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  1. I have wanted this for years. My opinion is a lot less valid now than it was 2 months ago but this would be a welcome change.
  3. I didnt think I needed to write this but people asked so here goes. Reasons for resignation are as follows: - Im not happy the direction the server is going in - I am tired of the way members of this community are treated, not even being informed, let alone asked before big changes happen (The community managers werent even informed of the nickname changes, and thats just one example) - It ate into far too much of my time and honestly just hurt to deal with (Not to mention this shit is literally right in the middle of my finals) Let me just elaborate/debunk a few reasons people thought I was gone: Salt over boxen being removed: I requested that removal as part of my leave Salt over being fired from mentor: I asked to resign as part of my leave The fluff cuff removal PR: I made that, and I dont plan to be a tiger repeat Thanks for a good 2 and a half years, but I am moving to better places now, possibly see some of you around on other servers, but for now, goodbye - AffectedArc07
  4. I like the principle, but I dont like it in practice. It removes the ability for creative nicknames, and also ticks people off just because of broken capitals (The a on arc should be capitalised, and generally makes it more annoying to read.) The sync should be optional, or atleast not extend to nicknames, as people have already started to unsync.
  5. Alffd did us well, and it’s truly a shame he is gone. Godspeed my dude
  6. Dont wanna burst your bubble but people can do this themselves and be able to: - Have it run in their timezone not yours - Not deal with copious amounts of latency - Change the code at their own will
  7. IPCs are same from vamps, clings, abductors and some other antags, if anything we need some antags which have a focus on them. Maybe abductors which swap the battery for expansion cards?
  8. Make it so they get inverted colors, drunk walking and malfunctioning limbs, then robotics have to do virus cleanup or something.