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  1. For the love of all that is holy do not bring back shrapnel/embedding. It is absolutely hell to deal with medical wise. Otherwise, the changes to bones breaking could be pretty neat I suppose.
  2. Slime people are genuinely fine how they are. I see no reason to change them. Sure, IB makes no sense logically. But that's no reason to entirely rework their blood nor other things about them to essentially needlessly nerf them. Big -1.
  3. I for one am fine with some races no having newcrit. Especially in the case of slime where they'd be 1. Hilariously harder to revive as Vox are with newcrit and 2. Need to be reworked to fit newcrit. Likely becoming something they weren't meant to be/something entirely different than they are now. Which I most certainly am not in favor of. Personally I consider not being affected by newcrit as slime a buff.
  4. Could be useful for that in that case yeah. Could actually see it being interesting in general. Maybe something else for atmos to monitor? A way for them to 'ease the pressure on the vents' via a command on the atmos console/finetuning them? Would be more for atmos to do in the long run, which lets be honest here, they often really need more to do.
  5. Thanks Alffd for hosting the memes over the years. Though I wasn't around for most of it I appreciate what you did for us while I was. All the best man.
  6. I'd personally rather not have a buff to xenos/terror spiders, as this'd effectively be what this would be in the long run, even if it would be a little nice flavor bit. It'd make it harder for crew to keep a handle on them than it already can be, unless of course the limit took a while to happen.
  7. I'd just like to say the people voting on it being ever round or every 2-5 rounds isn't accurate or far more people have been trying to use telescience lately. Though with the DDOS going on I highly doubt anyone is using telescience due to the effort involved to use it.
  8. I don't really see it used much at all, but for all the very good reasons stated mostly by Jazz that I've seen I'm against removing it. There's plenty of ways to nerf it, such as adding that no teleporter flag as was stated by Jazz. It's often useful for body retrieval. I rarely if ever see it used for much more than that. As Dinar said, if you're going to look at one OP thing look at others. Chemistry is hilariously overpowered on its own and all it takes is opening a wiki, looking over chemical combinations, and making them. Congratulations you now have death in chemical form.
  9. 01001110 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01100101 00101110
  10. Definitely agree. It'd be great for quality of life as said and good for inventory management, it'd also make it quite clear you use these items to treat shock and such rather than people having to guess what to use. Not all would understand it but...the majority likely would.
  11. If the brain is destroyed you can't clone them at all. The brain would need to be damaged. We don't really need any easier ways to permakill people than we already have, nor do we will need any one hit kill methods. Though if it just instacrit them to the point of needing medical aid or dying, that could be a decent/interesting mechanic. Otherwise....entirely against antags getting a semi easy instakill/permakill move.