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  1. Maybe if you replace forum with mailing list though...
  2. I still feel like this update doesn't cover what should be done if a prisoner sentenced to Permanent Imprisonment escapes custody during processing or during transport. The new updated one says "Permabrig" prisoners are to be executed if they escape. Does this now mean that someone who has been sentenced to Permanent Imprisonment but who escapes before they are placed into permabrig is free from execution? That seems like a very odd distinction to have in my opinion but if that is the intended distinction, could it be said more explicitly that this only applies after they are placed into th
  3. This change in SoP would have an impact on balance in favor of the cult by slowing down processing times and leading to more releases of cultists. Because of this I think it'd be a good idea to ask whether or not there's currently a balance problem in cult rounds before deciding if this is worth doing. And if the answer is yes then it should also be asked, is this the best way to fix the balance problem? I'm not going to give an opinion on whether or not I think cult needs balance changes or not because I'm honestly not sure. I just wanted to bring up some impacts that this change would ha
  4. I like the first condition, I think that's very clear. I think the second one needs to be broadened slightly though. Consider this example: if a prisoner needed to be transported out of brig and was able to escape custody because for example a clown slipped the officer, they didn't do either of the two things you just mentioned but they did certainly escape custody. Did they cause the opportunity to escape? No, but they did however make the conscious choice to use that as an opportunity to run away. They could have also made the choice to remain in custody knowing that they could be e
  5. Just going to add my opinion onto this because I think my interpretation has been wrong up until this point as well. In my round today as the HoS we had a case where a vampire escaped from custody multiple times while they were being processed into perma (yeah yeah, we should have had blindfolds on hand so they couldn't glare, hindsight and all that, didn't realize we had none around until it was too late). But through this they escaped custody while being processed into perma. Captain ordered them executed for this and I oversaw the execution being carried out. I was boinked because they
  6. I disagree with the passive preference based polling and think it would cause things to become stale. Expecting people to keep their favourite round type list preferences up to date is just extra effort and people would likely just set it and forget it. I feel like right now we get a really good variety in round types. My concern with this would be that we get less variety if people don't frequently update their preference rankings. Say when the feature comes out a bunch of people set up their preferences. It works out to 75% of people ranking traitor as their favourite round type.
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