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  1. Access to nukie gear with infinite TC? Would only be fair thinking about balance and stuff
  2. One Vox plus an ebow is apperantly all you need to burn down this station. When everyone is a traitor and the one with hijack makes a murder machine and murders almost 50 people, you know you got a good story to tell. Some salt at times, but sometimes you die right? Almost pulled it off, but was stopped in the end- the damage was done though Here is the tornado of ghosts for proof. Credit to Rasaka for pulling off this amazing play, that i never thought possible.
  3. the most robust non lethal weapon this station has ever seen is a space cleaner with water. cant change my mind so dont try. Also like how i robusted you on the holodeck a few rounds later(or prior)
  4. Attaching a signaler with reciver on to an airlock wire(like bolt) then attaching a voice changer to another signaler set to the same frequency lets you make cool voice activated door bolts. You can also set the recording to an emote like snap. though i dont know how useful this is, it’s definitely cool to just cut the power to an airlock with the snap of your fingers.
  5. I would love to see more new events like this. This sounds fun and doable in my opinion aswell(though im no coder). And i think it could be a great new addition given that cult is always just cult. Having traitors and cultists in the same round could be a fun and interesting idea. Overall interested over here atleast!
  6. Used half the shift building it, and the other hald hiding from a blob in it. Credits to Fiddler for helping me make it. First time i have really played with chutes and disposals as a way to travel as far as from the bridge to space under atmos. Great Fun, Good rp. 10/10 would do again!
  7. I keep finding so many great artists in this community, and it keeps surprising me how good they are. Really great stuff, Can’t wait to see more from you!
  8. Be AI. Blob infected mouse exists. ;BLOB MY SAT Die, and people keep asking me to open doors. smh my head
  9. These are really great. i Really enjoy your style, and some of them are pretty damn fun aswell. Keep up the great work
  10. This is why we can not trust the people in blue! They keep sending us back to zero oh, almost forgot. 3!