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  1. I like the darker floors, but the formerly-white tiles could be a little brighter, and I've seen people say that all the little dot grids make them feel kinda nauseous. I enjoy the tileless floor sprites, they're good. I also appreciate that bluespace tiles are much less hideous now.
  2. This is a really cute idea. I think it'd be neat to have things like terrariums, too. Maybe you'd even be able to put spiderlings in it (though they wouldn't grow up once caught of course).
  3. 1. Quartermaster 2. 3. 4. 5. Zven
  4. The hugging module can be increased in power to cause discomfort. It'd be kind of darkly funny if an emagged mediborg's hugging module could be toggled to work as grab intent instead of help, adding the potential for a hug to turn into a crushing/strangling grip. If crushing it'd do brute damage over time and possibly damage the lungs as the borg literally hugs you to death. Grabs are obvious+easy enough to escape before they're upgraded to a kill-grab that a potential target would need to be restrained for it to have much effect; and considering a murderous mediborg would probably unleash the circular saw on somebody before they'd think to go for the Death Embrace, the effect would mostly be for flavor/silly/drama.
  5. just wanted to update this thread to thank everyone for answering, seeing people be genuinely compassionate and helpful in response to my question actually put me a lot more at ease and I ended up having a pretty successful cultist round :)
  6. I know posting this is probably outing myself as some sort of gigantic wimp, but I figured I'd at least ask in case somebody has advice. Does anyone else deal with wanting to play an antag, knowing *in theory* how to play said antag, but immediately getting locked down by debilitating stage fright if you actually roll it? If so, how did you work past it? I know the only way to get better at antagging is to play it and practice, but the whole "silent panel of invisible judges potentially watching your every move" thing trips me up hardcore. It's disheartening, because I feel like it'd be really fun if it weren't for the mental block! It keeps me from really committing to playing security or any kind of head, either. Thankfully spiders and xenos are an exception because, well, they're rare enough that I'm definitely never the baldest one in the bunch, and being one of those is fairly straightforward.
  7. Hey there, I might be showing a few new players the basics of the game soon. I figured a fun way to do it would be to RP a tour guide showing them around the station. Do y'all have any suggestions for anything fun/stupid/silly/informative I could do with this? Much appreciated :)
  8. they can eat small creatures, they oughta be able to eat bees, just for the hell of it. Deals toxins damage and hurts like hell. And appends a message in their description informing them that they now look like this
  9. I really love how shiny you make the hair!!
  10. It sucks that it was shot down, but I do genuinely appreciate that it seems to be largely out of concern for lgbt+ people rather than dismissal or distaste. The "THE LOBERALS WILL TEAR ME APART FOR THIS!!" posts followed by nobody even being mildly unreasonable are all really baffling though.
  11. What does it matter what's possible in real life in a game where farting on a bible makes you explode? Personally, I think more customization options never hurt anybody. The gender and body options could be separated so people can have whatever combo they like. I don't know how easy that'd be to program, but it seems to me like it'd be a worthwhile effort.
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