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  1. I thought you were serious for a few seconds lmao
  2. For context in the one with the Chaplain, he was doing a 'ritual' to get the 'gods' to unlock his cell door, in reality he was a pro at quick emagging when no one was looking. Didn't mean to post twice...I forgot I had these.
  3. Implants are already worth using. I'm genuinely not sure what you mean by making implants worth using? Implants absolutely need no buffs, nor do RND.
  4. Blob. Terrors. Revenants. Simply saying 'atmos doesn't matter' isn't really a counterpoint, especially when it can matter in a lot of instances(and does, not as much as with fastmos, but more than what people are complaining as people like taking things to the extreme.)
  5. It's not a loophole. There's nothing about uniform in SOP for any department outside of medbay wearing a mask and gloves for surgery.
  6. Botany absolutely in no capacity needs any sort of buffs added to it. EMP tomatoes are gross. No thanks.
  7. Overall. I really like the map and how it looks aesthetically. It's pretty interesting overall too. But my opinion remains the same as it has the past few times its been brought up. I don't like how absolutely easy it would be to cripple the whole station/large parts of it. That and disposals riding through space is a big concern of mine too. Though I do like it as a map, I really don't like the downsides to it.
  8. Citation certainly needed for this. I've not read anywhere at all that says security isn't able to handle this. The detective scanner is also highly advanced. Point it at something and scan. Search fingerprints/such on it that it pings out. Most of the detectives' 'work' outside of mental work is done for them with the device that's, at best, a tiny bit complicated to use. I also agree with Gaty. I don't believe making the Detective a pivitol role is a good idea.
  9. Please, no. I know for a fact security WOULD abuse this. They already try to and its not even a law.
  10. It's a blow kiss. Not actually going up to the person and physically kissing them, far as I'm aware? I've not seen a physical kiss emote at the very least.
  11. Then that is an issue with the feature, not Space Law. Definitely not something to add to Space Law that warrants more abuse from security. Now, personally, I'm neither in favor nor against the feature. But others are so it could stand to reason the feature could be changed. Perhaps a cooldown to the emote at the very least.
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