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  1. No beret for the Magistrate.
  2. Landerlow


    The nerd above me sums it all up. I hope you have many good shifts and enjoy your stay here
  3. Oh yes, dear Kennard! I miss him. Very nice.
  4. I echo this wholeheartedly. Thank you. Thank you for your work and if you want to, you are always welcome back.
  5. Great to see you're enjoying yourself!
  6. I wish I could draw. Keep it up!
  7. Some nerds @MysticLiger @Trololiver112 @Regular Joe locked up in Chang's, and later at the bar
  8. A mime made some next-level art.
  9. I was the one who gave out the hats. Honk.
  10. Meanwhile, at the bar, there's me, hosting casino games.
  11. I believe I have @Spacemanspark and @Drakeven to thank for this! Remodeled the firing range to hold a birthday party for me. Sadly, traitors and vampires weren't so nice as to take a break from their antagging.
  12. "drugs are extremely hard to make" ... uh. Okay. But in all seriousness, I would definitely like that. But bring back two officer slots who act as customs officers in that case (eg their only job is to inspect people's items) otherwise it would be way too easy for people with contraband to go about their merry way.