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  1. https://paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page The civilian link in the main page redirects to the miscellaneous section of the roles page. It's kinda confusing how miscellaneous is a subsection of civilian, which also includes supply and service. I suggest just changing "Civilian" located at "Jobs and Roles" of the main page to "Miscellaneous".
  2. I don't know if it's right for me to apply considering how flimsy my relationship here is but I'm sure it's not a big deal. 1. Assistant 2. 3. 4. 5. John Stewert
  3. I walked into the public farm today, all the plants settled there were dead. It reminded me of a day long ago. I was sleeping on a hard metal bed haphazardly created, living in a house not my own. I settled in the abandoned home of a prominent judge massacred during the mercenary attack. She doesn't matter though, the fucker jailed me for 3 months and I got a home out of it in the end. As I woke up, a man I remember as MacArthur was standing over me. He took me by the collar and started dragging me out of the room, as I was being forcibly kicked the dead vulgaris plant in the corner of my room stuck with me. It's funny, the plants in the farm today we're given as much care as the plants I kept for sustenance during harder times. I was a glorified homeless person then, granted the status of citizen and a monthly wage by the planetary government. In truth I was in debt to the police and to poor to buy property. I couldn't buy food and starved regularly, they kicked me when I was down and forced me to pay the bill as well. I should've killed them, especially HIM. But god was to selfish and the planet blew up before I could burn it down myself. But this station I reside in now...it doesn't bring relief. My crewmembers, they aren't regular people. If the people of Geminus were sociopathic cut-throat capitalists, the people of the Cyberiad are complacent workers distracted by temporary disturbances. They don't question the purpose of the station, those I've discussed with this with appear agitated but forget about it. I can't break myself away with this phenomenon either, I was complacent. When I see a breach I help seal it but I DON'T question it, they say it was the syndicate but don't discuss why they did it. Everywhere I go temporary distractions hold us back, NT had granted a DNA vault, a man in a red suit has blown up a window, spiders are breeding at Chapel. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE it comes from. They keep the crew distracted just enough until the escape shuttle comes. No one not directly connected to NT is a bourgeois extortionist of labor and those who are connected seem oblivious themselves. They inform us about the safety hazards but never delve deeper...because they know we can't reject their offer. Out of it all, the most disturbing will always be NT and not those against it. They hold us by the economic thread of life or death. NT is nothing more but an extension of a repressive regime in cahoots with SolGov based on monopolization and coercion of the masses, including their own. But sometimes, it's the simplest answers which are the most correct. Maybe the Cyberiad is just a glorified mining center disguised as a Science outpost researching the lava planet it orbits. The plasma extracted from the inhabited land is later sent to Centcomm after our leave. In the end, the validity of that doesn't matter BECAUSE I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. I will do everything to tear as big of a gash into NT as possible. I will exact my revenge on those who have wronged me then and now. I'll just have to wait for the material conditions to ultimately ripen before I do. Agitation is unavoidable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I just realized I have covered nearly all of mission briefing by the time I post this. I'm not doing it on purpose I actually wanted to write these.
  4. Honestly I don't know if I'm even qualified to make a guide about playing instruments. I don't even know how to transpose songs from midi files. HOWEVER, I do have a really REALLY AMAZING idea related to playing instruments IC. Basically, you import songs to play from the wiki "Songs" page (you can learn transposing there). Copy the long code language thing, open the "import" button on the instrument page, paste it, SET THE SUGGESTED SPEED/BPM, and play. Additionally, the piano synthesizer can emulate other instruments with the "advanced" function, the guitar instruments (banjo, guitar, electric guitar) are robust improvised weapons that make funni noises when struck on someone, and you could more easily reach the songs page by searching for it using the "wiki" tab at the top right (I never knew this but that's the wiki search bar). NOW (this is why I wrote this), I'm sure some of you can relate to another character asking you to play a certain song on your instrument. It's gonna be a hassle searching for it on the wiki or straight-out denying it. SO, my ultimate SMOOTH retort would be some thing like "Your suggestions are terrible, listen to this real shit!" and PLAYING THIS SPECIFIC SONG (It just wont work with any other song I'm sorry);
  5. You probably wont see me unless its the weekends. I've tried to keep my composure but I'm naturally inclined to obnoxious stupidity. Sincere apologies to any future fuck ups. Staffie main to the very end.
  6. Name; John Stewert Age; 32 Gender; Male Race; Human Blood Type; O+ General Occupational Roles; Civilian Biography; Originated from Sol with no significant developments. Was a citizen of an isolated mining city called Geminus, records revealing noticeable criminal record including the alleged murder of the city founder. Found employment on Space Station 13 shortly after Nebula 5 (Geminus' home planet) was destroyed by a supernova. Qualifications; N/A Employment Records; Was briefly employed in supply management on Geminus. Along with a brief stint as a farmer for a prominent produce manufacturer in the city. Security Records; Medical Records; Personal appearance; Slim build with slumped shoulders. A relatively tall man with a dour expression the majority of the day. Other Notes;
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