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  1. I love the new textures, though I agree with the sentiment that the brightness could be slightly increased, and the saturation on colored tiles should also be increased.
  2. Why would they even need to be an instrument? SS13 instruments suck ass. If you want to RP playing music in your headphones, literally just open up Spotify or YouTube. The toggle definitely seems like the better option, being purely cosmetic. It might be cool if the toggle also made you effectively deaf while you were jamming out.
  3. Putting the wires in the notes is a decent idea, but it's so minor that it might not be worth adding. Thinking on it, if the goal is to simply have two antags team up for a challenge and not have access to any special equipment, the idea of blood brothers might be better served as a side-grade to the normal traitors, similar to how contractors work. Except instead of giving up all your TC with the promise of even more TC if you succeed, you're giving up all your TC for the promise of friendship. Maybe when you choose blood brothers in the PDA, you and another traitor who also chose it get paired. Or maybe when you choose it, some random schmuck with less than X number of hours gets told he's now your partner.
  4. This right here is really interesting to me. Since the Team Ops wouldn't have access to conventional Class-S contraband, maybe giving them a special PDA or PDA cartridge with minor covert abilities would be fun. Off the top of my head: Multitool function that automatically shows the purpose of the wires Putting things other than pens in the pen slot (or maybe just a secret compartment with space for one tiny item) Hacking PDA messengers to send false messages listen in on others' Bypassing ID requirements for certain consoles/crates, maybe it takes 30 seconds to crack the code or something Scanning and storing papers/documents I also really like the idea of somehow summoning a midround antag, but it would need more prepwork than just the two Ops meeting up. Maybe name it something like "The Redspace Beacon" and require stealing several items from various departments. Maybe it needs a hand-tele, femto-manipulators, the blood of the clown, etc. Just spitballing.
  5. Name: Olivia Grace Lain Species: Human Gender: Female Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 04/08/2538 (Age 27) Homeworld: Mars - Tharsis Rise, District 15 Blood Type: O+ Applicable Positions Chief Engineer Engineer Atmospheric Technician Roboticist Qualifications Olivia graduated from Alan Carson High School in Tharsis Rise, District 13 and earned her standard Nanotrasen EVA and Engineering (ENG-1) certification while employed with ORE Ltd, operating out of the NSS Eros in Mars orbit. She later attended the Nanotrasen Academy in Tharsis Rise, earning her advanced engineering (ENG-2), atmospheric technician (AT-1), and engine operation (E-SM1, E-TESLA) certifications. While posted as a Station Engineer aboard the NSS Cyberiad, she underwent additional training, earning her ENG-3 and E-SM2 certifications. At the recommendation of [[ERR00115]], Olivia underwent basic command training (COMM-1) at Nanotrasen Epsilon Eridani Sector Headquarters. Employment Records 2562-Present // Engineer - Nanotrasen Research Division 2558-2560 // Miner, Mechanic - Orbital Resource Extraction Ltd. 2556-2558 // Waitress, Assistant Manager - Mr. Chang’s Medical Records HEIGHT: 160cm // 5'2" WEIGHT: 52kg // 114lbs EYE COLOR: Green (Cybernetic) PHYSICAL NOTES: Bishop Cybernetic left arm, moderate scarring on left side of body, smoker PSYCH PROFILE: Possible attention deficit. Heavy anti-authority and anti-establishment beliefs. Worrying disregard for SOP. How did this chick get approved for command training? Security File (RESTRICTED) Biography Olivia was born[[ERR00115 NOTE:I hate when suits try to talk for me. I’m just a normal, fun loving girl, trying to make her way in the world. I’m a hopeless romantic, I love to play guitar, and I love working with my hands. All that other stuff about my past doesn’t matter. I look to the future. If you’re reading this and you’re not a CentComm bootlicker, then I hope you have a wonderful day.]]
  6. Thanks for responding, you all make good points. Other ideas I had floating around in my head about this were somehow making Holy Water harder to obtain, or making it not work on vamps who haven't gotten enough blood yet. But, if the consensus is that vamps are in a good spot right now, I suppose I'll put my nose to the grindstone and git gud.
  7. As it stands right now, holy water has an extremely binary interaction with vampires. If you're taken to processing for any reason, especially if you haven't managed to get much blood yet, your round is essentially over. There's always an Unga McBaldy seccie force feeding everyone who comes in at least 10u of the stuff, and when you're fed it's a 100% certainty indicator of your vampire status. There's no room for talking, no negotiating, no trial, you're perma'd. This is a little unfun for the vampires, especially the ones who like to roleplay or try to stick to the shadows as best they can, and it kinda rail-roads the vampire into going on a robust rampage rather than maintaining cover for any length of time. So my suggestion is fairly simple, and hopefully easy to implement: Holy water should make everyone throw up blood. This would keep the effect of draining a vampire's power, which is critical if you're going to be jailing them, but it removes the instant 100% infallible testing for vampire status. This opens up the possibility for suspected vampires to be released from custody with good role-play and a little schmoozing if there's still plausible deniability. Sec might drain them and send them on their merry way. Inconvenient, but not round-ending. It would also add a factor of harm to non-vampire crew, hopefully making sec a little more hesitant to force feed literal mercury-water to every grey-tider that enters the brig. I'm not an expert on balance, and I don't know if this would tip the scales critically in the vampire's favor, but I like roleplay more than I like robusting every schmuck who gets in my way and my hope is that this small change would encourage more roleplay between sec and vamps.
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