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  1. I'd be quite fine with something like this being added - if people want to kill themselves I don't see any need to bring them back into the round, they made their choice. Actual wording of SoP I haven't had enough coffee to do yet though
  2. I think Dumb has said really most of what needs to say, but I'd just like to add that we're thankful for the time you put in and the help you gave, and that in no way should you see this as a permanent thing that cannot be undone. People sometimes unretire years later from their position, and I hope one day both yourself and the server are in a state where you can return.
  3. Breenland has unretired
  4. This is def something that is intended to be tweaked, the values are clearly not working out. Most likely booze will be made nonaddictive.
  5. @BakBak Wow a CMO who knows their own limits and what they need to work on? You'll do fine if you don't think just being a super doctor is enough. Communication can be bloody hard at times in medbay when it's super busy - you can easily miss radio calls because you're focusing on surgery or something. Or sometimes it's a slow round and there just isn't anything that needs to be said except the occasional miner coming in needing cloning or whatever. One of the biggest things I find needs doing is talking to the HoS - if you inform the HoS that you're straightjacketting and delivering the clown (or some random greytider) to them, things go a lot more smoothly. In general command chat is a bit more streamlined (If the HoS or whoever is actually good). Calling for the CE to send someone to fix medbay is a lot quicker usually than asking over general radio. Hopefully, you won't ever have to really communicate with other departments at all. But in most shifts there'll be something useful you can communicate for sure - letting the captain and science know the RD is dead in some experiment, etc.
  6. So Kyet's been doing these, but doesn't want to touch CMO because he's a scrub when it comes to the art of life and death, so I decided I'd rip him off and do one for CMO. F Tier: Chief of Grief This is just a greytider in a blue jacket really, and is cruisin for a bruisin with the banhammer. - Puts patients in disposals rather than healing them - Steals surgery tools for their own use (See below) - Forces surgery on people that isn't needed, such as removing their appendix just to eat it. - OD's on the Psych's meth E Tier: The useless. Not a griefer, but is just useless and a waste of the slot. Could be jobbanned from CMO easily with no great loss, they need to actually play as a good doctor. - Just doesn't do anything. - Doesn't speak on command or medical radio at all. - Doesn't delegate, just lets medbay run by itself without helping out. - Leaves the hypospray and compact defib in the locker because they're useless. D Tier: The super doctor Acts as a super doctor with chem and genetics access, without actually being a chief officer. Not bad as a doctor, but not a commander. - Uses chemistry to get all their own meds, not actually helping out the rest of medbay. - Takes patients away from people to do surgery when the other person had it handled (This is one of the worst things you can do to another doctor.) - Doesn't communicate with medbay or command, just tries to fix everyone themselves. - Takes all the supplies for themselves. C Tier: The decent commander This is the bare minimum a CMO should be doing. If you're doing this, you've passed. Only with a C though, so your parents will still be disappointed in you like they've always been. - Ensures medbay is properly set up - cloning, cryo, chemistry, etc. - Tells people to max suit sensors at the start of the shift then every 20 or so minutes. - Co-ordinates medbay over the medbay, making sure people are aware of incoming patients and are prepared for them - E.G. preparing charcoal when a bunch of spider victims are coming in. - Does the tricky stuff others might not know - brain transplants, SR, etc. - Takes patients away only when it's clear the doctors are stuffing up - like fixing internal bleeding when it's being ignored by newbie doctors (And then telling them why and what they should do in future!) B Tier: A good CMO A CMO worth their salt, keeps medbay running like clockwork. - Co-ordinates with Command to let them know of threats, such as blood drained bodies (Vampires!), or that most of mining is dead so not to expect minerals. This can also include viruses, xenos, multiple copies of the same body, or other things that command need to know about. - Makes sure chemistry are doing their job, and fills in if there are no chemists to produce the basic healing chems needed - Mannitol, Synthflesh, Cryo, etc. If chemistry are present but not doing their job (Eg, making meth and space drugs), then fires their asses and gets chemists that actually do their job. - Makes sure that advanced chems like mito are ready when the basics are done in chemistry. - Keeps an eye on genetics handing out powers. - Is also a good doctor, able to breeze through surgeries etc, and does them if no one else is available. - Oversees triage and makes sure that the people who need treatment first are getting it -Regularly checks the morgue to make sure the coroner is actually cloning people and not just gothing it up in the dark. If there are green lights on any of the morgue trays, then clones them themselves while yelling at the coroner for ignoring it. - Makes sure any Ody mechs delivered are locked away properly for paramedic use. - Not scared to use the telebaton on the clown trying to slip people who are busy saving lives and throw them out. - Keeps an eye on virology, making sure that the viro isn't releasing a bad virus, any released are being cured, and that good ones are broadcast for all and put in the public fridge. - Grabs a bottle of space cleaner and makes sure medbay is clean if the janitor is busy. A Tier: Leonard Bones McCoy A God of Life And Death. Makes medbay run smoothly, and insures that the only people dying are the ones the CMO wants to stay dead. - Keeps a careful eye on things like the syringe gun and straight jacket, to make sure no one is kidnapping people with them, especially the psych. - Uses the telebaton and other tools to kick troublemakers out of medbay, and reports them to security if needed. Might even deliver a straightjacketed and ether'd clown to security if they're causing too much trouble. Or just puts them in cryo with a bottle of ether for a few minutes before throwing them out - remember, medical essentially has it's own brig cells with less escape risk. - Helps new doctors when there is time, teaching them basics and advanced techniques, or assigns them an experienced doctor to shadow. If it's quiet, humanizes a monkey, then beats the crap out of them to give new doctors some practice. - Makes sure that Slimes and Vox are being properly given new bodies if there old ones aren't being fixed up. If a fresh one with SM can't be made, then gets them at least into a human body. Or Tajaran if you're feeling cruel. - Might even bring a welder and cable for those annoying mechanical bits the rest of med can't fix up. - Skilled enough to actually help a viro fix any virus releases, and advise on better mixes for public release ones, which are announced, the forms stamped, and a copy put next to the public fridge so people can see the symptoms. Also makes sure a good name is chosen for it. - Hits the quarantine shutters in the 0.1% of times it's actually needed and helpful, but also TELLS EVERYONE WHY. - Kills off the monkeys in virology and genetics if there's a threat because of them (Biohazards like a virus or white terror spiders) - Gets advanced tools for surgery when available, yells at R&D to upgrade them. Bonus if they put a labelled hypospray of hydrocodene in surgery. Bonus: My loadout! Here's what I usually supply myself with at the start of every shift: Penlight in the ear, switched on. 5 Brute, 5 Burn patches in a patch kit - add a shitload of synthflesh when chemistry has some - in the belt. 5 Mannitol, 2 Mutadone, 5 Salbutamol, 5 SR pills in a pill bottle, in the belt. Advanced Health Analyzer on the jacket. Hypospray emptied of omnizene and given to chemistry. Refilled with a 50/50 salbutamol/atropine mix. Both half-full bottles combined and kept to refill it. In the belt. A bottle of charcoal emptied into a medical hypospray. In the belt, labelled if possible. Compact defib in the backpack, to be swapped with medical belt if needed. Surgeon cap, nitrile gloves, sterile mask, stethoscope - gotta look the part. Finally, make sure to always gib Korala whenever they come in, even if it's for 3 brute damage.
  7. One of the biggest issues here is that if command are immune to being antags, then the knowledge of that affects how they're treated, and suddenly there's no problem with the RD being armed to the teeth or the CE having a super flamethrower. Part of the fun of SS13 is the mistrust and paranoia, and having all of command be immune to that takes away from the game.
  8. Drakeven has been promoted to fullmin (yay) Shatterdcoyote has returned to active duty.
  9. If we get overly specific in the rules it implies that things left out are ok, so we try to keep it generic. That and our rules are already huge - we don't want to scare people off from the server by making them read a george rr martin book of rules. In general, self antagging means doing things an antag would do. Breaking into the armoury is a great example there. Crimes that make it harder for otherpeople to do their job are also best avoided. Stealing vital tools or the like is an example there. In general crimes should be rp'd. People won't risk a permabrig sentence because they're bored. Another good rule of thumb is - "what if everyone acted like this". If everyone stole some gloves or hacked a door in maint, no biggie. If everyone tried to break into security, every round, sec would be overwhelmed. Remember you are not the only player on the server, so don't act like a protagonist. The round isn't just your story.
  10. Only AI's are sentient, no one else is. Organics are just meat puppets that fake being sentient. You can't really be sentient without the processing power an AI has.
  11. Peacekeeper borgs were a mistake I am not eager to repeat.
  12. Emergency kits are really meant for space and vacuum (hence the oxy masks). The epipen is for short term stabilization, not healing. Cable coils and welders are very much outside the realm of that, and not really the main idea of the thread. They've been brought up before and rejected. Oil is interesting but I feel has some of the problems of being too long term. I'd much prefer perhaps another oil despenser thats not just the one in robotics or delivered from cargo. Preferably a small one, but robotics is really the only logical place. Maybe a random spawn in maint.
  13. Before it was fixed, the logs wouldn't properly show who was in control, and finding the right person was hell. Messaging the borer/host mind was really difficult... Before the community really got used to them, there was a mentality of using them to cause as much damage as possible - to the crew and the host body. Honestly this is very rare these days, but I just have bad memories that bias me.
  14. Changlings, Spiders, Nuke Ops, Constructs, are 4 examples off the top of my head. There are many other lawsets than crewsimov as well. And for rogue ones, harmbatoning is quite better than lasers at times. If they're harmbatoning on crewsimov, Ahelp it and we can look into it.
  15. necaladun

    mech nerf?

    Absolutely...except maybe for when spores werecontagious and you ended up with 10 blobs. Reflectives are a huuuge buff. Mechs should remain powerful imo - they are very hard to pump out early in blob and xeno rounds. Midround antags getting mech stomped im fine with - its gives a good reason for the crew to have them. Midrounds are a good opportunity to use them well and be rewarded for building them. If a midround gets stomped thats fine imo. Terrors and xenos can also quite easily avoid direct combat with them. A direct fight against a giant armoured mech covered in guns should be a bad idea.