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  1. The 'lazy' part of this system is to reduce coding bloat and snowflake code. We've had many variations on how it's worked, some were lazy - in that it wasn't sanitized and HTML and other code could be inputted into it, among other exploits. It's had exploits in detecting nuke ops, and been horribly exploited in various ways. The efforts gone into by the coders stopping players from abusing it are anything but lazy. Telepathy is much easier on other telepathic races, and that's working as intended. It isn't exactly meant for full conversations, just quick spooky messages and a few other little tricks that can be done with it. Group conversation is not the intent here. We don't want clique-private chat rooms, frankly. Greys can group chat with all of their race, and even that gets rather poorly RPd at times, sadly. I'd be ok with maybe a bit of expansion of it, but I'd like to see other cool and useful abilities as long as they aren't too snowflaked all for one race that might not even be present in a round. I am completely against any 'pop up' or annoying thing like that. Maybe a quiet, short sound. Having it cancel once someone leaves the range would mean the code would have to check where the target is every second or so too, which is quite annoying.
  2. oh god i thought for a second 400 admin tickets and cried
  3. This shit is why I ssometimes seriously consider removing vox. I wish people would play their lore not bullshit meme baby talk shit. Admins are encouraged to give vox who act like this brain damage to make it more realistic rp
  4. Yeah, the best example I see is about the 'bribe'. Like for what? 10 credits is bullshit clearly. We're not going to give a credit value to each steal objective either. Use common sense please, and if in doubt ahelp. SS13 has near infinite possible situations, we can't rule on all of them. https://paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Advanced_Rules - has some precedents.
  5. There's not enough context on any of these to really tell and this reeks of trying to rules lawyer and hit us with "gotcha" bullshit.
  6. In a few settings I've seen that's the 'official' term, but on the street it's wet-ware, just like cybernetics are called 'chrome'. Bio-Chip Injector I like. No risk at all of it being confused with anything else. Assuming nothing better in the next few days I'll go with that.
  7. May as well rename it while we're at it. Bio-Chip inserter? Hmm. Feels off. Bio-Modification Device? No. Uhm. Suggestions?
  8. This is great, thanks for this. One tiny thing I'll add as a thing I try to do for my characters is give them a favourite food. It's minor but it helps keep my characters mentality in mind - eg, my greytider loves junk food, my unathi sec officer wants proper fresh meat, my grey is happy with nutriment because it's just sustenance. Little preferences like that start to add up to fully flesh someone out.
  9. Christ I'm bad at this. Kyet has stood down as head of staff, and DoctorDrugs has replaced him. A whole bunch of changes with trials/GAs that I cbf adding now since I'm doing headmin-adding stuff.
  10. Very much this. Escalate things based on the context - nuke ops coming? Go nuts to spot them. Antag hanging in one area being trouble? Sure. Pre-emptive escalation is shitty, but doing it in direct response to a specific threat is something else entirely.
  11. If there's an actual threat that somehow requires this, that's one thing - same as any other response and preparedness. It very much counts as 'overprepared'. If there's something very bad like slings, or cult are continually using the incinerator as a base - then it comes under 'an attempt to fight back', and thus should only be done with authorisation, overseen by security etc.
  12. The brigbay isn't really meant at all to be a full treatment centre. It's intentional that they are lacking in many supplies - the kits and sleeper are enough to stabilize people and get them to the real medbay. It's meant for boo-boos and stabilization most of all. It's meant to be more of a medic role than a doctor/surgeon/etc. While you can set it up to do more, that can be said of any role or department. We have no intention of increasing the healing power of the brig phys at all.
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