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  1. The crew was bored. Initially there were only electrified grilles, on the left. One admin (not me actually) had the brilliant idea of providing emagged recyclers :D
  2. This is great. We should remodel brig to have one big genpop. It COULD make for good prisoner RP.
  3. Also don't be afraid to fail/make mistakes. Because that will happen and often will be confusing and hilarious :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome! We all have been where you are now. In the beginning, the struggle is real! But if you persist and do not give up, you will find that this game is amazing, ridiculous and challenging at times at the same time. The mechanics are something to get used to, and there are a lot of possibilities, but as Trololiver above me here said, F1 in-game > select mentorhelp for any questions you may have about the game. Also do not be afraid to ask *too* many questions, because there is no such thing. I remember my first janitor shift a couple of years ago. It was very, very daunting
  5. Personally I only ever go undercover as detective. It works so well officers forget I am on their team and taze me when I walk into the brig.
  6. Yeah The 'throw SoP out of the window' thing is .. not something to be taken lightly. And the borgs, oh dear, they are so powerful :D
  7. True. And if I'm online, I could just bsa the bridge. Just kidding. sorta mostly
  8. If we were to make Gamma able to be called by station command, what would stop command from instantly calling gamma instead of red? Perhaps we could make it so that gamma can be called only (insert time here) after red is called first. I dunno.
  9. Oh I have another one from way back, don't know if I was even a mentor at the time.. >be roundstart HOS >decide 'hey, I'm going to get the secHUD implant for a change >go to medbay >find surgeon >put on surgery ta ble >anasthetic >get decapitated 5 minutes in, turns out doctor was an antag >cried salty tears in an ahelp for admin pats and just observed the round lol
  10. @Regular Joe C tier confirmed. but no you're actaully an exemplary sec player
  11. I love SM delams and kabooms. Very entertaining to watch. Not always practical though.
  12. I made this a while ago. Modern art. The emotion in it is just surreal /s
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