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  1. This looks amazing, it probably requires a lot of work but i am sure it would be worth it.
  2. I'd be better to increase the "depth" of ashwalkers which already exist and kinda sound like what you are describing but it might be just me.
  3. Just play slimeperson, nobody wants to kiss them or send them any kisses even.
  4. "What the fuck is that...is that a fucking grey? Hey don't look at me like that, that's a weird looking grey, mom, yo there is this stray grey here i don't want it start fireballing the crew, mom!"
  5. this was taken out of context mkay :D
  6. Woah Landerrod, i never knew you from this side! I didn't expect you were such a complex, deep and philosophical kind of person, I always thought of you as a simple guy who has been idoctrinated into excessive love for immovable rods and nothing more than that, but this post really proved me wrong.
  7. Currently xeno's aren't in "event rotation" and can only be spawned if an admin chooses to do so, that's because they are pretty unfun to fight against (they instantly win combat if you are not in a mech most of the time) and if you are in a mech they can pretty much do nothing about it but run away is what I remember, so unless somebody makes balance changes to these I don't think we will see them any soon :l
  8. Our coders are indeed very busy and are doing great work ^^ come back for the memes in msay/mchat, it got even better with the new wave of mementors :D remember the story behind this cute security diona? I don't either, but if that doesn't convince you then nothing will! join us again to witness admin erp - because everyone would want to see that (they werent actually erp'ing dont worry) Do you feel very invited yet? :D
  9. See? Because mentors are NICE people unlike admemes which end every chain like this on maximum of 2 because you don't enjoy people accomplishing things and having fun and- oh wait...ooops.
  10. There is an option in the preferences to hear or silence instruments so that might be the problem.
  11. Yeah its already a thing in the game im pretty confident.
  12. Paperwork above all, these are the kind of people I need when i play cappie!
  13. Im on the ghost meeting! Mom im famous! Sucks i didn't got a seat though >.< Also during the "giant coffee" round I was haunted so often i asked the chaplain to exorcise me, he told me to crab walk a bit then let me join, since then i wasn't haunted almost at all and in the same round there was vox box in chapel maint, half the residents were actually vox, the other were xenomorphs for some reason.
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