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  2. SOP for Gamma Alert has been changed. Essentially: SOP does not apply at all during gamma alert. Sec can do whatever they need to do to ensure the safety of station/crew. If you interfere with people dealing with the emergency (e.g: sec, command, ERT) you can be detained. If you physically threaten such a person, (e.g: by pulling out a weapon) they can respond with lethals. If you actually attack such a person, they can field execute you on the spot. Don't be the idiot who thinks it is cute to drag people away from ERT, or try to disarm them, during G
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  6. Clickbait title woo. So let's talk about shaming culture. Shame is an important social tool to indicate a societal attitude towards behaviour. Go look up sociology shit on wiki. As crew, comments on your coworkers shape their actions. As admins, it can be our job to shame people for their behaviour. This can be done appropriately some times - but someone shouldn't feel too ashamed over a simple mistake, especially newbies. This needs to be done carefully and correctly to ensure that it stops the behaviour, and teaches people the correct action. You should avoid direct
  7. I like this, especially the 3rd point. I would absolutely actually RP with psychs with these changes.
  8. IAA is not really a good role to teach those skills for a beginner point of view if they do not have a helpful magistrate or NTRep guiding them then they are just lost not knowing what to do. Even if you think that was the intent it really is not NTRep, Blueshield, Magistrate are roles you need some experience in the deperment before you play those and need a good grasp on the game before attempting them as those roles are the last shield for normal players when a abuse of power has taken place or can cause huge down time for important roles when not properly played.
  9. Mentor apps are now open. See here for info & how to apply: https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/85-open-mentor-applications/
  10. IAA is one of the "intro" to RP-based roles on Station imo. As someone with a LOT of hours in Sec, IAAs are always a VERY mixed bag overall. But, frankly, learning to do Paperwork/RP/SoP things is an important gateway to Magi/NT Rep and even HoP if youre REALLY into being a paper-pusher. Karma roles should be for niche and interesting roles that are special, as a "reward" for members of the community who give good shows/times/RP moments. Taking away a stepping stone that teaches people the fun of RP-based roles would be a loss in my opinion.
  11. I think this would be an awesome addition to the pAI kit. Right now, there isn't much a pAI can do to affect the round. This would be a nice step towards making it more enjoyable to be a pAI. Maybe decrease the range of the music because of how small a pAI is.
  12. Title says it all, really. Let pAIs have some kind of synthesizer to allow a soundtrack for their masters' wacky adventures. Just imagine, the RD is slinking around maints, EMAG in hand, ready to pounce on those blueprints. "pAI, you know what to do," and the pAI starts it's tune. https://youtu.be/ncNSJGPl8X4 And then, a call "Sec to CE office!" And suddenly, the pAI knows what to do. https://youtu.be/mnqcYVC12ys I have absolutely no idea how easy or difficult this would be to code. I imagine it would be a piece of downloadable kit, like doorjack or translator.
  13. I'll give you credit for the brig phys part, joint idea!
  14. Kinda feel like you stole my idea in the chat but allright I will give my reasoning on this. 1. Magistrate and NTRep are both rp and highly knowledge base on sop and space law jobs locked behind karma so you understand how to correctly use them. 2. I always felt IAA is not meant for newer players as to many times I have seen new players make the incorrect assumption that they are lawyers which really is not the case. 3. Most people need to understand how to do paperwork before becomming IAA. 4. Brigphysician is a doctor job for sec and it has not to many special perks it ha
  15. Hey, We was chatting about this in the post round discord and a few people seemed to second the idea so thought I would post it here. Currently, IAA is one of the most misused and misunderstood job roles on the station as people often flock to it not necessarily knowing what their place is on the station generally causing people grief or wasting time (Not all of them do, I have seen some great IAA). Meanwhile, a role which can be quite critical and easy to grasp is locked behind Karma. Why Karma Lock IAA: I feel like adding a soft 5kp lock onto the I
  16. Yeah like.. why is there no black skirt? the only item called black skirt is red. more outfits, simple and fancy for the ladies of the crew would be nice
  17. New custom ID for Pepper.IO, @TheManBenji, but hope they like it anyways!
  18. There are some full body civilian uniforms for female characters that could be considered elegant, why not add something for male characters? See I've been going through paradise files and found things like: Navy suit, Burgundy suit, various mafia suits, or this thing called "sl_suit" that looks cool and fairly customizable. Adding a waistcoat would be great too. I understand that there are bigger priorities on hand, but I and quite few other players would be very grateful. :>
  19. Nov 25: MrSynnester was promoted from Trial Admin to Game Admin RadiantFlash retired from Trial Admin due to lack of time
  20. been recolouring plushies lately
  21. Haha yes it is I, back at it again with n e w s B e h o l d : i’ve been persuaded enough to start them And now my first commission, for @Onyxarias , their Unathi Sko Kiiz
  22. It's mixed. My post is written satirically for some parts, but every point is still valid - shadowlings now have less incentive to leave the corpses behind, because security and other personnel will just get mindshielded again. Shadowlings are encouraged by current mechanics to kill off all mindshielded personnel who pose a threat - security, light tile engineers, random civilians with torches. You can't keep these people prisoner, because prisoners need to be watched. You either kill off the person or create more work by sealing them off in a room they can't get out of, because the third opti
  23. It would make sense, but capturing and containing a vampire is already hard enough for sec.
  24. A few end of round shots from a building event some admins were kind enough to put together during an extended round (Shockpoint and Elysian_Prince... I think? Not sure.... sorry if I'm missing anyone).
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