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  1. I utterly disagree here. You and I have discussed possible changes, you've created a shared place for discussion on it, and we're working together with numerous other players and admins to make some positive changes. Your actions and mine I see as more than acceptable. But in the case of those choosing to "strike out", it is very much a case of one being right and the other being wrong. This is not a "both sides are to blame" issue. "Vox players" are not a monolith for a start, but there is one side that is very much to blame. Let me be absolutely clear: Threatening to disrupt the github
  2. This is just flatly untrue, and an example of the kind of sniping I'm sick of. We take community feedback into account with all PRs. Sometimes we don't agree with it and make changes that are unpopular to 14 people who downvoted it. I'm in this thread, right now, talking to people and taking community feedback into account, for when I vote on future PRs that result from this. We're not an emojiocricy on the github. If you want to influence the decision process, you'll have to talk to the people involved in a constructive fashion and with good faith - OP is an excellent example of that.
  3. TBH this seems the simplest and quickest solution.
  4. In my experience here, the "racial cliques" are a very poor source for balance, due to the bias inherent. Of all the racial cliques I've seen, the current main Vox clique is one of the most toxic, hence the sheer number of bans handed out. I don't particularly care what the self-appointed gatekeepers of the Vox think, based on how myself and the staff team have been treated by them, the lies spread, accusations of "promoting racism", and other such nonsense. Our most recent overhaul of Vox (when spaceproof was removed) resulting in a pretty disappointing reaction from the "community". Bei
  5. Unwanted sexual advances and threats of violence seem a pretty good thing to crack down on. Any workplace in reality wouldn't allow that. A security officer roleplaying as a security officer in a workplace and cracking down on threats of violence isn't "abuse", it's them properly role playing - even if space law doesn't specifically list threat, it's common sense that security would involve themselves in it. Someone going around blowing kisses and threatening violence isn't the kind of roleplay I'd like to see here. The kiss blowing is cringey, and the violent threats are just insanity.
  6. I'd happily go a step further and make it instant grounds for dismissal as well, as is exactly the same in every single job I've ever been in.
  7. I'd like to be able to do gamma without the armoury for sure. That and the borgs is a huge reason why I have avoided sending it on multiple occasions, so I'd hugely support this. If it was able to be called by players.....I'm hesitant to let that be a player decision. Gamma should really be only for event-level chaos, or a true clusterfuck of RNG. Authorisation to throw SoP out the window really should come from on high.
  8. This. Something already being overpowered is not a good reason to make it even worse. Sure, killer tomatos could be more interesting and deadly - but the overall effect on the game would be another fairly silly gimmick botany have to be overpowered with. It's just not worth it when you look at the cost compared to benefit.
  9. Perhaps a chance to vomit every 10 seconds or so? Not so much it's crippling, but enough that it's something you really, really, don't want to happen in the middle of a fight.
  10. Another quick thing I'd like to add to a good guide - if you are having trouble with sleeping due to staying up all night on ss13, we can ban you if needed, and have done this plenty of times for people. Sometimes for a 8 hours so they can get some sleep, sometimes over christmas so they can spend time with family, sometimes for a month or two so they can focus on their finals or some other IRL thing. Thanks @das bread for posting this, as I know for sure it's a problem for numerous players.
  11. Clickbait title woo. So let's talk about shaming culture. Shame is an important social tool to indicate a societal attitude towards behaviour. Go look up sociology shit on wiki. As crew, comments on your coworkers shape their actions. As admins, it can be our job to shame people for their behaviour. This can be done appropriately some times - but someone shouldn't feel too ashamed over a simple mistake, especially newbies. This needs to be done carefully and correctly to ensure that it stops the behaviour, and teaches people the correct action. You should avoid direct
  12. Oh and here's the work of (a whooole bunch of people) that we use now
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