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  2. oh heck i didnt even notice that was there
  3. Robbie would like to remind you all that you cant kill him with your silly nukes he has a fridge to keep him safe
  4. This, is why I bring a lunch lol
  5. Ahh! That was a fun moment. Watching the two identical Vox gliding back and forth like a pendulum, I was mesmerized. So I kept pushing and pushing until the law finally caught up with me.
  6. In Vox Culture, the Involate is a way of life. It teaches not to waste, and to use what you have. That said, I feel Giki was a very good coroner and made up for the lack of chef quite wonderfully. Please ignore the IAA Taking a picture of said '''''Diner''''''
  7. Torque spent a good 60 seconds pushing them side to side before Giki finally grabbed him and locked him in Torque jail, where only the most nefarious of torques go!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Me and the gang standing up against a wrongful arrest. The clown might also have stolen his baton, so uh...
  10. I love the detail of the vodka bottle reflection!
  11. honestly i REALLY love this pose and how hes drawin that sword for battle.
  12. Renovated the barbershop a little.
  13. Those outfits...are god damn adorable and i wish they were available normally
  14. @ExusA Was playing their very cute Nymph version of Silence of Starsong, and decided to nuzzle up against the HoS of the round, Toki, a Kidan changed from Nynmph nibbling. So, they were adopted into the security force. They did well too, apprehended a Nukie! (Thank you Chai for allowing the use of your wonderful costumes <3)
  15. Last week
  16. You can thank me (as Jenny Wellery) for the wire art bananas
  17. Let me have love and romance!! Lol The amount of kissing pictures I've drawn is probably sickening to some people. xD
  18. I come in an hour late to Hydroponics to see the place well setup and prepared by my co-workers. After seeing that the chef only needs some wheat and tomatoes made for them I realize I have no real work to do. So I start to goof off and make some durathread gear that they've already prepared. Asking if they wanted helmets they quickly make fun of me for over preparing and getting combat gear made, saying botany has no need for such things. Not taking it to heart I start my classic self defense plants, acid eggplants and acid garlics. During this time one of my co-workers starts musing about using the pneumatic cannon to deliver holy melons. Not paying attention to the comms and being completely unaware of the cultist threat I ignore the holy melons part and get a great idea with the pneumatic cannon. Using it to propel my plants instead of manually throwing it. I run off to cargo to craft this thing and return to fort hydro. As I prepare it for testing, I drag a monkey into the hallway and prepare to aim for its face with 10 garlics loaded in each with 100u of acid. Before I can fire a cultist equipt with a sword busts in from the door I stupidly left open and starts stabbing my co-worker. Realizing it's now or never I take aim at the vile cultist and fire. With a horrific scream the robes and the face of that hell-spawn instantly melted away. Laying on the floor in Crit, or maybe even dead, everybody else dog piles him. For my service the ERT offer me a place on the squad and a mind shield implant, which I happily take. Geared up and my cannon loaded we head East out of Hydrponics to face the threat head on. Suddenly a supersonic speed cultist comes booming down the halls and takes down one of the members. My hands sweating, I realize it's my chance to prove my place on the team and save a member. Before I could lock on to the target that was nearly flying at moch8 speeds a second one came running down the hall. As the other ERT members moved to engaged I tried to put myself in a good position to fire without hitting a friendly. I line up my shot and fire.. and I fucking miss these ninja cultists. As more cultists swarm in we get overrun, so I retreat. It hardly matters though, they easily catch up and work their dark arts upon me. In the end I get turned into a golem and forced to murder people for the dark ones. I'm not sure if I proved the robustness of combat botanists, but i'm still a firm believer of a well armed botanist militia.
  19. I high-key live for characters who are caring and helpful to their partners. Whether it's physically patching them up or moral support. Which can explain a lot for my sappy stuff. xD
  20. Emanz

    Hi guys!

    RIP The mentor are going to gib you......Also welcome to the server! While Trol may about to be "missing" he was correct mentorhelp is a great place to ask question and the Wiki is also quite useful!
  21. Looking Good! I still enjoyed parking myself in your core as an AI and venting....also not realizing that I was not hitting :h with the holopad until you pmed me. But hey good times!
  22. I figure instead of clogging up the screenshot thread, I'll just post my goofy lounges here. First, a new one: And then a general picture of the past few bases I've made:
  23. (Bzzzzt) {Captian Whelen, a Mr.Red is here to see you} "Send him in..." (Shhhinnk)
  24. Drawing faces is hard. It's a fact. The drawings look good! And I hope you're feeling better or starting to feel better. ;^;
  25. I need to get better at drawing faces... Hmn...
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