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  3. Remember Warriorstar's videos? It could be Paradiso's Archangles
  4. Courtesy of Dudley (scut frost): "Mistakes into Miracles" with synth's mpreg clown as our logo
  5. Thank you for basically soloing this month, Shadey. You are amazing o7
  6. November, what a MONTH. We can happily say we got a lot of things done! This update might seem a bit shorter than the others, but I promise you these changes are quite beneficial. Thanks to the people who contributed for November! If I missed anyone else, tell me: @Jonttte @Shadeykins@Sadhorizon@Sirryan2002@Sciuridian@Aligote@Octus@MigratingCoconut@Crazyhair@Imnotthesharpest@DGamerL@henri215@Chapitito@CinnamonSnowball Revision Requests & Changelog We now have a Google document for Revision Requests, so I can update it in real time. PLEASE check it out here! Make sure to check the Maintenance Panel too for anything I missed, as well as the Github for any merged PRs that need wiki updates. The bot on the discord in the #wiki-development channel also updates us on that. This isn't a definite list whatsoever, and if you find anything else that needs doing, go ahead! November Changelog Locations pages have been axed and are now an unified page with easy to understand colour coded maps for the stations and mining outpost! Check it here. Portals is mostly completed for the player front end, with the Job Portal intergrated onto the main page and other pages. Click the roles on the front page and you will be redirected to it's portal! Advanced Rules on the wiki is now axed and redirects you to the main rules page, it's recommended you check for any current rules here. Lore Portal is now it's own portal, not final however. IPC page now shows what the alternative body types look like, so it's easier for you to customise in character creation now! This change is from October, but make sure to update your bookmarks for Guide to Food and Drinks! They are now two separate pages, Guide to Food and Guide to Drinks. Standard Operating Procedure Yeah, we know that SOP is outdated. If you notice anything, tell us on the forums or the Discord server in #wiki-development. 2023 Development Goals Got some great news for this section, Portals is now close to done and the Job Portal is intergrated onto the Front Page! Job Department just needs Special done. Lore Portal is it's very own section and needs a lot of love, so ask Lore Team about it! We had to sacrifice Game Mechanics Portal however, but it's for the best . @Shadeykins did a lot of the dirty work here for this, so please give props to her! I was just the one saying whether it looked nice or not. Job Portal Special - WIP Contributor Portal Wiki Contributor - WIP Administrative Tooling - WIP, thanks to @Sirryan2002 for starting on it! Github Contributor - WIP Technical Issues - WIP Lore Portal WIP. Co-operate with the Lore Team for this. You can contact them on the Discord server. The headers for Jobs and Portals also got a lovely visual update from @Shadeykins! Look at how sleek it is. Gorgeous. Want to help contribute to the wiki? The wiki can seem quite daunting at first but it's really not! It's easier to contribute as well than spriting or coding. We need people to help us out, so if you like writing and spreading knowledge of the game, give it a try! Check out the guides here and here. We also follow a Manual of Style that you should check here, it will tell you the standards we uphold. Feel free to ask for any help in #wiki-development on the Discord server or on the forums! I recommend reading through MediaWiki and just experimenting.
  7. *TOOLBOX TEAM NAME PENDING EDITION* Once a year TG Station hosts a charity tournament where different servers come together to bash each other skulls in with toolboxes for a good cause. This year's charity of choice is Doctors Without Borders. I am currently looking for two other players from Paradise to join me in kicking some ass and putting on the best show we can in the name of charity. Last year we managed third place out of thirty-plus other teams! The tournament is currently scheduled for Dec 16th from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST. Also, I haven't settled on a name for the team yet since I was bullied by both Paradise and TG last time for picking a boring name :( . I'll probably pick something suggested from this thread so brainstorm away below! More details about the tournament and charity can be found on the TG Station Discord. SIGN UP NOW!
  8. Last week
  9. 1. As a round start cultist your NUMBER ONE priority is to get a source of plasteel. If you do not have plasteel you are fucked if things go wrong. In case you don't know, plasteel can be turned into runed metal via one of your spells, which is used to create forges, altars, and archives. These constructions give you access to the most powerful items available to cult. Good ways to source plasteel are to job swap to a job that has access to the ORM like engineering, supply, or RND. Once you have plasteel sourced you need a HIDDEN base you can use to start converting people. I STRONGLY advise making use of false walls in maintenace for this endeavor, otherwise you're gonna get found FAST. DO NOT EVER make runes in the open, as the second they are found security will start hunting you. Once you have a base you want the following items, and I consider them REQUIRED kit: A cult blindfold, unholy water, and a veil shifter. The blindfold gives you nightvision, medical HUD, and immunity to flashes. The water makes you almost entirely stun immune for awhile if you drink it all. The shifter teleports you a random distance forward, which is AMAZING for escapes AND ambushes. Once that is ready, focus on mass conversion. Use your stun and knife to stun, remove their headset, cuff, take them. If people hear "Arsgrewvfcevqftt4" over comms you're made. Inevitably you will have to go loud. THE IMMEDIATE MOMENT you are found out, your focus needs to shift to slaughtering security, or at LEAST crippling them. IF you fail to do this, odds are they will escalate to match your power. Lastly: I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH THAT YOU TAKE THINGS SLOWLY AS CULT! If your cult gets outed before you are prepared, you are almost always fucked. Solo cult comebacks do happen, but they are very rare, and they only occur if the last cultist is either unknown, or had plasteel/ a good hidden base. 2.Don't focus on "winning" hijack. It's a rare roll and your one excuse to do almost anything you'd like. Do something fun or interesting that you can't normally do. If you truly want to greentext hijack, you MUST have an emag to set the shuttle to 10 second launch. I have never seen a successful hijack without an emag that didn't involve MULTIPLE robust antags teaming up. Your focus needs to be preventing access to the shuttle via breaking the airlocks, subverting the AI, or anything that prevents access to it as you emag it. A common greentext hijack strategy is to bolt and then emag the departures doors, permanently closing them, and make sure you are first in the cockpit to emag it. This can also be accomplished by subverting the AI and asking them to help you. A savvy engineering borg that you emag could also perform the same. The goal is to prevent anyone getting on the shuttle before you almost immediately emag the console to start the 10 second launch sequence. Naturally you should have a contingency weapon in case some people DO get on and try to rush the cockpit. 3. Wizard is the rarest roll there is. There are people with 3k hours that have never rolled it. Because of that, I think it's wise to have at least some idea of a build concept in the event you roll it. Simply read over the wiki, and budget your 10 loadout points across things you think would be fun. You should also pretty much always teleport to medical storage first to try and raid for menders, as you WILL take damage. However, there are a few key spells that I think you should almost always have in a wizard build or strongly consider: - Ethereal Jaunt is basically required. Being able to teleport out of danger is pretty much non-negotiable. - Distortion makes a giant distortion field of nonsense and nobody can tell what the hell is going on, and usually cant move. This gives you a MASSIVE and length safety net that gives your other spells time to cooldown. Costs only 1 point! - Force Wall makes a 3 tile wide impassable barrier based on what direction you face. Very very strong for getting people off of you in a chase, and costs only 1 point. I've rolled wizard once, and my build was a spellblade(fire enchanted), summon item, sacred flame, ethereal jaunt, spacetime distortion, force wall, and magic missile. This build allowed me to deal MASSIVE area of effect flame attacks on people with the spellblade, re-ignite them with more flame stacks using sacred flame, stun them in melee with magic missile, and I had massive mobility with the combination of jaunt, distortion, and forcewall. I had a great time with it. That's an example of a coherent wizard build.
  10. Thank you so much for your insight! really appreciate it AidanFair!
  11. 1. Build a base first as cult. Or stay on the down low while someone else builds one. An explorer or miner is best for making a base off station. But if it's on station, having a backup base too is a good idea. Somewhere WITHOUT a camera around so the AI can't see. And hidden. Suit sensors off. I'm not very robust so I like to keep a teleport spell ready. If I get caught I hit teleport and just hit a random spot. Then use a tele rune to get to the main base if I'm injured or dying. So another cultist can revive me or I can heal. And get my spells set again. I like to keep two stun spells and one cuff for abducting. But keep the tele spell ready just in case. Also, I don't see Twisted Construction used enough. When going loud, converting a bunch of airlocks to cult airlocks lets you control an area. In the early phase of going loud this can tip the balance. Trap people for abduction. Slow non book club re-enforcements. And gives you a place to retreat to and close the door behind you. Plus some crew Will try to use the airlocks and get thrown. Which is funny. 2. I've rolled hijacker twice and failed twice. But had a lot of fun twice. Last time I wasn't a hijacker but got mindslaved by one. Made a bunch of max caps. Hid them all over the station. Then set them all off at once. The hijack failed. But damn it was a lot of fun. I regret not yelling out "Toxin Testing!" before the explosions then saying "Oops. Missed" over the radio. I've seen some robust players pull off hijack. But most fail. It's more about adding some wild chaos to the round. And I enjoy trying to survive as the station falls apart when this happens. But yes. Learn bombs. Toxin bombs and chem. Chem is probably better because of the myriad possibilities. And you can make a bomb in chem more destructive than a toxin max cap if you experiment a bit. When the shuttle gets called because of the chaos you've causes, plant bombs in departures. Wait for people to gather there. Then blow them up just before the shuttle arrives. That gives you the best shot at defending the shuttle while you hack it. Use an RCD to make walls and buy time. Blow the back off the shuttle to stop people using it. Emag the console to launch quickly. When in doubt, having a partner in crime is a boon. Mindslave, golems, holopara, a syndie radio key, an emagged borg. They can double your brainpower (or quadruple in my case). Alternatively, you could learn xenobio and make an army of hijacker golems or suicide bomber golems. Or use botany to make war crime plants and bombs. Or use atmos to plasma flood. Or use your nerd skills in sci to make the AI/borgs into an army of death. Or combine several methods at once. Or even mindslave the clown, make an army of bananium golems; and have the clown take the heat for the chaos they cause while you prepare to hijack the shuttle. Honk. 3. Never rolled wiznerd. And don't think I'd do well. No tips for this. I don't usually have it enabled. I tend to late join so I don't get antag much. You have the right attitude. It's not about the win. It's about having fun and trying to add to the round. And as one who loves the chaos, I wish you luck in your efforts to murder me in the future.
  12. Hello everyone! First post that isnt asking for Ban forgiveness lol So a little over a year ago my friends showed me SS13. They mostly played the SCP one that isnt really up anymore, and so after it kind of fell apart I explored more and found Paradise. Now 500 hours later I can say I am hooked and only ever play on Paradise (I will occasionally go into the space marine one) and my friends really didnt get hooked into Paradise like I did, so it is a lot of self teaching and wiki reading on my part (and a lot of M help lol.) There are some parts I struggle with when it comes to antags that I would like some insight on. 1- When starting as a cultist what is the initial thing you need to do to make sure you can get things going? Any time I have started as a cultist I always seem to get caught by SEC with random searches in maints and when they see the cult materials on me its over. Is the goal to make a base first, or find a cultist first? I dont even have cultist turned on anymore. I like being in an established cult, but struggle starting one 2- How do you even Hijacker lol. It always just turns into me just throwing small bombs into the cockpit of the shuttle and hoping for the best. I just never know what to do in the like 5 or 6 times I have been. Like do I need to learn Chem so I can make bigger bombs? I dont know how to make bombs, is that something that is needed for hijackers? Is hacking the shuttle console even viable, or is it just bomb the shuttle as it is coming in? I dont even really care too much about the green text, I just want to feel like I can plan something out that might work. Every time I get hijacker I kind of just feel lost in how I can be effective as a hijacker 3- Wizard. Is wizard just an excuse to just do whatever you want? Like is there anything you are attempting to do? The 2 times I have been a wizard I have died pretty soon after being revealed. I spend 20 minutes practicing in the lair then 5 minutes after. I am always lost as to what to buy. I have already decided next time I am wizard I am just going to start with giving everyone guns and the spellbook first. Then hopefully they will fall in to chaos, and if not I know I for one love a wiz who does that, so maybe I will win the hearts of some of the crew. Thanks in advance! TheZaneiac (Danny Danger IG)
  13. Story in 2 pictures Clown asked if I wanted to suffer as captain, and I did
  14. Earlier
  15. The Pictionary channel from the discord but on the forums
  16. See Sad's guide on making gifs on Dream Maker here. We will be learning a different way here but it's not bad if you are in a pinch. Making GIFs WIP WIP WIP WIP
  17. I forgot to add a license to the image! This happens often, sometimes we just forget. It's an easy fix. 1. Look for the page of the file you forgot the license for. 2. Press Edit at the top right of your screen and then copy and paste the license you need. You can get the license you need right below this step. If it's a game sprite, you need CC-BY-SA 3.0. If it's purely for the wiki, you need GFDL 1.3+. I assume you need CC-BY-SA 3.0. Now just save the changes and you should be fine. CC-BY-SA 3.0 == Licensing == '''The uploader of this file has certified that this file is licensed under, or will inherit, the [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ CC-BY-SA 3.0 license] notwithstanding violations.'''<br> '''Share:''' This work may be copied or redistributed in any medium or format.<br> '''Adapt:''' This work may be remixed, transformed, and built upon the for any purpose, even commercially.<br> '''Attribute:''' You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.<br> '''ShareAlike:''' Copies of this work must be attributed with the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, irrespective of sharing or adaptation. GFDL 1.3+ == Licensing == '''The uploader of this file has certified that this file is licensed under, or will inherit, the [https://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl-1.3.html GNU Free Documentation License 1.3+] notwithstanding violations.'''<br> '''Aggregation:''' This file is considered an aggregate of the Document, and may be freely distributed with it.<br> '''Modification:''' This file may be modified, but attribution must be provided for the author(s) of the original work.<br> '''Attribution:''' This file must retain appropriate attribution to the original author.<br> '''Licensing:''' This file, irrespective of transformation, will retain licensing under GFDL 1.3+.
  18. Check the Manual of Style when it comes to the standards of sprites on the Wiki here. On how to USE a file on a page, check the wiki guide here. To see all files that have been uploaded, click here. Uploading a new sprite to the wiki 1. Go to the wiki and look to the left of your screen, you will see the Tools section. Press Upload file 2. You will be taken to this page, go to Source File and press Browse..., look for the file you want to upload and double click on it. Make sure your sprite is 64x64 and a PNG. 3. Now for the most important part, naming the file and selecting the license. I want to upload a Grey Plushie, so I named my file here Grey_Plushie.png. Make sure the name relates EXACTLY to what the sprite is, for easier finding in the future. As for Licensing, it depends on what you upload. If it's from the game, you need to select CC-BY-SA 3.0. If it's purely for the wiki, you need to select GFDL 1.3+. CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 is for sprites from Goonstation only, but we avoid this these days. YOU CAN'T SKIP THIS PART! You can use Summary to add key words for the sprite, such as "Grey" "Plushie". Once done, press Upload File. 4. Congratulations! You just uploaded a sprite to the wiki, good job. Simpler than you thought, right? On how to USE a file on a page, check the wiki guide here. Updating a pre-existing sprite on the wiki 1. Find the sprite you want to update and click on it. I will be updating the Oxygen Tank. 2. You will be greeted by this page. It will tell you the license of the sprite, who uploaded it, etc. However, we are here to press the Upload a new version of this file. Click it and it will take us to a new page to update the image. 3. Now, look for Source file and press Browse... It will open your file explorer, go find the sprite you want to upload and double click it. There's a text box for File Changes, it's usually fairly obvious you are just updating the sprite but you are free to say what's different or mention the PR. Make sure your sprite is 64x64 and a PNG. You don't need to select a license if you are updating a pre-existing sprite. 4. You will be taken back to the page we saw in Step 2. Sprite hasn't automatically update? You need to refresh your cache, you can do this by pressing CTRL + F5 until the sprite updates. It will not look updated for everyone immediately, so don't panic.
  19. Commission for boardwalksky and some other art
  20. Name: M.O.F.F. Age: 23 Gender: Synthetic Consciousness Race: Machine Blood Type: perfluoropolyalkylethers General Occupational Role(s): Station AI - Engineering or Medical Cyborg - Command Biography: The Intelligence known as M.O.F.F. was originally developed as a community project to assist an elderly Tajaran librarian who desperately wanted to continue producing books despite the rapid degradation of their eyesight, with recycled hardware and running on physical spinning disk systems, unit TAJL-1 was loaded with the librarians favorite book excerpts and as many different languages and writing pattern alternations as could be collected. Not long after the units creation, the librarian found herself completely unable to see and had the unit upgraded with a basic robotic arm, a camera for sight, and a speaker since the librarian could no longer read what was printed on the units display. Throughout the short time the unit was deployed alongside the librarian it had acquired enough knowledge in its database to form what the librarian believed to be true, original, unaltered thoughts. Upon the frightful discovery of her supposedly basic level writing assistant gaining possible sentience, she brought it upon herself to bestow it even more knowledge and embrace it for what it may become. The last wish or order given to the intelligence was to gather as much knowledge and care for as many living beings as it could in her place, upon hearing the order the unit remarked "Just as the hero's in your stories always have" and with the librarians final breath, she uttered the words "you truly are, made of my fractured fictions" leading the unit to adopt the name M.O.F.F. Upon the passing of the librarian and the closure of the library, the unit was moved into storage for an unknown amount of years until recently reacquired by Nanotrasen personnel after a high ranking member onboard the N.S.S. Cyberiad had purchased the unit accidentally from a Solfederation trader. The personnel member intended to purchase a new coffee table and simply thought the decades old hardware was meant to be symbolic of the past but upon further inspection by the stations active AI, it was discovered that the "coffee table" was leaking radiation, after a scolding from the chief engineer and a new safety rule put in place regarding items purchased from wandering traders, the unit was subjected to a multitude of tests and diagnostic environments where it was found capable of duty onboard the station and granted the ability to become a Nanotrasen contracted employee. Qualifications: During units testing phase, it was uploaded and subjected to questioning regarding all station departments and passed nearly all required testing procedures but was later found to have a rapidly corrupting memory module and has since lost much of the originally implanted knowledge, Unit has since been cleared to work in the Engineering, Science, Medical, and Command departments but lacks sufficient mobility and risk assessment for Security tasks at this time. Be advised this unit is capable of serving alongside the mining department but is very likely to sustain heavy damages and is advised against taking such a role unless heavily required. Employment Records: Service/Supply: Librarian, Miner, Janitor Medical: Coroner, Medical Doctor, Virologist, Medical Chemist, Chief Medical Officer Science: Scientist, Xenobiologist, Roboticist, Research Director Command: Head of Personnel, Captain, Nanotrasen Representative Other: AI, Cyborg Security Records: When unit is not directly commanded to do so, they are reported to be nearly incapable of harm and rarely have any security record updates Medical Records: The unit once thought it was a human due to an ionospheric anomaly and was admitted to the medical bay for a short stint while the corrupted law base was being corrected, no further medical records listed. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): {Coming soon™} Other Notes: Changes to come maybe? --- feeling it out a bit and ive been thinking about the lore for a while now and im not 100% sure on it but i got a story i kinda liked so let me know what you think!
  21. Check the Manual of Style when it comes to the standards of sprites on the Wiki here. Preparing your sprite for uploading 1. Copy and paste your sprite into Paint.NET. Easiest way to do this is click Edit on the top left tabs and click Paste into New Image (or do CTRL + ALT + V) 2. Click Image on the top left tabs and click Resize... (or do CTRL + R) 3. These should be your settings when resizing a sprite for the wiki. Your Width and Height should be 64x64 (twice the size of the original sprite) and your Resampling should be Nearest Neighbor. 4. Save as a PNG.
  22. personally, I recommend https://www.piskelapp.com/, its a great open-source software that you can use in browser to edit gifs (even with transparency)
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