonable per-say but I know some people try to revive everyone no matter wha
  6. For me, i go by spiderman rules: Everybody gets one. You get ONE self harm death, revolver yourself? I'll fix ya, bash yourself in medbay to death with a toolbox? I'll help ya, drink yourself into a coma? I'll fix ya. Fight an angry bear because you got some beef with it? I'll fix ya If i find you did these things AGAIN, after the first time. I aint fixin ya, i got people who actually need that medicine compared to the guy who keeps (And true story) Literally eating every pill in the chemists cooler, and no matter how many times we fixed him he would do it again later, so
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  8. From a real-life standpoint, people dont suicide (in a most brutal of ways, imagine brutalizing yourself to death) because they been arrested for few minutes, or because they are bored and are trying to get attention. real life doctors help attempted suicides because we are real humans and such things happen due to tragedies, not superficial reasons. Why are you even mentioning this? --- Im on the same page as Mitchs really, if people brutalize themselves, being forced to treat them is a waste of time, because lets be real, the greytider thats doing it, is only doing such to grief
  9. I think it should still be in the hands of the depertment head to make that call in all honesty most of the time why brig docs get demoted is because their real head is the head of security and not the cmo. but i can understand why you would want it in their but it is in security sop somewhere allready or legal for that matter.
  10. Thanks a lot, I really like yours too Angelica. I appreciate it. Also, haven't posted here for a longggggggggg while, here's @Cheeseman's Krek, Noble of Clan Tristan, a Kidan.
  11. I mean, from a real-life standpoint most doctors would probably try to do everything they can for an attempted suicide, but this is spess game and they're already dead anyway so I mean, yeah I'd agree with this one for sure.
  12. This makes sense to me. Being punished for not trying to revive someone who offed themselves seems totally ludicrous from an OOC perspective.
  13. Essentially, I am proposing some variation of this be added to medical SOP; 10. The Brig Physician is not obliged to treat any injuries prisoners sustain from self-harm. If they kill themselves, put them in a body bag, label the body bag with their name and "suicide", and deliver the body bag to medical for storage in the morgue. Now, I know some people already basically do this anyway, myself included. But at the same time you have people complaining about it/threatening to fire doctors for it/actually firing doctors for it. When in reality it should be as much of an option as suici
  14. Forum username: @S34N Discord (include tag numbers): King Arthur#3021 CKEY (BYOND username): PaviloOlson Characters you play in-game: Llinos Owen, Mint Link to the list of PRs you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls/S34NW Link to the list of PR reviews you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls?utf8=✓&q=is:open reviewed-by:S34NW Link to any other examples of your PR work (e.g. on other codebases) to give us an idea for your skill as a PR author: I
  15. If performance issues are a problem, can the changes be staggered area by area to prevent the horrid lagspike it causes?
  16. [Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo has a Crew Record post here. Seeing as that forum is more oriented to official Nanotrasen documents, I thought I'd take time to write a more in-depth bio here as well.] [Note: This bio is currently a work-in-progress. I'm posting what I have so far for the sake of sharing, but I'll be updating it later to have more when I'm able.] Basic Information Full name: Ooom-Vraah Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo Gender: None (recorded as Female on Nanotrasen records) Pronouns: She/her Species: Drask Height: 7'6" (2.29 m) Age: 49 SolGov years Born: 6-23-2516 (approx.) Homel
  17. Hi hi, peeps! So.. I have wanted to start drawing more after the last bit in here. Well it has been few months and I have just finally managed to force myself to do something.. It is my main character Saki and her now fiancee Katlyn Hudson @Veloxi. In a round few days back, Katlyn was targetted by a vampire and died around 2-3 times. Made this one a bit more dramatic than it was in the actual game, but I think it turned out well. Also made my own medical suit because reasons . Anyway, I would appreciate any criticism that could help me realise what could've been done better!
  18. robveelben

    Guide to Prayer

    The more powerfull the prayer the stronger it reacts
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  20. This is really useful, I pissed off the gods alot by forcing everybody in the chapel to pray, causing a cluwne paranormal outbreak where everybody slipped, got cluwned, then I got killed with only a head left, left to sit on the table as the roboticists made new brains. Truely beautiful. Now I know not how to commit pissery at the gods
  21. Right click, examine the headset to see the list of channels and what they do.
  22. F1 and select mentorhelp in game to have a yellow-named nerd help you
  23. hey, ive been playing on the server recently as a certain "harry hands". i usually like spacing out and working in cargo, making things run smoothly, but i'd love to get back into being more hands-on with construction and stuff like that. i used to play on the old goonstation yeaaaars ago, 2010 or so, and ive suddenly gotten back into the urge of playing this game. see you around
  24. Thanks, really useful to know. Now i only have problems with the different radio channels.
  25. Botany can make custom smokes caled rollie using plants and drying rac. What i wold thing wodl be nice is way to remowe plant from not lit rollie. It is quit frustating that thre is no way of remowing plant from somfing that is literaly piece of paper. My idea for it is if you actiwate in hand not lit rolie you disasemble it geting 1 piese of roling paper and plant that was inside bac. This is realy litle mostly qulity of live (and word realism) change and is propably first i dont hawe to wory abaut people teling that somfing is overpowerd. Sory for my english.
  26. Happy to have you here, enjoy your stay. Shift+click is a shortcut for examine, by the way. A lot of people enjoy this one when they learn it :p
  27. Been a while. So Lily was doing an event having the crew try to colonize lavaland. Some time later they ping staff discord saying they needed sleep and for another admin to hop on and lend a hand. I take no credit for the plasma fire. And as a pyromaniac, while I do love fire, lavaland may be the only place fire isn't needed.
  28. Oil was a change literally made to make them closer to humans. It was awful to deal with in practice and added very little. As for EMPs, while I generally agreed that IPCs are hard mode and are best that way... being one shot obliterated by a shitty revenant or an abductor giving out free EMP glands was a bit much to me. IPCs on Paradise are in a good state, all things considered, and don't really need more changes for the time being, nerfs or buffs. Give thought to some of the other races that are truly human+.
  29. Part of the fun off IPC is that they are very weak but able to be quickly fixed. I just fear they are becomming to generic and lose all their special traits like what happend with dionas and making them stronger is in reality less fun in my opinion. I am not to sure how we should deal with crit on ipcs as it is kinda a tough having ipcs able to move while in crit doesnt make a lot of sense as their system should be very damaged that makes it from a rp sense the best thing. In a game sense it is very annoying when you can easily be fixed if someone knows what to do or dont have the tool
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