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  1. Very rough and entirely unfinished draft of the arrivals shuttle map.
  2. Buttery smooth scaling.
  3. Just gonna repost what I put on the Discordl; In-case anyone actually remembers. I'll be starting progress on my SS13 RPG again soon. I now actually have a sprite program that isn't GIMP so I can more easily edit character sprites. Once I get the tilesets how I want them to be I'll get some stuff goin'. It'll be more of a standard RPG, because I'm not going to try to learn custom code and stuff for a meme project :D. That said when I get tilesets ready I'll be taking requests on perhaps having some characters added to the game as NPC's or enemies. I'll have more information for that when I can get back on PC and put this as a forum post. I've not worked out much on it and I can't say how fast progress will be as I'm also starting work on a game I intend to make to sell, but I still intend to make this because I absolutely like the idea of it. I'm not sure what all to include, and it'll take me a little while as I have to scale tiles and certain sprites to 48x48(though, frankly, I'm just enlarging these automatically and if certain things look ugly they just do :)) Essentially. The game will involve Grey McTideson arriving on the Cyberiad and deciding, "Hey, I want to run this place.". Gameplay will follow stereotypical RPG progression with grinding, looting, side quests, etc. I'll even be including crafting, cooking, and skills(RPG Maker MZ plugins go brr). The end goal is to get strong enough to take down the Captain of the Cyberiad and assume your rightful position(with potential later to take on the Trurl and eventually the HQ on Luna to kill John Nanotrasen himself). That said. I've decided to go ahead and also start accepting letting people put down pictures for their characters in game. I'm not guaranteeing everyone will get in(Though, honestly, you probably will. It'll save me on having to do things myself lol). I will need the following for the characters; Their name Desired Role(NPC, Enemy, Quest Giver, Party Member, etc. Note; you aren't guaranteed to get what you want.) Department + Role 4 Screenshots of the character already wearing their desired outfit from the north, south, east, and west positions. Preferably leave as little tile in the image as possible. If you could also just cut the images out and paste them onto a transparent background that would be awesome too though not required. I'll be posting progress updates, and once I get something actually playable, I'll upload some test builds to Mega or Google Drive or some such. I would use GitHub...but I have zero idea how to actually use GitHub with RPG Maker + Licensing issues.
  4. This tbh. We have figured out how to summon Fox. Just make suggestions to buff botany or other overpowered departments.
  5. Hello all. Terrible title, I know, I'm not really sure how to word it...anywho. It came to my attention earlier this evening that with the removal of the Brig Physician an incredibly important line in Security SOP was removed, the line that allowed you to ignore people who maim/kill themselves in their cells; In writing, it only extended to the Brig Physician. However, in practice it extended to the whole of security and was considered the norm. And, for all intents and purposes even if it's technically not in SOP is still being considered the norm by myself and a very sizable portion of security regulars. I'm aware that it's no longer currently in SOP, and that as Sirryan pointed out you're to either hail medical staff or let them sit out their timer then bring them to medbay. However, I'd very much like this line of SOP re-added for Security in some form or fashion. Be it a clarification in Space Law, Legal SOP, or Security SOP in some form. It was a great boon for security to be able to freely ignore the person breaking all semblance of RP bashing themselves for attention or to waste other's time in their cell over a five minute vandalism charge. I'm not sure how to go about it, perhaps something along the lines of; Of course, this isn't necessarily a DNR notice nor was it ever intended to be. It's fully up to medical to respect the semblance of DNR behind suicide or decide to clone/revive them themselves. On the topic of suicide, I would also like to bring to light/revive my other thread that pertains to those that decide to break immersion by running around randomly harming themselves; It's in the same wheelhouse, and had some head support, I'd just prefer not to bump some year old thread directly.
  6. While not entirely on topic, I'd like to point out that...no you shouldn't be brigged for breaking the law just because you broke Space Law. That goes entirely against what Space Law is for as well as what Space Law says about excusing certain crimes if they're done for the good of the station. The janitors closet thing would be briggable outside of certain situations I.E slaughter demons and what not. Someone breaking into medchem to make beneficial chemicals that medbay is in dire need of would make no sense to brig them for, if anything they should be patted on the back for it. Why would security be incentivized to not do their jobs properly? I.E release temp brig prisoners for little to no reason that, as in Plash's example, more often than not deserve their brig time. I don't truly understand how this incentivizes roleplay or is good for the health of the round. Not that most people try for high scores at the round end print out, but this seems to be encouraging wrong behavior. That being keeping tiders out in the halls to proceed to break more laws more often. Security doing their jobs properly is brigging people with appropriate context and reasoning. Good security and Wardens already give lighter sentences and warnings, they also encourage other officers and security officers to do the same. A better suggestion and an alternative that would actually facilitate better RP would be fines as well as edits to Space Law that encourage using warnings more often in certain situations for certain crimes. Not penalizing security for doing their jobs.
  7. Didn't say otherwise, at all. If admins are adminfreezing or PMing someone that's doing something illegal IC, they are in-fact breaking server rules by self antagging. I have not once in my entire play time seen admins freeze players for doing something that wasn't against server rules. They are. And there are PLENTY of petty criminals. I'm not sure if it's a timezone thing or what. Though quite frankly there shouldn't be an abundance of petty criminals. It detracts from RP heavily. NT would not hire a bunch of people that constantly break their laws for little reason. You're more than welcome to have gimmicks as well as IC grudges/petty feuds with other characters. Nothing stops you from this. It's when you take things excessively to the point it's obviously metagrudging and not IC that's a problem. People do it all the time, to myself and others. I do the same. What you're saying is simply unfounded. More to the topic at hand, I'm not sure how any of this is relevant to security. You also fail to address several of my points in regards to security being discouraged from brigging others. Something I would support however for more minor crimes would be fines, but only for Green crimes and non violent yellow crimes.
  8. While, I personally believe that security is supposed to be primarily protecting the crew and enforcing Space Law while not just stopping the big bad and while I am aware there are some pretty shitty officers. I have to say the majority of times that harsh sentences are used are against shitters, self antagging players, people that decided to commit a lot of crime, or antags. A few of these are the same thing. I have yet to see innocents truly get harshly punished all that often when I'm playing, I know it happens...but the very very vast majority of the time it's actually people who did something worthy of it, often people who toe the line of self antagging, or outright aid antags or other criminals for little to no reason. I have yet to see security commonly execute or round end people for no reason either. I'm also entirely against the idea that security is forced to try to interact with every single non-antag criminal, especially on Red where things are likely already hectic and the criminal getting baton'd and cuffed is just a tider making the round more hectic for everyone. I'd also state that, unless it's amended on Space Law, co-operation isn't really meant to be applied to people that get arrested without a fuss; that's not what that modifier is for. Security does RP with people with a warrant a lot more than people let on when possible or applicable, especially non-antags. The fact of the matter is the majority of people with warrants, especially non-antags, are just people griefing or otherwise doing really tidey or LRP actions that bring the round down. Security shouldn't be trying to not arrest people who deserve it, that's entirely counter-intuitive to what Space Law is for; keeping people who otherwise negatively impact the round in a cell. Now, I will say that security should issue warnings more often for certain crimes...but err on the side of not arrest/be afraid to arrest people in fear of some sort of punishment for doing their job? Absolutely not. Statistically speaking, and this is from my own personal experience in security and not a dataset, at least ninety percent of arrests on non-antags are people griefing and toeing the line on self antagging; not true petty criminals committing crime in an RP fashion or trying to do something interesting for the round. So, yes, security SHOULD want to brig those people. Brigging them takes them away from people who are trying to RP and enjoy their rounds without someone trying to commit random acts of crime against them for little to no reason.
  9. I've coded and implemented all but the chessboard pieces. I feel that's something that would best be done on a floor painter, and I'm not too keen on delving into floor painter/decal code. That said the chess pieces look absolutely amazing. I'll PR it as soon as I get a head of staff to sign off on it.
  10. For the record, HoS is already timelocked. That said. I've never really seen the Blueshield been asked for advice on how to run the station. Nor would I really say it's a big part of their job. The NTR is the Command advisory role, not the Blueshield.
  11. No, IAA hours shouldn't count. IAA does not have nearly as much hands on experience with Space Law as you would get from being an officer. Magistrate is 90% Space Law and 10% SoP. Whereas IAA doesn't have to deal with 90% of the situations that an officer would(or shouldn't be if they don't want to get job banned.). The logic of promoting IAA to Magistrate doesn't hold, as the job hour requirement is for security experience, so that Magistrate's are able to ascertain and judge certain situations based on context and not just quoting a Space Law book. So that Magistrate's have a good hands-on knowledge of security regardless of Magistrate being a combat role or not. I can absolutely guarantee you that, no, an IAA with 100 hours is NOT more qualified than an officer with 100 hours. Hell, often times an officer with 100 hours isn't qualified. Magistrate is a VERY complex job that is more than being able to quote Space Law directly without copy pasting. It requires a lot of knowledge on how security works, dealing with grey area situations personally, and a good head on your shoulders. IAA deals with none of these and almost always does not have a good head on their shoulders until a good few hours into playing IAA, as they believe they have more power than they actually do and interfere far too much in situations they shouldn't. It should also be noted IAA's job isn't primarily to deal with security, it's to deal with the station on a whole. IAA's that hover in the brig like a hawk are, in-fact, not doing their jobs properly.
  12. Shotgun shells were removed for good reason as stated above. As someone whose goto when shit hit the fan was grab shotgun and stow taser in armor, I can safely say the game is much better without the easily accessed lethal rounds. If people want lethal shotgun rounds they can use incin rounds or take some time to make science rounds. Or simply not use lethal rounds for a shotgun and use any other lethal option. And as Gatcha pointed out, there's been plenty of good additions this year. Not including minor QOL changes and fixes. Many such fixes and changes being put through in recent months since Mochi became a Maintainer. If you have suggestions or ideas on what to add to the game that's beneficial, suggest it on the forums and possibly code it yourself rather than waiting around for others to code something you find particularly 'worthy' to be considered worth mentioning.
  13. 100% disagree for all the above reasons. We don't need another easier to obtain chemical to be used for murderous purposes, nor does Holy Water need to be harder to obtain. You need an egregious amount of it on cult rounds, the need is definitely felt when there's no Chaplain and can still be even then. Cult nor vampires really need any buffs, even if this is more on the minor side to Vampires. For cult rounds it would most certainly lead to cultists being killed and staying dead a whole lot longer, especially with larger cults. And no one wants that.
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