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  1. GOSH I love how you drew this!
  2. Gosh darn I like your art, such a cute comic.
  3. It's been a while... You must've hit your head... No buttlight? Is this really a Kidan? You test out your hand-torch, and in the process activate a strange feature you hadn't seen before... It was a bit of a shock. At least the Kidan knows you're a Vox for sure now. Why yes, they have. In fact the mouse freind was the person who alerted them to you being here. Mousie is happy to see you again. <3 You, a KIDAN, have found this strange Vox wandering around maints. They seem a bit... damaged, so you offer them your injector. You hope they're okay. Their mouse is cute! Yes! The Kidan is the one in the ID... Strange. Did they lose it? They don't seem too worried about it. Suspicious. But hey, you now have an emergency injector! The Kidan seems concerned you're wandering around maints... They ask you why you're here, in these dark, creepy depths of the station. She seems concerned for your health... You ask if they've heard Vox Opera, or 'Voxpra' as the connoisseurs call it. This ruins any and all sense of gravity the Kidan was trying to impart. She doesn't seem impressed. And no, she hasn't. And no, she doesn't want to hear it.
  4. Who's that pokemon? It's Seshi! With a GUN. Where'd they get that gun? Put it down. They're in a fancy Unathi R.I.G suit.
  5. Six! (halved, don't worry they'll get panicked.)
  6. @BonkaiTheRoris streamed Slime rancher for me... and I couldn't get it out of my head that Jasmine was the one ranging these dastardly squishes. So I drew it! I cheated a bit with the background, I'm sorry. Jasmine is a good squish.
  7. This was a commission done for @Esenno who's a wonderful trial of a nerd. It's law. MARSHAL law. Here they are doing some reading on a particularly difficult case. Probably the murder of 4 grey-shirts who broke into the kitchen via the chef who made them into delicious burgers. Trespassing in the kitchen will do that. or maybe not. He's probably looking at something a lot more serious. At least he's got some company to keep him motivated. *chirp
  8. Doing the Neko Gods work
  9. This is one of the major reasons why I feel a different 'meme/pictonary' chat from an 'art' chat is important.
  10. I've seen a ton of people that have done art, but haven't posted up on the forums. Sometimes you just want a casual spot to put up a picture you done did.
  11. @necaladun , @Kyet and/or @Dumbdumn5- what do you think about this? I'm uh, obviously biased but I think it'd be good.
  12. Yes. Yes I am. I am very happy with this Thank you for your in-depth and concise analysis, and I am proud to give you the medal for the best science ever.
  13. I'm also trying out a new drawing program, Paint tool SAI 2. I'm really liking its shading, and the ability to modify lines after you draw them. To test it out I drew a toaster-head I've been seeing around a lot, and who seems to be carrying medbay on their back a few times. Wyldcard! They're a neat player. I think it came out pretty nice. I think I'll try to use SAI 2 for a while. Also I love an appreciate all your comments and reactions. Honestly I don't get much reply when I post up my art on other platforms, which is likely why I mostly post on this forum with my art now you guys, honestly, are so kind, and your feedback is astounding!! JEEZE