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  1. There was a time when the Cyberiad was in balance that was until....
  2. I want to thank kyet fot your clear answer to were we are going I do hope we are able to enjoy those upcomming updates as shadowling is one of my favourites. I did stated terror spiders and Traitors were updated in the recent past while the rest were pretty much negelected so I was indeed wondering what the plans where. That is why I thought we could just drop the game modes that we are not working to make something new were the coders do have the passion for to create.
  3. So I have been here for a while And I was wondering what others think about the many game modes that has been removed or should we try to fix them what is also possible is to try to replace them for the future of paradise. Few examples of those that pretty much got removed. - Nations - Revoultion - Xenomorphs Few examples of those that got updated. - Terror spiders - Cult - Syndicate agents Example of mode that is about to die - Shadowlings These are the ones I am pretty much talking about I think in all honesty that we all can agree that tho
  4. xenos were not a biohazard which made it also a bit more difficult to fight against two mayor problems with xenos one they instantly stun and two they cannot win against mechs. also if you bring a flamethrower to their nest it burns everything in a plasma fire and is the best way to deal with xenos if you are not in mech as xenos just burns to quickly they need a lot of work to be fun again
  5. Two until the worste happens then it might become...
  6. Botany really doesn’t need to be stronger as the people above stated as what I am worried about is that if botany is to strong that sec cannot deal with them without using lethals and what your suggestion is just that I do not approve of this thing to be added.
  7. I am one of the most boring people on the station and even for me getting 5 karma is not hard I think you are just complaining because you are not yet a person who people keep in mind. Most of the times the best way to get karma is to be a expert in one department and have people recognise your skills in it. Take your time to teach people out your own free time and the be the person that help improve others in the game.
  8. We need to remove useless jobs that serve no function first and replace it with useful jobs in my eyes I think your idea has some merit but it would be long time before the coders have time to implement it and I doubt it would happen anytime soon
  9. Just to give my two cents I am very much against it because sec will not be able to investigate who could have done in consideration that I am allready very much against changelings I am even more to your suggestion because of the possible mass abuse and near to zero recourse.
  10. True, in all honesty I have to make decisions that I am not to happy about when playing certain roles but that is how it goes I guess
  11. I never introduced myself on the forums yet think it is about time considering I have been here a while. Like most of you might have noticed I am dutch (so my english is not the best not like it was a secret in the first place). I useally play command roles and sometimes other departments. Currently ARMA-492 is only meant to be played as magistrate as much I try to keep it that way. I have a few other chars I use to play other roles but those are currently secret. For the rest I am not to interesting studying to become a merchant martine officer. I do not have much what I l
  12. Freak clonning accident caused a third wolf to be born
  13. When the third hour is near. then we can only hope for the all mighty hos O'Shaw arrives to the station.
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