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  2. Using the ticket machine today, i still prefer it over a regular line. We made more chairs so it had a bit of a waiting room, people took their tickets, those who wanted to wait, waited, those who didn't left and came back when it vibrated. The extra chairs made the whole thing run alot smoother, and people took to tickets far easier than I had expected, even those who cut without realizing the tickets were in play, politely conceded to the one who had the ticket I called out for. No line bum rushing, no mass panic to be the first in line, if you had the ticket, you had your time for however long it took to resolve your issue.
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  4. IMHO: If the HOP is at their desk, they should be getting through their line fast enough that tickets / a waiting room are pointless. If the HOP is not at their desk, then radio/PDA them. If they respond and come, then you don't need a ticket (since you're probably the only person there). If they don't respond, a ticket won't help you. So, either way, tickets / waiting rooms are pointless. If a HOP is being slow deliberately (e.g: by insisting on stamped paperwork) then adding a ticket machine doesn't fix the problem. In fact, it makes the problem worse, because now the HOP has an additional way to waste your time and be even slower than they were before. Ticket machines / waiting rooms actually encourage the HOP to be slow. They normalize it and reward it.
  5. See, the secret is to totally ignore the ticket machine and work with the line! Alternatively, remap the entire area so there's a waiting room/lounge rather than a line.
  6. Personally i prefer a ticket over a line, why wait in line for a possible chance at seeing the HOP, and should you ever need to leave for whatever reason, you loose your chance , when you can take a ticket for a guaranteed spot when your number comes up. People get mad when the line takes to long because the hop needs to spend some extra time on someone, because they know if they leave the line, they loose their spot. Tickets remove this worry.
  7. The only thing i know is that ticket machine + Line creates chaos, almost every time when the person with right ticket arrives forces me to call over other people to move so he can take his spot
  8. I'd rather we just remove the ticket machine. A simple line is faster, easier and clearer. The last thing we need is more pointless paperwork.
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  10. It does seem kind of moot yea to have a line, and tickets. They just take a ticket, wait in line, and auto get called every single time currently. The ticket already vibrates to inform its holder its being called, so allowing people to take a ticket, walk off and have a guaranteed slot of time with the hop decreases congestion and the idea that you need to rush rush rush, go go go, at all times. Slow down, take a ticket, get your time, and enjoy. Perhaps also make the ticket play a sound to its holder like "doo doooo doo doooooo: Your number has been called" on top of the vibrating ticket text so long as its in their inventory somewhere
  11. That is the face of a person who tries to look like they've got it together, but you don't know how many times they've been abducted, killed, enslaved, or turned into a catgirl. And that's just a normal Monday. It's good, you've got a neat style.
  12. Well, here we go again. I have gotten better paper and I tried drawing a person. Really, I wouldnt've known the proportions if not for this helpful thread. Maybe I'll try and make someone other than "nondescript tall boi" some other time. Once again, sorry for bad photo quality, and also once again, if you have feedback, I want it, so much. Edit: And I have given them more lines! But we can see the skeleton within aaaaaaaaaaa
  13. Glory to Arstotzka, this is your paperwork Hop speaking, crews still wasting time waiting in line while theres ticket system around! Remove the line, leave only the Hop desk and ticket machine (with over comms number warning) and maybe people would take a ticket, eat a burger, and only come back when their number is called.
  14. Thank you so much everybody for submitting responses! (Excuse the lack of consistency in response numbers as the list goes on; somebody just submitted a new response as I was screencapping all of the charts lol) I hope the survey was interesting to fill out; I tried to bring up as many contentious issues as I could. An important thing I forgot to mention was a lot of these questions were intended to collect data for me to use when making a new high population map, hence why they sound a bit weird if you take the rest of the station into consideration. It was really helpful though, I appreciate the responses I've gathered. Each of the spoilers contains the categorized questions and their responses, as well as (some) summaries of additional comments people left on certain questions. Have a fun read! Overpopulated: Medical Overpopulated: Hallways Overpopulated: Security Underpopulated: Chapel/Library Underpopulated: Engineering Underpopulated: Arrivals Wrapping Up: A lot of requests for Security rooms in each department Escape needs to be bigger Maintenance overhaul would be nice Medbay needs a major overhaul; treatment areas are chaotic in high population Encouraging more use of RP elements (courtroom, interrogations, etc) would be beneficial Someone really wants night lighting removed Science is apparently quite boring and stale
  15. Rebekah Hunter, the unluckiest CMO!
  16. Forum username: dearmochi Discord (include tag numbers): mochi#5162 CKEY (BYOND username): Shendow Characters you play in-game: Jade Styles Link to the list of PRs you've done: Full list I'll link the PRs I think are the most relevant for this application - code quality, scope etc. Not all of them are merged yet. Some are pending review but I am confident they are adequate in quality. Port all Medical NanoUI to TGUI: I was one of the first to port NanoUI windows to TGUI and did so for all of Medbay's machines. In doing so I amassed a lot of experience in using TGUI, which I think would be valuable if we want to be able to review TGUI-related PRs properly. PR also includes exploit fixes. Refactors and TGUI-ses Mining Equipment Vendor: Another TGUI implementation that came from my experience I amassed while doing the Medical TGUI PR. Includes a search bar that is local to the client using Redux. Also refactors the DM side to be much more readable Add pAI and Ghost Spawns buttons for ghosts: pAI and Ghost Spawns are not that used by players. This PR aims to alleviate that problem by making these features more accessible Overhaul event mob selection: Not merged as of time of writing. Unifies all event mob spawns into a subsystem with some UX improvements Add character slot clearing Add ability to swap items in storage: Not merged as of time of writing. Fix mob sprite drift when doing anims while floating: Not merged as of time of writing. Prevents an exploit that renders anyone using it unhittable if done enough times. Link to the list of PR reviews you've done: Full list TGUI BSA control computer Makes NanoMaps Great Again TGUI Slot Machines - Example PR for NanoUI --> TGUI conversions Link to any other examples of your PR work (e.g. on other codebases) to give us an idea for your skill as a PR author: This is the first open-source project I contributed PRs to, but I do have professional experience when it comes to code reviews so I have knowledge of how the process works. Link to any other examples of your review work (e.g: on other codebases) to give us an idea of your abilities as a PR reviewer: Likewise. What do you think the most common issue is for PRs submitted to Paradise, and why? From what I've seen, a big issue I've seen is documentation and clarity for future coders. Code is often written in a way that it's hard to understand for coders other than the PR author (due to the lack of comments OR readability). Since this is an open-source project I believe any new code should be written such that modifying or adding to it doesn't necessitate extensive amounts of time to understand what it does and how it works. If you could make one single change to our coding guidelines, what would it be? Adding to what I've said above, code clarity is important. This includes multiple methods: good code design (proc separation, etc.), sensible naming for procs, vars and defines, short comments explaining the intent or shedding light on obscure parts and most of all: consistency. Granted, the codebase contains stuff that is over 8 years old and it will probably be quite some time before it's brought up to the ever-changing standards, but that doesn't mean new code can't be clean - on the contrary!
  17. GOSH I love how you drew this!
  18. Hey, a guide! Awesome, might try to get some of these pro tips into the wiki later today. Bubblegum fight guide when?
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  20. Honestly my opinion is just keep the Cyberiad as is, and get a larger map ready for when map rotation is available. However what Free did in his Engineering remap was quite good, ripperoni.
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