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  1. HALT! HALT! HALT! (Idea sketch) Heres a sketch idea ive sorta been working on and off for a while, it was supposed to be done a while back as a quickie but ill be honest, SS13 is a very fun and time consuming game. None the less this was pretty much created as a way for me to practice my dynamic poses and shading as I always felt i could try to improve it. Self critique wise, line-work needs improvement, shading is prob off, and I could have colored it a bit more but i didn't want to get too invested, and anatomy is rather mediocre but either way. Not my finest work but I hope it m
  2. Coffee Break This took longer than it should have... after multiple redraws, fixes, color edits... and learning tricks in art. I present you this piece with some of my favorite Vox on station, @SlimeBird as Chikitita, the Caffineoholic, @BlackDog as Kar-Ski, the Maestro, and myself as Toko, the Vicious. Overall I am happy and tired with how this came out, im gonna be playing video games and finishing up my finals in the upcoming week, either way stay tuned folks. Story Flavor Text:
  3. thanks for the criticism on the first one, funny story but the first one was on my phone and the second one was my first actual project on a tablet, so hopefully that can explain the quality change. Ill prob get back to redoing that one another time. But yeah the Vox pic could use more work.
  4. This is where I dump my art, I try to do the best in my work. Either way I like to improve, all criticism no matter how blunt or soft is welcomed, but I will always prefer the truth then a white lie. Stay tuned for more work folks. Tokorizo the Vicious Vox The Mission
  5. The pull request for this suggestion is here if anyone who saw this thread wants to the see the current progress were working on. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13252
  6. Alright, I took @Kyet criticism and suggestions and decided to make a new style bar. This one is much different then the last 4 I made due to the fact that I had to move the entire backroom east and co nnect it with the bar, but I like how it came out. Let me show and tell you about this new design. Also with the help of create object and object possession I was able to move most of the things I needed, (except the APC which I accidentally deleted RIP) So the first hard suggestion Kyet gave me was to connect the back room with the bar, this process took me the longest to design but
  7. Usually what I like to do is give access to both the Chef and Bartender to the Windoor so that they can both leave and enter if they like. Of course one flaw I will admit is that since the bar is basically built next to the chefs door the chef always has to leave through the bar, usually tho its not much of an issue because the chef will spend a majority of his time cooking and if he ever needs to leave he can walk out, usually its quick as well. An idea ive been thinking about too as well, honestly I would like to build the Bar's backroom in the north section of where the bar is place
  8. Hey hey, people, Toko here. The Suggestion For the past couple of months playing this game one of my favorite jobs to play is bartender. Not only do you get to customize your bar and show your creative power to the crew, but you also get to RP and serve drinks to your crew mates and with that comes a good amount of RP which I enjoy doing. But lately, I've been having opinions on the current bar and believe the one we have is not the most optimal and can be improved with a rework or makeover. Why? because I personally believe that the bar can use a new design, my main gripe with the b
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