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  1. 1. HoP 2-5: {"type":"/mob/living/carbon/human","icon":null,"name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum","limbs":{"chest":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/chest","dir":4,"icon":""},"groin":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/groin","dir":4,"icon":""},"head":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/head","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand/right","dir":4,"icon":""},"l_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot","dir":4,"icon":""},"r_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot/right","dir":4,"icon":""}},"iorgans":{"drask heart":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/heart/drask"},"lungs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/lungs/drask"},"metabolic strainer":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/liver/drask"},"drask eyeballs":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/eyes/drask"},"brain":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/brain/drask"},"ears":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/ears"}},"equip":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/backpack/satchel_norm","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/box/survival","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/breath"},{"type":"/obj/item/tank/internals/emergency_oxygen"},{"type":"/obj/item/reagent_containers/hypospray/autoinjector"},{"type":"/obj/item/flashlight/flare/glowstick/emergency","color":"#6496fa"}],"slots":7,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":14},{"type":"/obj/item/storage/fancy/cigarettes/cigpack_midori","icon_state":"midoripacket5","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2,"pixel_y":2},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":1,"pixel_y":-1},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-5,"pixel_y":4},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-2,"pixel_y":5}],"slots":6,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":6},{"type":"/obj/item/storage/box/matches","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"},{"type":"/obj/item/match"}],"slots":10,"max_w_class":1,"max_c_w_class":14}],"slots":21,"max_w_class":3,"max_c_w_class":21},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/cigarette/rollie/nicotine","pixel_x":-3,"pixel_y":3},null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/card/id/silver","name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum's ID Card (Head of Personnel)","sex":"Male","age":35,"btype":"AB+","dna_hash":"0b1b07be873f2ebf5e12adafbb829e00","fprint_hash":"d0ce71949dc61646a1520e5048058163","access":[1,63,2,42,4,5,10,15,16,18,19,21,12,25,26,32,6,27,28,31,34,50,41,35,38,46,22,37,47,48,53,54,43,44,57,59,60,62,99,76],"job":"Head of Personnel","account":0,"owner":"Goom-Goom-Ruum","mining":0},{"type":"/obj/item/radio/headset/heads/hop"},null,{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/gloves/color/grey/hop"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/head/hopcap"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/shoes/jackboots"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/suit/jacket/motojacket","dir":4},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/under/rank/head_of_personnel","dir":4},null,null,null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/pda/heads/hop","name":"PDA-Goom-Goom-Ruum (Head of Personnel)"},null,null],"dna":{"UE":"0b1b07be873f2ebf5e12adafbb829e00","SE":[229,711,995,858,922,812,529,117,855,978,156,93,664,484,370,104,925,536,540,654,511,173,149,167,524,423,970,971,104,75,779,393,862,16,706,371,958,408,366,594,984,708,794,285,939,190,807,243,965,910,449,685,770,110,984],"UI":[4094,4094,128,16,16,16,690,706,369,1637,16,1637,2140,2312,1204,1204,16,16,16,16,16,16,4094,16,1637,16,16,16,4094,16,1637,1678,68,12,78,3110,2384,3110],"species":"/datum/species/drask","blood_type":"AB+","real_name":"Goom-Goom-Ruum"},"age":35,"ushirt":"Nude","socks":"Normal Striped","uwear":"Nude"}
  2. Traitors can also communicate with eachother over syndicate comms. Being able to communicate with eachother privately doesn't necessarily mean they are all friendly with eachother. Just like Esseno said, I personally think the possibility of another traitor or changeling betraying you after working together adds a little extra excitement. It makes it so that if you want to work with other traitors or changelings it becomes a risk vs. reward scenario.
  3. I personally wouldn't care if this option was added but I feel like doing this for one particular phobia would be strange when there's plenty of other phobias out there that people could have.
  4. Mechanic and Pod pilot weren't so much removed because of the jobs themselves being issues, they were removed because pods as a whole feature were being removed because of issues with pod code and balance around pods and such. Having multiple maps has been awesome but people still vote Cyberiad way more often than the other maps even though delta is clearly the best.
  5. My first experience as captain was when I was playing HoP and had to step up to Acting Captain. It turned out to be a nukie round and it was awful and not a great first experience. Honestly, in a lot of ways though, HoS is the most difficult command position to play in my opinion. Captain is able to delegate a lot to their heads of staff and doesn't need to frequently be involved in every decision going on in departments and doesn't need to be involved in hunting down threats. The best way to see what playing captain is like would be if you try out Head of Personnel and then kinda shadow the captain when you aren't busy at your desk. That, combined with basic knowledge of what all the departments are doing and should be doing is a good start. You want to know enough about what all the departments do that you can make sure they are doing what they should be but you don't need to know so much that you're able to do it all yourself. You should also have a good understanding of SoP and Space Law but if you play HoS then I assume that you already know that sort of stuff.
  6. I can't speak for the whole admin team but here's my opinions on the situations. They pretty much align with what @Pckables already said as well. Depends on situation and context to determine if the station should amass guns and it's always the HoS's / Captain's call on whether or not to arm crew. If there's a threat then you should respond to the threat at a similar level to what the threat is. Amassing mechs or printing an armoury of weapons to "prepare" for some threat that "might" happen when station is on green is a problem and is seen as powergaming. Printing out guns for a situation that warrants them after being ordered to do so by the HoS is likely to be fine. Situations like nukies and a blob that is spreading are obvious situations where arming up is expected. Assuming you aren't an antag, it depends on station alert level and what else is going on. If it's green and you aren't diverting security away from other things it might be fine. If you are doing this on code red and diverting security resources away from another threat to chase after you because you stole their equipment then it starts to become self antagging. It also depends if you have an actual reason for doing it. Someone who is just constantly messing with security and trying to make their lives difficult for no reason might end up getting talked to. This seems fine to me. I would say that they shouldn't take a bribe and help you do it but taking a bribe to look the other way seems like reasonable roleplay to me. Really depends on the context though, what's being used to bribe, what's being asked. Violates the rule around playing antagonists responsibly. You can kill people as an antag but it should either be to support your objective or if you need to defend yourself you can kill people who are attacking you. This is allowed but it should be ahelped first so that admins know you are helping. The person with hijack also needs to directly ask you for help, you can't just help them just because you know they have hijack. They have to want your help. This seems fine to me and seems like reasonable RP. This sort of falls under the rule of not camping arrivals area for new arrivals. "Do not camp the arrival shuttle. This includes the area immediately around it, up to the security checkpoint."
  7. I feel like sign language could very easily become a "powergame" language that everyone picks if it were added. If it were to give you the ability to communicate in situations where you normally can't talk or hear people it just seems like something everyone would start taking so they can get around that limitation.
  8. I sorta like this idea, it's pretty funny but also fitting for a cargo person. I mean Atmos techs already get something that lets them move through vents. This would give cargo techs access to places but doesn't really let them arrive at a super strategic time for ambushes and stuff. Also it could easily lead you to get caught if you think a place is empty but then it's no longer empty by the time you get there. I think it comes with enough downsides and risks to use that it wouldn't be overpowered or anything, seems like an interesting idea to me.
  9. In addition, camping perma would be extremely boring if you were just standing there watching it the whole time and I don't see people wanting to do that. If they decided to camp it and be more active by roleplaying with prisoners then I think this actually wouldn't be an issue at all. But this position is going to have more duties than just being a perma guard. With having to transport prisoners to medbay (since there won't be a brig bay), helping with brig upkeep, and doing basic first aid, I don't see them having time to just stay at perma the whole time. If they did, they'd likely be neglecting other duties.
  10. I removed one of my previous posts because after thinking it thorough more I didn't agree with the arguments I was making. My only remaining concern with replacing physician with orderly would be that I don't feel like they have enough security equipment to effectively do prisoner transport or management and I think this should be the central job to what they do by taking some load off the warden. I think they should have basic officer equipment and some very minimal first aid equipment. If you think about it, the sec pod pilot was a fully fledged officer with a specific duty and a bit of extra equipment. I think that's the sort of thing I'd want this to be, they'd have officer equipment but their duties would be centered around the brig rather than patrolling and it should likely be against their SoP to patrol using their equipment. However if they are transporting a prisoner, for example, I think they should be allowed to use their equipment to try and subdue the person in the moment but if the guy escapes into maintenance or something then they should call for backup and let officers re-apprehend so they can return to their duties. Given what I have in mind, my vision for them, I think, would be more suited to be called a Correctional Officer or something since an orderly still sounds medically focused to me.
  11. Just go full Cyberpunk 2077 and call it Cyberware.
  12. I personally like Brig Doctor the way it is currently and don't feel that it has a negative on the round really. It's not a job that is filled all of the time and the times where it's filled I don't see a lot of problems with it. What IS intended? What does "as intended" mean here? The brig doctor guide page itself says this: To me it sounds like there's a mismatch between what some people think the role is intended to do and what the guide tells people they are intended to do. If brig doctors aren't intended to upgrade their workstations with more tools then the guide should not suggest that they do so. Having a guide that says "do X" but then having the thing that is "intended" being only a subset of X is just setting the brig doctor up for failure. However, granted, I also don't see these brig bay setups as being as much of a problem as is being described. Part of the fun for me when I play brig doctor is gathering all the things I need and setting up my work area the way I want. I like that the starting equipment is minimal but that you can work with other departments to get other things you might need. I don't think just replacing brig doctor with orderly would in itself stop these upgrades and equipment acquisitions. For it to do that I think there would also need to be SoP or server rules adjusted. Stopping these brig bay upgrades seems like a large part of the reason for this change so I think those SoP updates around preventing it would need to be included as part of the proposal. Medbay Treatment Stuff I feel like antags already have a lot of opportunities to take out security and in fact some antags do it so well that there are rules around ensuring they don't just kill security indiscriminately. Medbay is also so exposed that I don't see it giving a ton of opportunities to antags anyways. If antags have security officer as a target, waiting in medbay in the off chance they show up and are your patient also seems like a very unreliable strategy that I don't see many antags choosing to do. The only type of antag that I see benefiting a ton from this extra interaction is something like a hijacker who is taking out security indiscriminately, but even then they are going to need something that is bringing security to medbay in the first place so that they can be taken out. My main point here is that I don't feel like antags are missing out on much benefit even if security chooses to go to brig bay. Most antags aren't just trying to take out security indiscriminately and if they are then they are likely a hijacker or being actively hunted and needing to defend themselves. In the latter case they wouldn't be in medbay working as a doctor to take advantage anyways. In addition, I also don't see the "always go to brig bay" happen that often when I'm in security but this is just anecdotal. If medbay is closer then I often see officers just go there, if they are injured while in the brig (or closer to the brig) then they might go to brig bay. However, given how a brig doc isn't guaranteed to even be there, you might end up going to medbay anyways. Implant Stuff I really don't see Brig Doc act as an implant factory very often. I actually can't think of a time in the last month where I've seen them hand out a ton of implants to sec and if this is being done without a good reason then it already falls under powergaming. In my opinion, officers who want to load up on implants for no reason are going to do it whether or not a brig doctor is doing it. I would prefer the solution for this be that the HoS or captain is required to authorize combat implants if the threat warrants it. This same sort of thing is being proposed with regards to mechs in a robotics SoP update and I'd love to see the same sort of thing happen around combat implants. With regards to implant checking, I feel that there are two categories of implant checking. I don't feel that checking for things like toolset implants (which show up on scanners) to be much of an issue and I'm fine with brig doctors checking for these whenever security asks. This check isn't invasive and there isn't a huge IC reason why anyone would want to NOT do it other than the OOC reason of giving an advantage to antags. Surgical implant checks on the other hand are invasive though and should be more of a case by case basis but current security SoP gives them the ability to do it on any confirmed EoC. I don't think making these types of checks less convenient to do is the best way to stop them from being done. Allowing all EoCs to be implant checked but requiring them to be taken to medbay would have the effect of giving antags an additional opportunity to escape and I think escaping perma already happens frequently enough and adds a lot of chaos to rounds that I don't think an additional opportunity is necessarily a positive.
  13. Interesting idea, however, we already have wanted bulletins that can be posted on newscasters with images of the suspect. The wanted notice can only be done by security and makes an alert when one is posted. However, the newscaster wanted bulletins rarely get used. I personally would prefer to see that system get improved over creating a new one. Because of the server rules around validhunting, I don't think this is a problem really. Wanted posters (in real life) generally have the purpose of encouraging people to help apprehend or provide information about criminals in exchange for monetary rewards. I feel like adding these to the game would encourage valid hunting because of the way people already associate wanted posters with a "call to action".
  14. Agreed that this causes confusion because there's two completely different types of implants that are mechanically pretty different. I personally really like the idea of RND implants to be called augments because that's moreso what they feel like than implants. When you get a toolset put into your arm, that's not just some small implant you are doing, that's augmenting your arm to have a bunch of tools inside. Same with augmenting your eyes and such. The ones done via injector make sense as just being called "implant" since they are generally just something that could actually be done via a syringe.
  15. Yeah it can. When mobs exist the server has to update their status every tick or whatever so for each mob that exists it has to do extra work. The number of mobs by itself even if the spawning was spread out is still a problem.
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