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  1. Right, I'm seeing a lot of objection to prods having the funky %battery stuff, I personally think it would add an extra layer of forethought for using them but I'm not the one making the actual code changes. I guess just making it bulky would be fine on its own, but I will still push for the belt slot I've been told there would be objections to just bulky in other discussion so I see the belt slot thing as a sort of compromise for that. (Do note that making prods bulky was actually PR'd before a while ago, but this was back in the era of instant stuns)
  2. Can't load yellow cores into stun prods IIRC. I do kind of like the idea of prods potentially backfiring but I feel it may be too punishing for newer players, and if anything the backfire chance should be the inverse of the second option you've suggested, lower charge lower amount released in a dangerous discharge while a higher capacity cell has more to potentially dump into a user. Maybe specifically bluespace cells could have a few extra hits compared to the other cells due to the much later development of them compared to other cells. EDIT: Just thought of this as well, but losing a fight to RNG is kinda lame, there's no low tier alternative to batons other than a prod, and unlike modifying the detective revolver you don't exactly have a choice when using the prod.
  3. This is intentional, sec batons should be better than prods, prods are makeshift weapons that just about anyone can make cheaply, and being able to carry more than two or three conveniently (one belt/back, 1/2 in hand or any other combination), would circumvent the downside of the high power cost and inability to hotswap cells midcombat. The %based battery usage is based on the fact that they're quite ramshackle (you don't even need to tools to craft them) and to give them a downside other than just their size, without it they'd pretty much just be bigger batons that are a bit harder to hide. If you want something better you should have to do a larger crime than just "Possession Of A Weapon", be it stealing a sec baton or being a contractor for the baton they get.
  4. This is fair, I was generally thinking of it from an offensive perspective rather than potentially using it to escape an aggressor (cult, etc) and the degree of an at least experienced player. 25% does seem more fair overall. Back slot already exists, but I doubt anyone would actually give up their backpack or carry it around just to have a funny weaker batong stored, so belt seems fair. If it's too good though then it can be easily changed.
  5. So, stunprods as they are now are in kind of a sorry state three hits to fully stun someone is kind of really bad, I don't think I've seen anyone use them seriously (outside of bald tiders) since the nerf. So my proposal is this, stunprods should be reworked, they will be a 2 hit stun/stam crit much like regular security batons however, instead of using a set amount of charge per hit their cells are drained on a percentage, 50% to be exact, additionally prods would now take a timer to add/remove a power cell, this is to prevent combat hotswapping of powercells, finally prods would be made bulky and able to fit in a belt slot, this is to prevent carrying around multiple to just ignore the other downsides presented here. Let me know below what you think, overall I feel this is a reasonable change that would give prods a niche while still keeping them inferior to batons. To summarize Prods are now bulky but gain the ability to fit in the belt slot. Prods stun/stam crit in 2 hits like a security baton. Prods now use 50% of their equipped battery per hit. Prods now have a timer on switching the equipped power cell.
  6. Title says it all, kind of silly if you ask me that despite being able to protect against heat almost as hot as the surface of the sun (exaggeration), this itty bitty funny light from a star still bakes you through it. Additionally, gamma ERTs probably shouldn't be getting baked just for getting off their shuttle when there's a funny event going on. In general this feels like something that would make sense.
  7. So, as it is currently whenever the hostile vendors actually happen, they make a lot of breaches all over the station, this of course ticks up atmos and can make things fucky, my suggestion is this, make their explosions have no devastation value (the part that breaches) but in compensation bump up the heavy values (the part that breaks walls, etc) a little bit. This way the event is still fairly damaging but doesn't make atmos explode and cause problems.
  8. As already stated by General Do Nothing, engineering borgs are already effectively superior to engineers in many fields (infinite RCD, effectively infinite metal and glass, innate atmos and rad immunity, etc). They do not need more buffs. Additionally being able to outright print things on the fly, most likely at the mere cost of energy because of how cyborgs work which is a whole other can of worms, is an entirely different ability from having to go to an autolathe/circuit vendor, get a locker, then haul that locker out to where repairs are being done, as a side note there's nothing stopping an engi borg from just always having a circuit in their grasper. Maybe if this was basically just a personal case it'd be more possible but I doubt it'd be accepted to begin with due to the above mentioned reasons. Cyborgs are meant to have certain things about them weaker than their organic counterpart because there'd be no reason to not play a cyborg at that point.
  9. It has been stated before that if you become a Xeno or Terror, your consciousness is subsumed by the hivemind and you are to work towards the goals of said hive. Syndie borgs are given the syndicate lawset as above, Outside of those instances people shouldn't suddenly start wrecking up the place.
  10. Simple mob slimes are nuts, regardless of whether or not they're spawned by the SM, to list a couple things, adult slimes can do around IIRC 20-30 brute damage with their basic attack, if they have fed on something their attack can also stun people, their latch does genetic damage, completely immune to laser weaponry, have a "backup" life if they're defeated as an adult splitting into 4 slimes all of which are hostile mind you, and laser weapons/hot temperatures make them go faster than meth, it's not so much an issue with pyro slimes being too strong and moreso that simple slimes are busted but usually aren't too much of an issue because they can normally only become sentient via potions.
  11. EMPs when used in large quantities, such as several separate ion guns actually handle mechs quite handily, they drain charge from the cell on top of damaging the suit, they also ignore the armor that mechs have, mechs crush just about anything lacking ranged attacks but the swarmers are equipped with ranged weapons and movement blocking structures creating opportunity for the swarmers to rail on the mechs from behind cover.
  12. In regards to mechs I've already mentioned a solution, red swarmers will have their traditional high damage lasers as well as an Ion mode available via unlocks, in the event the crew is mech spamming the swarmers can rush out the ion upgrade to try and counter them as well as upgrading the cap on reds.
  13. The biological recycler basically is the win condition, when the swarmers have overrun everyone and there's little to no resistance they'll be able to herd the last survivors and gather the bodies feeding them to the recycler, this should be when a DS is sent in to nuke and stop the swarmers from spreading or the crew transfer happens meaning people won't have to sit out much more of the round before a restart, and even if the crew does somehow claw back a victory from the swarmers at that point the sheer damage caused to the station would likely warrant a shuttle call.
  14. Swarmers as they are now while an interesting concept really aren't fun to play against at all or even play as in some cases, it boils down to basically just going to a lone room, eating that whole room then burrowing into maints to eat all of the walls there and replicating all the while then eating a bunch of important structures with the sole goal of being really annoying. For the most part this will be co-opting the lavaland swarmer "megafauna" to overhaul the antagonist. My proposal is this, make swarmers into a full proper midround event in tandem with these changes. The swarmer event starts with a "prime" swarmer which bears a unique sprite and is capable of converting itself into a swarmer beacon which will then function like a swarmer AI with various abilities powered by harvested resources. The new beacon will then immediately spit out 3 swarmers one of each color, these will be offered to the ghosts to control, if one is destroyed after a brief period the beacon will produce a new swarmer of the destroyed type. The beacon AI will have access to various upgrades accessible via deposited resources, the primary upgrades available will increase the passive production limit of swarmers getting progressively more expensive with each upgrade, once a critical threshold of swarmers is reached the beacon will gain access to create a biological recycler breaking down bodies into resources while extracting the brain or whatever equivalent for a "later" use as dictated by their programming, their win condition is consuming the crew. Additional upgrades can be purchased enhancing the stats of individual types of swarmers such as health and resource capacity and new structures beyond what they have currently. All swarmers barring the prime swarmer will lack the ability to ventcrawl with the intended purpose of locking down one area then expanding outwards The blue swarmers function as a support type and will largely function as they are now as well as being the only type capable of building swarmer structures, however they will no longer be able to produce new swarmers individually instead they will act as resource ferries with the goal of balancing feeding resources to the beacon to manufacture additional swarmers and upgrades and producing defensive structures. Yellow swarmers will function as a robust melee variant without their traditional instant stun but rather dealing moderate amounts of burn and stamina damage with a weak overshield capable of blocking 1-2 hits(this includes EMPs), these will have a small resource capacity so in lulled times they can function as a lesser blue swarmer. Red swarmers will be the fragile ranged type with a potent laser weapon, upgrades will increase the projectile speed and add an incendiary, and EMP function to their weapon, resource capacity will be minimal with essentially the sole purpose of being able to preform repairs in the event they get damaged. New structures will include swarmer "tiles" which grants a defensive boost to swarmers on it while hampering the movement of crew, these can be pried up with a simple crowbar. They will also gain access to a simple disabler turret with a high resource cost as well as a matter compiler capable of breaking down resources that normally can't be deconstructed into resources for the beacon and, of course the aforementioned biological recycler. I'd like to hear your input and ideas down below so feel free to discuss things.
  15. Sabotaging lights is actually quite easy considering you can just make a light switch and instantly turn off all the lights in an area for what is basically free on top of the incredibly limited number of janitors who actually bother to fix lights. And a flashlight isn't exactly a counter to the speed as all it really takes is breaking LOS with the source of the light, being in view range of security for a prolonged duration is always a bad situation for an antagonist as it leaves them open to getting blasted, in particular breaking LOS is incredibly easy in maints where there's many corners and doors to close behind you blocking light from disabling your cloak speed.
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