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  1. Maybe too wordy but something like "Morels drift upon a sea of stars to a morning bloom" perhaps?
  2. Xenomicrobes are super rare, and can only be found in two places (They should really not be able to be found in those places though) So getting them is like... alright? Not that pressing of an issue
  3. I think we generally ought to stop eating floor pills. If you eat some magic drug off the ground... you really shouldn't expect anything good. Getting turned into a very valid xenomorph is kind of one of the lesser things that could happen.
  4. Wasn't trying to suggest we should add more cooldowns. Rather move to a cooldown system instead of chemicals, but that's not the main point of this comment. The point of this post was to get everyone on the same page to some extent with the issues that changeling has, and to see if people had further issues I may have glossed over. Rather not have any more breaks in communication, which is a big damage to any project. Also, any chance you could relay what design team is looking for @necaladun based off our chat in DMs? Just wanna keep people on the same level. In all honestly a full rework is needed here, changeling doesn't do much of anything outside of do its objectives really hard. In terms of options, I do actually have a couple of documents that I'm currently revising to be posted later after everyone is on the same page with what they want. For coding we'll get to it when we get to it, but it's probably going to fall on to me by default.
  5. People also don't do this because it's boring for both the antagonist and the person antagonized, fun is the incentive. The most efficient way to do anything is silently, doesn't mean people want to be silent. Also, how else am I supposed to take "To complete their goals, they are not incentiviced do make the victims round "fun" or "interesting". It's just to kill them" as anything but "I don't think they're enjoyable". This game is entirely roleplay focused, the incentive is that it's fun for both people involved. Clicking on the 2D spaceman is boring without anything to back that up, some green text at the end of the game means literally nothing, it's the roleplay that revolves around it that makes it fun. I know what you're saying, what I'm saying is that it's going to make the round less fun for everyone who gets it. You're not gonna sit there and do nothing, especially if it's a new player who gets it. Also, you should actually detail implementation first and formost, especially if it deals with a low chance like that. Also that chance is way too low. Other people certainly will, and what would you do if you got this message? Game mechanics shouldn't be designed specifically for your enjoyment, you need to consider other people. I read this and the first thing that comes to mind is "You weren't actually expecting feedback, were you?" You need to consider that other people will see the post and think "Ah fuck I'm a target I need self defense!", which is going to end in 30 people with prods because possible antagonists could be out to get them. Or you make the chance so low the feature becomes totally worthless unless you don't get it, and you get the "yay I'm not a target pass" for a round. How does an antagonist approach a target if they know someone is coming otherwise? They're certainly not going into another room with you, you could be a antag! The only option you have is to beat them into the dirt unceremoniously, which is a terrible payoff. Not to mention you're not getting any payoff if you're not actually a target. This is going to result in nothing good, 18 people are gonna go get stuff to defend themselves. There are also far more than 2 targets a shift. Either this does nothing or it does too much. The objection you referenced has like a ~1/5 chance of being rolled, the vast majority of objectives will still be kill. Get that stuff set in stone, we can't judge your idea properly otherwise. So, you're arguing in favor of a feature which is supposed to make you tense... by removing tension? Also, you're not the main character, sometimes you die, and die horribly! Then tell me what this is supposed to mean, the only way to take it is "If you judge this the way I want you to, it's good." This is a red flag and a half currently and I suggest you elaborate on it So, you found a fun gimmick you use as an antagonist? Great. Don't force that on to other people who might not want to do it. You've also asked if I think it would be more intresting, I say no, this would be absolutely annoying at best, validhunting encouraging at worst.
  6. This is not true Assassination objectives can be used to create very enjoyable situations, provided that the antagonist can be put in a position to do that. Cling specifically struggles to do this, but vamp and traitor have many different options. What matters is more that way that you're killed, not the act of being killed. @henri215is a great example of someone who can make kill objectives fun. I am fully against this for the following reasons - If you get this you are encouraged to stop playing the game. Getting a message like this will result in the people who got this instantly going to cryo, or going to security demanding protection. - This entirely forces antagonists to get things done quickly, if you get "the funny message" that just means you have been given a reason to refuse roleplay with people in fear they will end your round. Antagonists aren't going to "be nice" when they get this, they're gonna be forced to go full on unga mode. It'll be near fucking impossible if they don't go loud instantly and .357 the person down(or similar). This does not fix the issue presented, it makes it way worse. - All victims would get protection or leave the game, and it's not fair to the antagonist - People who don't get the message won't give a fuck and can simply assume they aren't affected by antagonists. The people who do get it would do the above. - "It's harder so it's better", this doesn't increase the skill level or anything, just forces people to go loud. Don't put something like this in any proposal, the only thing I can take from this is that you're willing to manipulate data if given the opportunity
  7. Nothing is a catch all solution, lasers and other burn based weapons do well against them. Effectively fighting them really comes down to skill and waiting for an opening. It's pretty good, but the dead person is pretty likely already playing as an alien, 10 units of sacid is nothing to scoff at
  8. Starting notes: This post is going to be covering why the current implementation is such a mess, and won't really be offering solutions. I'll probably make a forum post later explaining some possible routes for them. Why evopoints fail as a meaningful resource system: - You get too many compared to the cost of abilities, 10 evopoints will get you everything you want and then some. Every ability cost 1-2 evo. This is made even worse due to their options being pretty boring and bad - They don't actually interact with the other abilities you have access to, meaning that it's only used for one thing - Reroll is totally sidelined due to the above, and really won't be used even though it's a cool concept Why chemicals don't work as a resource system: - Cannot be increased in any way, meaning that changelings on higher populations are gonna get screwed due to the sheer amount of people playing. This also means that players won't feel like they're making progress. - They have a high cap and low recharge rate. Encouraging people to sit in a locker for a minute or more is terrible for everyone involved, and so heavily encourages "cheese tactics". The idea of chemicals is to make a changeling wait for an opening, go in with full chemicals, and get out after using them to win the encounter. This does not work in practice, because 90 people play here, not 15 (Lowpop cling is fun as fuck btw it's actually amazing and was designed specifically for that setting). - Forces abilities to directly compete against each other, stuff like speed legs VS epiOD is way more stupid with chemicals taken into account rather than just looking at something like a cooldown. - Forces abilities to have a low power level. Allowing this stuff to be spammed super heavily means that the stuff you get needs to be kind of shit. The whole "Absorb"/DNA/Transformation mechanic is underdeveloped -Absorbing someone? Cool. Does less than it really should. Absorbing someone doesn't feel satisfying, it feels tedious. - DNA sting kind of trivalizes absorb type mechanics, making the ever present action button only used if absolutely required. -Transformation is kind of ass, you don't get their clothes, their ID, or useable information about them. As many people don't use the notes feature, you're normally left in the dark. Plus this is highpop so good luck impersonating anyone with an actual character because you probably don't know them (I feel bad for the clings that get me). - It's a bit clunky to use, being forced to stop is weird (God I love TG radical menus) Abilities: - A few of them are total griefing tools. Hallu sting, spiders, and resonant shriek are really only used for purposes of griefing, rather than doing anything fun. These also aren't very good. -Some of them are just bad in almost every situation. Organic space suit is really, really bad and is worse than taking fleshmend and doing a spacewalk. Digital chamo is a sick joke against anyone that takes it. Last resort is awful but really funny. -Some of them are really good but really boring. Fleshmend does what it says on the tin, which is really, really boring. Augmented eyesight is great, but nobody is all that happy to take it. Armblade is a fireaxe that puts a KOS label on you. The sting that mutes you sure does that. It's this most bog standard vanilla icecream shit that makes you think "Man I wish I rolled tot". - A lot of them encourage low interaction gameplay. Mute sting stops someone from trying to call for help, and removes an option they have. Blind sting removes an option they have for escaping. Removing options causes frustration, and using your options effectively, also known as skillfully playing, is taken less into account. -Most of them instantly out you for being a changeling. You can't blend in if the use of your own abilities make you stand out. -I didn't have another place to mention it, but changeling claims to be "versatile", which is complete bullshit. Abunch of bad options does not make for a good varied kit. Regeneration: - Serves the purpose of making cling KOS 100% of the time, that's good? Kind of, but it does kind of suck they have an awful ability that pretends to be good. - This is used to get rid of robotic limbs startshift, nothing else - If you were seriously hurt due to a firefight, reviving is still a bad idea. In those 40 seconds they are going to probably find you, cuff you, and then strip everything you have. Hivemind: - ":g am the HOP come for AA" is an example of the kind of things you're going to hear, it encourages people to do objectives for the other changelings without any real gain. - The risk of actually finding a buddy is removed. Put bluntly "working together" as a cling isn't common because you actively looked for each other, and when it goes happen it's like 3 people just murderboning. - Hivemind link isn't an ability that is ever used, nor is it used for anything good when it is. Pretty much just used to fuck up other clings. Dunno why this exists when you can simply... talk to them. Actual changeling lore stuff: - The "Oh yeah they're actually just some random alien" absolutely ruins roleplay potental, giving people 0 reason to even attempt to roleplay with a changeling at all. - Changelings not being crew, but rather someone who replaced crew, is a nightmare. Letting silicons straight up murderize changelings sounds funny on paper, but it ends up just creating extreme "technically not validing" situations. God forbid someone accidentally kills a changeling and now everyone is scratching their head on what to do next. - It's underdeveloped so people just throw whatever they want to into it and say it's how it should be. Most people have a notion of what changeling should be... informed by themselves and nobody else. Changeling doesn't have an identity, and complaining something isn't "changeling like" is a silly argument. Well, there you go, if you yourself have issues that I didn't mention, throw them below. Remember to keep cling off at all times.
  9. Turns out I was wrong about this Larva get a 1-3 point increase upon biting an *alive* victim, so the dead won't do anything I thought this was broken, but @Qwertytoforty confirmed that it actually functions!
  10. This post will cover some misinformation and other unknown mechanics in the alien antag, as I've seen a lot of it 1. Alien embryos do not require the host to be alive Alien embryos do not need the host to be alive to fully hatch, only the implantation from a facehugger requires that the person be alive. Please stop LOOCing aliens complaining you got killed. 2. Aliens can consume the dead for a significant health increase Aliens can use the devour command on dead carbon mobs for significant healing, getting 10 units of sacid in their system yes this permakills the person you ate 3. A large amount of alien structures can be placed on each other with the exception of eggs, most structures can be placed on each other This will probably be changed soon enough 4. Alien corrosive acid breaks down walls and floors it doesn't, it kills people very quickly though 5. Aliens can put out fires on themselves by going into space or stop drop and rolling Very few people know this, it's rather helpful however 6. Aliens can process viruses Pretty unknown, but they can be affected by good and bad viruses 7. Aliens are affected by electrical shocks Aliens take shock damage, breaking shocked grills is a generally bad idea 8. Aliens can be handcuffed Aliens and alien larva can be handcuffed Perfect for arresting them? 9. Aliens can be bola'd Aliens can be bola'd, they can still still break out of it very easily OTHER NOTES: Aliens get plasma from plasma STUFF THATS INTENDED BUT NEEDS TO BE FIXED: alien eggs auto ejecting face huggers to a target near it (done in a pr made by me) Other aliens getting a message when the alien queen dies Hunter leaps working in 0gs (this was removed to effectively cover up an issue with alien code, it should be fixed and readded) If you have any questions on aliens, feel free to ask them
  11. GBP GONE START MAKING FEATURES Lo and behold, engineering getting some love New moderate one-shot midround, roughly occurs once every two rounds. Engineering and the communications get a new message: A secondary station goal has been assigned to your station! [Blah blah actual goal]. An inspector team will arrive in [Time]. Engineers are not required to do this goal, but the inspector team will be disappointed and probably give them a bad review. No bonus for them! Secondary station goals are made up of the following: A location + [Specific build] (85%) A location + [Remodeling] (10%) A location + [Freeform] (5%) Blacklisted locations: Anything not on the main station/arrivals shuttle, cryodorms, pods (pods are just too small) Everything else can be rolled as a location, sucks to be an AI if CC asks for your core to become a laundromat but that's life. Specific builds: Requires that you create a specific build, will be compiled in a txt document. Some examples of these are a new office for a department head, a tribute to those who lost their lives in a mine explosion, or a general service area such as a bar. It is to be expected that people may not take too kindly to you... repurposing their workplaces, but CC orders are CC orders. Small areas like the captain's office will probably be weighted less than something like dorms. Remodel: What it sounds like, give it a new coat of paint and do your damn best. Freeform: Go do whatever, just needs to look cool! The inspector role (Opt in, special role) After 20-30 minutes, an inspector team will be called in to see what the engineering team has done. The inspector team will have the following gear: Hardhats (Spess osha regulations) Hazard vests (Spess osha) Flashlights A fluff measuring tool Clipboard Work boots Green jumpsuits (Best be obvious) An ID with all engineering and general accesses, and trader access (which their shuttle requires) Headset with general communications and ERT communications (Engineers should be able to plan out how to waste the inspectors time if shit hits the fan and they need to fix it) Inspectors will be given their own shuttle to board the station, it docks in the same location of the Jupiter trader's shuttle. Best to check to make sure nobody is already docked. Inspectors will not be sent on gamma alert Inspectors have the job of inspecting then ranking engineering's secondary station goal. The station's secondary goal is ranked on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest (this is done at the base of their operations) Depending on the grade, engineers get bonuses. Coding wise DB and role stuff, along with a touch of mapping and a new HUD icon. (If you want feel free to post ideas for possible specific builds, I'm working on a document containing them all.)
  12. People forget about how half the things we talking about in SS13 probably get us put on a list Great example below:
  13. Very readable and clean design document, a few things stick out to me though. 1. I would keep the starting zombies to ghost players, people randomly getting zombified while in round would lead to frustrations 2. Zombification should be cureable, even if extremely difficult to do so. SS13 is not a great game to have fail states in, and the roleplay from knowing that you *might* die is significantly more useable than knowing that you *will* die. 3. Cannot speak normally- I'm a bit concerned on this, letting them speak to crew normally and lure people into traps would give them a very cool difference between the other midrounds. I'd probably give them some way to communicate with other zombies at least, would be frustrating most likely otherwise. 4. RNG infection chance is pretty wack and it's something that is being moved away from, it would be for the best if it was guarrenteed to occure if some prerequisite is meant 5. Do they have slowdown? I dunno if you mean well fed as in "they get the slowdown from being obese" or not 6. It needs to be more than just brain damage, limiting this to just brute being an effective way of killing them is pretty eh 7. Eating brains seems like a bad way to progress, due to this being permakilling. 8. Letting them use nothing in their hands might lead to same-y rounds, could give them big fingers to prevent them from using guns and let them do sabo? Overall, nice idea with some solid ideas behind it, happy to see what comes of it
  14. Off duty- would be an odd job title, as all crew can take breaks if they actually did their jobs. Duty officer- Not too keen on this one, especially because the hop can change their own title Logistics Officer- odd for a cargo tech, might fit for the QM You can get your job renamed by the HOP or use a guess pass generally, so special job titles aren't hard to get.
  15. That shouldn't be the case, trying it in game gives october 2566
  16. This is something that I was mildly concerned about, I might make IRCs have a prefix for their name in that event. Yeah, changing the chassis won't change the IPC/IRC brain name
  17. Heya, This is something that I've noticed has been complained about on multiple occasions, and I feel a forum post for feedback should be made on it to see how people feel about it. Currently there is no way to change the name of an IPC/IRC, and this confuses players who assume like other species, IPCs/IRCs can have their name changed. This has been proven to be especially frustrating for IPC players who need to have their heads replaced in round and cannot have their name reset to their actual name. Proposed solution: "Serial number change" - surgery Step 1- Screwdriver (3 seconds) "You unscrew the glass serial number seal." Step 2- Pen (3 seconds) "You start to change the serial number on [SRC].". You can input a new name up to 32 characters long, no ID required. Step 3- Screwdriver (3 seconds) "You screw the glass seal back on."
  18. You know, when you make a bait post you're not supposed to toss the whole rod in.
  19. (Sort of fits on code discussion) If you are using walk_to or it's variants, to prevent GC issues the walk_to must be cleared on a destroy(). To do this, set walk_to(src,0) (or it's variants) in a destroy proc. If you do not do this, the walk_to will cause a ref to be held an a GC fail. These GC issues create a significant number of false positives and are easy to fix. Plenty of files need updating to include this as well, it's a good place to start for new contributors.
  20. Whoops, misread, that's fine The issue comes down to the dsword, it already has limited counterplay due to its high block chance and 100% chance to block all energy related weapons, adding instant summons will just reduce counterplay further as losing your dsword is no longer a factor. It'll just make an already kind of frustrating item to deal with worse, I do like the mini forcewall idea though. You could give this to hijack only players, might be interesting. But TBH a saber SMG (an already extremely strong weapon) that does 10 more damage per bullet seems a bit too strong for a bundle item with respect to other options. I'd probably swap out a mag for the agent with a AP one, so you get both AP and HP
  21. Really cool bundle ideas! Got a couple of notes however: *I will absolutely resprite the esword to look like a laser rapier more for specifically the hacker bundle I love that *Noslips should probably stay in the spy bundle *I'm not sure exactly what should be nerfed in it, but the implant bundle is a bit silly currently, perhaps it should be knocked down a peg? *Darklord seems absolutely absurd, I would not put in instant summons if I were you *The operative kit gets an APS, an absolutely incredible weapon on par with the saber SMG, I would be majorly hesitant to give that to normal traitors *You should probably give people normal ammo rather than HP, due to it being.... uh questionable. It all seems really cool though, and I'll be trying these combos out on a local server!
  22. Thanks for the input, all of these problems should get delt with :>
  23. Alright, you got this crazy good idea... now how do you present it? You create a design document, that's what! Why you should make a design document: 1. Allows you to express your ideas in a controlled enviroment 2. Helps you express your ideas to others in a controlled easy to understand way 3. Makes giving feedback to your idea significantly easier "But what if I just want to PR it and hope for the best?" Don't do this. Your PR is more than likely going to be closed due to it. "Oh, it won't be that big of a deal if I just PR it without consulting the dev team-" Actually it will be, either A. your PR takes forever to approved or B. gets rejected later on. Consult the dev team at the very least, likely with a design doc. If you have this idea in your head "It's better to ask to be forgiven than request approval" now is the time to lose it. It is a massive PITA for pretty much *everyone* to deal with, people who actually want to do something similar will be discouraged to, dev team will need to look over the PR and more than likely say "No, this is bad, talk to us about this next time". Oh and for fucks sake test your PR, a TM is not a suitable time to be testing your PR either, test it beforehand thoroughly. Ok, general PR stuff out of the way, let's get in to the actually design doc related stuff. Alright, let's assume that you have an idea and that you're going to contact the dev team. You should be sending them a design document. Now, what to put in that document? 1. All changes your attempting to make should be in that document 2. Reasons why you're making those changes 3. Why those changes are better than the current system in place 4. Why this new system is more fun than the older system 5. Why the older system was bad 6. Coding required for the newer system If you cannot answer one of these, don't procceed with the change. 1. All changes your attempting to make should be in that document I cannot stress this enough, if you are making a change say that you are making it. !SURPRISE FUN! is god awful, trying to bundle something with another change to make it more likely to get merged is *awful* and should be avoided at all costs. Example: You want to change an ability the wizard has, you need write down all changes that will be made Wizard fireball Cooldown increased from 6 second -> 10 seconds Damage increased from 45 ->60 Knockdown increased from 4 seconds ->6 seconds This is good, you have identified what you're changing and you've stated exactly what it is being changed in a legible format. 2, 3, 5. Reasons why you're making those changes In this example, this will both cover 2 and 5. Explaining why you are changing these specifics is good, getting your point across for people to judge is the point of a design doc after all. These often all are in the same kind of section. Changes without any merit behind them will be rejected. Example: 5 +3 . Currently the fireball spell is used primarly as an almost hitscan projectile to spam down choak points every few seconds, the gameplay this encourages is boring (This isn't a very good reason, but it's an example). We are altering this to become a nuke the wizard can throw, and it serves the role of a high burst damage option in a long range setting which will allow for further counterplay. 2. The total cooldown is being increased so that the wizard needs to play more carefully with their fireball spell. The total damage is being increased along with the knockdown to allow the wizard to follow up with different abilities easier. 4. Why the new system is more fun than the older one Explaining why it's more fun is important, as the core of balancing is making the majority of players have their "fun level" be maximized. Balancing fun in this kind of game is expecially difficult, remember to always consider everyone affected by this, expecially the person on the receiving end. Good fun reasoning: We are changing to stamina combat due to it making combat extremely binary. If you are able to stun someone (be it through an RNG weaken or a taser), you win that encounter. Everything that doesn't stun (or does not directly counter a stun) is almost useless due to the power of stuns. Stamina combat is less binary while still giving room for nonlethals to be effective, and discourages the "stun and run" playstyle people find to be frusterating. Both crew and antagonists will have their stuns removed and replaced with stamina based items. - Applies to everyone - Actually explains why this change will make things more fun Bad fun reasoning: We are buffing the garrote as it is currently weaker than many other traitor items. This item should be functional compared to other options, it no longer requires you to be behind people on use, and instantly puts them in a kill grab. - Only adresses the person using the garrote - Does not explain why it will be more fun, only that it will be more effective If a design document does not make something more fun, it will *almost certainly* be rejected. 6. Coding required for the new system It is a very good idea to learn the systems that the system you want to add interacts with, making a design doc is half the fight, from there you need to actually code it. If you are not sure how to code it yourself, ask for help. Outlining how you plan to implement the system codewise is also a very good idea. Congrats, you now understand the bare basics of writing a design document. Personal note: Heya, I wrote this while sleep deprived and will likely be editing this later. Getting a design doc shut down is fine, although improving it is also a good idea. Plenty of docs will be slammed to the floor, but keep at it. Mostly wrote this up due to a bunch of people seeming to not want to write documents, which imo is pretty dang weird, and only really makes sense if you don't know how to do so.
  24. Honestly I don't think this is a great idea. One of the main issue that people have with roundstart blob is how quickly it ends without any buildup/real tension, and extending that to midround blob will certainly be unpopular. The system roundstart blob uses is also known to be buggy, with rounds often ending much sooner than intended. The only times that I've had serious issues with midround blob is when a round that should have ended a significant time ago continues, which is more of an issue of a round being kept going for no reason. Clearing your byond cache often will help reduce lag, and disable your onedrive if you haven't.
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