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  1. Hello Meow. Welcome to Paradise! Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have questions in game, press f1 and select mentor help. honk
  2. I love it! Great stuff, and so FAST. You're a really good and talented artist. Keep up the good work!
  3. Starting next week, wish me luck people!
  4. Good question, oh and for that bet. I would be careful around masked beret thieves for a while. 4 is the number
  5. You aren’t supposed to be the ones counting. One once more
  6. This is obviously fake. I don’t do losing beret or kitty ears no thank you
  7. Farie begone from this thread, this is not code. OH and two
  8. Mentors are not allowed on these sacred grounds, now back to one we go.
  9. NoOOOoooO spark. Not the mugs! okay back to one we go
  10. This is amazing. You really know how to tell a story interesting, and it really just draws you in once start reading
  11. Picked a bad time to start this up again Drake. All the new mentors want to try their new destroying powers That and ONE by the way
  12. sounds great! Will see if i can't optimize the code for it, add some features