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  2. I think this would be a good idea. In a lot of situations gamma would make sense yet is not called/given due to the armory and the borg module the station gets. Removing those direct ties would be good. But as said in the post itself. There should be downsides to having the Gamma alert. Maybe cargo will be unable to buy supplies other than guns, medical items etc. Perhaps calling it should also be more difficult than red alert. (Requires 3 swipes? (Still) Requires admin intervention?)
  3. If we were to make Gamma able to be called by station command, what would stop command from instantly calling gamma instead of red? Perhaps we could make it so that gamma can be called only (insert time here) after red is called first. I dunno.
  4. I've always found it a bit odd that the "Dire Emergency" alert level is tied to an off-station decision. Granted, gameplay wise it stops people from throwing SoP out the window when the emergency is manageable, but the lack of accessibility means it's only called when things are often lost as is. Sometimes GAMMA is skipped entirely and nuke codes are called just because it's easier to do that than write out a full fax to CC. In an emergency, rapid response is key. I support the idea of separating GAMMA and the armory shuttle from each other, and using the armory as a supplement for securi
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  6. I think this would be a cool point of discussion. I personally think that if we did change how requesting the Gamma Armory is done. It should be like requesting the on station Nuclear Codes. I would like to point out that while Gamma SOP is great, what's the point of the alert if people are going to follow the SOP in the first place? Red Alert requires that people stay within their departments and that all civilian level visitors stay in the dorms/bar area. Perhaps if we amended Red Alert SOP to be less restrictive on movement it would give Gamma alerts a bit more oomph. While I think my
  7. Hey guys, I had this discussion with a few on discord, but since not everyone is on during the specific timing of said conversation I thought I'd put it forward here for more discussion. What I'm suggesting: Removes automatic delivery of the gamma shuttle when gamma alert is called. Allow station command to call gamma alert in emergencies without needing to rely on CC approval. Possibly rework the shuttle to allow it to be docked at other locations by admins. Why I'm suggesting this: Currently, on station threats usually get to the point of uncontainability befo
  8. I'll echo people here a bit. Most importantly that a Blueshield should be resourceful, not full of resources. What Blueshields use AA for the most? Anyone who worked in RnD knows. Honestly, makes me feel like giving Blueshield RnD and armory accesses would be enough to satisfy them. Something's horribly wrong when smacking our favourite blue loot pinata is, in practice, more lucrative than killing an ERT member. Full access (not just airlocks, but comm console, sec records and ID console), all channels, enough weaponry to use RnD forcefully for even more weaponry, secHUDglasses (on
  9. Now that I think about it, I can totally imagine wealthy members of NT and other groups wearing jewellery made with bluespace crystals. Full jewellery, too, like cabochon style and everything. If those suckers can remain intact after getting blasted out of a rock, they can handle a gentle hammer setting it into gold. It's both a security blanket (break in case of emergency) and a fashion statement (I use incredibly rare and valuable materials as decoration).
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  11. When you ask atmos if what they're doing is safe
  12. If we added an additional curator role, the wiki contributor would likely just be a vanity role as I can't think of anything they would actually need outside of what a general user gets. A Curator should prob get autopatrol, noratelimit, unwatchedpages, patrol, delete-redirect and possibly delete pages like you said. Mentors could likely just get the same as a curator. If we were to make Wiki-Admin a full fledged staff role then I would amend the user rights to possibly just be full Sysops/Interface rights outside of what Bureaucrats get.
  13. I am fine with having a dedicated staff member whose job it is to oversee the wiki. I am also fine with giving expanded permissions to: - Mentors (e.g: patrol, autopatrol, maybe rollback?) - Wiki Contributors (unsure what I'd give them) - Some sort of new not-an-admin-but-has-curator-permissions-on-the-wiki role (maybe delete pages, probably not bigdelete/blockuser)
  14. Alright, so after having some discussion in the wiki-dev portion of the discord(and learning that pinging headmins is a gamble that you don't often win) and mulling over this for a month beforehand, I wanted to make this forum post so we could have an official discussion over this(and so I can be specific in what I'm asking for). As of now there are only a few User Group rights on the wiki. Those are: Regular autoconfirmed users Game Admins Interface/Bureaucrats Sysops Admins. Currently there is no in-between role for Regular Users Vs. Fully fledged administrator
  15. Hey everyone! Every day the wiki is getting more up to speed with all the changes going on! 90% of what we considered "in need of revision" back in December has been revised and made new! We are currently sitting at just under 20 articles in need of revision, most of which are brand new articles that need more added to them(or to be cleaned up). I'm going to try and continue this trend of providing sitreps on the wiki in hopes to document what's going on get people invested in the process. What needs to be done on the Wiki: The Guide to Food and Drinks is missing a few s
  16. art drawn for a certain red slime nerd named Pepper Jam
  17. Be pod pilot Have eager sec officer recruit wanting to ride along in pod HoS approves EoC seen in space. Armed and dangerous. Spot him Stun him with pod tasers Advise recruit to watch my back Go to make the arrest, EoC gets up fairly quick. Desword comes out Recruit hops out of pod. Tasers me in the back by accident We both die Lesson: should have stayed in pod and made him do the arrest
  18. Oh I have another one from way back, don't know if I was even a mentor at the time.. >be roundstart HOS >decide 'hey, I'm going to get the secHUD implant for a change >go to medbay >find surgeon >put on surgery ta ble >anasthetic >get decapitated 5 minutes in, turns out doctor was an antag >cried salty tears in an ahelp for admin pats and just observed the round lol
  19. Ofton times ive noticed that some time before a summon is attempted, the cult is already over running a few areas, or most of the station, and thus people in a panic to escape, attack halo'd people while on their way to find a way out, not so much in a "Im going hunting" sense but more "Their in my way, and i need past, BANG, now that their dead, have run off, or are simply to wounded to fight, i keep moving" Example: A group of 5-6 people a few days ago with me in my kitchen all trying to make our way to EVA to grab a suit and bail into space, we make it there fine, but after we a
  20. My post concerns the stage at which cult has halos, but is not summoning, the time between when they get halos and when they summon, vary drasticly, but many rounds with halos end with a war of some kind. The rules do not allow a "war" between crew and halo cult, especially not lethally, unless the cult is summoning. The rules state this specifically in rule 8, with a very clear exception "This doesn't count against blobs, slaughter demons, nuke ops, wizards, terror spiders, xenos, swarmers, and cultists summoning their god. It's expected the whole crew fights these!", summoning cults. This re
  21. Employment File: Dr. med. Ashtshis Lachqat Physical Identifiers: Age: 24 | Gender: Male Species: Vulpkanin | Blood Type: O+ Other Identifiers: - One Prosthetic (Leg, Left, Starts above the knee, Unmarked, Superficially resembles a Ward-Takeshi Model.) Personnel Photo: A pair of strained eyelids almost conceal tired eyes and the faint smile he's managed to sneak into the ID photo is basically hidden by the dark colour of his muzzle. The parts o
  22. Thanks! I find the roleplaying aspect to be the main draw of the game. Yeah I have similar stuff with my characters. Brent Savoir (https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/topic/20023-brent-savoir-gentleman-detective/ ) always texts the journalist or librarian to offer to do an interview since he's galaxy famous. Even if they say no it's an attempt to reach out and create something fun. Having specific food requests is also cool. It also feels way more real when people want some specific food from the chef instead of gobbling down whatever dead carrion laying on the bar. Yes!
  23. Feb 15: pineapplesalad has joined the team as a Trial Admin Feb 24: The following Game Admins have retired: Saxis tullybburnalot Twinmold Dadman234 / Da Dman234 Tayi / Tayswift Brandon / BrandonSacawv
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  25. I see that a lot, more than Redshields. Blueshields who will crowbar their way into a two-way argument between command staff or try to enforce their view onto things. You get this allot with Blues who usually main HOP/Captain. When I do Blueshield, which is rare as I got to be in the mood for it, offering input when asked for it is fine. Making suggestions to a overwhelmed captain who may be new or just out of his league is also fine, as long as it's a suggestion and not a statement of fact. I also don't understand captains who don't hand over the pinpointer. The one thing that real
  26. yeah, bridge captains are easy to assault because you can always know where they are. If you're going away to different places the attacker can't put a perfect assault plan in place. being mobile is surprisingly good way to stay alive. Last time i got killed as Captain, was when I were returning to bridge (from cargo) after a report of it being attacked. I were the target of that assault.
  27. You claim to let people go on minor offenses, yet you still had me perma'd for murdering someone via emagged borg, emagging Beepsky, emagging the janibots, owning a restricted firearm and emag, breaking into the armory from space using C4 and toxins bombs, and throwing potassium + water grenades at officers when they tried to arrest me.
  28. I love seeing ARMA-492, playing a sane member of the Cyberiad is probably the hardest thing you can do in this game.
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