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  1. The round started as usual, Lumpy had spawned in as a miner and had just come back from his first mining trip, he was at R&D waiting his turn in line. Stood next to him was Kar-Ski, little did he know they would be his salvation. When suddenly, the input controller broke, yes the one that handles what people press on their keyboards to do things. Everyone became frozen in place unable to move only able to talk and look around. When Lumpy devised a plan to rise above the rest and become the new most powerful entity on the station. He looked Kar-Ski in the eyes, they knew what to do as well. They grabbed each other and pushed each other down the halls. They were moving at near mach speeds zooming past the bridge where the AI was flaunting its power to move as well. The duo reached arrivals where there was a sudden outbreak of space vines. Being unable to move normally the duo decided to flee the area. Then the round ended via admin restart. And this was the tale of when the input controller broke and the duo became the two most powerful beings on the station.
  2. So, the Syndicate hired you to go on a suicide mission to blow up a space station, now what? Well, fortunately for you this guide is for you. Starting Off So, you just spawned in with your teammates, you might want to greet them to get a feel of how experienced they are, once you've done that depending on whether or not you're the commander you may want to ask your team if they want to declare war or not (this guide is mostly focused on war ops but I will touch on the other options briefly). You will want to make this decision carefully as this will heavily influence the direction of your mission. DO NOTE War is the most difficult option available to you and will likely result in your death if you go in unprepared or inexperienced stick with your team and ask for help when you need it, the rest of your team is counting on you to not balls it up. Declaring war on the station will greatly increase your available TC, you will receive roughly 3 TC for every crew member, however you will be unable to launch your shuttle until 20 minutes into the round, the crew WILL have lots of time to arm themselves via cargo however you have roughly 10 minutes to declare war before you can no longer declare, you can use this to your advantage by waiting until just before declaring war leaving the crew with only 10 minutes to prepare greatly reducing the amount of weapons they can buy. So, you went with war, alright this is gonna be difficult for you but it will be fun, head to the south east as there will be a handful of lockers with some very basic equipment in them, grab your belt, goggles and spare clip, you won't need the rest of the stuff in there for war. Getting your gear Now this is arguably the most important part of your mission, your equipment will define what role you're taking on in the team and how well you can deal with the threat of the crew, the crew will almost certainly be heavily equipped with shotguns armor and all sorts of dangerous weaponry. I could list all of the items and their use here but that would make this guide about the length of a scientific research article so I'll just cover some of the noteworthy items available to you. All the items available to you can be found here: https://www.paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Nuclear_Agent_Items do note that you also have near total access to everything from a standard operative's uplink. Esword/Dsword This is a near essential part of any Nukie's kit it provides near unparalleled defense and great offense at the same time, having the standard esword active will grant an innate 50% block chance for all attacks and deals a whopping 30 damage per hit, while a dsword will grant total immunity to energy weapons and a 75% block chance for all other attacks, the weapon isn't impervious however as there are a handful of things it cannot block, in particular, thrown objects, they will ignore your block chance and certain things can even embed or stun you. Cryptographic Sequencer (Emag) Another essential tool in a Nukie's loadout, this will effectively grant you all access and allow you to mess with a few things the crew may want to keep around. Do note that if you emag a door that is currently bolted it will remain bolted after being emagged and seal an area off unless the door is destroyed. Elite Syndicate Hardsuit Now, this is a bit of personal opinion but the standard blood red hardsuit is just awful, the elite hardsuit however is an excellent piece of equipment, at a tiny 8 TC you can get a full body suit of armor that is fireproof, grants a whopping 60 brute,60 bullet,50 laser,25 burn protection, considering the crew is primarily armed with shotguns and auto rifles the bullet and brute armor is huge. Shielded Syndicate Hardsuit This is just as effective as the elite hardsuit but with some different abilities, the suit shares the exact same armor values as a standard blood red hardsuit, however, the suit has a rechargeable shield that blocks ANY 4 hits entirely, this hardsuit is better suited to shorter engagements as the sustained fire from the crew will wear down your shields leaving you vulnerable. Syndicate Sniper Rifle This is one hell of a gun, at a surprisingly cheap price of only 16 TC this weapon does utterly insane amounts of damage per shot, however you shouldn't be aiming for the body with this beast, shooting someone in the head will instantly kill them regardless of headwear (unless they're an IPC) and completely prevent them from being revived if the fight goes on long enough, it also comes equipped with a scope allowing for quick and easy kills, it is important to note this weapon's very low fire rate and low ammo capacity of 6 shots, this weapon can also be equipped with fearsome penetrator rounds that pierce through walls and people, combined with an xray implant this becomes an even more fearsome gun capable of taking out heavily fortified areas with just a few shots . Any Of The Various Bundle Items These are almost always worth the price as well as giving you a syndicate duffelbag, they are larger than your starter backpack and have no slowdown. Medibeam Gun This is an amazing option for support of your team as it allows you to heal large amounts of damage quickly and even mend broken bones, do note that this item has to be in your active hand to function, and if multiple people on your team are using one DO NOT CROSS THE BEAMS, it will create a rather devastating explosion that will almost certainly result in the death of you and any nearby operatives. Alright, enough about the items on to the assault itself. Pre-Station Targets There are a small handful of targets you may want to take out before heading to the station proper, destroying tcomms will take away the vital communication that the crew needs while still leaving you with your own comms, you may also want to destroy the AI, if the AI is a big dumb dumb they won't have moved their core to a more secure location, this is great for you, the AI can be a right pain if left to its own devices. The Station Raid Here it is, what you've been waiting for, the raid on the station itself. Your one and only goal is to get the nuclear auth disk, arm your nuke and escape alive, you will always know a general direction of the nuke disk thanks to your pinpointer which you should turn on, it will be located in your PDA slot and will point you towards the disk. Get you and your teammates into the airlock, turn on your internals and jetpack, once you exit the shuttle MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE BLAST DOORS, there will be a little button just to the left of the door that will close the blast doors and seal out any snoopers looking to mess with your ship. If you go down or get stunned and don't have teammates to back you up, manually detonate your microbomb implant, this can be done by clicking the button in the top left or if you're in crit and unconcious typing "succumb" into the bottom bar of your screen will make you die instantly and activate your bomb implant. The crew will likely have made many fortifications across the station, this can be good and bad, you'll be killing lots and lots of people, don't get caught up in your bloodlust however, many nukies fail to remain on task and this is where they fall, you'll want to be in and out as fast as possible, once you (hopefully) take down the Captain you'll want to take their body to safe location, then strip their body and search their bags for the nuke disk. Once you have the disk head back to your ship and get the nuke out, bring the nuke to a secure location on station, preferably away from space, right click on the nuke and deploy the bolts, insert the disk and open your notes, the nuke code will be stored in there, input the code, arm the nuke, take the disk out so the crew cannot disarm the nuke and GTFO, get back to your shuttle, try to take as many operatives with you as you can but if you must you can leave the rest behind. Hoping all goes well and the crew doesn't get the nuke off the station before it explodes you will be greeted with a Syndicate Major Victory. CONGRATULATIONS You just pulled off what most fail to do and have likely earned the respect of the ghosts. Other Methods So, you or your commander decided against war, well now you have two options Blitz and Stealth, Blitz is generally the better option of the two, do note that since you haven't declared war you won't have the nice big TC injection war gives, this means you need to be more careful with what you choose for your equipment, the benefit to this strategy is that the crew will be totally unaware until you begin your assault and will not be armed, you'll be able to get in and out quickly with little effort. Stealth on the other hand is a much slower method, with this method you'll more be focused on subversion, sabotage and infiltration. You'll want to ditch a lot of the previously mentioned equipment for other options, most of the equipment you'll want is also available to standard traitors which can be found here : https://www.paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Syndicate_Items . If any of you get caught odds are the jig is up and you need to be ready for a fight. Conclusions All in all Nuclear Emergency is an interesting gamemode to say the least, if you follow this guide roughly you'll hopefully lead you and your team to victory and avoid much of the salt that gets directed at the inexperienced. Good luck and remember, GET DAT FUKKEN DISK.
  3. As the name suggests this is a pouch filled with a number of flasks, the flasks are filled with various dangerous chemicals and will explode into smoke when thrown, the pouch also fits into pockets, and finally the flasks will gradually regenerate over time, the pouch will contain 8 flasks filled with chems ranging from cyanide to initro to heparin as well as a single flask of facid to deal with those wearing masks, generally most of the chems you see under the toxins tab on the wiki. The pouch will additionally come with a magical plague doctor's outfit that shares the same stats as standard wizard robes (It may or may not also be colored green for a nice little reference). Yes, this is memechems for wizards, considering their nature as a highly chaotic faction with only the intent to cause destruction and cause chaos, a pouch of flasks is not that far of a stretch for a wizard faction, the regeneration of flasks is due to the fact that in the case of a prolonged round the wizard will surely use up their entire supply. The ability to keep flasks in pockets also grants the ability to carry multiple pouches at one time for the ability to rely moreso on one's alchemical talents.
  4. Name: Lumpy Age: 27 Gender: "Male" Race: Slime Person Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Anomalist, Surgeon, Station Engineer Biography: Formed on Xarxis 5 in the year 2535 AD, at the age of 10 [REDACTED] (view security records with appropriate clearance). Began attendance at the University Of Sol in the year 2543, achieved a doctorate in all medical fields by the year 2549, continued education in the field of engineering in 2550, achieved a Master's Degree in Space Engineering in the year 2553. Returned to further their education in the year 2556 in the scientific field of Astrophysics and Bluespace Manipulation, graduated in the year 2560 with a doctorate in both fields. Nanotrasen talent scouts identified Lumpy's potential value as an employee and was promptly recruited in the year 2561. Assigned to the NSS Cyberiad in the year 2562. Qualifications: Medicinal Qualifications: Surgical License, Medical Doctorate, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Doctorate, Doctorate in Virology. Engineering Qualifications: Master's In Space Engineering. Scientific Qualifications: Doctorate In Astrophysics. Doctorate In Bluespace Manipulation. Employment Records: Prior employment is undocumented. Security Records: !WARNING! Accessing this file without proper authorization is grounds for the termination of the employee's employment contract !WARNING! Authorization required: Head Of Security or greater After the seizure of several Syndicate documents after a number of agents were detained, it was discerned that the subject Lumpy was kidnapped at a young age and trained as a Syndicate operative. Employment for the subject has continued as it was also discerned that the subject was made into a sleeper agent that requires activation. In the subject's current state they are completely unaware of their previous dealings and training with the Syndicate, it is paramount that the Syndicate be prevented from contacting the subject as their utility and value to NT operations in the Epsilon Eridani system has been deemed greater than the risk of activation with current protection methods in place. Records will be updated as is required. Medical Records: Other than a few minor issues nothing appears out of the ordinary from your typical crew member. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): A 4'9" green Slime Person, long shoulder length hair, indistinct facial features. Commendations: N/A Reprimands: N/A Other Notes: N/A
  5. This is why you never press the 3 AIs button, you get 20+ AIs built by a maniacal slime with too much time on their hands.
  6. As the title says this suggestion is to remove IB from your extremities (Hands and feet). Yes this is a bit of an idedplsnerf IB (internal bleeding) is a particularly crippling internal injury as it effectively puts you on a timer to death, while yes its effects can be mitigated with iron and saline it becomes basically impossible to cope with the second you get a second instance of it. Having two instances of IB will result in the victim vomiting blood on a very frequent basis, to an untrained eye that doesn't seem that bad, however, vomiting incurs an excessively long stun as well as forcing you to drop whatever you were holding at the time it happens, quite clearly this is utterly debilitating and game ending. Now regardless of where the IB is located in your body it will contribute to vomiting blood, including your hands and feet. The two hardest to protect regions of your character can apply the most damaging and impactful internal wounds, that doesn't seem very fair for combat. Imagine getting shot or stabbed in your hands then you start vomiting so much blood you're physically incapable of doing anything, how much sense does that make, the same applies for getting shot in your feet, it is absurd to think of how that would actually work. So, this was my argument as to why IB shouldn't be able to occur in your hands or feet.
  7. When I mentioned this map in the wiki development channel on the Discord, Kyet brought up that the HoP doesn't have access to the AI upload, as well the HoP lacks any reason to enter the Vault as they lack any reason to ever be in there, they don't have the NAD for the nuke nor do they have the safe codes for said safe contained within.
  8. Worth noting, the HoP doesn't actually have access to the AI Upload or Vault, that's something that should be updated, then honestly it'd probably be wiki worthy
  9. You can refill enforcers with 9mm ammo, rubbers included, this goes for all types of ammo, not saying this is a good idea though.
  10. It is time to prove once and for all, is Furasian the biggest nerd on the server.
  11. I wouldn't say that's an issue with the role more just an issue with the players that needs to be cracked down on
  12. Be totally tripped up at the lack of breathing and any other bodily functions then probably just do my regular things and be petrified at the sight of a low thermostat
  13. Correction, it's at the 20 minute mark you can leave, crew can shuttle at 30, not as bad but still plenty of time for the crew to gear up