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  1. A drawing for Pewtershmitz, of his nerd Skippy facing off against a nukie. I might've skimped on the background a bit :') BUT I hope you like it all the same!
  2. I drew a Jill. Jill Stingray. With those eyes you have to wonder how customers even concentrate. Beepboop
  3. Gosh your art style is so consistently nourishing, like jeeze
  4. Gosh, I really love your art. VERY good posing, like, MWAH! So nice
  5. Sometimes the worst weapon you can come up with is just a person with a smaller weapon. Question is- who gave her the knife? A drawing of Seshi and Dayana for @MrSynnesterand @White In Sky :D
  6. I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays <3
  7. I'm sorry I'm boring :( Maybe I should think of something witty, or draw a picture... here, I made a picture to make it up to you... It's a skrelll...
  8. Shoot, they're getting too good at this. BEGONE, DOUBLE DIGITS!
  9. Sorry, can't send the toasters- Shuttle is too full of hat crates.
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