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  1. (Yes this is lots of mapping and code work I know, but it's simply a suggestion that could be PR'd or implemented at a later date) The Concept For the most part this suggestion is a rip from the game Hardspace Shipbreaker, in Hardspace you play as a massively indebted Shipbreaker, as the name implies your job is to dismantle star ships depositing various ship components and parts in the correct places all the while dealing with the various hazards that come with taking apart a ship rated for interstellar travel. The Details The new job would be based out of an extension of
  2. Let's be honest the vast majority of the job exclusive items are absolutely awful or too niche/borderline rule break to really be used, a while back I was trying to think of what could be done with Cruciatus but I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't be too good or useful
  3. I like this idea but IMO science and botany are both incredibly powerful in the right hands, this would pretty much be merging them into one super job that can manage any threat or become a threat bigger than any other
  4. As the title suggests, this is a proposal for a rework to Slime People, this is not a full rework but more so a change to their primary trait, currently I'd consider that just not having bones, my suggestion is this. Remove the nobones trait and replace it with a sort of hyper regenerative tendency, Slime People will now suffer from increased hunger usage and actual damage from being starved but have very slight innate organ healing, they will also have the ability to mend internal damage and wounds at the cost of food, their ability to regrow limbs would be retained but the cost would be
  5. Hmm, what's that I smell? The salty tears of being reset to the beginning? My favorite!
  6. Name of Event: SATURDAY NIGHT TERROR: The Monster Of The Maintenence Tunnels One Sentence Description: A bizarre humanoid creature has taken up residence in the maintenance tunnels of the Cyberiad, will the crew be able to defeat this horrific creature? Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Any, preferably low/mid pop to prevent it ending before it begins Full Description of Event: A human is spawned nude and has their lower body and legs removed, they are then given an infinite amount of the chem Stimulants to let th
  7. My time is now, embrace the resetti spaghetti, your count is now 0
  8. The round started as usual, Lumpy had spawned in as a miner and had just come back from his first mining trip, he was at R&D waiting his turn in line. Stood next to him was Kar-Ski, little did he know they would be his salvation. When suddenly, the input controller broke, yes the one that handles what people press on their keyboards to do things. Everyone became frozen in place unable to move only able to talk and look around. When Lumpy devised a plan to rise above the rest and become the new most powerful entity on the station. He looked Kar-Ski in the eyes, they
  9. So, the Syndicate hired you to go on a suicide mission to blow up a space station, now what? Well, fortunately for you this guide is for you. Starting Off So, you just spawned in with your teammates, you might want to greet them to get a feel of how experienced they are, once you've done that depending on whether or not you're the commander you may want to ask your team if they want to declare war or not (this guide is mostly focused on war ops but I will touch on the other options briefly). You will want to make this decision carefully as this will heavily influence the direction of
  10. As the name suggests this is a pouch filled with a number of flasks, the flasks are filled with various dangerous chemicals and will explode into smoke when thrown, the pouch also fits into pockets, and finally the flasks will gradually regenerate over time, the pouch will contain 8 flasks filled with chems ranging from cyanide to initro to heparin as well as a single flask of facid to deal with those wearing masks, generally most of the chems you see under the toxins tab on the wiki. The pouch will additionally come with a magical plague doctor's outfit that shares the same stats as standard
  11. Name: Lumpy Age: 27 Gender: "Male" Race: Slime Person Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Anomalist, Surgeon, Station Engineer Biography: Formed on Xarxis 5 in the year 2535 AD, at the age of 10 [REDACTED] (view security records with appropriate clearance). Began attendance at the University Of Sol in the year 2543, achieved a doctorate in all medical fields by the year 2549, continued education in the field of engineering in 2550, achieved a Master's Degree in Space Engineering in the year 2553. Returned to further their education in the year 2
  12. This is why you never press the 3 AIs button, you get 20+ AIs built by a maniacal slime with too much time on their hands.
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