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  1. I forgot to upload this... another quick drawing I did while playing D&D for THRUUUUMM...their head was a bit harder to work out.
  2. In Vox Culture, the Involate is a way of life. It teaches not to waste, and to use what you have. That said, I feel Giki was a very good coroner and made up for the lack of chef quite wonderfully. Please ignore the IAA Taking a picture of said '''''Diner''''''
  3. @ExusA Was playing their very cute Nymph version of Silence of Starsong, and decided to nuzzle up against the HoS of the round, Toki, a Kidan changed from Nynmph nibbling. So, they were adopted into the security force. They did well too, apprehended a Nukie! (Thank you Chai for allowing the use of your wonderful costumes <3)
  4. I need to get better at drawing faces... Hmn...
  5. TWO for the price of one! I've been sick for the past few days, but I managed to get these dones before/after. Hazel! I see her around and she said she wanted draws... So, I decided to oblige, because Hazel Ray has been someone who I've seen as Bluesheild quite a bit, always quite the robust defender. Annnnnnd A commission for @AmericanToxic of their character, Aaron Whelen. Defending their office from an interloper with their pointy metal stick!
  6. Drakeven


    Don't listen to that nerd, join the Syndicate, they've got dental. (If you survive)
  7. SKREE! GHOSTIES WANT OFFERINGS! Is doings best. (Seriously thank you so much, I appreciate it a TOON! Gift art? FOR ME??? AAAA!!! Giki DOES get haunted a lot... perhaps ghosts just like her)
  8. I mean, neither do any of us... Our station is literally a box. But there there, I'm sure she'll find company someday. Perhaps in the form of a spider. Goon seems neat, always wanted to poke my head in some other servers.
  9. I recognize that Vox! It's not me, but I see them sometimes. Mime Vox is good, because they can put a wall up in thin hallways while they steal shinies. Also, I'm going to have to try and peek you in game some day...
  10. AAA! Gosh! Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I'm so glad you're putting up your work! It's incredible to watch someone grow artistically, and I really hope you keep it up! Such nice work, good job NERD
  11. You pry open one of the maint-boxes with your Voxy strength, and handy dandy crowbar! What luck! A flashlight! And you have just enough room to use it. Things are looking better... Or at least, brighter. Hm, it couldn't hurt... You concentrate in prayer. Now to wait... Figures. Trying to put the cruelty of the gods asside, you go back to trying to find your mousie freind and ignoring the growing sense of dread and hunger. You shiver, but continue the search... Unsure if you could push though the fear if it wasn't for mousie. !!! You turn around quickly to reveal- SKREK You fall on the instincts of the Vox, and go to run! The floor is still wet from when you got rained on... Great. At least the voice in your head told you it was wet... after you slipped. You call out weakly to your kin, after recalling the name of a very strange Vox. That certainly isn't you. But it seems the stranger has taken your mutterings of 'Kinsies' as your name sake. Not as bad as some other names.
  13. RAISED BY VOX? Oh GOSH that's something I wish I knew. So cute. We've met aleady but I must greet you officially
  14. Another picture done in QUICK SUCCESSION, a creaky tree known as Silence of Starsong. They are nice to interact with, and have a cute speech pattern, hm! Drawing Dione was a challange, but I think I did it okay... they are just a bunch of nymphs after all. Anyway, this is a good message to obey I feel.
  15. Zven is a good bugg. *click *clack