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  1. Gosh, I really love your art. VERY good posing, like, MWAH! So nice
  2. Sometimes the worst weapon you can come up with is just a person with a smaller weapon. Question is- who gave her the knife? A drawing of Seshi and Dayana for @MrSynnesterand @White In Sky :D
  3. I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays <3
  4. I'm sorry I'm boring :( Maybe I should think of something witty, or draw a picture... here, I made a picture to make it up to you... It's a skrelll...
  5. Shoot, they're getting too good at this. BEGONE, DOUBLE DIGITS!
  6. Sorry, can't send the toasters- Shuttle is too full of hat crates.
  7. Wow, you've improved MASSIVELY! Nice work! Incredible!
  8. I really enjoy slings, but I see the issues inherent in them. The mindsheild nerf has just sort of exacerbated those problems. I think Slings need a look at but... I'm afraid if they do they'll be taken off rotation and end up in 'fix up' hell like the devil game mode.
  9. Ey! More planetside. @CheekyCrenando's Qatqat having Snack-Snack while shoosting some nerds.
  10. This has to be one of the more interesting commissions I've got, Spark is one heck of an IPC, flipping of one of the more powerful pokemon... Eh, but hey, why not! I'm pretty proud of the pose. Gosh I do enjoy drawing IPCs...
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