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  1. This. Something already being overpowered is not a good reason to make it even worse. Sure, killer tomatos could be more interesting and deadly - but the overall effect on the game would be another fairly silly gimmick botany have to be overpowered with. It's just not worth it when you look at the cost compared to benefit.
  2. Perhaps a chance to vomit every 10 seconds or so? Not so much it's crippling, but enough that it's something you really, really, don't want to happen in the middle of a fight.
  3. Another quick thing I'd like to add to a good guide - if you are having trouble with sleeping due to staying up all night on ss13, we can ban you if needed, and have done this plenty of times for people. Sometimes for a 8 hours so they can get some sleep, sometimes over christmas so they can spend time with family, sometimes for a month or two so they can focus on their finals or some other IRL thing. Thanks @das bread for posting this, as I know for sure it's a problem for numerous players.
  4. Clickbait title woo. So let's talk about shaming culture. Shame is an important social tool to indicate a societal attitude towards behaviour. Go look up sociology shit on wiki. As crew, comments on your coworkers shape their actions. As admins, it can be our job to shame people for their behaviour. This can be done appropriately some times - but someone shouldn't feel too ashamed over a simple mistake, especially newbies. This needs to be done carefully and correctly to ensure that it stops the behaviour, and teaches people the correct action. You should avoid direct
  5. Oh and here's the work of (a whooole bunch of people) that we use now
  6. So it seems asking for an entire room is a bit much, and a grand total of 2 people made it to the final entrance - although I did a bunch of discussion with people about sprite styles and learnt all about art things like room perspectives. We'll be using the discussion from this to inform our decisions a bit more, and hopefully give people some idea of the kind of sprites we're looking for. Without further ado, I present McRamon as the winner of the 2020 PAASC as voted by heads and maints. For the popular vote, feel free to thumbsup the posts below I guess?
  7. NT defines it as when a medhud registers them as dead. This is for insurance reasons.
  8. The 2020 PAASC! As teased in the Discord, I'm proud to announce the start of 2020 Paradise Art And Spriting Competition! The goal of this competition is for the staff to be able to see a whole bunch of different styles of spriting, the the aim in mind of getting the chosen style spread throughout many of our sprites. The winner will be chosen by a vote of the Heads and Maints, and chosen on the mixed grounds of subjective personal taste, how identifiable items are, and how they mesh with the current look of the station sprites. The Prize, Details and Disclaimers: The
  9. Very much this. The Magistrate is not some kind of "super head". The magistrates job is to make sure space law is being properly followed - not to stop people being generically annoying. They're not even a head of staff. A lot of these issue can (and should!) be dealt with by the head of staff, telling them to knock off whatever behavior they're doing. If they refuse, and it was reasonable to tell them to knock it off (Because it was unprofessional, disruptive, etc), then you can fire them if they don't. Giving the power for Magistrates to make up new laws that people have to follo
  10. If people can't play against each other in a competitive game without taking it personally, then fuck'm. We shouldn't change the server because some people can't handle getting killed in a video game.
  11. This also assumes it's a bad thing. Imo, and Us vs Them mentality between the security for a corporation and a group of agents trying to destroy said corporation seems utterly appropriate to the setting and RP. I don't get why we'd want to remove this.
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