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  1. I wouldn't go so far as to include this. There's a lot of extenuating circumstances when playing security and in most arrest situations that being black and white with a 'If the prisoner dies, you go to jail' isn't ideal or logical.
  2. While I see Norwest's point, I honestly agree with Carthusia and Matt more. That said, I do think there's some way to change things without straying too far drastically from how things are now. You shouldn't have to worry as an officer if the antag that has stolen a disabler/baton will only stun you and walk away. If the situation warrants it, you should be able to lethal them; that said these situations are a LOT rarer than a lot of officers try to say they are. That also said, you shouldn't have to wait until you're 100% certain that particular antag has killed someone to be able to retaliate lethally; self defense clause or no. What I would suggest is to re-word lethal force. Specify a difference between maiming and killing for certain scenarios. Most people consider 'Lethal Force' = kill. I'm not really sure how to word it but I think that's the best way to go about it that's something of a compromise for both sides and would help fix things. I do still agree with removing Freedoms from the list of things you can lethal people for unless they're paired with anti-stun chemicals or any other applicable clause.
  3. I definitely agree that officers shouldn't be lethaling people just for having a disabler or a stunprod in almost every situation, so your take on changing that to an 'eye for an eye' clause in that regard is pretty reasonable. However disallowing security from lethaling those on adrenals, meth, and especially stims...I disagree with entirely. Meth and adrenals you can take down non-lethally, reasonably, if you're not alone SOMETIMES. With stims that's a whole different story and in most cases you NEED lethals to deal with a stims user, that is unless of course you want to either A. Get maimed horribly/killed yourself or B. Sit back and let them conduct their rampage until they're out of stims. Neither situation is ideal nor should it be encouraged. Now, I do agree with encouraging officers to use lethals less in situations with meth and adrenals, at-least to KILL but using them to wound them? Perfectly acceptable. Space Law just needs to be made more clear on the difference between situations you're allowed to KILL and situations you're allowed to MAIM/INJURE. Not full-stop disallow security from using them, essentially forcing security to let whoever is abusing or using such things(in the case of meth, as far as abuse goes) get away and/or continue their rampage relatively unimpeded or even kill/maim the officer(s) in question. Implants are a different story. I fully agree that freedom implants shouldn't be valid grounds for lethals(especially KoS) in the majority of situations that officers kill or maim people for them for, there are obvious exceptions to every case however. That said...Space Law isn't really meant to cover every single detail or scenario in great depth, unfortunately. Even such as it is now I feel that Space Law is fine aside from needing some clarifications(such as the ones I mentioned in this post) added to it to discourage officers from going too gung-ho with lethal weapons.
  4. Holy shit batman it's been May since I've done anything on this. WELL. So. Status update. This is actually going to gain progress again. I've learned a new map editor that's compatible with RPG Maker and 1000x better(TileD, for everyone curious). Due to this I'm going back to 32x32 sprites. The shuttle no longer looks ugly. Arrivals is halfway completed(maints not included). Rat enemy has been implemented(ish. Not balanced yet, no balance things have been done, it's literally just the sprite yo. Toolbox weapon properly implemented(No attack animation sadly, may not have one, depends on how I can do this.) Main character sprite has been implemented. Much of the tilesets that I actually need have been made barring edits for animations. Images of progress below. I'm very much interested in implementing a good amount of NPCs, be it people to challenge to fight or otherwise. Please. Once again refer to the above for details on how to do that. They MUST be wearing what you want them to wear. Alternate outfit sets are also acceptable! If I really like the idea I will even implement your character as a party member to accompany Greytidius(Testmans actual name) Before long I should have something somewhat playable to demo. Overall, the longest part will be recreating the map. I'm not going to make everything PERFECT but I do want it to still feel like the Cyberiad. Suggestions and comments welcome.
  5. While I absolutely love the suggestion, especially leaving behind a calling card, taking a trophy, or branding them to signify the kill objective has been completed. I feel I must point out that this simply is not true on a blanket level. It's only true in the case of murdering and sabotage/game ending sabotage in virtually every instance, I have never seen an admin state otherwise at any point in my history of time playing here. People just tend to say this because typically they're denied said actions/don't like that they can't freely do said actions.
  6. Most of what I'd say has already been said. However I'll touch on a few points that I don't think were. And, keep in mind, I'd be fine with minor antags in the round depending on how their objectives and them are handled. 1. This is simply untrue. Non-EOCs get brigged CONSTANTLY often even more than actual antags do. There's almost always someone breaking Space Law, and doing so doesn't mean they're self antagging(in a good chunk of cases, anyways). 2. Security already does this, frequently. 3. A Stetchkin is C-Class. Unless you're committing crime with it, usually shooting someone unwarranted, you won't land yourself in perma for having it unless the security team in question has no idea what's on the contraband list. 4. Space Law shouldn't be designed to hinder security and their activities, no. While I'm all for giving security more to do on particularly slow shifts and more stuff for the Detective and Magistrate to do; I am wholeheartedly against any sort of design that's just 'Make this more frustrating for X job in order to attempt to make it more engaging/facilitate more RP'. 5. This is also something I've seen mentioned a lot throughout your suggestion. The very vast majority of cases security already doesn't immediately jump to lethals unless they're legally allowed to do so or the situation is extreme enough to warrant it(in which case, they're typically allowed to use it). And if they do, they'll be banned or warned. Now. As for the suggestion itself. I'd much rather them be more sort of nuisance makers, light sabotage and such, certain specific steal objectives that aren't any sensitive items. As if you include sensitive items you're more than likely going to get perma'd regardless of having S-Class. I feel they could work. But they shouldn't just be 'Traitor but with gear limitations'.
  7. While I do think that more theft objectives could be interesting, I'm not sure that detective gloves could be. For all intents and purposes they're just gloves designed in a certain special way that likely wouldn't be hard to replicate, not that the Captain's jetpack is any different mind you. But if we applied the logic of one-of-a-kind items on the station being Grand Theft objectives then we could apply that logic to, say, the golden zippo, the captain's flask, etc. Theft objectives are more supposed to be experimental tech or in the case of the blueprints structural designs. I wouldn't entirely consider standard issue forensic gloves to be experimental tech. If anything, I could see the revolver possibly being a theft objective due to its functionality.
  8. >Be me >Chase a syndicate mans around a machine 5 times in a very comical fashion >Baton out, ready to strike >Hit self(pre baton nerf) >Syndicate beats my ass with my own baton We've all been here.
  9. I too miss this music note function, and used it a lot. On Goobina especially who always has headphones on, and always listens to music ICly even if I don't have any notes input into the headphones.
  10. Very rough and entirely unfinished draft of the arrivals shuttle map.
  11. Buttery smooth scaling.
  12. Just gonna repost what I put on the Discordl; In-case anyone actually remembers. I'll be starting progress on my SS13 RPG again soon. I now actually have a sprite program that isn't GIMP so I can more easily edit character sprites. Once I get the tilesets how I want them to be I'll get some stuff goin'. It'll be more of a standard RPG, because I'm not going to try to learn custom code and stuff for a meme project :D. That said when I get tilesets ready I'll be taking requests on perhaps having some characters added to the game as NPC's or enemies. I'll have more information for that when I can get back on PC and put this as a forum post. I've not worked out much on it and I can't say how fast progress will be as I'm also starting work on a game I intend to make to sell, but I still intend to make this because I absolutely like the idea of it. I'm not sure what all to include, and it'll take me a little while as I have to scale tiles and certain sprites to 48x48(though, frankly, I'm just enlarging these automatically and if certain things look ugly they just do :)) Essentially. The game will involve Grey McTideson arriving on the Cyberiad and deciding, "Hey, I want to run this place.". Gameplay will follow stereotypical RPG progression with grinding, looting, side quests, etc. I'll even be including crafting, cooking, and skills(RPG Maker MZ plugins go brr). The end goal is to get strong enough to take down the Captain of the Cyberiad and assume your rightful position(with potential later to take on the Trurl and eventually the HQ on Luna to kill John Nanotrasen himself). That said. I've decided to go ahead and also start accepting letting people put down pictures for their characters in game. I'm not guaranteeing everyone will get in(Though, honestly, you probably will. It'll save me on having to do things myself lol). I will need the following for the characters; Their name Desired Role(NPC, Enemy, Quest Giver, Party Member, etc. Note; you aren't guaranteed to get what you want.) Department + Role 4 Screenshots of the character already wearing their desired outfit from the north, south, east, and west positions. Preferably leave as little tile in the image as possible. If you could also just cut the images out and paste them onto a transparent background that would be awesome too though not required. I'll be posting progress updates, and once I get something actually playable, I'll upload some test builds to Mega or Google Drive or some such. I would use GitHub...but I have zero idea how to actually use GitHub with RPG Maker + Licensing issues.
  13. This tbh. We have figured out how to summon Fox. Just make suggestions to buff botany or other overpowered departments.
  14. Hello all. Terrible title, I know, I'm not really sure how to word it...anywho. It came to my attention earlier this evening that with the removal of the Brig Physician an incredibly important line in Security SOP was removed, the line that allowed you to ignore people who maim/kill themselves in their cells; In writing, it only extended to the Brig Physician. However, in practice it extended to the whole of security and was considered the norm. And, for all intents and purposes even if it's technically not in SOP is still being considered the norm by myself and a very sizable portion of security regulars. I'm aware that it's no longer currently in SOP, and that as Sirryan pointed out you're to either hail medical staff or let them sit out their timer then bring them to medbay. However, I'd very much like this line of SOP re-added for Security in some form or fashion. Be it a clarification in Space Law, Legal SOP, or Security SOP in some form. It was a great boon for security to be able to freely ignore the person breaking all semblance of RP bashing themselves for attention or to waste other's time in their cell over a five minute vandalism charge. I'm not sure how to go about it, perhaps something along the lines of; Of course, this isn't necessarily a DNR notice nor was it ever intended to be. It's fully up to medical to respect the semblance of DNR behind suicide or decide to clone/revive them themselves. On the topic of suicide, I would also like to bring to light/revive my other thread that pertains to those that decide to break immersion by running around randomly harming themselves; It's in the same wheelhouse, and had some head support, I'd just prefer not to bump some year old thread directly.
  15. While not entirely on topic, I'd like to point out that...no you shouldn't be brigged for breaking the law just because you broke Space Law. That goes entirely against what Space Law is for as well as what Space Law says about excusing certain crimes if they're done for the good of the station. The janitors closet thing would be briggable outside of certain situations I.E slaughter demons and what not. Someone breaking into medchem to make beneficial chemicals that medbay is in dire need of would make no sense to brig them for, if anything they should be patted on the back for it. Why would security be incentivized to not do their jobs properly? I.E release temp brig prisoners for little to no reason that, as in Plash's example, more often than not deserve their brig time. I don't truly understand how this incentivizes roleplay or is good for the health of the round. Not that most people try for high scores at the round end print out, but this seems to be encouraging wrong behavior. That being keeping tiders out in the halls to proceed to break more laws more often. Security doing their jobs properly is brigging people with appropriate context and reasoning. Good security and Wardens already give lighter sentences and warnings, they also encourage other officers and security officers to do the same. A better suggestion and an alternative that would actually facilitate better RP would be fines as well as edits to Space Law that encourage using warnings more often in certain situations for certain crimes. Not penalizing security for doing their jobs.
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