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  1. GutTC


    Hey. 2021 was hell. But whatever, "Just go."
  2. Suggesting about having two Detective job slots by default instead of only one. With the server being on high-pop and usually busy and Detective's gun being less salt mine at least for now, when it comes to lone detective being called into multiple crime scenes at once wasn't quite a good experience. Been playing as Detective for sometimes and I do enjoy to actually do the job as it meant to be such as gathering evidences against the suspects then perform the complete dossiers to present rather than "point-n-click" this and spill the names then hurried up to the next location before the crewmembers get really impatience on your late arrival, be it the Security waiting for you to scan things in the Processing, Engineer waiting to fix the emagged door or Janitor waiting alone in the dark maintenance to clean up the blood runes. Not having enough time to further investigate your old cases and papers nobody really want to read except of you because it's your job. Detective job can also be very lonely at some point, most of times Security do not really have time to dive into Detective's detailed effort on evidences but wanting the suspect's name of the prints you found and move on unless the cases were that "interesting". I think having second Detective (and officially a real Partner) would improve the state of Detective's roleplay nature on any scenarios, having someone whose got the same job and SOP as their. Also it'd make Detective job less unpleasant (or boring) in someway. Having two Detective sharing tasks or working in separated cases. The two debating together or to talk with about the evidences they gathered, two brains to share ideas and solving the cold cases. Or one could even go undercover while another work on uniform and on the desk. However fits their style. Which is fun. So, are there any downsides to think about? Surely, redoing the Detective's office to actually fits for two people instead of one. Honestly, I do not really have bright idea with this. Weather to enlarge the office in the current location or completely relocate and re-create it. This is probably a big problem unless someone already got an idea about this. If so, big change or not, cool. Next up would be having two Detective means another player in Security. Despite the Detective's SOP they still pose as major problematic to certain antagonists. Two Det-curity might not be nice to certain perspectives, but that's IC related as long nothing too awful happens for validing as Detective going against their SOP. Feel free to share your thoughts, things I missed, and feedback.
  3. GutTC


    A bored-doodle-hours stuff and getting used to Krita software. Pew pew pew.
  4. GutTC


    Quick subject made from GIMP. Mh... Good friend made bad decisions.
  5. GutTC


    Ah... Terror Spiders... My favorite disaster. I'm trying to finish this but now I'm too stumped with so many details I've planned ahead. So it might a while. Enjoy what I got!
  6. GutTC


    Doodling and redrawing two of my old OCs. Never forgetting your old OCs mang?
  7. GutTC


    Chibi time again.
  8. GutTC


    Been quite sometimes. Ready for wall of pics. Some of semi-commissions I've finished. Experimenting around with my own OCs and eventually remixing them into another universe-like themes. Last time I tried to remix them into feudal Japan samurai like. Now I just like the idea of world of criminal organisations. Field Agent "Blu Fin" (totally yoinked from my own ss13 character deep lore name) Operative "Iris". Tasked: Field overwatch. Annnd silly storyboard of these two. "We are colleagues now! Here's your arsenal. I'll show you how these phones work." Till next time!
  9. GutTC


    Drew this one for the Halloween-ish. Using the Junji Ito style-like because as they are kinda neat.
  10. I'd love that a lot. The two of flesh and synthetic unite their power into one.
  11. Some variables of casual button down shirts that can either be buttoned or unbuttoned. Sleeve up or down. I'm a real fan of these.
  12. GutTC


    Some really silly characters doodles for my friend's hopefully not upcoming Rimworld video series. I regret being involved. Gurt Bug Tarantuwu Chad
  13. They are expandable, disposable, splendid meat shield efficiency and great for meat industrial business.
  14. GutTC


    Yuuuup. Would love to see somebody gamble all their cash away and then turned semi-hobo asking for little penny and live around the maint. And maybe this could make Cargo a bit worth and fun doing their job should the crates not only demands supply point but also credits. Or literally anything really, even Bartender charging the drinks. I'd be very interest to see how each of players play their way with their credits so to see people won't feel that lazy anymore where you can just get anything you want from the vendors or whatsoever with the current cash system.
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