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  1. Please also remove this /obj/machinery/computer/aiupload/verb/AccessInternals() set category = "Object" set name = "Access Computer's Internals" set src in oview(1) if(get_dist(src, usr) > 1 || usr.restrained() || usr.lying || usr.stat || istype(usr, /mob/living/silicon)) return opened = !opened if(opened) to_chat(usr, "<span class='notice'>The access panel is now open.</span>") else to_chat(usr, "<span class='notice'>The access panel is now closed.</span>") return It is never used the var also isnt used anywhere As for the map edit part, please wait till the rest of the mapping queue is sorted. Free's remap will be TM'd at some point, I am just super slow atm
  2. I hope so because mass regex replacements are a gateway to "no thanks" Please do this TLDR: Approved, but you have to split this to manageable chunks, or its getting shot.
  3. Im not writing a response to the 80th iteration of this thread. Please see every other thread that has been made for this TLDR: They are not getting a welder and cables.
  4. Context: Read the 5th and 6th lines of his chat
  5. Clarification. Heads & Maints get design votes. CMs do not.
  6. I remember back in 2017 I rolled 2 rounds of hijack traitor back to back. No idea what the odds were, but that has to be low.
  7. Do you have a games controlled plugged into your PC?
  8. If the goal is to purge security borgs for being overpowered as shit with no real counter, this basically puts as back as we were. Malf AI can still do fine with no secborgs, I myself have done this. Have people go engiborg and use the stun arm and just harmbaton them to death. Range doesn’t matter if you can walk up and stun and drag them off before they even realise.
  9. You dont dictate how the repo operates, please stop acting like it. Now onto the question itself at hand. This one I think is fine since its just a big cleanup of existing stuff, not an actual big change in how the underlying code works. I also asked another maintainer how they feel about this, and they agree its fine to put up the PR, so feel free to open it whenever.
  10. They are not subtypes of mechs, but they really fucking should be.
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