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  1. June 23rd, 2022 - @EvadableMoxie has retired from adminship
  2. I honestly don't see the point don't think it's necessary. You could just make a #thread if you wanted to discuss something. I don't see how it would cause elitism though. Everyone would be allowed to post in the channels, it's just a way to split up topics. If people are being dicks because they think they're more knowledgeable than others of certain departments well .. that's the problem of those people, not the channels. And we can just deal with that.
  3. I personally am not in favour of this suggestion. Reasons have already been given by others. Furthermore, there already is a possibility to cut out common comms, however it is not by default and it's not forced upon anyone. On normal headsets: Change the frequency to anything that isn't the default common frequency (default is 145.9). On command headsets for example, there is a tickbox for 'common' that you can untick, to not receive common chat.
  4. March 17th, 2022 @ConfectionCorehas re-joined the admin team as a Trial Admin @MarcelinePye has unretired and is now once more a Game Admin @FoSand @IcyV have passed their trials and are now both promoted to Game Admin
  5. But yeah, amazing work! :) This is great.
  6. RFID Scanners Goes off when player walks through it with a non-checked out book Makes a log in the librarians computer Special Punishments for Book Thiefs Lights people on fire when emagged if they steal a book When fully upgraded it stuns the crew member and launches the crew member back into the library Has an R&D circuit board This is the best thing EVER.
  7. This hasn't been updated in some time. So here goes, in no particular order: From the last post, until now: - @dearmochi has been promoted to maintainer - @AffectedArc07 has unretired from their maintainer role - @Trololiver112 became a Game Admin and retired - @Jakkibecame a Game Admin and retired - @S34Nhas been promoted to Game Admin - @White In Skyhas been promoted to Game Admin - @Christasmurfhas been promoted to Game Admin - @FreeStylaLT has retired from adminship - @FoS has joined the staff team as Trial Admin - @IcyVhas joined the staff team as a Trial Admin
  8. Could perhaps have a mechanic similar to drasks eating soap. Just .. nibbling on clothes that you have in your hand. I personally see no harm in it. And it adds something unique to the species. Personally I'm all for diversity and things like this. You could make it like you won't actually eat the whole piece of clothing, just .. nibble on it. Like drasks do on soap. As for light-related mechanics: I went to Engineering as a Nian to get a floodlight. But Engineering has no more floodlights these days. Sadface.
  9. Addition: October 9th, 2021 The following TA's have been promoted to Game Admin: @CornMyCob @Exavere @GamblerZ @Leanfrog @McRamon @Meow19 @Rythen @Sirryan2002 // Additions october: Spacemanspark has retired from adminship. Jayfeather has retired from adminship. Breenland has retired from adminship.
  10. Well said! And I'll repeat what toodles and I said at the community meeting, our PM's are always open if you want/need to talk/if you're having any issues. Reaching out can be hard, I know, but you really should.
  11. Just going to leave this here. Behind the door is the Adult section. Don't remove the librarian job. Don't remove the library.
  12. I would not mind personally going through books and wiping shitty ones. You know which ones are serious and which authors put effort in it, and who do not. I also agree with spark. Forcing an overhaul like that, and the late fees thing .. it would be best to actually stick with the librarian role, I just want people to actually use and visit the library more often. It's really a good place to hang out, roleplay, read actual books people put effort into. It's just that a large group of players do not have the same values as a select few who utilize the library now. I think the play2win mentality, the focus on greentext, etc, eats away on RP, which is, quite frankly, disappointing. Fun isn't just muh greentext. In my opinion, roleplay is more valuable than anything else. But that's just me.
  13. I wouldn't want the librarian role replaced/removed. There just needs to be more incentive for people to visit the library. Currently, the library is often only visited by a select few players who like to RP and chill and renovate the library. But it IS an important part of the game imo, for some people. Also there are some really good books there.
  14. Yeah you should. What's my alignment? :D
  15. ERT has always had this as far as I know. They have militaristic hardsuits, colouring reflecting their department. Perhaps the only ones that do not have it are the AMBER ert units ... I'm not entirely sure, my brain is fuzzy right now.
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