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  1. If someone would be interested into coding and they have 0 experience where would you suggest they start?
  2. Welcome to paradise hope you enjoy playing here. Do not be afraid to ask for help here people will help you in looc or take you as a student if you ask for it. So pick a role and play it.
  3. I always felt that gamming communities or servers work more like a company then a goverment and think it is funny when people compare them as they are very different in nature paradise give us a service and holds the right to that service we can choose to agree or disagree (depending how you disagree it may be considered or your kicked out) the way how admins and suchs work is mostly on a voluntery bases as a employee of the server. While the heads are in essence the ceos of the server. This is a very simple explaination to how I see it. Most communities work more like a company th
  4. Do not be to afraid to ask for help when you are learning we all started at 0.
  5. It sounds like fun for all those involve but it would need to be on a extended round to have this work properly so that everyone can partake
  6. I think it should still be in the hands of the depertment head to make that call in all honesty most of the time why brig docs get demoted is because their real head is the head of security and not the cmo. but i can understand why you would want it in their but it is in security sop somewhere allready or legal for that matter.
  7. robveelben

    Guide to Prayer

    The more powerfull the prayer the stronger it reacts
  8. Part of the fun off IPC is that they are very weak but able to be quickly fixed. I just fear they are becomming to generic and lose all their special traits like what happend with dionas and making them stronger is in reality less fun in my opinion. I am not to sure how we should deal with crit on ipcs as it is kinda a tough having ipcs able to move while in crit doesnt make a lot of sense as their system should be very damaged that makes it from a rp sense the best thing. In a game sense it is very annoying when you can easily be fixed if someone knows what to do or dont have the tool
  9. So here something to talk about the current ipc are in state where we are able to take two hits of emp and also we do also do not worry about blood as we have somehow do not leak oil anymore. I wonder if other people think we should be more fragile again or we need to be more fragile but have upgrades we can get from robotics to improve us. Or you think the current ipc is fine and we should keep it this way please say why as I in all honesty think we become to human.
  10. Best way to learn is trail by fire do not worry about making mistakes we are often very forgiving if you ask help. Have fun ARMA-492
  11. Welcome to paradise feel free to come discord and ask questions there are many great people who will answer them also mentor help is also very great way to help you get started they are nerds that know everything. Goodluck not meeting me in processing ARMA-492
  12. not sure if 2 grams are more or less then one ounce
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