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  1. this would just encourage people to join as a job and just ignore it for the paycheck
  2. I don't think this will work in practice. Not only is red often kept for nearly the entire shift, the dynamic between getting access to different items vs a blanket access increase is rather different. Every single item in armory is specific. Disablers and batons work better than other equipment against people without stun resistance, this accounts for almost every non antagonist role. Lasers work best against things that cannot be stunned effectively or things that you require permanent damage to effectively deal with. Ablative armor and riot armor do well against what you think they would do well against. Shotguns are excellent for adrenal users or as a sidegrade to the disabler that is higher risk. The best example of how something like this can go wrong are shields. Shields before parrying used to almost always be available for anyone to take as an officer, if they weren't available security would just take a shield from science. This was because the benefits they gave were entirely passive. For giving up one hand slot (minor downside) they gave you a 50% chance to block hits (major upside). Like an access upgrade like you are suggesting, this is entirely passive with ultimately no reason to deny said upgrade beyond "you're not supposed to". Players will generally not listen to empty threats, especially when it is tied to something as uncommonly followed as SOP. Sop works best when it complements the design of a set of features, and is utterly ignored when it works against it.
  3. If you can call multiple alerts at once, why wouldn't the station constantly be on orange/violet alert to allow for each department to have extra accesses?
  4. What's a situation where violet/orange alert will be called where red alert wouldn't be justified/positive to the station?
  5. This was the pr Yes... it was MORE bullshit before https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/21295
  6. Dchat made a start area house, only thing that was really missing was a plant or two
  7. You can log in using your forum account username and password
  8. Bit of a thread revival but I've had more time to play with this change, and I'm not sure I like it. This change does make dealing with locker pullers without backup somewhat easier, but in 1 by 1 hallways on like shepard it's still an effective strategy. I also don't really think it's too much of an issue, when it does become frustrating it's when they use other stuff like meth and an autolathe for ammo with it, which I would argue is significantly more problematic than pulling objects. One think this Pr did NOT address is structure pushing by mobs like terrors, which I find to be way more oppressive as you have no way to deal with it in most cases, while they get a much easier push. In game this kind of seems to just make normal stuff you were already doing a bit more frustrating and really only affects people who don't realize they can just push objects. it's not too terrible but it's just kinda janky and annoying. I've been thinking about putting up a revert that adds a limited piercing upgrade for disablers and lasers at RND, I feel that's a better compromise than making things generally more frustrating to use overall to kill off a pretty niche strat.
  9. hi, try one of these links, servers had a case of the ddos byond://us-e.paradisestation.org:6666 byond://us-w.paradisestation.org:6666 byond://uk.paradisestation.org:6666 byond://eu-w.paradisestation.org:6666 byond://eu-c.paradisestation.org:6666 byond://aus.paradisestation.org:6666 To run these, on windows hit the window + R key and paste (one of) these in
  10. It's been awhile, and I need more data! This is an updated version of the previous forum. Please fill this out if you have the time, it should only take a few minutes and feedback is appreciated. https://forms.gle/chmU8BiZMCsp4EjQ7 Feel free to put notes in the comments of this post as well
  11. IMHO going down to lavaland isn't that big of a deal to do and already gives the paramedic something to do. Just ask the hop for access Also right now the crew monitor can make a deep cut into performance because of how much it needs to check, so that would probably need to be dealt with
  12. If you steal the laser that's the automatic alarm on display cases, not the AI
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