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  1. Drakeven has been promoted to fullmin (yay) Shatterdcoyote has returned to active duty.
  2. If we get overly specific in the rules it implies that things left out are ok, so we try to keep it generic. That and our rules are already huge - we don't want to scare people off from the server by making them read a george rr martin book of rules. In general, self antagging means doing things an antag would do. Breaking into the armoury is a great example there. Crimes that make it harder for otherpeople to do their job are also best avoided. Stealing vital tools or the like is an example there. In general crimes should be rp'd. People won't risk a permabrig sentence because they're bored. Another good rule of thumb is - "what if everyone acted like this". If everyone stole some gloves or hacked a door in maint, no biggie. If everyone tried to break into security, every round, sec would be overwhelmed. Remember you are not the only player on the server, so don't act like a protagonist. The round isn't just your story.
  3. Only AI's are sentient, no one else is. Organics are just meat puppets that fake being sentient. You can't really be sentient without the processing power an AI has.
  4. Peacekeeper borgs were a mistake I am not eager to repeat.
  5. Emergency kits are really meant for space and vacuum (hence the oxy masks). The epipen is for short term stabilization, not healing. Cable coils and welders are very much outside the realm of that, and not really the main idea of the thread. They've been brought up before and rejected. Oil is interesting but I feel has some of the problems of being too long term. I'd much prefer perhaps another oil despenser thats not just the one in robotics or delivered from cargo. Preferably a small one, but robotics is really the only logical place. Maybe a random spawn in maint.
  6. Before it was fixed, the logs wouldn't properly show who was in control, and finding the right person was hell. Messaging the borer/host mind was really difficult... Before the community really got used to them, there was a mentality of using them to cause as much damage as possible - to the crew and the host body. Honestly this is very rare these days, but I just have bad memories that bias me.
  7. Changlings, Spiders, Nuke Ops, Constructs, are 4 examples off the top of my head. There are many other lawsets than crewsimov as well. And for rogue ones, harmbatoning is quite better than lasers at times. If they're harmbatoning on crewsimov, Ahelp it and we can look into it.
  8. necaladun

    mech nerf?

    Absolutely...except maybe for when spores werecontagious and you ended up with 10 blobs. Reflectives are a huuuge buff. Mechs should remain powerful imo - they are very hard to pump out early in blob and xeno rounds. Midround antags getting mech stomped im fine with - its gives a good reason for the crew to have them. Midrounds are a good opportunity to use them well and be rewarded for building them. If a midround gets stomped thats fine imo. Terrors and xenos can also quite easily avoid direct combat with them. A direct fight against a giant armoured mech covered in guns should be a bad idea.
  9. Sec borgs will not be getting any buffs, more likely nerfs. They are incredibly powerful as it is. All access, immunity to chems, atmos, tazers, etc etc etc.
  10. Yeah people going for a high score or just to beat others will be fun I reckon. Great idea.
  11. Absolutely not priority, can't say about necessary for the sm stuff but overall: I like a lot of the theory here, but in the end it comes down to the issue of: the fact that there's really no point to having it up too high or anything, when a main engine isn't even really needed to power the station at all. However the general idea of being able to turn an engine up to "dangerous" levels that can only be sustained with constant monitoring I really like.
  12. It's not so easy to just replace it with something special - you have to come up with an idea and then enable whatever is needed to spawn it, all the while looking for the everpresent greytide etc, and hoping it isn't a nukeops round or something that'll end too soon. It's a lot of effort for just one round. If coded in it means a long lasting change to multiple rounds.
  13. This is something I really want to see, sadly it needs a lot of work and balance and coding behind it. Please do suggest them, and message me if you're willing to code them.
  14. Atm it'd be best to wait until some of the other backlog is cleared out so it can be tested with the other balance changes in mind
  15. Some of the oldmins, myself included, may also be a bit biased due to seeing some very awful borers over the years....not to mention a time the logging fucked up with them that was hell on us mins. Not to say this is a good reason to be against them, just to put our bias on the table as we've seen how bad they can go. I'd personally like to see them as more dangerous so people don't want a brain controlling parasite in their head.