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  1. GutTC


    Drew this one for the Halloween-ish. Using the Junji Ito style-like because as they are kinda neat.
  2. I'd love that a lot. The two of flesh and synthetic unite their power into one.
  3. Some variables of casual button down shirts that can either be buttoned or unbuttoned. Sleeve up or down. I'm a real fan of these.
  4. GutTC


    Some really silly characters doodles for my friend's hopefully not upcoming Rimworld video series. I regret being involved. Gurt Bug Tarantuwu Chad
  5. They are expandable, disposable, splendid meat shield efficiency and great for meat industrial business.
  6. Not at all. I just like western cowboy accents. But I also like neo-noir stuff. So a bad mix-up was made.
  7. GutTC


    Yuuuup. Would love to see somebody gamble all their cash away and then turned semi-hobo asking for little penny and live around the maint. And maybe this could make Cargo a bit worth and fun doing their job should the crates not only demands supply point but also credits. Or literally anything really, even Bartender charging the drinks. I'd be very interest to see how each of players play their way with their credits so to see people won't feel that lazy anymore where you can just get anything you want from the vendors or whatsoever with the current cash system.
  8. GutTC


    Playing along with some coloring details. And an attempt to make a semi-poster-screen.
  9. A same inhuman friend who forced me into Dwarf Fortress forced me into SS13 as well.
  10. GutTC


    More silly shenanigans. Be wary of your co-workers. Or your very close friends. they might not be as nice as you normally think. Another Hydroponic shift with Ruby. "Is this 'Valuable'?"
  11. I don't know. It's literally combo with dark-vision in disguise. Make it like traitor thermal vision google or something might be just fine. And now that I've said it change its name as well to Thermal Vision instead of X-ray Vision. What are you. Looking for other's skeletons?
  12. A lot of clothing that aren't available through station vendors. Such as the clothing that required limited point in character creation tap.
  13. I hate cockroaches. A lot. If they flies. It's worsen my sanity.
  14. The only problem is that the time to pull the trigger takes really long and might merely reach before the slip cooldown. And it also leave a notable notification for everyone surrounding that you are doing something with the clown on his mouth no matter if it's silenced or not.