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  1. Yeah pretty much - it will need a fair few tweaks, but ultimately the idea behind it is solid and should help a lot of issues like the ones mentioned by OP, as well as meta-issues.
  2. This to me seems the best solution to this but a bunch of other things.
  3. Also what we are now as opposed to earlier is interesting - the early days were just outright dictatorship. Before we even had 'head admins' or any structure, I had the title "El Presidente" for awhile. It was a lot easier to run things when the staff team is a dozen people. Staff were hired at a whim with no accountability, and there was absolutely no rules for how staff have to operate. Some of our earliest ban reasons are things like "lol no go away". Did you know there are 97 people in the staff discord? If you include the people who were staff before the discord/left it entirerly, we
  4. Sorry if I came off a bit harsh there, my sincere apologies. I do get it's just playing around! I've had too many people over the years act as if by playing on the server for 10 minutes they're a citizen and the admins owe them something. Idiots invoking the amendments of the US constitution makes my eyes roll so much I have long term ocular damage. On top of that, people demanding things like 'transparency' at time has invoked a certain entitlement one has to the Government that rules you, as opposed to the nerds who post memes in their private staff chat (yes sometimes about players). A
  5. Looking at things in terms of a Government has a huge flaw - we aren't a country. The players aren't citizens. They can leave at any time, and come back. None were born here, all association is purely voluntary. We have no control over their lives outside the game. No one can be executed, imprisoned, or fined. We can't tax people. We're also subject to the rules and laws of other countries - we don't have sovereignty, and have to follow DMCA and GPDR and Githubs/BYOND ToS and all that jazz. The comparison is somewhat a irritating one to me, because it belies a certain entitlement an
  6. Have you been reading my DMs?! It's being considered, but how to integrate it well with the server and the other secret project(s) is gonna take a bit. ;)
  7. This is why I wish I could give you guys paid vacations. But also then I wouldn't because that would mean something horrible would happen while you were gone. Idk how many times I'll say this, but once again, thank you so much for the amazing job Arc.
  8. Maybe DNR in the coroner SoP, not-having-to-heal in doctor?
  9. Yeah thats not DNR or medical sounding enough. Frankly DNR could use a bit of work overall, to cover everything suitable for it - dead antags, suicides....surely something else?
  10. I personally do not like obliging doctors to have to treat people the first time. If people want to do that, it's fine, but I don't want people using SoP to force doctors to give them attention. I don't think NT would be very happy about it either. Nitpick the above, please.
  11. Overall this is a pretty solid idea and has good merits. Allowing people to RP without exposing their identity has def RP benefits. Having them craftable is great so that it doesn't guarantee they're an antag. Along with the lack of destructive potential, it seems solidly a C class contraband. It's not grief that's my worry here per-se - the item isn't going to hide you from admins! - it's being generally low-RP and memey that's my worry. Anonymously shouting about shitcurity over comms, and general low-grade greytide behaviour that is not by itself prohibited, but not something
  12. Lies. My true alignment is the same as my current Arcanist. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/wizard/arcane-discoveries/arcane-discoveries-paizo/beyond-morality-su/
  13. I utterly disagree here. You and I have discussed possible changes, you've created a shared place for discussion on it, and we're working together with numerous other players and admins to make some positive changes. Your actions and mine I see as more than acceptable. But in the case of those choosing to "strike out", it is very much a case of one being right and the other being wrong. This is not a "both sides are to blame" issue. "Vox players" are not a monolith for a start, but there is one side that is very much to blame. Let me be absolutely clear: Threatening to disrupt the github
  14. This is just flatly untrue, and an example of the kind of sniping I'm sick of. We take community feedback into account with all PRs. Sometimes we don't agree with it and make changes that are unpopular to 14 people who downvoted it. I'm in this thread, right now, talking to people and taking community feedback into account, for when I vote on future PRs that result from this. We're not an emojiocricy on the github. If you want to influence the decision process, you'll have to talk to the people involved in a constructive fashion and with good faith - OP is an excellent example of that.
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