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  1. In all honesty most officers are c or d tier with a few b and the top 10% A tier I am a C+ when it comes to normal sec
  2. When I recounted for once I noticed I could stil count correctly Dev please count again.
  3. I am stating how you said it is something that has been done before. It was not as great you need to make a more complete idea as a lot is lacking.
  4. sounds a bit boring in all honesty main reason is that their is a lack of info in regard to it do we have the station yes or no do we have a starter supply yes or no. Ideas like these have been done in the past with mild sucess but it always became a drag at the end and in some cases a failure because of the lack of space.
  5. in essence yes as irl not all cases are succesfull
  6. I think there should more negative side effectives if done improper. Would also be interesting to have the voodoo doll removed for a syndicate version instead. Also it could be interesting if there would be special books that the librarian needs to make to improve different hypnoses effects. These are just some suggestions just add the ones you like.
  7. in all honesty to fix ipcs you just need a tool kit and sometimes a cyborg analyzer this is why bringing their limbs with them is important these are not hard thing to collect and you can just use a or
  8. Processing for two minutes to process the miscount
  9. robveelben

    Guide to Prayer

    soniiiety who says gods are always good. you have cult gods which demands sacrifies. you have all the different cults made by the chaplain no not all gods work for the best interest even in real life most gods are not really morale.
  10. Also what helps you if you ask someone in the same depertman if you can shadow them often times if that person is okay with it you can learn a lot.
  11. There was a close call with a hop where a head transferd someone to a depertment without approval this claim will cause a demotion if the head is very annoyed which did almost happen since there were barely any records that I could trust untill I had too look into the coms and show that he did in fact approve it cause the hop to be safed. Also pdas can be fabricated it is never a good idea to fully trust pdas as you are not always sure who is using them.
  12. Often times I will send it as a fax to them once the persone has filled it in. I will just say fill the parts you can and give it back to me. Then they can radio me to go ahead and then I will bugger them on the paperwork but it is a lot more efficient for the person.
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