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  1. Well I'm not really suggesting any change be made without looking at the whole medical system as a whole. It's possible that if cloning were more limited then other things would need to be tweaked. Less reliance on cloning is just the direction in my head that seems logical but I donno exactly how would be best to get there.
  2. I would much prefer if reviving people actually took effort rather than just sticking people in an unlimited healing machine to give them a new body. Didn't realize /tg/ didn't have the cloner. This is only because it's an option and has no real limit on using it. If the fuel for cloner was actually limited in some way rather than being an infinitely renewable resource then it would be something that needed to be used sparingly rather than for any case. I think part of this is because non-cloner revival only applies to a handful of races and so the process for doing it isn't even common knowledge and people don't have practice doing it. If it was something that had to be done more often then I don't think people would struggle with it, take as long, or entirely avoid it. This is just a guess though.
  3. Yeah I can't really put my finger on exactly why but I don't find that I enjoy doctor as much here as on a server like CM. Not to say that our medical gameplay doesn't do a lot of stuff right, I think it actually does, I just don't find it as rewarding to play personally. On CM your concern is playing efficiently so that patients don't permanently die since if you lose a patient by not healing them fast enough, that's it, they're gone. There is a huge sense of urgency to save them in time but also a great feeling of reward when you do. You actually feel like you are saving them from no longer being in the round, if you don't heal them they will die. This means that learning to be more efficient feels super rewarding because you can literally save more lives and stop them from permanently dying. And there are also many different methods and steps for treating the same things. You can use surgery to treat things faster but need facilities, you can get better pills, know which pills you use. You need to understand dosing so as not to overdose people, etc. On Paradise in comparison it doesn't really feel like doctors are saving people because once the body is recovered there is realistically no risk of them actually being permanently dead. Being more competent in the job lets you get people out the door faster but it doesn't really feel more rewarding. There was never any risk of losing that patient, eventually you are going to heal that person even if it takes a bit longer. Even if they permanently die, just stick 'em in the infinite cloner and they are good as new. Our situation isn't the same as CM though. We don't have as many deaths and also don't have people dying in the same circumstances. On CM there aren't people trying to murder you and hide your body so your body is likely to be recovered quickly if it is possible to do so. On Paradise, antags murder and hide bodies so if we didn't have a cloner then these people would just be out of the round. Right now we don't have the sense of urgency and risk that I find rewarding as doctor on CM but even if the cloner were removed you still wouldn't often have it due to the differing circumstances that people are dying in. People showing up already unrevivable doesn't fix anything and is just worse for everyone. So basically I'm not proposing any solution and this was just articulating my personal opinions on why I don't personally play medical doctor as much here and what is fun to me in doctor role may not be the same fun for others anyways. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  4. They start with a sechud and medhud in their locker.
  5. I've always believed they should have security comms. They need to know when command could potentially be in danger to do their job. Good Blueshields also won't necessarily charge head first into maintenance alone after a command member and should be coordinating with security to recover them. Often the captain just ends up giving them a captain headset but in my experience this is often just done for the security access and would likely not be needed if they started with security comms channel. Sadhorizon already mentioned one of the risks that get brought up when this has been suggested in the past. In addition to this, it is so easy for them to get the comms access should they need it and gives the option to the HoS / Captain on whether to grant it or not. I'm personally of the opinion that they should just start with this channel but I also don't see it as a particularly important addition considering how easy and common it is for them to just be granted this channel when needed.
  6. I think this is a great idea tbh. Not even just for perma prisoners but just for people given sentences in brig in general. Rather than making it SOP I think it'd be even better just as like an automatic notification type thing. However, I dont' think we have an easy way for such notifications from both the job computer and brig to be delivered to a specific person so not sure how it would be done. But I like the idea that if psych is looking for potential interactions they can choose to follow up on these notifications or just ignore them.
  7. Having to decide between wide screen game and reasonably sized chat area is an annoying trade to have to make. I personally find the chat window size too small with the widescreen resolution but if I were to opt out of widescreen I don't like the idea that I'm putting myself at a disadvantage in vision. I personally feel the old resolution should just be kept as the only option.
  8. Hijacking is just a specific action that can be done involving committing other crimes. For example, if a criminal robs a bank there's not a "Robbed a bank law" (probably). He's going to be charged with the crimes he committed in doing that action. If he shot and killed people he's going to be charged with murder, if he stole 10k he's going to be charged with theft over $10k, etc. He's not charged with "Robbed bank", he's charged for all the components and crimes he committed while carrying out that action. For hijack, you are often charging them for the crimes they commit in order to hijack the shuttle. If we want to have a hypothetical situation where we want to know what CC would charge them with for stealing the shuttle itself it would likely be Grand Theft, however there's not a case where someone could have stolen the shuttle during a normal round and then been charged with it since the shuttle being called and docking ends the round and if they successfully hijacked the shuttle then there's nobody with them to arrest them so it's moot.
  9. I'm interested but seems like you've got enough other interest. But if you do need people to practice against or anything, I'd be down to help.
  10. Yeah agreed, that was my thought around the idea of backfiring too.
  11. Unless this was changed I was pretty sure you can only use regular power cells and not high capacity or others in a stunprod. Edit: Sorry checked and I was wrong, you can put high capacities in. I think this must have changed or I'm dumb, woops. Edit 2: Nope I'm even dumber than I thought, what I was thinking was you CAN'T use a regular power cell and it needs to be a high capacity or better.
  12. Yeah overall I like this idea but I think 50% is a bit much. It would mean that you have one chance to hit someone twice back to back. I feel like this might be even worse for fending off multiple attackers than their current state. Like even though it takes 3 hits currently to stun someone, 1 or 2 hits on someone when you're surrounded is still enough to slow them down a bit and potentially get away. I agree that their capacity should be very limited due to their nature but I think 25% feels a bit more right to me. That means you can either fully stun 2 people or slow 4 people down. Also is a bit more forgiving to less robust players who might need to stun someone a second time if they are fumbling to remove headsets or cuff the person. Having only a single shot to stun someone like that is likely fine for vets but I think a bit too punishing for newer people.
  13. I think part of it is that nowadays with Runechat, people often just aren't looking at the chat log as much. Particularly newer players. I find that things like LOOC also get missed a lot. I don't really know what a good solution is though, I like Runechat for its convenience of knowing who is talking but I also dislike that it leads to more being missed.
  14. Yeah to me, the idea of this event is that hostile vendors are going around attacking people and stuff. Breaches shouldn't be the main issue, people getting attacked by hostile vendors should be the main issue since we already have other events like meteors and such which are intended to cause breaches. I'm all for removing the breaches and buffing them in some other way.
  15. I really disagree that this would cause elitism unless there's something fundamental I'm misunderstanding about the suggestion. If it's just having a separate channel for each department and everyone is allowed to read and post in those channels then I fail to see how it would cause any elitism. I don't see this as being much different to games that have a separate forum topic or channels for RPG classes. It just organizes the discussion into one place and makes it easier for people to seek out and find discussions related to a department they are interested in. However, I do agree that there's a good chance they just add channel bloat and not get used. If they did get used though then I could see it being nice to have a specific place to go if you want to have a discussion around something engineering related or if you want to read through previous engineering related discussions. I personally wouldn't have an issue with trying it out like @BottomQuark mentioned. Worst case they don't get used or whatever and we remove them. If we were to try them then I wouldn't make it a strict requirement that if someone starts talking about engineering in the SS13 channel that they get told to go to the engineering channel. I think it should just be an optional type way of self-organizing discussions if people want to.
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