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  1. @Spacemanspark Bottom comments and files change shows that he coded in lockbox functionality, but did not set any weapons to locked.
  2. This is the list of every traitor purchase between July first 2020 - July 28 2020. I saw one of these haven't been posted in 2 years, so I thought I would make one. The spreadsheet of data is at the bottom. Note: This list INCLUDES Nuclear operative purchases and does not filter them. Note 2: I am dumb, and probably missed some of the job specific items due to a mistake, but I did ~180 searches in total and plus most of them are not bought. Note 3: Surplus crates include surplus crates AND super surplus crates due to logging. Note 4: Some of these are really skewed, IE, chameleon flag, bought 15 times by 1 clown in a shift, and the soap, bought... 20 times by one agent in a shift. MOST BOUGHT ITEMS Emag: 400 times Energy Sword: 231 Syndicate Encryption key: 216 Adrenal Implant: 151 Storage Implant: 145 FK-69 Pistol (stechkin): 107 Stechkin - 10mm Magazine: 106 Sleepy pen: 92 Syndicate Soap: 86 Advanced pinpointer: 80 NUMBER OF DISCOUNTED PURCHASES: 384 TOTAL BOUGHT ITEMS: 4380 Traitor July 1-28.ods
  3. The armor is interesting. It has huge risks, but its more or less, unless you are emp'd, a permanent riot shield that teleports you when it triggers. A traitor chasing you with a pistol in a hallway is going to have trouble, when you take on average 50% less damage, keep moving, and maybe even teleporting into a nearby room. The armor has saved me from many abductor attacks before, or at least made it harder. Just dont use it near turbine or the engine. If you really want to make things interesting, randomize the reactive armor that is in the RD'S office, there is 4 of them in the code.
  4. To be fair, there is a SOP for RD having a gun from the protolathe on red, however, they generally ask when they don't need it. Terrors, shadowlings, or the RD was attacked / killed earlier in the shift? Now is a good time to let them have one. Just turning code red, probably not.
  5. Remember, station jumpsuits are one size fits all. Thus, they are vox sized, and stretch enough to fit a drask.
  6. Reaching 10? Impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete.
  7. wrong at @Cazdon, but close enough
  8. No one miners with voice of god
  9. May have stole some objects and ebow'd some people, but it wasnt till I got in the pod till the spook fest started
  10. I attracted a few too many ghosts attention