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  3. Applications are now closed and people's santas have been sent out! Good luck everyone, I hope you do some good art!
  4. Name: Amanda Full Name: Amanda Talia Ralchk Age: 40 Gender: Female Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O+ General Occupational Role(s): Detective, Internal Affairs, Representative. Odd-jobs in other positions. Biography: Amanda hates people. She always has, and likely always will. It's not a singular person in general, though there are plenty examples of single people who piss her off. While she is only Karri's half sister, on their father's side, she treats the blue girl as if she is nothing but the best and closest of family. Much like her sister, she didn't gr
  5. Can we all not agree this is the third time we saw a ipc player in a row now?
  6. this is more of a general point of view it doesn't go in deep details it is more to understand how the spirit of things. This is not a guide on Paradise admins just gaming communities more. to show that there is no big difference in most gaming community administrations work they all follow the same concepts sure there is difference but in regards on how rules are applied and how that is looked at is not to different. context to any breach in rules is a important matter but the thing is sadly that the admins and mods do not always have the time to either care or look to deep into it. which the
  7. I'm not sure this guide is helpful. There are lots of things it says that are just not accurate, at least for Paradise. For example, This is not at all how we look at rule-breaking. Most people who break the rules do so for one of three reasons: They're a new player who never read the rules, possibly just assuming the rules are the same as the last game/server they played They're a less new player who is trying out more serious roles (like command) for the first time, and haven't yet learned the ins and outs of what is expected of these higher seriousness roles
  8. I think this needed to be made as a lot of people do not understand the workings of a admin in larger communities in gaming why they can be harsh and why they do things they do. Before I go deeper into this I have been a admin for a gamming community and larger servers on other games before I played SS13 so I do have some general understanding about this topic on communities that are larger then 100+ players and how general administration/moderation is done. I will go into how admins often think about rules. How to maintain order. First administration are here to enforce the rul
  9. Yesterday
  10. Doodled some very dumb vox emotes today out of boredom
  11. Yes, I was the admin who conducted the trade. I'll say this on the matter.. trades are entirely doable. It depends upon your objectives... if you have to kill someone, and you'd like another objective, we may give it to you. A trade is unlikely as it'd make no sense on why we'd give you a hijack/nukie item if you have to steal something or kill 1 person. If you have hijack however, trades are entirely doable and depends on the context. You want CQC? We can arrange it. You want his grace? We can arrange it. It will cost most, if not, all your TC as you are effectively getting an item, or
  12. If you have a creative idea on how to approach your objectives, regardless if highjack or not, feel free to ahelp. Also if you think your objectives are too hard, you can also ask for easier ones.
  13. I'm sorry but you're 2 much of a nerd for us to tell you things.
  14. First off, I really like the idea of more creative ways to accomplish the traitor goals. I would prefer them more interaction and RP based then violence based though. I also didn't know you could ask the admins for specific traitor items and trade them for TC:s. That is very helpful. Watching this video, I'm a bit concerned. You kill 13 people which to me seems extremely excessive. Even more concerning is the admin urging you on. Personally, a killing spree before hijacking is what I would call the opposite of creative, since murdering a lot of people is usually the first thing that comes
  15. Spawned as a sentient animal. Creator basically said me (the tree) and the Lussy xenomaid should get married. We set out to join branch and claw in holy matrimony. It took some time but the captain finally put a ceremony together!
  16. Agreed. He wont even let us reach Two digits. Let the bullying commence.
  17. They've got a wooden block taped to the bottom of her foot.
  18. Last week
  19. TR forever! I love the idea the shortest person in the group is driving
  20. How a frick long has this thread existed?! This is my 1st time seeing it.
  21. Heyo so I heard you where doing this and decided to swing by and say hello!
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