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  1. Hello! I’ll make this quick and simple. I was hoping the Security Pod could be given an on-board computer that allows them to modify records and set arrests. As it stands now, most of the time, the security pilot fills a more supporty role, which I think is perfectly good. It would be nice if the security pod pilot could set people for arrest if they see them doing stuff in maintenance or elsewhere so that when they call it in, security can have an easier time apprehending them. It’ll also give the pod pilot an additional task when stuff is happening internal the station and the pod pilot is n
  2. Yeah I definitely see the validity of your statement, but Paradise rounds are actually pretty on par lengthwise with some higher roleplay servers; maybe a bit shorter, but nothing significantly. The forensic tools don't necessarily have to take much longer, I think the tools just offer the detective more things to do than just pray someone was dumb enough to not wear gloves when committing a crime.
  3. Hello gents, I use to be a long time CSI/detective on Aurora Station as well as Unbound (if anyone can even remember that far back) and they both used a code that really made the detective role feel unique and interesting to play. I was wondering if there was any reason we couldn't adopt some (if not all) of the code that Aurora currently uses for their forensic system. For those of you unfamiliar, the detective has a plethora of tools that allow him or her to analyze a crime scene ranging from a tool that lets them see cleaned up blood, to a fingerprint and fiber analyzer kit. I understand th
  4. I agree; I think that the impact of a code red alert is often lost on the fact that it is so common and persistent. It would be nice to see less than the maximum level of response from security, as well as an increase in security response when necessary. It'd also be neat for there to be a command issued "Bio-hazard" emergency to allow security to force quarantine (idk maybe it's that Covid speaking to me)
  5. Howdy gents, My name is Biolock, in game I often play as Alex Crossman. Some of you may remember me from my time as a staff member on Colonial Marines, or mayhaps even further back to my time as a staff member on BestRP; regardless, I really enjoy playing on this server and I imagine y'all are probably use to seeing my character around already. I'm still kind of trying to figure out what exactly I like and dislike in terms of roles so I'm still jumping between a few. Ultimately I'll end up having a few different characters all with the last name "Crossman" to fill the various roles I enjo
  6. Biolock

    AI Laws

    It would be nice if the AI could select its starting laws from the possible standard lawsets (NT Standard, Corporate, and Asimov). Small suggestion, but I, for one, really like playing with Asimov. This, of course, would not prevent the crew from modifying the laws as they see fit, but it'd be nice to choose what you start with.
  7. After having just played a game where the HoP, CMO, and RD were all antags at the same time, I can safely say I feel my point is reinforced.
  8. I was the AI during the 25 borg detonation, and that made me the big sad.
  9. That comment has been made before already, and I TOTALLY understand the concern and it's completely valid. However I do not think that you would see the CE and RD becoming akin to robo cops or anything of the sort, they elected to be in a department other than security after all.
  10. Biolock


    Addiction is currently totally out of wack, it's as if this game is an anti-smoking/ anti-drinking ad. As it stands, smoking and drinking are WAY too addictive at this time. At the time of me writing this, my character is currently gagging, retching, and is willing to DIE after having drank 10 units of whiskey. The same goes for smoking, addiction is too sensitive, way too sensitive.
  11. That is true, however I don't think all that many people would care that they are not going to be converted into a cultist. Maybe I am speaking for the masses, but I don't believe that would factor into many people's decisions to play command. Mindshielding doesn't really effect shadowling conversions, and the final crew-wide round, Revolution, is arguably most fun for the command staff because they're being manhunted and it's fun to try and hide/stay alive.
  12. 10-20 minutes from asking someone to get the implant removed from the moment the person says, “Hey I’d like to go SSD” to getting the implant back in your hand. I also recently discovered that a recovered implant can not be injected through the injector again, it has to be put in through surgery.
  13. I think that a large argument stems from the fact that people wouldn’t want to play heads as often if they thought they were sacrificing their chances to be an antag, but that’s simply not the case, antags are selected before jobs are selected, so if you’re selected to be an antag, it just wouldn’t make you the RD/Ce/etc. When I made this suggestion it was less about the in-game power of command traitors, and more about the roleplay aspect of it. Command traitors make zero sense, they’ve probably been with the company for a decade, and they were vetted and trusted enough to be made
  14. Kyet I certainly see your point, however the way your server is run, antags are selected before roles, so if someone who usually plays RD is selected for antag, they would take their next priority role to play as an antag (maybe a scientist if they have it set to medium): I’m sure you know all of that already, but I highlight that to other people to explain why it would not deteriorate people’s willingness to play command staff. In addition, as someone who primarily plays command staff and the blueshield, Internal Affairs and NTR rarely deal with antags in their fluff/NT role. When
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