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  1. Space vines finally would have some use.
  2. Hello and welcome! ^^ I hope you will enjoy your stay here or maybe even contribute!
  3. Your karma gets refunded, if you don't have 50 command hours you won't have it even if you unlocked it with karma before, playing blueshield doesn't give command hours afaik
  4. I agree, remove slime "people" or at least forbid them from leaving xenobiology. Also not to be that person who points out "Balance" in roleplay game but vox are 1000 times worse than slimepeople but have same revival methods, so giving slimes another revival method that vox dont have access to ain't too nice.
  5. Remember when Letov played Letov? A respectable, decent crewmember and not some slime? Real OG's remember
  6. I will proceed to open the 3 shield sat crates inside cargo bay and the window warning me not to do it won't stop me.
  7. Hi! I recognize you by you being the only bald guy around who knows what they are doing :D welcome to the forums, please have fun with endless stream of ban appeals, great art and meme threads.
  8. No need to unlock it, anyone can do it ye.
  9. This looks amazing, it probably requires a lot of work but i am sure it would be worth it.
  10. I'd be better to increase the "depth" of ashwalkers which already exist and kinda sound like what you are describing but it might be just me.
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