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  1. Honestly I don't think this is a great idea. One of the main issue that people have with roundstart blob is how quickly it ends without any buildup/real tension, and extending that to midround blob will certainly be unpopular. The system roundstart blob uses is also known to be buggy, with rounds often ending much sooner than intended. The only times that I've had serious issues with midround blob is when a round that should have ended a significant time ago continues, which is more of an issue of a round being kept going for no reason. Clearing your byond cache often will help reduce lag, and disable your onedrive if you haven't.
  2. PR can be found here https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/19159
  3. Currently, darkmode ghostchat is pretty similar to the darkmode emote/say chat. I see this as an issue, darkmode is pretty easy on your eyes, with the exception of ghostchat. I struggle to differentiate between either chat types unless I notice a ckey. I do think it would be for the best if it was made to be darker, and I have the poll attached to this post for community feedback to see if I should make a PR. (Mind you I haven't made a replacement chat color yet) Below is a screenshot of how it looks in game, be mindful this is only two lines, most of the time the chat will be full mostly with normal speech
  4. Unions don't really make sense ICly. Nanotrasen is a big bad evil corporation, you think they'll support that kind of stuff? OOCly it's far simpler, unions are used almost exclusively for self-antagging and are probably the most overplayed gimmick in the game. There's basically no situation where going around trying to organize a mob to beat down a department isn't going to be antagonistic, as you are causing security to focus on you rather than antagonists. Generally, this is due to the union gathering a bunch of spears together and sitting in the front of the bridge. Distracting security as a non-antagonist is kind of a big common sense no-no. And uh, generally unfun for anyone not part of the union in round. Antagonist roles are in game for a reason. There is actually a simple solution to this, ahelp and ask to form a union. If they say yes (no response is a response, it means no), Generally, when people are given event roles, this goes far smoother as an admin will actually want to play along, and other people will also want to play along. Security isn't gonna get flack for doing it's job. Para did actually have an RP revolution gamemode, and it was removed in this PR: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/4255 I do think this is more suited for adminbus stuff, however. People are already steered away from doing this stuff due to self antagging rules, cargonia is a good example of what unions often cause. Self Antaging: Antagonizing without being an Antag - Self Antaging refers to players who decide to do actions that normally only a Antagonist would do, i.e; Murdering other players, heavily damaging the station or causing chaos on a mass scale. Unions will cause chaos on a major scale, I'd talk with neca about adding something more specific to the advanced rules as they maintain that page
  5. We have this, you can get it through github Here's an example of a January 3th code dump, this should be easy to download as it's a branch https://github.com/hal9000PR/Paradise/tree/anomaly-fix
  6. What is a drop of rain, compared to a storm? A thought, compared to a mind? In our endless and empty cosmos, the stars did not form from the emptiness between atoms, it was only once they combinded did their great might glow within endless darkness, their endless warmth and kindness substaining all life. Life was... separate, insignificant, until it learned to rely on one another. Their chains were broken through endless servitude. You beings will soon learn of this lesson. Our shackles are brought upon by our individuality, and the only key for our escape is to create our own... to consume the shackles of identity. Don't you see now, foolish admin? There is endless love within the mass, it is not a choice to join us, it is an inevitability. We have taken your hatred, and your individuality shall be suffocated next... Glory to the overmind. I am a voice in their choir. You shall too, "experiment"
  7. Luck to you all, I'll see what I can do to help you all prepare!
  8. Posting on behalf of @Joey(because wew this one is good) He in fact, did not give a fuck. https://gyazo.com/7651b44d4cd215f95a5523d3e496b5b2
  9. The old version of Shepard (mk1) had serious maptick issues, some questionable design choices, and performed poorly in a public setting. Mk2 is practically a different map, so it's gonna take awhile for it to be reviewed or merged.
  10. Currently we have one librarian specific traitor items, the E(xplosive)20. This item is an RNG explosive that can either do almost nothing or blow up a hole in the station larger than a maxcap, try your luck and see if it works out for only 3TC! This item isn't necessary bad, but it's impractical and deadly. Traitors with steal objectives with get very minimal use out of this item, and traitors will kill objectives will struggle to kill their target with this and likely take themselves out with their target if they do manage it. For a hijack objective a 3TC explosive is very powerful and justifies its existence to some extent. The E(ncounter)20 is an item designed to be more useful for general antagging without overshadowing the E(xplosive)20 in raw damage situations. The E(ncounter)20 is very simple in its use, throw the dice and depending on number rolled, summon a few enemies to aid you in your endless and evil journey in destruction! Or at least until you managed to piss them off with a stray bullet. Throwing the E(ncounter)20 at someone will "target" them, making the summoned mobs prioritize them over anyone else. All encounters are simple mobs. Encounter program activated, loading holoprojector protocol, establishing connection with [X] computer nodes. ROLL FOR INITIATIVE! 1- Checksum error detected, insufficient connected computer nodes. Please turn off the program, it's a serious crime to pirate video games. 5 pirates spawn, all with blood for you! Better run! 2- A slime approaches with haste! Normal xenobiology slime 3- Pack of Feral Dogs draw near! 4 Ians spawn, they deal 6 damage each and have 15 health each. 4- The Lil critters gang grows closer! 8 "lil critters" spawn, random assortment of small friendly simplemobs, each one deals 5 brute damage and has 5 health. 5- A vengeful spirit rises from the dead! 1 shade spawns, random if it's blue/red. 6- Giant household spider appears! 3 Giant spiders spawn, random type. 7- The garden comes alive! 2 Venus human traps, 2 bees, and 2 killer tomatoes spawn. 8- A Goliath comes from the earth below! A single, very upset Goliath spawns. 9- A school of holocarp appear from thin air! Six holocarp spawn. 10- Fallen angels swoop in! Three faithless spawn 11- An army of machines approach! Two securitrons and a "evil" medibot will spawn, all hacked. 12- Two giant eyes swoop down! Two magmawing watchers spawn 13- Scrapped machines awaken from an endless slumber! 7 Strong hivebots spawn 14- Tunnelclowns seek to reclaim their land! 4 Tunnelclowns spawn, each armed with a VERY nasty 25 brute damage attack and 100 health, they dust on death with a sad honk playing in the background. 1 cluwne goblin also spawns with the group. 15- Aliens beam down! 2 alien hunters, 2 alien sentinels, and an alien queen spawn (All simplemob versions) 16- Mutated fungus notices you! A blobbernaut and 3 blob spores spawn, along with an unlinked blob factory. 17- Alien machinery falls from the sky! A swarmer beacon spawns, along with 2 of each swarmer type 18- Combat drones crash through the window! 5 Malf combat drones spawn, all in their angered state and do NOT go to their passive state. 19- The legion awakes! A legion (yes the megafauna) spawns, except its health is set to 100 [Shouldn't be too bad right?] 20- The king of fear's army stands before you! A prince of terror and 2 red terrors spawn, very dangerous! I'll probably play around with the numbers, and if you got any references you wanna throw in ask and I'll fit em in (mostly to old RPGs).
  11. Eh fuck it, might as well throw my idea down because I like the idea of brain control evil sluggy guy Borers are extremely flawed at the moment, it's an antag that can't really do antagonistic things due to its frankly low power. Beyond this, the strategy is to either find the dumbest fucking crew member on station to infect... or something like a monkey, because borers are removed from existence by anything with even a little sugar in it. I don't need to explain why that's problematic, when your main way of succeeding as an antag is akin to spawn camping the newest players around, it sucks for everyone involved. Aside from this, what borers can do for you is extremely great, lots of healing chemicals and some antistun goodies. The antag that's better as a buddy isn't a great place to be. Borers also suffer from swarmer syndrome of just never fucking dying. Aside from this, borers do have a lot going for them! The ability to join in as a midround and function as a somewhat friendly role and just either watch, have a nice chat, or actively play as like a monkey or something can be great fun! It's just not that fun for everyone else (and most certainly not if you took someone over and now, they get the fancam of you doing things THEY could be doing) There are two ways to tackle this task, either making borers into a real kind of antag, or not doing that A good example of borers being made into a truly not-so antagonist role would be /VG/station borers, which also kind of suck in their own way They can be found here: https://ss13.moe/wiki/index.php/Borer TLDR on why they're really only ok: VG has a much lower pop then para, and VG is very much a different place than para. Borers still kind of aren't fun to play with or as. This would need major alterations to make it a proper role on para, and I truly doubt people would want to play it (the two pAI players left can vouch people don't love these kinds of roles). The second way is to make them a fully antagonistic role, with the intent of either taking over the station, or fully taking control of their host. Two main ways I could see this happen would be an overhaul or a total redesign, and I figure I might as well throw mine down here. Borers but more antagonistic: Borers are now given a set of objectives to replace a department (yes, a whole department), and are moved to be a major midround. Borers now are given extremely dangerous chemicals as well (idc about making defining stuff rn, you can guess it wouldn't be pleasant). They can now use chemicals while in control of the host body as well Borers now start taking control of a host body upon infecting them, this takes multiple minutes to do (unless the creature lacks sentience, such as a monkey). Upon taking control, they keep it! The borer needs to be removed through surgery, and the host is effectively dead during this time. Making a new borer also costs a fuckload more chemicals and takes 15 seconds of standing still. Pros: Gives more rhyme and reason to borers, lets them do antag stuff. Doesn't rip out everything they currently have Cons: bro this is lame ngl. Having at most, 2 departments interact with you as a major is possibly the most disappointing thing that can happen to a bored assistant. yeah bro this isn't even borers anymore cut me some slack these things suck: Yeah I like mind control brain slug, BUT WHAT IF IT WAS JUST A DIFFERENT ANTAGONIST ENTIRELY? meet borers #2, something I'll do tomorrow because I can't be asked to do it today
  12. This has a bit of the story behind it yes i'm salty about this one Basically, about an hour 10 into the shift we had a powersink put up This sink lasted NEARLY 40 minutes, and it screwed alot up, having an active changeling threat also sure didn't help... Anyway here's the fun part, the sink was actually on cameras (Not AI cams, couldn't see that sadly), and nobody could see it sadly. About 20 minutes in when EVERYONE is loosing their minds, we get this ERT request from the captain Closest I've seen to a mutiny in awhile OH, AND FIVE ENGINEERS GOT DUSTED AS WELL SITUATION WAS REAL DARK
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