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  1. You use light mode? incoming nuclear air strike
  2. What I am saying is that the autoinjector isn't just for you, its for the rest of your crew as well, so it still makes sense for an IPC to have one, incase they come across someone in critical condition.
  3. Something else to be considered in this entire debate. A lot of the autoinjector use is on other people, you can’t exactly stab yourself with it if you’re in crit, however anyone who finds your corpse after you’ve been in a breach for too long can easily just smack you with the injector they have. Consider the full use of the autoinjector in this thread.
  4. No as in my opinion of whether it should be done or not is no. I doubt the rules will be changed, but it is something I dislike.
  5. Got bored and generated these These are the largest threads we have on this forum. This only includes text content, no images. While some of these may seem small in the grand scheme of things (2.2mb on a 2TB SSD is nothing), you have to realise this is 2.2 megabytes of pure plain text, no images or extra stuff.
  6. Of the 123,545,056 bytes (123.5MB) used on all of the posts on this entire forum, this thread accounts for 591,636 of them (591kb). Thats 0.4% of the entire forums storage on one thread. Also, zero.
  7. A *few* cable coils and emergency welder. Again, this is like giving every human an advanced trauma kit and an advanced burn kit on roundstart. It’s not happening
  8. By “pr isn’t the place to discuss this” I meant it’s not up for discussion at all. The removal needed to happen for reasons that we won’t be going into. Thread locked.
  9. Shitters who cry “improve don’t remove” on the git with no real context for anything or any drive themselves to improve said thing. If you’re going to crusade with this, fucking improve it yourself. Same also applies for people who scream “the git is slow you do fuck all”, while also providing no real solution to things other than “work harder” This post is half “pet peeve” half “Y’all need to fucking grow up”
  10. I would be fine for re-enabling it.
  11. Malf AIs dont control drones
  12. Absolutely fucking not. Given how much IPCs heal from these (40 units of welding fuel and 2 entire spools of wire is enough to res them from being entirely dead) compared to how much a medical epipen does is far too much, not to mention you're giving them roundstart tools. This is essentially the same as giving a human an advanced trauma kit and advanced burn kit at roundstart. I have mained IPC for the past 3 years and just dumped my box contents roundstart. I would honestly be fine with an empty box. Yes IPCs get damaged easily, theres no doubt in that, however they shouldn't be given tools at roundstart, much less tools that outclass what robotics are given at roundstart.
  13. This is largely true, especially in my case. I cant speak in regards to the others, but the bridge is a safe spot to aghost from, or as a "tab out to fix production crying" spot it works well. This entire situation occurred inside one round as far as I know, though I was not there so I cant speak on it fully.
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