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  2. Right, so there's Move() as well in our codebase (I think doMove() on /tg/) which handles key-input type movement where diagonals need to be accounted for as well. I would have to look into the usage of that a bit more. But to answer your question, no; forceMove sets .loc as one of the first things it does. There may be a little more overhead on using forceMove() over .loc setting, since it calls Moved() and fires other enter/exit signals.
  3. Given the strain movement/key-input puts on our master controller/CPU, I wonder how changing this up would affect that for better or worse. Is setting loc manually more CPU intensive then using forcemove() ?
  4. I've been tossing this around as something I'd like to do, but I guess this is the best place to formalize it. The resulting change would probably hit everywhere in the codebase, so I also wanted to make sure it could be run by maints as needed. In my work on refactoring the orbiter, I reworked orbiting to follow COMSIG_MOVABLE_MOVED signals, where if objects are moved, the signals indicate that. There's a bit more detail with separate MOVED signals of moving things between containers, but I won't get into the nitty-gritty there. After the refactor went live, I've seen at least three or four different cases where orbiting has broken where it previously used to work: disposals, vent crawling, table climbing, etc. The root cause is pretty much the same across each issue, where an atom is moved by directly setting its .loc. This is easy and convenient to write, but circumvents any general movement handling from being applied on it. In particular, we never get Moved(), which does a few things like sending the MOVED signal and updating parallax/client views. This isn't good for orbiters, proximity monitors, or anything else that relies on signals to know when something's moved. As for the fix, I've been doing some research into how /tg/ handles their movement. It seems to me that they've settled on two basic move methods: - abstract_move() for anything that should have no side effects from movement and shouldn't be affected by anything when moving. This includes things like the AI eye and observers, and the /tg/ function docs note that it could be good for moving something onto a tile with a bear trap or something (possibly skipping crossed() signals). - forceMove() for literally everything else. Seriously, I'm pretty sure there was an effort to replace all .loc calls with forceMove. ForceMove already exists in our code, but abstractmove would be a new addition. It shouldn't need to go into too many places, so it should probably be an easier first addition. After that, though, it might come down to switching every manual setting of .loc to a forceMove (save for the rare cases where abstractmove would be better). I think it'd be best to do in pieces if possible, since I already ran into some bugs while trying to get vent crawling working with it (it resets the client's perspective and can fire off some other behavior). If we could document and understand exactly what is going on deep below this proc (particularly in the depths of Moved(), including its overrides), we could probably work out most of the issues before plugging it into everything. I know I'm still a fairly new contributor to the codebase, so it's possible I could be off the mark on something significant, but I feel pretty confident in the fact that this would not only make my life easier w/r/t managing each little orbiting bug as they appear, but also pave the way for more things to be able to consistently rely on movement signals, like steel's proximity monitor component. I'd be happy to try and take the lead on this, as a result.
  5. where did she get one? well, that's a story for the next drinking binge
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  8. 1. The role you are applying for. Captain/Security I forgot a screen shot before I ghosted: 5 foot, 10 inches grey wolf. Has a scar and what looks like a blind eye on left side of his face, while his right side has a sharp red coloured eye, staring at you. His fur is well kept, brushed, clean. You notice he is very well defined, everything in the right place. EDIT: Captain - he will have rolled down captain's jumpsuit, eye patch, captain's gloves, open-toed jack boots, and rapier. Security - rolled down security jumpsuit, eye patch with implanted sec HUDs, open-toed jack boots, security utility belt. Wolf O'Donnell
  9. I don't know if it's right for me to apply considering how flimsy my relationship here is but I'm sure it's not a big deal. 1. Assistant 2. 3. 4. 5. John Stewert
  10. I walked into the public farm today, all the plants settled there were dead. It reminded me of a day long ago. I was sleeping on a hard metal bed haphazardly created, living in a house not my own. I settled in the abandoned home of a prominent judge massacred during the mercenary attack. She doesn't matter though, the fucker jailed me for 3 months and I got a home out of it in the end. As I woke up, a man I remember as MacArthur was standing over me. He took me by the collar and started dragging me out of the room, as I was being forcibly kicked the dead vulgaris plant in the corner of my room stuck with me. It's funny, the plants in the farm today we're given as much care as the plants I kept for sustenance during harder times. I was a glorified homeless person then, granted the status of citizen and a monthly wage by the planetary government. In truth I was in debt to the police and to poor to buy property. I couldn't buy food and starved regularly, they kicked me when I was down and forced me to pay the bill as well. I should've killed them, especially HIM. But god was to selfish and the planet blew up before I could burn it down myself. But this station I reside in now...it doesn't bring relief. My crewmembers, they aren't regular people. If the people of Geminus were sociopathic cut-throat capitalists, the people of the Cyberiad are complacent workers distracted by temporary disturbances. They don't question the purpose of the station, those I've discussed with this with appear agitated but forget about it. I can't break myself away with this phenomenon either, I was complacent. When I see a breach I help seal it but I DON'T question it, they say it was the syndicate but don't discuss why they did it. Everywhere I go temporary distractions hold us back, NT had granted a DNA vault, a man in a red suit has blown up a window, spiders are breeding at Chapel. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE it comes from. They keep the crew distracted just enough until the escape shuttle comes. No one not directly connected to NT is a bourgeois extortionist of labor and those who are connected seem oblivious themselves. They inform us about the safety hazards but never delve deeper...because they know we can't reject their offer. Out of it all, the most disturbing will always be NT and not those against it. They hold us by the economic thread of life or death. NT is nothing more but an extension of a repressive regime in cahoots with SolGov based on monopolization and coercion of the masses, including their own. But sometimes, it's the simplest answers which are the most correct. Maybe the Cyberiad is just a glorified mining center disguised as a Science outpost researching the lava planet it orbits. The plasma extracted from the inhabited land is later sent to Centcomm after our leave. In the end, the validity of that doesn't matter BECAUSE I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. I will do everything to tear as big of a gash into NT as possible. I will exact my revenge on those who have wronged me then and now. I'll just have to wait for the material conditions to ultimately ripen before I do. Agitation is unavoidable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I just realized I have covered nearly all of mission briefing by the time I post this. I'm not doing it on purpose I actually wanted to write these.
  11. Honestly I don't know if I'm even qualified to make a guide about playing instruments. I don't even know how to transpose songs from midi files. HOWEVER, I do have a really REALLY AMAZING idea related to playing instruments IC. Basically, you import songs to play from the wiki "Songs" page (you can learn transposing there). Copy the long code language thing, open the "import" button on the instrument page, paste it, SET THE SUGGESTED SPEED/BPM, and play. Additionally, the piano synthesizer can emulate other instruments with the "advanced" function, the guitar instruments (banjo, guitar, electric guitar) are robust improvised weapons that make funni noises when struck on someone, and you could more easily reach the songs page by searching for it using the "wiki" tab at the top right (I never knew this but that's the wiki search bar). NOW (this is why I wrote this), I'm sure some of you can relate to another character asking you to play a certain song on your instrument. It's gonna be a hassle searching for it on the wiki or straight-out denying it. SO, my ultimate SMOOTH retort would be some thing like "Your suggestions are terrible, listen to this real shit!" and PLAYING THIS SPECIFIC SONG (It just wont work with any other song I'm sorry);
  12. I would like everyone to know that the spider sprite scared the piss out of me and I was not enjoying it at all
  13. I’ve never seen that spider sprite before. It amazes me how much variety still exists in this game, even for someone who’s been through the source code.
  14. I definitely feel like this event suffered from the massive pop. I understand why people were pinged about it and it was at high pop, everyone wanted to be included, but I feel like 120 people is just too many for this type of thing and that put me off massively. in future, not doing it at such massive pops or even making use of the second server, to have two instances running at once, could be interesting. this way we could have 2 stations and we could compare them at the end. 60 players seems a lot more reasonable. I also think that the number of space suits/RCDs/atmos holofans was really lacking. atmos holofans specifically, atmos was killing the server at one point and people being able to stop atmos moving temporarily would really help with the CPU
  15. actually not a bad idea, i'm thinking something like nations
  16. how do you even fuck up this bad? we'll never know
  17. I worked in Genetics and didn't have that much to do during the midgame besides throwing vegetables at a security officer. The kinda decentralized design process of things growing organically from the center made things interesting, but it's hard to get creative yourself when someone already has a vision for the place. But that's probably my fault for not voicing my own opinions enough. I ended up just doing menial tasks placing floor tiles, cleaning and annoying security with a door controller I stole. Overall the initial start was good, though a bit cramped (I know that's the point). It would be interesting to see a similar event but with maybe 3 smaller stations with a goal of linking up or something like that with 3 of each head of staff. Would be fun to see how the stations could choose to act independently or unify or if the captains disagree organize sabotage or attacks on the other stations. Anyway, good event, well organized by the admins.
  18. My feedback can come from the view point of a Cargo Tech, then the QM near the end. The initial starting station could use a little more in terms of "Halls" going East, West, and South, to give just a little more wiggle room in how people may construct things, as almost INSTANTLY cargo got boxed into not being able to have any sort of expansion or development beyond tearing down a few walls and adding a few more doors so the in/out flow was just barely annoying, considering how small the area is, and how many people would just cram in trying to order things, or waiting for their things despite being told it won't come in for a bit, ect. Job slots may also need some tweaking for the map itself, we had 5-6 people in that tiny cargo space...was very difficult to really get anything moved at times. The starting Mining zone may need to be moved closer to cargo as well, as....it seems cargo is the natural magnet for miners, and we had a lot of them come over asking where to go.
  19. Had tons of fun playing as a skeletal Magistrate with an office in space. Thanks for the event!
  20. I was the Cap for the round but i joined half way in, it was so much damn fun to try and organize ( and fail) to get the place ready for the inspector LET IT STAND THAT WE GOT 81 OUT OF 100 Later reduced to 80 due to the live frying and eating of Ian As my first round as cap aswell
  21. Agreed; I get that there's concerns regarding the whole thing, but sometimes it feels rather.. patronizing
  22. @peter103Did a really great job on this one!, however, I did notice a few problems that we didn't realize would occure while playing in the round -Everyone should have started with engineering access, the inability to use APCs or Air alarms stopped progress for quite awhile -The doors to the external areas really should have had a double locking system, so we wouldn't lose as much air -A huge thing that we honestly should have seen coming was that people were /not/ going to help alot of the time, and that more EVA suits would have been AMAZING to help with that problem, because people ended up hoarding them even if they didn't need them.
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