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  1. Honk. Welcome to Paradise.
  2. Landerlow


    Hallo! Herzlich willkommen. Good to hear you enjoy the game. Don't worry about not speaking English perfectly, whenever you want, join the voice chat, we'll be happy to have you. (I have a new microphone arriving this afternoon). It's good to see people joining who live relatively closer to me (I live in the Netherlands near your border).
  3. Welcome to Paradise, enjoy your stay :)
  4. You don't play for karma. You play for fun and you get karma if people think you positively contributed to the round.
  5. I like this idea. But I'd like to expand on making the janitor role more crucial. As I've suggested a dozen times before: Make bad station hygiene have more repercussions, such as deadly disease outbreaks (I mean .. often there's a lot of blood blood, everywhere).
  6. I'm so ridiculously jealous of everyone's talent here on a daily basis. I'd love to be able to draw. Keep it up!!
  7. I think it would be good to have someone who can beat the crap out of someone if they trespass and give people a short trip to the morgue keep order in medbay and perhaps a designated medbay cleaner. We definitely need it at times.
  8. I always had the feeling you were. As a fellow Dutchman, your name just triggers me because it makes no sense :D Unless you rob a lot
  9. I like the idea. I would however try to have some kind of assurance that - for that round - the NT rep and other high-ranking crewmembers are players who take the event seriously. There is indeed a chance that people will just decide 'fuck it' and .. don't play along. However, if you have people try to attack the CEO's kid .. that does not have to be the worst thing. You could, for the round, give security a bit more leeway in say, using lethal force to protect the kid. Bodyguards could be a thing in the form of some ERT escort, or something. I think this could be a fun event but
  10. I hope you have a good time on the server
  11. No beret for the Magistrate.
  12. Landerlow


    The nerd above me sums it all up. I hope you have many good shifts and enjoy your stay here
  13. Oh yes, dear Kennard! I miss him. Very nice.
  14. I echo this wholeheartedly. Thank you. Thank you for your work and if you want to, you are always welcome back.
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