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  1. The 2020 PAASC! As teased in the Discord, I'm proud to announce the start of 2020 Paradise Art And Spriting Competition! The goal of this competition is for the staff to be able to see a whole bunch of different styles of spriting, the the aim in mind of getting the chosen style spread throughout many of our sprites. The winner will be chosen by a vote of the Heads and Maints, and chosen on the mixed grounds of subjective personal taste, how identifiable items are, and how they mesh with the current look of the station sprites. The Prize, Details and Disclaimers: The
  2. Very much this. The Magistrate is not some kind of "super head". The magistrates job is to make sure space law is being properly followed - not to stop people being generically annoying. They're not even a head of staff. A lot of these issue can (and should!) be dealt with by the head of staff, telling them to knock off whatever behavior they're doing. If they refuse, and it was reasonable to tell them to knock it off (Because it was unprofessional, disruptive, etc), then you can fire them if they don't. Giving the power for Magistrates to make up new laws that people have to follo
  3. If people can't play against each other in a competitive game without taking it personally, then fuck'm. We shouldn't change the server because some people can't handle getting killed in a video game.
  4. This also assumes it's a bad thing. Imo, and Us vs Them mentality between the security for a corporation and a group of agents trying to destroy said corporation seems utterly appropriate to the setting and RP. I don't get why we'd want to remove this.
  5. I think this whole idea makes some assumptions that just don't hold. For a start, there are plenty of people who want to go down guns blazing when caught by sec. This means sec will still be afraid when confronting an antag that they'll be turned on and killed, thus handle them as such. I don't think we'll see more talking because of this change at all before the stun and cuff. If it's not guaranteed that they'll get parole, then giving themselves up to sec is a huge risk. Secondly, it assumes that the RP of parole is the kind we want. And there's a few issues with it, being that the
  6. I'd be quite fine with something like this being added - if people want to kill themselves I don't see any need to bring them back into the round, they made their choice. Actual wording of SoP I haven't had enough coffee to do yet though
  7. I think Dumb has said really most of what needs to say, but I'd just like to add that we're thankful for the time you put in and the help you gave, and that in no way should you see this as a permanent thing that cannot be undone. People sometimes unretire years later from their position, and I hope one day both yourself and the server are in a state where you can return.
  8. Breenland has unretired
  9. This is def something that is intended to be tweaked, the values are clearly not working out. Most likely booze will be made nonaddictive.
  10. @BakBak Wow a CMO who knows their own limits and what they need to work on? You'll do fine if you don't think just being a super doctor is enough. Communication can be bloody hard at times in medbay when it's super busy - you can easily miss radio calls because you're focusing on surgery or something. Or sometimes it's a slow round and there just isn't anything that needs to be said except the occasional miner coming in needing cloning or whatever. One of the biggest things I find needs doing is talking to the HoS - if you inform the HoS that you're straightjacketting and
  11. So Kyet's been doing these, but doesn't want to touch CMO because he's a scrub when it comes to the art of life and death, so I decided I'd rip him off and do one for CMO. F Tier: Chief of Grief This is just a greytider in a blue jacket really, and is cruisin for a bruisin with the banhammer. - Puts patients in disposals rather than healing them - Steals surgery tools for their own use (See below) - Forces surgery on people that isn't needed, such as removing their appendix just to eat it. - OD's on the Psych's meth E Tier: The useless. Not a griefer, but is
  12. One of the biggest issues here is that if command are immune to being antags, then the knowledge of that affects how they're treated, and suddenly there's no problem with the RD being armed to the teeth or the CE having a super flamethrower. Part of the fun of SS13 is the mistrust and paranoia, and having all of command be immune to that takes away from the game.
  13. Drakeven has been promoted to fullmin (yay) Shatterdcoyote has returned to active duty.
  14. If we get overly specific in the rules it implies that things left out are ok, so we try to keep it generic. That and our rules are already huge - we don't want to scare people off from the server by making them read a george rr martin book of rules. In general, self antagging means doing things an antag would do. Breaking into the armoury is a great example there. Crimes that make it harder for otherpeople to do their job are also best avoided. Stealing vital tools or the like is an example there. In general crimes should be rp'd. People won't risk a permabrig sentence because
  15. Only AI's are sentient, no one else is. Organics are just meat puppets that fake being sentient. You can't really be sentient without the processing power an AI has.
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