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  3. had a rough shift where station was sold to syndicate and chiki got declared a traitor. fighting for her life with a taser an officer gave her to make the fight easier lol.
  4. Probably one of my favorite bars I've made. Pardon the colorblindness, and this was also before glass floors and fancy windows :3
  5. Here's an oldie. All the way back when we had the tesla and singulo on cyberiad.
  6. The nuke beer keg was a godsend really. God bless the remap that put it in mining maint.
  7. Don't rush it, you'll get good enough to play a head role pretty quickly by just playing all the jobs in their department! RD is good if you know how R&D, xenobio, and robotics work.
  8. SyndieStation EVIL HANGOUT times. Very very nice. (a lot of @Woje's work here as usual :] )
  9. Yesterday
  10. Haha and my statement about hitting myself in the head doesn't stand anymore as I managed to light my head on fire forgetting to target my mouth again when RP'ing with an IPC earlier today (I am not worthy of the zippo I burnt myself with). Once I have the command hours I will definitely be doing a lot of HoP! I shy away from RD and am too rusty on medical to be CMO in good faith, but I'm sure once I freshen up I'll be ready to grind! I think the SM crystal would delam itself in protest if I became CE.
  11. dw about it its all good
  12. Evil Chiki looks badass tbh
  13. and now i upload a ton of art i forgot to upload, sorry for the long post! Chiki eating lipstick. self-explanatory Fiona Phillips Gaming Synth Tee! A cool bartender Doodle of an evil design for chiki if she ever went off the deep end Drask Mamma Mia. weirdly, this one was a request Atmoloid Skyla over that one anime cosplayer pic and lastly art of chiki sleeping (very very rare)
  14. A really sad shift end where Tide held onto Chiki as she started dying of toxin damage even when she started to die of radiation herself. A really tragic way to end what was initially a really goofy dress up round. (Lyrics are from A Heart To Hold You by Keane)
  15. Do I even need to say it's round art anymore? Siblings being very cute siblings.
  16. Last week
  17. Hi! Yeah, at 200 hours you're still new, as the game is complex as hell :p HoP is a fun job, do try it!
  18. Howdy y'all. If you see me in game it'll likely be Roggy Kingpin, stressing out in cargo or bar and likely doing something stupid. I have extensive experience as a bridge bum as well. Lately I've been trying to teach assistants to work cargo tech so they graduate from their jumpsuits before the greytide sets in. Paradise has been the primary station I've been playing on, and I am approaching 200 hours in here. I still feel pretty new if I'm honest, but at least I don't hit myself in the head with whatever I'm holding anymore. Command intimidates me but I have a burning urge to play HoP down the line so I gotta bite the bullet at some point. Anyhoo I'm done rambling.. except for a final point: if you see me building something in the petstore, and if I'm wearing a plague doctor outfit, just carry on your way you want nothing to do with what nonsense I likely got command to approve. Have a great day!
  19. Doubleposting because this one needs to be shared. I think this is the logical extreme of the idea I've been developing for a few days.
  20. Yeah, probably could only permanently reduce the time after the halos, maybe also after the eyes. How much gear they used is probably complex, too, we wouldn't want cultists to get forced to wear a robe to be deconverted faster.
  21. When I suggested that cursed items should provide some upside so people might still want them, I was thinking more along the lines of letting the player keep the original item if they manage to break the curse, instead of dusting it. The current version is way over-powered. Gotta find a balance where cursed items are bad, but not so bad no one would ever want them. Kind of like the cursed lavaland stuff (gluttony, envy, etc), which is dangerous to the unwary but potentially useful if you can overcome the downsides. Or not super obviously evil so someone might pick them up by accident even if they are aware of the possibility of cursed artifacts, like the fake insulated gloves that look real unless you examine them closely.
  22. Honestly, some of these items either incentivise self antagging (revolver) or provide benefits that are only useful to antagonists without risk of bwoink (the wizards hat). For these to be maint loot, even as a mid round event, doesn't seem like it would promote much fun. Best case, a couple buddies get some minor buffs and don't do much. Worst case, security has to deal with empowered greytiders who grabbed as much cursed loot as they can to bodyswap the captain and eat the nad. As a concept, i like it, but i'm not sure it would be beneficial to the server.
  23. ngl I can think of many ways to game these. I'd tone down some of the positive boons HEAVILY.
  24. This is adorable and I love it so much
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