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  1. Dunno if this goes here, but I had a quirkh thing happen to me today where I aacidentally minimized the game and then fullscreened it causing only, ONLY the game screen to show up. No sign of textbox. Closing the window fully and restarting fixed it. Will try tomorrow if its repeatable.
  2. Imagine calling a trash pickup mechanic 'OP'. This does indeed sound like a viable upgrade.
  3. Psychiatrist paramedic, psych, potato, potatoe
  4. jatu

    remove totcling

    Totcling is based though. Seriously nothing wrong with it if it goes stealth like its probably supposed to... right? Who would ever want to go super loud with gear able to wipe the floor with anyone ever? Oh yeah.. right.. Why is totcling a thing again?
  5. But making a virus to kill off the benos is incredibly based.
  6. Honestly I am a bit amazed how the calling card/one time, non-perma murder isn't on para yet. There is already the steal person X brain objective. Getting dusted after being killed by the unstunnable antagman for the umpteenth time can get a bit old. 'B-but they will snitch on me if its not permanent!1!1!!1!' There's way enough ways to kill someone disguised. Point is, please god make the calling card one time assasination a thing.
  7. New walls fit great with the new floors, but they look.. weird around doors. Also the reinforced walls look weirdly disconnected even when in a line.
  8. What does this mean to people who have had it unlocked before? Does it become locked if command hours are not met, and does previous hours as Blueshield count into the required hours?
  9. This was great, shame I had to cryo early. Also as BS I didn't really have a chance to wander around seeing what was made.
  10. I've played umbrae and gargantuan so far. I feel like as stated before garg is quite movement impaired compared to umbrae, one could argue having good offensive balances it out. Buut so far I've seen is that if you don't somehow suck fifty people in the first 5 minutes and get full power, sec will get weapons and armor that make the Gargantuans offensive abilities pretty pointles. Where umbrae can just teleport away, gargantuan has to try to push through seccies and/or ERT. Basically being mobile in endgame feels like much better choice than gargs unga skills. Like when I was umbrae, I could just hide in walls and closets. But as garg I just got fucked over with implanted, riot armored sec armed to the teeth with thermals and immolators. Dunno if any of this rant really helps, but just putting it out there.
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