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  1. Remember Warriorstar's videos? It could be Paradiso's Archangles
  2. Almost forgot about this. New song on wiki Tide This Out Don't want to write this down I wanna say it while it's like this now so let me grab the tide Don't want to write this down I wanna say it while it's like this now so let me have the tide ♫I'm getting older and no longer the young pro♫ ♫So ain't no new kid going to tell me I'm done for♫ ♫And you ain't even worth it to tide to♫ ♫Just thought I'd go and leave a little note to remind you♫ ♫In case you wanna-♫ ♫stir the pot up♫ ♫Cause a little drama♫ ♫You don't really want to battle♫ ♫I'll do things you never thought of♫ ♫And have never seen♫ ♫You caught a line and became a fiend♫ ♫My moves rhyme like amphetamine♫ ♫You had a dream♫ ♫The type to make you think you'd pull through♫ ♫Who you think you are?♫ ♫You ain't too big to sock two♫ ♫I kick one, I grab the tide and I ride son♫ ♫Try to share the soul laying low in my system♫ ♫And say whatever it just don't-♫ ♫matter anymore I know my future is destined♫ ♫To carry on♫ ♫There's no backpacks too heavy on♫ ♫My shoulders are very strong♫ ♫Ya know...♫
  3. I couldn't find that solution referenced from the previous PR, unfortunately.
  4. This has been discussed before and I am primarily motivated for the same reason. I'd like ashwalkers to be able to make leather for things like goliath cloaks. I was able to make drying racks work on lavaland by changing to just along with changing the power consumptions to 0. I dont know which change is the primary reason it works, but it works. There was the implied assumption that the PR would be looked into, and I guess it just never was. But now the work is mostly done, we can have a drying rack that doesnt need power and allow ashwalker to produce leather as a result. I'd love to see the drip :)
  5. Bridge hobos are a blessing and a cure for the game.
  6. Apparently, on the HOP console, the assistant is listed as "retirement".
  7. It's not a busy intersection, it's an open area with a plaque stamped on the ground and a window showcasing the workings of command.
  8. To address something from the original post, I don't think there's an implied uptick of displeasure with assistants. When posts involve a heated/bold topic in general, there is a likelihood of a long response on the forums. But as many posters have stated, they're fine with assistants as a whole. Just to say that I think those sentiments were overstated
  9. ...yeah people do that. People hang out around streets, hallways, and all sorts of busy places of a university. But even if it isn't the most realistic, it's also not terribly unrealistic either. This repeated assertion that you wouldn't hang around in a busy hallway is correct, the thing is it's NOT a busy hallway most of the time. People would pass by but there is no flood of passersby being impeded by people hanging around the bridge. It also actually seems like one of the places where people interact and roleplay with no real harm to anyone. Why not roleplay in designated areas like dorms? Because people do roleplay in those areas and decide to roleplay elsewhere as well. So like what some others shared, I think is a non-issue. I also don't think the fact that it only happens in Paradise is a strong point, just because it's unique to a server doesn't prove it's terribly debilitating or anything. Personally, I think no loitering laws would be more detrimental than bridge "hoboing". I don't understand why you'd rather get players taken to jail for around 5-15 minutes than let them hang around a place, with no restrictions either. I just think people need to open their perspectives a little, I don't think its a big issue.
  10. Something else to consider is that the base pay is CREW_BASE_PAY_LOW. Another solution could be to raise other roles' wages to medium or high. Also, there are still the department budgets which already vary depending on risks or whatnot. There could be some way to encourage heads of staff to start providing bonuses that differentiate the occupations. I'll be honest, the economy update is still relatively new, I think some command players still aren't aware that they can take credits from their department accounts. This could be a better course of action. So instead of hindering assistants' abilities to buy items that could actually help them roleplay (instruments, clothing, Nano-Mob Hunder Go), perhaps actions could be taken to encourage the use of an unknown feature to distinguish occupations. Or diversify paychecks overall with varying amounts, although that may be more labor intensive.
  11. Well this is timing https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/22269, now the paycheck for everyone is 100 credits.
  12. Just to clarify, everyone's paycheck is 125 credits half an hour. Heads of staff start with 600 credits and everyone else starts with 450 credits, but everyone gets the same paycheck.
  13. I don't think that's the case at all. Even if it was, I think the better solution would be to use the mechanics already present to make assistants better contributors. Moreover, the perception of people who say it is a jobless role can only reinforce that statement. I'm sure if you give most assistant players the chance to contribute, without needing to give up their profession, they would. Hell, the headcanon that the assistant position is paid leave is because many assistants are experienced players who just want the freedom the role provides, and they do still contribute to the shift. I also don't think assistants HAVE to constantly contribute in order to be considered a job. I think an assistant can enjoy things described like the bar, and still be considered the working crew. Assistants are what they are and there's no need to demean them as unemployed when they relax like any other job, in my opinion. People's experiences are variable and I've seen assistants assisting many times along with their chilling. I don't think your claim to universality is valid.
  14. I just thought they were meant to be assistants to the station overall. They get to choose what profession they will risk their lives to help in the forsaken space station. I thought the station provided Guest Pass Terminals for that very reason, they have a place in the overall structure of the round. Their position in the workforce is one of learning and adaptability, at least that's how I perceived them. Paid break is a perspective though. Like, what others have said now. This just seems like a discussion over resolutions to an issue. If you do think this is a better solution, I don't think you need to hold on to it for another time. I'll be on the fence about the suggestion of reduced pay or a "paid break". Although it may be better than the original suggestion, I'm hesitant if such a headcanon should have that much sway over a mechanic.
  15. I'm a little hesitant about this suggestion. Mainly because I think the reasons behind them are flawed. Instead of refuting why assistants aren't helpful to departments, the post just makes a blanket statement demeaning all assistants as bridge hobos, unemployed, and worthless. While the offer to the "issue" is mainly to just make people leave the profession. I think assistants are working crewmembers and are useful as their name suggests. I also am hesitant that this change, mainly motivated by the perception of assistants as worthless, could affect roleplay in the future. I am concerned that this change would just enforce insulting assistants and demeaning those players overall. Also, this roleplay aspect already exists to some extent. Heads of staff have access to department accounts which they can pull credits out for additional revenue or whatnot. The assistants have their own "department" account which is significantly lower than the rest. Roleplay could center around that mechanic, which already financially cuts at assistants. I am not entirely against the idea of diversifying the paychecks. I personally like how everyone being paid 125 credits half an hour does seem like a dystopian aspect of the world, NT doesn't even bother because they're so powerful, but I am open to the change. I just don't particularly like how this suggestion seems to wanna carry that change out.
  16. I think it's safe to say this post is about how to deal with other players. I don't think the narrow view that respect would get respect back is foolproof, because honestly, it just won't sometimes. The RD shouldn't be a jerk when you respectfully ask for them to open shutters, but sometimes they just stay closed. HOP shouldn't make tedious side objective hunts for a pass, but that happens. You can try to respectfully interact with the chef by standing on the door edge to keep their attention while you try and talk, and you can get your neck chopped and shoved out. Of course, you should respect other players, but I don't think that excuses how other players may disrespect you with their method of dealing with "trespassers". Asking for a pass is a fine course of action, but I don't think it's the only way because of how players are. I don't think anybody directly denied that public soup kitchens are bad. But I don't think you are obligated to go to HOP and be coerced into becoming the chef, which is the natural course of that interaction. Never mind convenience/gameplay-wise, assistants or other crewmembers taking the initiative to hop over the table and cook until a proper chef arrives is the entire reason I find public soup kitchens endearing. They're not gonna sacrifice their current occupation to stay fed, they're gonna bake basic bread. Add that along with the gameplay convenience of getting people fed faster. Even if it's disconnected from if a chef was already there, it just goes to show the benefit not focusing on workplace trespassing may have, especially if a chef does finally arrive and not immediately kick everyone out. I also think there's an important difference between breaking or walking into a workplace. On this topic about keeping others out, I think it is important to differentiate how you deal with either situation. Putting someone in a chokehold for merely walking in before they could explain themselves isn't as condonable to me personally. I just believe it's best that such tendencies for one's workplace be tamed somewhat.
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