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  1. I'm interested but seems like you've got enough other interest. But if you do need people to practice against or anything, I'd be down to help.
  2. Yeah agreed, that was my thought around the idea of backfiring too.
  3. Unless this was changed I was pretty sure you can only use regular power cells and not high capacity or others in a stunprod. Edit: Sorry checked and I was wrong, you can put high capacities in. I think this must have changed or I'm dumb, woops. Edit 2: Nope I'm even dumber than I thought, what I was thinking was you CAN'T use a regular power cell and it needs to be a high capacity or better.
  4. Yeah overall I like this idea but I think 50% is a bit much. It would mean that you have one chance to hit someone twice back to back. I feel like this might be even worse for fending off multiple attackers than their current state. Like even though it takes 3 hits currently to stun someone, 1 or 2 hits on someone when you're surrounded is still enough to slow them down a bit and potentially get away. I agree that their capacity should be very limited due to their nature but I think 25% feels a bit more right to me. That means you can either fully stun 2 people or slow 4 people down. Also is a bit more forgiving to less robust players who might need to stun someone a second time if they are fumbling to remove headsets or cuff the person. Having only a single shot to stun someone like that is likely fine for vets but I think a bit too punishing for newer people.
  5. I think part of it is that nowadays with Runechat, people often just aren't looking at the chat log as much. Particularly newer players. I find that things like LOOC also get missed a lot. I don't really know what a good solution is though, I like Runechat for its convenience of knowing who is talking but I also dislike that it leads to more being missed.
  6. Yeah to me, the idea of this event is that hostile vendors are going around attacking people and stuff. Breaches shouldn't be the main issue, people getting attacked by hostile vendors should be the main issue since we already have other events like meteors and such which are intended to cause breaches. I'm all for removing the breaches and buffing them in some other way.
  7. I really disagree that this would cause elitism unless there's something fundamental I'm misunderstanding about the suggestion. If it's just having a separate channel for each department and everyone is allowed to read and post in those channels then I fail to see how it would cause any elitism. I don't see this as being much different to games that have a separate forum topic or channels for RPG classes. It just organizes the discussion into one place and makes it easier for people to seek out and find discussions related to a department they are interested in. However, I do agree that there's a good chance they just add channel bloat and not get used. If they did get used though then I could see it being nice to have a specific place to go if you want to have a discussion around something engineering related or if you want to read through previous engineering related discussions. I personally wouldn't have an issue with trying it out like @BottomQuark mentioned. Worst case they don't get used or whatever and we remove them. If we were to try them then I wouldn't make it a strict requirement that if someone starts talking about engineering in the SS13 channel that they get told to go to the engineering channel. I think it should just be an optional type way of self-organizing discussions if people want to.
  8. I might be a bit confused, everyone is mentioning dots and have included a couple of screenshots of dots but on the webmap and image of changes in the PR I don't see any dots. Was it updated or something since those comments were made? Nevermind, had to click "after" on the layers in the map. I am not a huge fan of the dot textures either and echo the comments about it making it look like that non-slip rubber flooring rather than actual tiled floor. I also am not personally a fan of how some of the paint schemes for a tile merge some of the quadrants of the tile. I would prefer that it just always keep it as 4 separate tiles of the same size (exactly like how AA suggested in his post above) The segment thing is the bigger issue for me personally, I could live with the dots but I'm not a huge fan of them. I think I'd just prefer if the floors were just beveled like they are but with a flat texture on top. I wouldn't expect that floor tiles would have a ton of texture on them. I could see there being non-slip flooring as a paint scheme if you wanted that in particular areas.
  9. 1. Hijack objective already lets you go nuts with bombs. For this objective you already have the option to plant bombs in key locations of the station to try and force a shuttle call. 2. Bombs can already be used as a method of assassination if you choose to go that route, assuming that you try to avoid excessive collateral damage and such. In both of these cases bombs are one possible strategy you can take for accomplishing the goal you have but it isn't the only way of doing it. I personally prefer objectives that are a bit more open ended on how you can accomplish them. Additionally, I don't think there'd be a great way to actually detect that someone completed this objective code-wise.
  10. I personally like the idea of engineering borgs being able to have circuits on them. In particular I like the idea of a "circuit storage pouch" that was mentioned above. I think that, just like playing a physical engineer, it should require intentional preparation. A humanoid engineer can be unprepared if they don't fill a box with things they might need before heading to a job site. If a borg always was just printing or generating circuits then they would have a clear, unarguable advantage because they would ALWAYS be prepared without putting any effort in that the humanoid engineer has to put in. If, however (like was suggested), the borg instead has to also do the same type of preparation that a humanoid engineer would do and have to fill their own box of circuits, have a limited amount they can hold, etc. Then this doesn't give them any sort of advantage over regular engineers and there would still likely be just as many borgs who don't bother doing the prep as there are human engineers that don't bother with the prep. I think however that this circuit carrying case should be limited to "standard" boards like the following: APC board Airlock electronics board Air alarm board Fire alarm board (probably some other basics that I'm missing) This would mean that they can't (and shouldn't be able to) just stock up on every type of circuit board you can print in RnD just in case they need it. Those types of boards they can still carry one at a time in their gripper to install as needed but they can't have a huge stock of them hidden away inside them or anything. I see this more as a quality of life change rather than a buff. Engineer borgs are still limited in a lot of ways such as being unable to use plasteel, being unable to move things around with hands, etc. I don't think this change would make engineering borgs any BETTER than they are already, all it does is make it so they don't need to drag a silly locker around to accomplish the same thing that they already can.
  11. I think I'd be interested in doing some small SCP type events like this, however from your description, I feel like this one would be really difficult to actually do and am not entirely convinced it would pay off. This is huge so if the idea is to have a giant corgi it'd have to be constructed in space or something and I'm unsure how you could construct any sort of structure with an interior that still resembles a corgi in any way. The corgi sprite could just be made giant but this wouldn't allow you to have any sort of interior to potentially allow people to mess with it and seal off entrances. Do you have any specific ideas how you see this actually being done?
  12. Yeah I'd like them to be selectable for ERT personally.
  13. Yeah but I feel like you could still work around this use case by deconstructing and reconstructing the thing you need to move around however this obviously wouldn't work for things that can't be deconstructed so yeah I see your point. I think mainly this would be an issue if you wanted to try and set up some sort of power generation or something that involves emitters.
  14. Drones have a gripper to pick up things like circuit boards and put them into things. They also have all the basic building materials inside of them. What types of cases are you thinking of where they'd specifically need to be able to push or pull things or use other materials?
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