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  2. Yahiya will find a way to make fire, anywhere, at any time, for any reason. I friggen love this piece
  3. I wonder how they got a fire burning in a pure N2 room.
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  5. I will have my team of expert coders look into this when making the PR
  6. spent a lot of time on this! various vox I enjoy the original size is double this, but the file size is a bit bulky!
  7. In other words they have a mechanic that allows them to cooperate better, one would say. They sure aren't a team antag though as defined by rules. I agree with what you're saying, though. The problem lies with officers and brig docs skipping proper procedure for efficiency to redtext changelings faster instead of taking the risk they're meant to take by design. Even if changelings turned into headslugs on decap, all that does is effectively just say it's okay to do that and then beat the headslug to a pulp which is done very easily.
  8. Keep in mind that this is only a realistic perspective when viewed through the lens of modern medicine. In real medicine, brain death due to lack of oxygen is what "really" kills you; because past a certain point, there is no quality of life even if you manage to restart their heart/restore blood volume/etc. It's also why immediate, high-quality CPR is emphasized so heavily, because you need to keep the brain oxygenated. In the world of SS13, however, we have both Mannitol and Mitocholide - miracle substances that can reverse neurological trauma and bring completely necrotic organs back to life within literal seconds. This obviously changes the dynamic tremendously. If there's no reason to worry about organ/neurological failure, why not operate on a corpse, where blood isn't constantly pumping out of their body through the vessels you've severed, where each haggard breath isn't going to cause their fractured ribs to cause more internal damage, etc. I don't want to get too off-topic, but I'd really be interested to see how our current protocols and emphasis on CPR would change if there was a drug we could give that would magically reverse brain death.
  9. Just wanted to chime in. Changelings aren't a cooperative antag. Yes, they have a hive mind that allows them to talk to each other, however they are single agents, not obligated to save fellow changelings. Also I don't see benefit to making Changelings immune to SR. If anything, this can unintentionally create a new meta where people use it as a way to test individuals for being a changeling. Creating a new problem to stop an existing problem sounds rather silly to me. Also, even if Changelings were made immune, not gonna stop Security from taking a sharp object to decap or just taze/beat you on your trip to the cremator.
  10. Forgot it was that bullshit lmao. Costs 1 point to get, too. Though I guess that's the only really good ability they get.
  11. It doesn't cost any chems to use speed legs. :P
  12. Yeah, and that occupies those three officers. That's kind of the idea, it's an opportunity cost. If you want to 100% prevent the revival, you need to occupy a silly number of officers for a minute or two. That, and and this is just crematorium visits. Clings that escape, tend to escape before it gets to that point, generally somewhere along the way to the brig. 15 chemicals to get up, 5 to activate speedy legs and it's adios if the officer was not paying attention or kept mindlessly discharging their baton on the corpse.
  13. Anton is @/jabronio if you wanna add it, THIS IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. new wallpaper obvs.
  15. this is my magnum opus of space station 13 art i think this was originally made as an art fight attack! though six of the included characters were added simply because i wanted to add them. this was sort of intended to be a nod toward the great times i've had in medbay, though it evolved to be a little more than just characters from medbay. but either way, thanks for all the good times! based on this ridiculous image. i love it so much In no particular order, characters belong to: Me: Rivera Kirkland, Tidal Kirkland Chikitita: @SlimeBird @angelictacticsIdunn Raan: Angel Anide: @punkalope Kikeri: @gangelwaefre Ooom-Vraah Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo: @Sappholopod Fiona Phillips: @Woje Jacob Pearls: @Sixzma S.E.A.G.U.L.L.: @rwn Cure #FF99FF: @Pegasnow Qixxiq Xiqqix: @Wilkson Scarlet Einholve: @EmilitiaEnnehrt Gikikigi: @Drakeven aand a couple others (Embrace Of Destiny Under A Lonesome Sun and Anton Fasani), not sure if their players a forum account. (Apologies for all the pings! There's a lot of characters here so I wanted to make sure their players got to see this. :] )
  16. Found another one. AI law 2, open this Locker.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Out of all my bought cultural artifacts from the BSH, I’ve gotten the snow machine once. And it rocked. If it was possible to get it in anyway people would probably use it all the time and everywhere.. For a few rounds.. Then cast aside/forget/dont care about it,. Exept for people, like drask players, to make cool build around it. I would very much like to implement a way to get it, outside the rng BSH reward. Having it shipped via cargo or maybe produced at the circuit imprinter (making it buildable) would be something.
  19. Another problem with SR to add to my collection. I'm frankly of the camp that SR should straight up not be a thing, personally. However, it won't really change much in regards to changelings.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. Been awhile since I played as them. Quite honestly I never noticed because when a changeling gets dragged to the crematorium, they're typically being beaten by three different people who all possess instastun. I honestly didn't notice because changelings escape rate after being caught is so abysmally low. When I have noticed them escape, it's as headslugs, and they generally spend the rest of the round in the vents.
  21. I don't think it'll be that easy to stop abuse from happening, only to mitigate the impact by deleting the machine when it gets too much. As for the machine itself, it would probably be better if the ambient temperature would be more noticeable besides scorching/freezing. Air alarms can be set between 10-30°C by anyone iirc, and no one will notice it unless they check their PDAs air analyzer. Give people a character option for the comfortable temperature range, so they get notified if it's above/below it, without affecting the dangerous ranges. Give characters a default based on species (so as example drasks very low, tajaran low, human average, unathi high), and that allows cold rooms to be noticeable without snow laying around. Also, it may be less prone to abuse if making snow requires you to have the room cooled down before being able to get it placed, maybe it could just be made that if you have a room below the freezing point, throwing(splashing) a beaker with hot water to make snow. Usually requires colder temperatures for such quick snow creations, but that doesn't matter for this.
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