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  1. As some know, there has been substantial progress made by the lore team recently. As a result, some discussion has started of lore team applications being reopened. I also know some people who are interested in writing lore, although I can't speak for them on whether they're interested. So I'm wondering, what are your guys' thoughts on lore applications opening or not?
  2. Remember Warriorstar's videos? It could be Paradiso's Archangles
  3. Almost forgot about this. New song on wiki Tide This Out Don't want to write this down I wanna say it while it's like this now so let me grab the tide Don't want to write this down I wanna say it while it's like this now so let me have the tide ♫I'm getting older and no longer the young pro♫ ♫So ain't no new kid going to tell me I'm done for♫ ♫And you ain't even worth it to tide to♫ ♫Just thought I'd go and leave a little note to remind you♫ ♫In case you wanna-♫ ♫stir the pot up♫ ♫Cause a little drama♫ ♫You don't really want to battle♫ ♫I'll do things you never thought of♫ ♫And have never seen♫ ♫You caught a line and became a fiend♫ ♫My moves rhyme like amphetamine♫ ♫You had a dream♫ ♫The type to make you think you'd pull through♫ ♫Who you think you are?♫ ♫You ain't too big to sock two♫ ♫I kick one, I grab the tide and I ride son♫ ♫Try to share the soul laying low in my system♫ ♫And say whatever it just don't-♫ ♫matter anymore I know my future is destined♫ ♫To carry on♫ ♫There's no backpacks too heavy on♫ ♫My shoulders are very strong♫ ♫Ya know...♫
  4. I couldn't find that solution referenced from the previous PR, unfortunately.
  5. This has been discussed before and I am primarily motivated for the same reason. I'd like ashwalkers to be able to make leather for things like goliath cloaks. I was able to make drying racks work on lavaland by changing to just along with changing the power consumptions to 0. I dont know which change is the primary reason it works, but it works. There was the implied assumption that the PR would be looked into, and I guess it just never was. But now the work is mostly done, we can have a drying rack that doesnt need power and allow ashwalker to produce leather as a result. I'd love to see the drip :)
  6. Bridge hobos are a blessing and a cure for the game.
  7. Apparently, on the HOP console, the assistant is listed as "retirement".
  8. It's not a busy intersection, it's an open area with a plaque stamped on the ground and a window showcasing the workings of command.
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