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  1. I play as drone if there is something to do a.k.a traitors are using lots of toxin bombs, I really appreciate all of ya, cute smol things that work harder than greytide trying to get insuls
  2. If You have patience to bunch of new players cargo can be quite okay. My main issue against security is that there is tons of new players there for some reason (which is where shitcurity comes from), come on play clown to be robust sec is FOR getting robusted >.< Medbay is metaphorically 10 md's fighting over one greytide with 20 burn damage just to have something to do and it's the worse if someone steals any surgery tools. I love being HoP, the more paperwork the better but the whole thing is gone after the alert raises and then im just a access giver rest of the command is cool i guess.
  3. Meow19


    As an expert on this matter i have to agree wholeheartedly.
  4. Hey everyone! Im 20 year's old and from Europe (gotta justify my mediocre english) SS13 is the first game I truly enjoyed since few years, I am glad I decided to stay in paradise after checking out few other servers, the playerbase, staff and the code, I love it all! Currently im playing diona Grass-Walker Of Daybreak, playing most departments. You may have saw me few times, either fully focusing on work and with barely any roleplay, failing miserably as antag or complaining about lags as observator Thanks to everyone for teaching me a lot of things and being so supporitve, also sorry for this being so long :l