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  1. Station Purpose The station's main purpose is to: -Mine resources (currently Lavaland) and test it's quality with RND products/experiments (Toxins and plasma). -Export plasma, tech disks, and illegal advanced seeds from cargo to serve in "important" NT cataloguing or distribution. -Strengthen legal NT presence in the epsilon eridani sector and currently Lavaland.
  2. Dont we all :/ If it's performance issues I guess you need to get reports from other people as well, perhaps your computer is especially stunted. Also when I still played in my garbage small laptop, blob rounds never really seemed to be much of an issue performance wise.
  3. "Russian Station" The "Russian" station that survived the gateway purge (as of posting) holds some contradictory implications that would make alot more sense with the proposed theory. Based on first glance, Russians have invaded some sort of NT facility (contrary to SOME people who just describe it as a Russian base) and don't think any further about it. However, there is no reason for the "Russians" to be non-sentient mobs and for the USSP to even be attacking NT in the first place (their not hostile as of the recent USSP lore update). Now, what is most likely the case for me is that their syndicate bioengineered soldiers dressed in soviet clothing to pin the USSP as scapegoats and ruin NT-USSP relations. It would explain why those "Russians" are the way they are and the entire gateway destination as a whole.
  4. It's good but I do have a few gripes. Relating to paradise specific lore, I'm pretty sure skrell were the first to make contact with Sol to make the human-skrell alliance or something. "Tizaran" also are strange since the unathi are the "lizard people" and the closest to the name are tajarans, one of the two "feline" species. Also 2100 forwards, the main Earth planetary body was the United Earth Confederacy and then the Sol federation. I'm sure there's a way to make them the "US" and their marines the "USCM". Personally, considering the Alien lore I think it would make more sense if Weyland-Yutani secretly merged with NT, keeping all that corporate corruption and such. Anyways, really interesting interpretation to the origins of the alien. It was bound to happen considering the mysterious and unknown history of those things :)
  5. Would you try to protest them outside of the workplace with no workers on a highly militarized pro-NT planet that implements martial law? COUGH COUGH Sol...
  6. Yes, unions shouldn't be organized when the station is under heavy pressure by antags and explosions. You shouldn't organize a strike when a cult or blob is present and this CAN be solved with some sort of admin cooperation. They can vet when a situation is good or bad enough for a union and how impactful(violent) it can be. I can agree that perhaps some of these alternatives could be interesting (bullying NT rep), however, I feel theres a contradiction in not wanting the union to make an impact. The union should want to be known during the round and be a driving force for what happens. Also, why wouldn't it be benificial RP wise? Conflict is integral to what people find fun on paradise, allowing people to scream and shout against command or sec on a massive scale has its own aesthetic/charm/impressiveness thats adds to the overall round experience. Think what it could achieve if it wasn't handicapped ooc/ic wise and capable of forcing command to actually negotiate instead of be busted as they inevitably always ends. Overall, I just believe there is some sort of optimum fun rp related activity revolving around rebellion and unions that can be replicated effectively under the right circumstances and design, perhaps you do too. A reformed union-esqe RP mode can surely work (even though this scope is large to ask for) as well, along with other potential solutions.
  7. I don't believe protesting automatically affects engineers, cargo, rnd, or medbay to its detriment. Unionists should take their immediate surroundings into account, like no protesting when cultists are rampant. Moreover, unionists still get the short end of the stick most of the time with how handicapped they are when sec "does their job" and busts the movement for the 5000th time. Also, why should a player doing the same procedures of a monotonous job validate repressing others attempts at a more interesting RP experience? I just don't believe in the validity of that statement. This hasn't been proved; unions don't just sprout out of nowhere. Moreover, a system of asking admins still allows them to vet who just wants to antag and who wants to rp. A good ahelp detailing the reasons and goals for a union and why it can go violent if push comes to shove should be given more weight than a lazy ahelp that says their bored. It's not the only solution either, advising people to book union events pre-round or vouch for an RP rev mode is also in question. Valid, but unions have never really been a detriment to station workings, that's the thing with unions that don't sprout immediately to harm "the station". An engineer finishing the SM and standing with a picket sign for a higher wage isn't as bad as an engineer forcefully converted into a rev by flash and not setting up the engine to attack his CE. Doing your obligation so the round runs smoothly isn't contradictory to protesting or "striking" afterwards, in my opinion. Thats the spirit of the rule right? What's more in line with the rule then to vouch for your working conditions as well? I understand that you can ahelp but to what extent? Can violence to defend against sec oppression ever be proposed? Fine, I understand. I just thought there could’ve been more to this topic I genuinely believed can lead to more interesting RP scenarios and open command/sec eyes from monotonously union busting.
  8. Unions do make sense ICly. NT is a big bad evil corporation who will fight tooth and nail to keep their crew's lives terrible, that's why UNIONS DO MAKE SENSE TO EXIST and why them being violent would make them more so. OOCly, of course the situation on the station does matter when someone tries to form a union, but it ussually should be due to an actual reason and when it's possible, players should put these into consideration. Moreover, gimmicks and being "overplayed"(as if any good gimmick isn't) shouldn't completely write it off, again it's a very flawed system that repeats itself because it isn't renovated. Still, it is kinda integral to Paradise lore, you're working for an evil megacorporation of course people would want to RP resisting it. This goes the same for peaceful protests most of the time as well, in most of my encounters its sec who mindlessly arrests everyone without consideration to actual roleplay and them or command should be given flack for it. I don't know about you but demonstrations and such were never so "unfun" to the extent you say. Also, the presence of antags shouldn't prohibit conflict, it's one of the factors that make RP fun. There is actually a simple solution to this, ahelp and ask to form a union. If they say yes (no response is a response, it means no), Generally, when people are given event roles, this goes far smoother as an admin will actually want to play along, and other people will also want to play along. Security isn't gonna get flack for doing it's job. I dont know how this contradicts the suggestion/solution, the ahelp is to get an admin in on it. And if there is no response I dont believe that prohibits unionizing altogether. Apparently, the former RP rev game mode had you sign up when a popup came up? I don't know what adminbus refers to....but um that's great, it could be renovated into a more consensual and bureaucratic process by perhaps joining through signature? Any solution and suggestion is welcome. Exactly, due to self antagging laws, solutions like giving unionists some antag status due to IC occurrences is a solution. Cargonia is likely one of the most loved gimmicks out there to some. Interesting scenarios can arise and shouldn't be entirely wiped away. Anything that goes against NT interests are essentially antags, that doesn't mean they should be wiped away as binarily antithetic to what paradise should strive for. Not all unionists are self-antaging tiders and those interested in complex RP scenerios may never get their chance. Appreciate this suggestion to make things clearer. Still I believe there’s a more RP oriented and nuanced solution. Ye it's kinda sad how often restrained union activity is and what NT can do without any real resistance.
  9. Ok so i believe there is an inherent contradiction with how Union activity is done on the station OOC and IC. In game it is acknowledged that union activity and whatnot (protest, riots, and mutiny) do exist and justify sec repression of such activity, however, OOC it is stated by admins and rules that union members can't really do anything when sec does repress them. This leads to a common practice of someone organizing a demonstration, maybe one light tube is broken, sec arrests everyone as no one can really fight back without getting in trouble, and the movement just falls apart. I think there is an inherent issue with this due to the RP potential that is squandered, there is no stakes as security never really faces any reparations and command never really takes movements like protests or unions seriously (to negotiate with). There are several potential solutions, perhaps there should be a process with admins where an ahelp that directly addresses a violent response to potential sec repression can lead to a CC or admin announcement about a movement that has the potential to go violent (and be allowed to). Or perhaps potentially bringing back a certain game mode like revolutionary with a more RP lense. I remember getting an admin response about how there are antag revolutionary roles that exist for this.... which there isn't. I think everyone agrees when I state how nobody really RPed with organizing during rev rounds, just flashing people like cultists. Perhaps a more union organizing-based system mentioned before would be better. And finally, i dont know, just rejecting all of this and steering people away to booking potentially violent union events on forums or something? All of this could be done through editing rules or advanced rules, perhaps space law entry or a wikipage about unionizing as well. I just think there is an inherent contradiction with how unions usually go on paradise and suggest any change at all to be discussed and perhaps implemented.
  10. Station My beginning on the station I'm a Twenty-niner Old enough to see that shit was strange around here They announced no cont on comms Due to workplace hazards But all it did was let security bastardize whoever But mostly grey assistants, but they would call us tiders And stun us in the bellies with their fingers on them triggers They put boots on our heads Let Araneus bite our crotches And they would beat us up if we had gas masks on our faces And they would take our drugs and flashes as they picked our pockets I guess that's just a privilege for them policin' degenerates Cause thanks to NT practice The gulag made them profits And free labors the cornerstone of corporate economics! Cause synthetic slaves were abolished, unless you are brigged in You think I ain't got the brains to read the terms of my employment? Involuntary servitude and slavery it rejected! That's why they givin trespassers time in double digits! Cause the Captain is an actor, not a credit factor Just an employee of the station's real masters Just like the Magi, QMs and the headahs Just another talking prick tellin lies on telecommas If you don't believe the theory, then argue with this logic Why did Cap and QMs both support mining Adrax! Invading sovereign soil, going after minerals Taking planets like a hobby paid for by their own lobby! Same as in Ahdomai; and Plasma men's homeland And Vedenin say they comin back again They only love the rich, and how they loath the poor If I say any more, they might be at my door Shiieeet, who the fuck is that? Steppin near my hideout? Doing that surveillance, tryin to find my shit out I'm dropping off the comms, before they pump the bullets I leave yall with 5 words: I'm glad if station crashes
  11. What's MOTD? You could also @ everyone on discord in announcements and force them to vote via reactions....
  12. Faction Relations Like/ Neutral/ DESPISE USSP: "Comrades, the light in the darkness." SolGov: "I was born here; a despicable imperialist and undemocratic entity that deserves nothing but destruction." Elysium Republic: "An incompetent reactionary government that practices slavery. Deserves more than just destruction." Prospero Order: "Evil monsters who enslave subjects from the USSP. Deserve eternal suffering." Nanotrasen: "One of the evilest corporate entities of all sentient history." The Syndicate: "Two sides of the same coin to NT."
  13. Decided to move this here as I realized Civilian's Day isn't really the appropriate place to put it. Tider's Routine Listen kid I maybe been chasing money for a long long time And I ain't making time, I've been way behind, so let me go drop you a few lines. I know you wonder why I get nervous when you bringin your donk gun outside, because security see an armed assistant, that's on site. Mask down, cause when you're mask up you get followed all the way through. Music down, cause when your music up you get shot down, real close. And I know you're new but still, them devils got no chill. The bartender was just drinkin when the police busted in and got her killed. So pay attention kid. Veteran passin on lessons Just to keep you safe in the suit you in Anything can be a weapon They feel threatened by your sight So when you experienced enough and you stride Keep your card, your face, and your possessions up in plain sight Don't dig in pockets or, in compartments, or they will beat on you so fast Whether a rod, a phone or a candy bar they see contraband when it's in your hand They assume you stealin from departments, so they gonna follow you for it Or you probably gettin ignored, because the scientist think you can't afford it They pull backpacks by their stall, radio security across the hall Just stay cordial, and don't trip but if they flex boy by all meanssss But just be you, and you'll be fine You've just got to run harder than the head starter, damn I'm glad if your like- Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them? Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them? So why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them? Why would I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna be like them? We're all prey for the devil. Source (Cmon, you guys in badmin raps took from irl songs as well): Career Assistant This is rap mediation Time to snap you right back into place 'Cause they be beggin for some shit from back from before 2000 days I'm thinkin 2084 to 2093 Around the time lady Merlyne Stood up proud and tall on her feet For revolution, when revolution was still being hollered Back when we could barely work for honor, workin a blue collar I am from the same time, but uphold a different code I hope we are connected and I don't know 'Cause I know couple people listening is dealing with some bull-shit, ye, BULL-SHIT Feel like throwin 'way your shit and stroll around for a bit I'll throw you on my schedule and we take a station trip Where we can visit the books and learn some real rev shit Pollute radio waves with some real rev shit Cause I'm a career assistant, below minimum wage Make the comrades say Brrraat Let crewmembers say Ayyyeee Make crewmembers say Brrrraat The comrades say Ayyeee Make the comrades yell BRRAATT!!!!! And crewmembers scream AYYYEEE!!!!! IRL Source: I'm Down I'm down to fight an NT officer I'm down to pull my PDA up just to start some shit I'm down to link up with a gang full of gangs And bang little homie do your thang, lettem have it bruh. See i aint really trippin 'bout tresspassin I'm focused on the peoples arresting for the action The stupid fucks who believe what they believe You'd better be dead on the rope, fuckin with someone like me shiiiet I'm down to kill an NT officer I'm down to put a sign up just to settle shit I'm down to link up with gangs full of gangs And brrang little homie do your thang, lettem have it bruh
  14. Nothing happened to any similar thread. A similar thread never existed. Now I don’t know how to draw but I do know how to follow instructions on a wiki page. Here are some songs I've transposed on the wiki in the past. Credit to the actual people who made the songs and midis, provided in the wiki. Disclaimer: Made some video examples, but audio is heavily scuffed with static :'( Also, here's some art White Army, Black Baron. Wiki Location: Songs/Folk Tachanka. Wiki Location; Advanced Songs The Internationale. Wiki Location; Songs/Classical Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Red Sun in the Sky. Wiki Location; Songs/Folk Stay With Me. Wiki Location; Songs/Pop Are We Living Like in Those Days? Wiki Location; Advanced Songs
  15. https://paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page The civilian link in the main page redirects to the miscellaneous section of the roles page. It's kinda confusing how miscellaneous is a subsection of civilian, which also includes supply and service. I suggest just changing "Civilian" located at "Jobs and Roles" of the main page to "Miscellaneous".
  16. I don't know if it's right for me to apply considering how flimsy my relationship here is but I'm sure it's not a big deal. 1. Assistant 2. 3. 4. 5. John Stewert
  17. I walked into the public farm today, all the plants settled there were dead. It reminded me of a day long ago. I was sleeping on a hard metal bed haphazardly created, living in a house not my own. I settled in the abandoned home of a prominent judge massacred during the mercenary attack. She doesn't matter though, the fucker jailed me for 3 months and I got a home out of it in the end. As I woke up, a man I remember as MacArthur was standing over me. He took me by the collar and started dragging me out of the room, as I was being forcibly kicked the dead vulgaris plant in the corner of my room stuck with me. It's funny, the plants in the farm today we're given as much care as the plants I kept for sustenance during harder times. I was a glorified homeless person then, granted the status of citizen and a monthly wage by the planetary government. In truth I was in debt to the police and to poor to buy property. I couldn't buy food and starved regularly, they kicked me when I was down and forced me to pay the bill as well. I should've killed them, especially HIM. But god was to selfish and the planet blew up before I could burn it down myself. But this station I reside in now...it doesn't bring relief. My crewmembers, they aren't regular people. If the people of Geminus were sociopathic cut-throat capitalists, the people of the Cyberiad are complacent workers distracted by temporary disturbances. They don't question the purpose of the station, those I've discussed with this with appear agitated but forget about it. I can't break myself away with this phenomenon either, I was complacent. When I see a breach I help seal it but I DON'T question it, they say it was the syndicate but don't discuss why they did it. Everywhere I go temporary distractions hold us back, NT had granted a DNA vault, a man in a red suit has blown up a window, spiders are breeding at Chapel. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE it comes from. They keep the crew distracted just enough until the escape shuttle comes. No one not directly connected to NT is a bourgeois extortionist of labor and those who are connected seem oblivious themselves. They inform us about the safety hazards but never delve deeper...because they know we can't reject their offer. Out of it all, the most disturbing will always be NT and not those against it. They hold us by the economic thread of life or death. NT is nothing more but an extension of a repressive regime in cahoots with SolGov based on monopolization and coercion of the masses, including their own. But sometimes, it's the simplest answers which are the most correct. Maybe the Cyberiad is just a glorified mining center disguised as a Science outpost researching the lava planet it orbits. The plasma extracted from the inhabited land is later sent to Centcomm after our leave. In the end, the validity of that doesn't matter BECAUSE I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE. I will do everything to tear as big of a gash into NT as possible. I will exact my revenge on those who have wronged me then and now. I'll just have to wait for the material conditions to ultimately ripen before I do. Agitation is unavoidable. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I just realized I have covered nearly all of mission briefing by the time I post this. I'm not doing it on purpose I actually wanted to write these.
  18. Honestly I don't know if I'm even qualified to make a guide about playing instruments. I don't even know how to transpose songs from midi files. HOWEVER, I do have a really REALLY AMAZING idea related to playing instruments IC. Basically, you import songs to play from the wiki "Songs" page (you can learn transposing there). Copy the long code language thing, open the "import" button on the instrument page, paste it, SET THE SUGGESTED SPEED/BPM, and play. Additionally, the piano synthesizer can emulate other instruments with the "advanced" function, the guitar instruments (banjo, guitar, electric guitar) are robust improvised weapons that make funni noises when struck on someone, and you could more easily reach the songs page by searching for it using the "wiki" tab at the top right (I never knew this but that's the wiki search bar). NOW (this is why I wrote this), I'm sure some of you can relate to another character asking you to play a certain song on your instrument. It's gonna be a hassle searching for it on the wiki or straight-out denying it. SO, my ultimate SMOOTH retort would be some thing like "Your suggestions are terrible, listen to this real shit!" and PLAYING THIS SPECIFIC SONG (It just wont work with any other song I'm sorry);
  19. You probably wont see me unless its the weekends. I've tried to keep my composure but I'm naturally inclined to obnoxious stupidity. Sincere apologies to any future fuck ups. Staffie main to the very end.
  20. Name; John Stewert Age; 30 Gender; Male Race; Human Blood Type; O+ General Occupational Roles; Civilian Biography; Originated from Sol with no significant developments. Moved to an isolated mining city called Geminus; records revealing noticeable criminal record including the alleged murder of the city founder. Found employment on Space Station 13 shortly after Pollux (Geminus' home planet) was abandoned for monetary reasons. Qualifications; N/A Employment Records; Was briefly employed in supply management on Geminus. Along with a brief stint as a farmer for a prominent produce manufacturer in the city. Security Records; Medical Records; Personal appearance; Slim build with slumped shoulders. A relatively tall man with a dour expression the majority of the day. Other Notes;
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