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  1. Landerlow

    Port JaniHUDs

    Oh god these janihuds are nice but they give me OCD since they show tiles as filthy even though, to the eye, they're not. But yeah, I'd like porting janihuds.
  2. IC'ly, you could always visit the psychiatrist if you are having anger issues.
  3. So. I don't browse many sections of the forum very often. Mostly the ban appeals section. But damn. I just had to go through all six pages because .. you have a gift and it's amazing.
  4. Welcome to the community I'm sure you'll do fine. It can indeed be very overwhelming in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of it, at your own pace.
  5. Perhaps the ability to create advertisements
  6. The problem is the pictures in the warrants caused issues/crashed, at least so I've heard a while back. Currently, we're only able to publish one wanted issue at a time. It would be nice if there was a higher/no limit on wanted issues.
  7. As some of you may know, I have recently created the Nanotrasen News Network. I plan on mainly using this (the NNN) as a newscaster-only thing, with a few priority news broadcasts announced over comms (like cc announcements). However, the sad reality is, is that barely anyone pays attention to the newscasters (from what I've noticed so far), which is truly a shame. I would like the community's input regarding what can be done to improve the usage of newscasters. (such as new sound effects, new functions, etc). So, let's hear it.
  8. I'm not sure this is necessary to be honest. It's just common decency to not go being a dick / getting angry to people when they don't know how to do something. Rather, direct them to mentors, help them yourself, etc.
  9. I must honestly say that I don't feel anything for the paperwork job. However, for the secondary jobs (for example medbay hygiene specialist or w/e) is something I would really like. It could make for some great roleplay. Spiritualist sounds really cool. While it /could/ be abused, there are rules against metagaming and also the cooldown/mechanics could make it so that it would be simply too tedious to make long sessions. Also, in addition, there could be a limit as to how long a seance can last. For example, after some time, the spiritualits (I do agree that this could be integrated into chaplain/librarian), would get a message saying "You begin to feel tired and lose your connection to the spiritual plane of existence" ... or something along those lines.
  10. Set up the shield barrier in front of the bridge .. small thing but hey, it may help. Set up a third airlock on each side of the bridge (I often do this as engi borg) Override the door timings to brig/bridge !! Have an officer actually man the security checkpoint at arrivals! Make some kind of .. entrance .. where they are checked before they're let in? (We totally should have a customs officer job back for this, for RP reasons .. at least I would RP as one )