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  1. What does Kikeri think about her doppelganger
  2. From the point of view of a antag deactivating the comms of a AI is convenient. He can't make announcement/ Talk throught radio/PDA message. He can only in robot talk and around of him. Point of views of a AI : If you card him while his core is depowered. He is totally blind can't do nothing except talk in robot talk or around him. If he has laws preventing ratting out traitor like crewsimov he can't do nothing much except waiting in closet/other areas while chatting with borg. Now if you remove the ability of speaking from a AI in a intelicard that hyper convenient for the traitor but in other side the AI can only wait and do nothing for the rest of the round. (Bonus point if you card a AI while his core is depowered as that make him blind). It's like removing the ability to talk of a possesed blade of the Chaplain. Nobody want play a mute sword able to only watch. I would rather stay as ghost.
  3. Marriage always end up horrible *nod *nod
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