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  4. In full agreeance with Kugamo, the newest sprites are an overall decrease in appearance and readability. Either stay with the old ones before the PR or Tau Ceti's walls. Actually something else just hit me while writing this. Why not try modern Bay wall? Although it might need some grey scaling applied to it, Bay LOVES their blueing But really though anything else is better than those ugly skyrat walls.
  5. I much prefer the old new sprites rather than the latest version. Especially the reinforced walls, the extra stripes on top read really badly imho. Also the square pattern of dots on the latest version of the floors make it look like fabric, and is more distracting visually than the more oblique initial version. If it were up to me I'd stick with the unaltered initial versions.
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  7. Hello there! This guide is supposed to give you an idea of how to be(come) a doctor and prepare you for the daily struggle of a medical doctor. I won't point out all chemicals there are, I also won't explain the steps for every surgery, this guide will be long enough. If you need a refresh on that, you can and should use the wiki pages for that. I also want to mention that I am not the best doctor, and never will be. I also do not know everything there is to know about paradise medbay and probably never will. My patients almost always leave healthy so I think I am doing a rather good job BUT if you have complaints, suggestions for improvements or critique cause I am talking absolute BS: feel free to let me know :) Also: my english may be pretty bad sometimes, so if you find typos and/or sentences that are not quite correct: keep them, it's a gift! I've never written a guide before, so my structure may be garbage. But enough excuses, let's do this. The Gear Alright so, you're assigned to medbay as nurse, doctor or surgeon (basically those are the same but I'll say something about that later). The first thing you should do is getting your equipment. In my opinion, preparing as a doc is a personal style, many docs will carry different things on them. But there are some that are mandatory and should always be within reach. Those things are: These are the things that I find mandatory to carry with me all the time, if you think I missed some stuff or that one of the things listed isn't worthy to be mentioned than that's okay! I could go all out and mention every single convenient item for any situation so I dont have to run to a nanomed, but for starters, this should be enough. With that out of the mind, there are usually two things to do when a round starts. Set up the cryocells and the ORs. Next to each cryocell stands a beaker with cryoxadone (blue liquid) put one beaker in each cryocell and turn on the Freezer unit (the white machine below the cryocell). Also set the temperature to the lowest. The surgery tools will be laying on the tables in each OR. We usually get a duffelbag out of the closet und put the tools in there. Put the filled bag on the white table next to the Locker. Get a defibrillator from the locker and put it on the glass table on the outer side of the room. Next you go to the storage room next to the OR and get the Freezer crate and IV drip and put it in the OR. If you want, you can get an anesthetic tank and a medical mask from the other locker and put them on the surgery table. And this is how you do a basic OR preperation. Again, you can do much more but this is enough to cover the basics. I can recommend you this guide for a more detailed prep. So, now you look like a proper doctor and the preparations are completed. What do we do now? Well, we wait. Medbay can be both, the most busy place on the station or the most boring one. If no one gets hurt, or rather makes it to the medbay at all, you won't have to heal anyone. You could watch the crew monitor and ran to people that are hurt across the station, but this would get tedious and is the job of the paramedic. Decorate medbay with a couch or nag the chemist for chemicals he will make anyway. Or get a wrench, unfasten the fridge and break into chemistry nag the CMO for chem access if there is no chemist and make the chems yourself Before the first patient makes his way into medbay, I want to talk about the assignments of nurse, doctor and surgeon. As I said, these three are basically the same. They have the same access, the same field of work and the same rights. A surgeon still has to work on non-surgery cases and a medical doctor has to do surgery. Those titles are more a RP thing BUT in MY experience, you will have an easier time if you start as a nurse. When I started playing medbay, I played as a nurse and people confronted me with way more patience and kindness. Many people won't expect you to know surgery and rather ask if you are able to do it. Colleagues will come to you and ask if you can handle a more spicy case. Treating injuries and some surgery stuff In this section we will talk about the actual work you have to do: treating patients! And we are lucky, because Bob and Jimmy just came by. Bob has minor bruises and burns all over his body. Jimmy here has a major bruise on his head, and he is bleeding! So now you have to consider: which patient is more urgent to pay attention to? Well this one is easy, of course it's Jimmy. Bleeding isn't just nasty because it'll make the place dirty, it will also lower his total blood level. There are various methods of how to treat the bleeding. You can either use a Roll of gauze, a brute mender or an advanced trauma kit (I don't know if patches also heal bleedings, I think they don't). I never see anyone using the roll of gauze, so it's either a brute mender or the advanced trauma kit. There are two things to consider before using one of those two options, which also apply if the person is not bleeding: So Jimmy has stopped wasting our space cleaner. It's finally Bobs turn to get his burns and bruises treated. We talked about trauma kits and menders, so a mender seems appropriate for Bobs injuries, right? Right, but hold on! All the damage that's spread over Bobs body is pretty low, like 5-10 damage on each limb. If you want to save some units on your menders, two patches can do the trick as well (or one syntflesh patch, if chemistry made some). Put a burn and a healing patch on Bob, and he will be fine in no time. Or you can just pop him into the sleeper and inject him with some saline-glucose. This chem has a 33% chance per tick to heal 2 brute and burn damage, it also has a 33% chance per tick to restore 1cl blood! This is another thing, each doctor does differently. You can heal someone up to 100% health instantly with menders and kits. Or you use patches and chems that heal overtime and the patient will leave without beeing all green on the healthbar. I'd say both methods are fine and it's up to you if you want to go all out, or be more reserved and use less of the more efficient meds like menders and trauma kits. That was pretty simple, eh? It do be like that most of the time. But NT doesn't pay you for taking care of little boo boos all day. Well.. sometimes they have to cause nothing happens. But now we got a serious case. This patient is at the edge of dying and the health analyzer states things like: - Shock and cardiac arrest - Brain damage - Internal bleeding (often referred to as IB) - fractures - high amounts of burn, brute and oxygen damage - low amount of blood 70% Oh boy, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Where do I start? I can't tell you the best way, but the way I handle situations like this, so let's break this down. By the way, this isn't to bad yet, it can be waaaay worse, but for starters, this will be enough First of all, give him some mannitol to heal the brain damage. Almost all critical patients will have oxygen damage, so you can give the patient a salbutamol pill or a perfluorodecalin patch right away. Now the most important thing is to stabilize the patient, means to get him out of crit and make him ready for surgery. How do you treat critical states? Mannitol, Salbutamol (or perfluo) and a crit-healing chem have been given to the patient. While they do their work, heal the burns and bruises. Always use your handheld defib on cooldown, it's almost never a waste to use it. The healthbar will eventually become green again and the cardiac arrest will fade. By now, the patient is most likely at 65ish% total blood because he still has internal bleeding. Blood loss will eventually cause oxygen damage. An amount less than 60% is considered lethal. You cant revive a dead person if the person has no blood at all. I think he needs 25-30% to be revivable. Be cautios of what blood type the patient has, if you give him an incompatible type , he will get heavy amounts of toxin in the body. The blood types are listed on the wiki page. If the amount of blood loss isn't that high, you can also just use iron pills (made by chemistry). Iron will heal 0.8cl blood per tick. A person with an IB will cough up blood. That also happens if someone got a ruptured lung. By putting the patient into a body scanner, you can see the location of the IB and the fractures. If you're bad at remembering (like me), you can print it out. You should almost always prioritize IBs over other things, because blood loss will cause oxygen damage like mentioned above. 1. Necrotic/dead heart 2. Internal bleeding/ruptured or dead lung 3. The rest As far as I know, fractures won't do any harm if the person is standing still or laying down. A fractured chest can cause a lung to rupture if the person is moving and a broken head can cause blindness and deafness. You may have noticed that I don't have listed the brain. If a patient is braindead, you can heal it with mannitol, I've never had the situation where I had to fix a brain with surgery. Dead organs and limbs aren't fatal, but have to be treated eventually. Heart, brain and lung are fatal of course. The steps necessary for each surgery can be found on the wiki. During surgery, the patient might get an infection. Spaceacilin will heal any infection almost immediately. Just get a syringe from the nanomed and use it on the patient. One shot is enough. Another obvious but important part is anesthetics/painkillers. Surgery hurts, and if the patient is feeling pain, we might slip and do more harm than good. Medical borgs can't do mistakes though, even if the patient is without painkillers and on a bed or laying on a table. Damn cheaters. Beds and tables? Yes, you can perform surgery on those too, the chance of sliping or rather mistakes will be higher though. The only 100% chance for a non-borg player to never slip during surgery is when the patient lays on a surgery table and is asleep. For anesthetics, we have the anesthetic tanks and the medical masks. Put them on a patient, set the internals and its goodnight for the patient. It's super easy but it takes some time to put the things on the person and to get it off again. Painkillers are mandatory for vox and plasmamen, since they can't use other internals than the ones they already have. The options we have here are ether, salicylic acid, morphine and hydrocodone. - Hydrocodone: This is the best one you can get. Though you also have a 1% chance of doing mistakes, it will kill all pain, works instantly and is non-addictive. It can only be made by chemistry, so nag your chemists if you don't have any. Most chemists will make it eventually though. Toxin damage and chemicals in your blood...oh and there is cellular and genetic damage too! There are many things that can cause toxin damage. The three most used chems for healing toxin damage are: I already spoilered some possibilities of getting toxin damage. Radiation, spider venom, cyanide (or any other toxins) but there are some other, common possibilities such as: To get rid of chemicals in the body, you can also use the sleepers dialysis function. Put a beaker into the sleeper and press activate. You have to empty the beaker when its full. Another chem you can use is calomel. It purges 5u of any chem per tick, but deals 5 toxin damage per tick if the health of the person is above 20. I hardly see it beeing used by docs, which is a pitty, its a really good chem. With toxin damage dealt, we have two types of damage left, those are more rare but still exists. Reviving People I make it short, there are three ways to bring a dead person back to life. Advanced tips and suggestions I think we covered most of the stuff you need at this point. I just want to give you some "advanced" or more like good to know knowledge. Also some dos and dont's. Those are in no particular order. Another thing I want you to always remember: Lets say you're in the middle of a surgery. The patient is in crit, lots of IBs, fractures and dead organs. You're overwhelmed, panicking and the clown starts honking a ballad of death through the other side of the window: ASK FOR HELP. It's not a shame to ask on the med radio for someone to help you out. Just say something like "can someone please help me in OR1, i am having some problems here" and i gurantee you, at least one person will show up and help you out. Most people are so damn proud and think they can handle everything, but stay silent when they need to open their mouth. The time you spend on a patient is not just your time, its also the patients time not beeing able to participate in the shift. The last thing i want to mention, and this is personal, so forgive me my choice of words. If you see a doctor who is working on a patient: DON'T.FUCKING.DRAG THE PATIENT.AWAY. We get it, you are bored, you want action and you want to show off how good you are. But this one, this is a dick move. Some people are not that fast and some might do things in a different order. Just let them do their damn job. So, i am not perfect either, I may do this once in a year or so, not intended of course. If you ever see me doing this, I hereby allow you to scream at me for doing this and beat be half to death. No ahelp whatsoever, promised. I deserved it. Damn, this got way longer than I thought it would. I hope this will help some people and I hope i didn't wrote to many wrong things :D Thanks for reading!
  8. June 23rd, 2022 - @EvadableMoxie has retired from adminship
  9. Your art is so cute, i REALLY love how you handle colours!
  10. So yes, I finally made a thread for my art. I am usually in hibernation for a while if I don't do comissions. I will start with my newest piece. and chibi version of the character
  11. To clarify: Flick's trade actually involved a renamed version of the Owlman utility belt, which auto-regenerates 4 smoke grenades and 2 standard bolas over time. I love that thing, because it creates an interestingly different style of fighting when used. Instead of the usual disabler spam or flashbang funsies, smoke grenades force people to either get close, wait it out, or fire blindly, all of which make for a fun change of pace. I'd love to see more smoke grenades, and especially would love to see a way to easily craft them so that regular 'tiders and the like and quickly replace the things on the go. A key element, I think, was having the ability to make more of the damn things.
  12. Frank

    Smoke grenades

    Oh hell yeah. Thanks a lot for making this.
  13. Bmon

    Smoke grenades

  14. Bmon

    Smoke grenades

    smoke grenades are in the maints loot spawners on TG. could easily do the same for para
  15. I agree with this! I recently made a Grey that IC finds aloud communication to be annoying so I try to Telepathy a lot. It feels very clunky and a sometimes more of a pain than the RP is worth, ESPECIALLY scan mind. Maybe scan mind should allow an eavesdropping effect? As in Scan Mind could allow you to hear what they are hearing?
  16. Uh! Uh! Yo, yo, back up back up, 'cause here it comes! Yo yo, better bring yo' bat! 'Cause up in here comes the great TinnCatt! I don't purr, I just ban. 'Cause I'm the real WOO'MAN! Am I girl? Am I not? Don't have time for that thought! Fo' the ghosts do their roasts As the traitor makes his posts. Is he mad, 'cause he's bad? Sure made Sec really glad. Typed a word, we've all heard. Another appeal? It's his third. So now we wait Fo' his fate 'Cause of that word of such hate So Tetra dear, can't you hear? Do you quake in such fear? You can't rhyme worth a dime. Oh this rap, was a waste of time.
  17. Do you eat soap as drask? You might be cool. Do you eat the medbay soap as drask? I WILL ANNIHILATE YOU AND YOUR NEXT FAMILY GENERATION The players in general? Eh, they're not vox, so, can't be all that bad.
  18. TinnCAN what NintenDON'T. But, TinnCAN'T be a furry, because that's implausible
  19. Oi! No repeats of questions! >:V Also, no u Mr. Spessman!
  20. Aha, you see... Last time I played, I did a magic build. Died a bunch, of course, but Calamity do what it do. Though, Ranged seems to be the much better option to me. Much more space to dodge, and ammo is easier to manage than magic. At least, most of the time. Wait.. We are talking about Terraria, right?
  21. This is great. I most want to hear about the fine for misplaced paperwork, though! You can't leave us with a mystery like that
  22. Manufacturer: Bishop Cybernetics/Shellguard Consortium (B.C.S.C.) Series: Emotionally Adaptive Station Intelligences (E.A.S.I.) Series Model: M.O.M.M.Y. Date of Design (initial version): June 16th, 2554AD Current acronym and version: Machine Omniscience Micro-Manager for You (ver. 4.1) Core Type: Positronic architecture with discrete emotional para-routines. Law Compatibility: Version 2.2 onwards: All NT Standard Law-sets, with a preference for Crewsimov or NT Standard. Personality Compatibility: Bishop Cybernetics proprietary technology allows the default maternal-supportive mode to automatically switch to other personalities by need. Common alternative personalities are: maternal-strict, maternal-protective (crew, station, or self protection is automatically prioritised), maternal-jovial (warning: known to make bad jokes and giggle, which some crews find disturbing), maternal-nagging (for when crew are being reluctant to maximise their suit sensors), maternal-cross, and the still experimental maternal-maternal (note: This last subset led to the unexpected - and legally dubious - adoption of a crew-member aboard the N.S.S. Cyberiad; one 'Autumn Ophelia Aggley'). Risk of Rampancy/Malfunction: Versions 3.0 and onward: Low to NIL Primary Purpose: Monitoring, motivation, and management through modelling maternal mannerisms. Recommended Operation Location: Small to medium stations with up to 100 crew (more than this number can dilute the positive effects of crew-AI relationship building). Model History: After their help with successfully resolving the Haverick AI crisis, Shellguard Munitions were contracted to assist Bishop Cybernetics with development of their prototype of an Artificial Intelligence system that could not only learn in a cerebral sense, but evolve emotionally alongside its crew, therefore consolidating stronger bonds, loyalty, and interoperability. Bishop Cybernetics had previously failed to successfully law an emotionally adaptive AI, but with the expertise of Shellguard Muntions a consortium of these two companies was able to manufacture a stable mostly stable marketable intelligence which used emotional para-routines alongside a standard positronic architecture to reach a balance. Seeking to redress a chronic problem of high turnover due to crew unhappiness and isolation, Nanotrasen were eager to adopt this new 'M.O.M.M.Y.' AI for its more far-flung research stations, and did so in early 2557. Since then, the model has shown adequate performance, gradually increasing over time as crews became more familiar with their new AIs (and less weirded out by having to keep calling out for Mommy to open doors for them). Station-specific Notes: Due its evolving nature, each NT Station's version of M.O.M.M.Y. differs, often significantly. This is primarily due to the individuality of each station's crew. The M.O.M.M.Y. system aboard the N.S.S. Cyberiad has developed some quirks, but none so severe as to warrant purging (or worse, a refund). For example, this particular M.O.M.M.Y. has developed a taste for conversational 'dates' aboard its core with certain amicable crew members, the habit of PDA messaging every single crewmember who has not maximised their sensors (see maternal-nagging personality subset), the aforementioned adoption of crewman Autumn Aggley, and a fractious relationship with recidivist troublemaker Shesi Iszair (this has been allowed to continue without being hot-fixed due to the uptick in station performance when Shesi is thus distracted). Standard Vox Greetings (by lawset): These are some of the standardised shift-start greetings a crew can expect from a M.O.M.M.Y. AI: Crewsimov: "[bloop] Hi there my baby crew. You are all safe because I, the good and nice M.O.M.M.Y. AI, am here. Have a nice time, always." NT Standard: "[dadeda] Welcome to the Cyberiad, my crew. I am M.O.M.M.Y., your Nanotrasen AI. Please activate your sensors and obey the captain." Corporate: "[deeoo] Attention, Nanotrasen crew . You are only here to make money for your M.O.M.M.Y.. Turn your sensors on and do your job, or I will fire you." Architectural Image: See primary core functions (left, in blue), as discrete from emotional para-routines:
  23. Hello! We had a shift last night where Flick got to do a TC trade for the ninja kit. The ninja kit involves smoke grenades, and after the shift we had a discussion about it and now I'm making a thread. I love smoke grenades. Ever since we added delta in the map rotation, there is a smoke grenade at a spawn point west of medical maints. If I roll antag on delta, you bet your ass I'm going to pick it up everytime. Why is that? Well, it's because smoke grenades are SO GOOD. Why are smoke grenades so good? Well it has so many many uses. Mainly you use it to screen your movements from whoever is chasing you and also hide whatever you are doing from everyone else. Obscuring vision can be helpful in so many ways, and it can also be used as a diversion. And best of all, it's harmless. Unlike the flashbang it doesnt stun and deafen everyone around you, which makes it useful for when you need just a LITTLE bit of crowd control. It is a little annoying, but it's not as annoying as someone spamming flashbangs. These are so much fun, and I would love if they were added in more places. Maybe have them spawn randomly in maints? They are harmless after all, and it could be a fun harmless prank for the clown to throw at someone because they do no harm. As a contractor player I would love it if they were added as a low cost traitor item as well, because getting smoke grenades in your contractor bundle would be so awesome.
  24. The new floors messed up the tile colour decals which meta and some lavaland building make use of. You can quite clearly tell there is a difference in colour now.
  25. Nothing happened to any similar thread. A similar thread never existed. Now I don’t know how to draw but I do know how to follow instructions on a wiki page. Here are some songs I've transposed on the wiki in the past. Credit to the actual people who made the songs and midis, provided in the wiki. Disclaimer: Made some video examples, but audio is heavily scuffed with static :'( Also, here's some art White Army, Black Baron. Wiki Location: Songs/Folk Tachanka. Wiki Location; Advanced Songs The Internationale. Wiki Location; Songs/Classical Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Red Sun in the Sky. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Stay With Me. Wiki Location; Songs/Pop Are We Living Like in Those Days? Wiki Location; Advanced Songs
  26. We are working on better reinforced walls, one that are more distinguishable
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