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  1. The default map will still be boxstation. The other maps will be "available" relatively soon but not to a "playable" level (IE: Meta & Delta need several areas remapped to rework from TG culture to ours) No real rush to get this sorted, but I appreciate the readiness
  2. Its time for an ambiguity bonus round. Is this attempt number three that I have done this? Or is this a zero potential idea?
  3. Heres my take on things Nations was removed from the code because it was awful and had no real direction at all. Revolution still exists but is only admin-forced due to how it basically just turns into RDM for heads, and makes the blueshield want to cry Xenomorphs as a gamemode was a terrible idea, and they were just a midround event for a reason, before getting axed Terror spiders arent a gamemode, and likely wont ever be Cult has been improved by overhauling the entire thing Syndicate agents have been improved by adding contractors
  4. Not a fan of shitty anime references
  5. Assuming you mean for terror spiders, let me give a bit of context (I wasnt the OP of the PR, but @Kyetis likely willing to explain in more detail) This still applies to terrors grown from eggs mid round, but the initial event spawn randomises candidates. The mechanic itself is not "bad", and is actually a lot fairer. The "who can click first" mechanic was highly unfair, since it was basically "whoever has the best ping and best reaction times gets to play the role", instead of actually being fair and picking out from a group of candidates, like any other midround. The old "click f
  6. Having to account for karma trial purchases or one-time refunds is a horrific idea from a technical standpoint, given it would require vastly tweaking how the DB and game works to suit a very minor group of people. This aint happening.
  7. I mean if I fast-track feedback2 we can have stuff like this
  8. What data do you have to quantify this? I have seen a fair few sling ascensions myself.
  9. Loadout system would cry horribly if it had to spawn a mob Big nope from me
  10. Meh The blood stain is concerning though.
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