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  1. Very much this. Escalate things based on the context - nuke ops coming? Go nuts to spot them. Antag hanging in one area being trouble? Sure. Pre-emptive escalation is shitty, but doing it in direct response to a specific threat is something else entirely.
  2. If there's an actual threat that somehow requires this, that's one thing - same as any other response and preparedness. It very much counts as 'overprepared'. If there's something very bad like slings, or cult are continually using the incinerator as a base - then it comes under 'an attempt to fight back', and thus should only be done with authorisation, overseen by security etc.
  3. The brigbay isn't really meant at all to be a full treatment centre. It's intentional that they are lacking in many supplies - the kits and sleeper are enough to stabilize people and get them to the real medbay. It's meant for boo-boos and stabilization most of all. It's meant to be more of a medic role than a doctor/surgeon/etc. While you can set it up to do more, that can be said of any role or department. We have no intention of increasing the healing power of the brig phys at all.
  5. Yeah, if someone picks medical borg and then patrols maint 'just in case' they run into a changling they get to saw i'd kinda call that validhunting. But laws are laws.
  6. Yeah nah sorry mate - follow the lawsets and AI. If on crewsimov and the HoS says 'hunt down this changeling', law 1 and 2 require it.
  7. Borgs are to follow their lawsets/AI master, and act as if they were put on the station by NT to help the station. That often includes helping against terrorist threats, as long as that is within their lawset. Their chassis is their specialty in tools, but does not affect SoP/server rules/etc - just like when a civilian picks up a toolbelt, nothing changes. Their 'role' is borg, regardless of the chassis. A generalist module is able to do a variety of things. A service borg still has to follow their laws, which means preventing crew harm and following orders on crewsimov - including sacrificing themselves if need be to prevent crew harm. If they're on robocop or the like, then even medical borgs should be chasing down a changeling and circular-sawing them if it is in line with their laws.
  8. The problem is those players expectations.
  9. Oh it's this thread again. The emergency kit is not meant to be able to heal yourself with. It's meant to be short term protection from space and stabilization in an emergency. If you need to get repairs, go to robotics, or get the tools from one of the many, many places you can get them.
  10. 9/07/2021 - @MattTheFicus is a full GA. A bunch of TA's hired over the next few days which I'll totally remember to post in this thread soon. Totally.
  11. So as far as head approval goes - not an issue. We've approved about 100 or so. That's not an issue at all. Really, there's one perfect solution to this: We chain up the maints in a basement on an IV drip of Amphetamines. But supposedly that's 'illegal' and 'unethical'. It worked great with Ponies tbh. Look, frankly I'd love for the maints to be more active. I'd love more hours out of them. If you read this - please be more active and do more work for 0 pay and negative respect. But in the end, this is a volunteer project. The biggest thing that they've told me would help with this, is for the contributors and community to stop treating them like shit. Every. Single. Maint. Ever. Has complained to me about how toxic the github is, and how much they hate 'the communities' reaction to them moving rapidly. If you want more shit done, give us the permission to do move quickly on things without the abuse, toxicity, and general bullshit we have to endure from it.
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