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  1. Good idea as it will also help people to understand other depertments when they begin in those depertments. To be fair I should be one of the people teaching new players integrate but I have noticed often times your just to bussy or you have to much stuff around you that needs special attention that you cannot teach someone how to be good.
  2. in all honesty this sounds like on of those things you have to do on school but noone really wants to do it so it becomes a akward mess
  3. that is indeed true. something like a error text on the cyborg is what I thinking off
  4. I think the simple solution is have a different sprite display when they are dead
  5. that is the job of baldies it is up to the more expeirence crew to clean up their slack.
  6. It is a joke name as it makes pretty much no sense and I can use it anywhere online
  7. yea that is why i suggested a extra machine to place them in
  8. or have a special place like the botany tech disks which would be more helpfull it is up to the hop how they deal with it but it is something that can be helpful
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