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  1. I can't really agree with any of this, personally. Removing common comms will just make rounds far more boring overall by removing the ability for people to communicate if they aren't in the same room or the same department. Common comms is what spices up the round and keeps things interesting, sure it can be annoying as hell sometimes and a detriment to the round but that's typically not the case and is often the exact opposite. Not to mention the effect this will have antag balance-wise, which is something I disagree with on this front entirely. It would be a massive boon to antagonists that I'm not sure is needed or warranted. That said my main opposition to this is the above, rather than anything to do with antagonists(despite that being a pretty big reasoning behind it myself). The ideas proposed in regards to the emergency channel thing is relatively interesting, but is very likely to be unmonitored or missed. People already miss enough information as it is already with PDA and such, we don't need it to be even harder for security to communicate and respond to call outs. Especially given with the emergency thing it would be unlikely for security to be able to respond to pretty much anything in a timely manner.
  2. I whole-heartedly agree with the mech spam on blue. We don't need that shit, and it annoys me to no end when roboticists do it and are smart-asses about it even if you nicely tell them not to or that we don't need a mech. "Well we're bored so we're making fifty anyway lol." In regards to the implants. I do have issues with civilians getting secHUD implants, and possibly surgical implants, but the rest eh. What's been said here is basically my take on things. Roboticists are usually fairly reasonable on handing out implants, as are RnD(typically). I don't see it as nearly as big an issue as A or C. As far as borging, I definitely agree it makes little sense for someone to join into the round(especially in important roles like security officer or medical) and immediately go to get borged and fuck off to do whatever as a janiborg or service borg or some crap. I get why some people do it, they like playing borgs. But even still from an IC standpoint most people wouldn't want to willingly have it done to them, and not only that it takes up a job slot for others that they could of used to actually contribute to the round in a meaningful manner. EDIT: Ironically posting to this thread just increased my rank to roboticist.
  3. Reminds me of when I killed Pun Pun with my sword as Captain. Brigged myself. xD
  4. Clown magboots are also not on the contraband list, by the by.
  5. Won't matter. They don't need their PDA to be able to break the bulb. All clothing items can do it. Nearly any item can do it. Removing their PDA is utterly pointless and just dickish, unless it's the clowns PDA.
  6. While I don't disagree on it, this has already been suggested many times and shot down for various reasons. And even PR'd once or twice if I recall correctly. While logical, I unfortunately doubt it will ever pass.
  7. It's like it was going into security, then just, veered down and said 'fuck you in particular.'
  8. Moi listed as somewhat of a romantic interest. Poor Letov :p
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