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  1. Hello All Paradise services have now been migrated to a new infrastructure. Everything should be working, but please contact me if you are having issues with the game server, forums, wiki, or anything else.
  2. Male and female human sprites are different, so this would require a new set of sprites. Now for the bit where twitter cancels me. The gender option determines how your body is ingame. IRL, you have either a male body or a female body. Thats how it is. This does raise the question of "Add a separate preference as what you want to identify as", but that would require redoing of all the existing pronoun code to use an identify_gender var instead of the regular one, which is just going to cause headaches all around.
  3. @SabreMLthis implies (or to me it does anyway) that it stays on. That and its hardly an issue. It pegs the lighting SS for about 2 seconds, if that, then its back to normal. Its hardly an issue.
  4. Uhhh no? Thats not how this works at all. Performance tanks when there are lighting updates, not by it being static. It takes a second for the entire station to go dark or light, but once it is in that state the atoms arent being modified, as they keep their colour values. Please dont rag about performance issues unless you actually understand how things do or do not impact performance.
  5. I am fucking losing it
  6. So do I account for killing this thread now? Or do I still have 9 lives left.
  7. See other posts in this thread. They may as well have it removed.
  8. Magistrate doesnt need this. They arent a command member or station authority in the same way the Captain is. The magistrate may have final authority on brig related matters, but thats not something which intertwines with the whole of command, but I will break down the points and go in detail why. The entire station doesn't need to know this. Most of the station couldn't (and really shouldn't) care less. If for whatever reason it needs to, the HoS can do it. Not really sure why this relies on an announcement system. Decisions like this are never done in an area other than proc
  9. First of all, no. We may get new gasses some day, but its nowhere near a priority. With the amount of gasses they have, their atmos system chugs in performance, and we already strain for that. The server runs an intel 9900k, and it can only just keep up when we have 160 people online Chem factories are not happening. We have enough chemistry memes already without needing to add literal factories that pump out meth at alarming speed. We also don't want cobbychem. TG xenobio is actually interesting yes, but it would require a lot of balancing around our stuff, and w
  10. Shes too powerful to be kept alive
  11. Ok but 1) Instant ranged stuns are being removed 2) The blueshield isnt meant to be chasing after people, his job is to protect command. The gun is like this for a reason. The blueshield isnt meant to be chasing people down to no end, the taser shots are to neutralise someone attacking a command member, then drag the command member away from harm. The lethals are a last resort if its a situation where security arent around and someone needs to die that minute
  12. Sirens, sure. Yeah its gonna be super annoying but sure. If you mean actual lights that update and flash red and blue in the area around the mech for like 4 tiles away, thats a no from me. Not only will that be super annoying, but it will put a substantial load on the lighting subsystem.
  13. These are the major issues with this idea. Had it been this easy I would have just pinged headmins for a rule revision. This change will just result in ungodly amounts of validhunting for regular traitors because "B-BUT HE COULD BE A HIJACKER"
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