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  1. Ah, I see. While capturing nuke ops does sound challenging, never in the last year I've seen any being captured. Even if they are downed, crewmembers beat them to death. There is no more "capturing the ops" bonus points anymore. (However, there is a Darwin Award version which is hilarious.)
  2. @davidchan I'm afraid your last post is very confusing with saying EOC is not a thing then quoting a very small section of the "EOC" part of Space Law, then adding exceptions which just in fact reinforces the point you are arguing against. To clear it up: EOC is still there and there are a lot of reasons to kill an antagonist, such as: - Hatched shadowling: kill on sight - Nuclear operative: kill on sight - Confirmed changeling: kill on sight - Wizard/Apprentices: kill on sight (as it is basically a meme round) This leaves us with the following antagoists: - Vampires: if they are powered - not necessarily fully powered, just simply powered - security can deem them uncontainable, execution/exilement - Cultists & Thralls: unless they go murderboney, they have to be deconverted; if they go murderboney on a large scale and/or in massive numbers, lethal force is authorized (which is often forgotten...) - Traitors: this is probably the only antagonist you referred to, yes, they need to commit a capital crime to get executed/exiled, otherwise they have to be put into perma @Coldflame Seeing how many antagonists have to be or can be instantly killed by the law - and most of them don't even reach the execution chamber, just get killed on sight then tagged as DNR - I don't think we need any more encouragement of permamently eliminating antagonists from the round. If everyone was allowed to subdue antagonists, why would NT hire a security department? And more importantly, what would a round become? The first time a changeling would kidnap an engineer, his fellow engineers would vent the hell out of that maintenance and/or electrify the airlock, zap the guy, then bust in with three more Grey McTiders and fireaxe the changeling to death. Then we all sit for 2 more hours because the other changeling is probably new and not ready to face 80 crewmembers. Keep "medium roleplay" in mind. If you see a vampire kidnapping your colleague, you should be terrified. Rules allow you to rescue someone if they are in immediate danger, which you would probably do in real life (if someone tried to kidnap your friend) but actively seeking out a psychopath? I doubt that.
  3. Starvation drives you nuts I assure you. Due to my illness I've been starving for a very long time, often going days without eating anything. I for one got used to it, it takes a heckin' lot of willpower, but doable. If human meat was the only option to live, I think most people would go for it. Morales and such are nice to have but you should throw them out the window if you want to survive. As for answering OP's question, I would say no. I'm too lethargic to eat someone else, I would just go
  4. Definitely not! OP (and I do so too) has an issue about officers rushing into the maintenance at roundstart. It's fair game for them to enter the maintenances I think, just don't set up a tent there and wait for the antags. That's a great mentality, I envy you (honestly). As for me, if I'm told a hundred times I suck, I mostly believe it. No wonders why I haven't touched security/command for a good while now...
  5. "Confirmed Code Red threats have been properly handled or subsided on their own. It is recommended that, after 15+ minutes on Code Red without any hostile activity, Code Blue be called" The SOP recommends 15 minutes or more (I recommend 15 minutes sharp). Announcements are also often forgotten to be used to inform the crew - if you ever change back from Red to Blue, make sure you announce that all hostilities were subdued. Code Blue gives you the room for the "but wait, there is more!" type of officers because it still lets security do random searches and demanding entry to departments. (Even moreso, they can carry a lethal weapon on them.) I want to agree with this but I don't know how much it actually helps. Most often I got laughed at in OOC after the round for being "naive", because I "thought there are no more antags on vamp+traitor" and so on. It gets tiring after some time because usually everybody just stays silent when people ridicule command/security or even worse, join it brainlessly. It's part of the server's culture. I might point it out that we are a medium-RP server and I acted as such - and my word might be taken into actual consideration because I have a shiny light blue font - but those with the regular OOC color, not so much and this is a problem. They'll be made fun of and being made fun of sucks, they shouldn't need to be in the staff to get heard. You also can't really get the offenders bwoinked for this because rule 0 is mostly for player complaints and we don't have rules for maintaining the medium-level roleplay. And if there is no punishment, most of these people simply won't care. If a roleplaying antagonist meets a roleplaying victim/security, then it creates a really fun experience. If not, the roleplaying side will most likely lose at light speed (followed by a "lol I 1v1'd a cling"). Maintenances are for engineering to get from A to B, it shouldn't be the first place to go when you are a security guard at the start of the shift. You said you believed there are plenty of shifts when nothing goes wrong - this applies to the maintenance-crawler security guards. Why would they go to somewhere that is unlikely to have problems when officers are needed elsewhere? There are 40+ crewmembers working in their respective departments, they might and they usually do need security to perform basic security duties - throw out people who trespass or commit petty theft for example. I cannot count how often security was called to cargo or medical because people trespassed but the officers were busy with hunting ghosts on green in the maintenances. They usually don't even respond to these calls because trespassing, eh, who cares? They should care, this is their job on green and blue. And also because greytiders are generally annoying and security would make their own job easier if they brigged these guys. For one, it deters some of them from messing with the crew for the rest of the round. For two, antagonists tend to trespass and steal stuff. If security caught them before they bought any contraband items, they could release them with a record. Later when someone calls for help with said guy's name, security will know it's someone troublesome. They'll arrive prepared.
  6. Added. Great guide, thank you for writing it! Scyar Nila! disappears
  7. Miraviel


    These are great ideas FoS. While I rarely play cargo, apart from being proactive I never really knew what to do... These things seem to spice it up, I'll try them. Thank you!
  8. You don't have to memorable by your name or by your looks! People will remember your playstyle instead. Still better than a security officer trying to weld an airlock in the middle of plasma!
  9. Welcome!! Who is your character? (Also Wilson <3)
  10. There are three canon pieces of information about their build: what their skeleton is made of, how their colour is determined and how they shape themselves: I don't think they can shape every part of their bodies or mechanic-wise they would be able to ventcrawl, to have a changeling-tentacle skill, heck, even detach parts of their bodies if their limbs get injured. Damn, they would be terrifying.
  11. Nay, most slime people players I played with all had this concept. And then they ask me how mine tastes... and get disappointed for a life, hahah.
  12. 1) Their skeleton is made of a substance similar to cartilage. 2) I like to think they taste bitter. Add the smoke, waste gas, and other smelly things they can come in contact with on a space station, to something bitter by default, that's how I imagine they taste. Their "blood" might be pure water but I like to think the rest of their body is just inedible if not poisonous to other species. 3) I believe parts of their gelatinous body both serves as "flesh" and "muscles". They can shape their outer layer of their head, making them able to mimic facial expressions and shape "hair" (since inherently they don't have it) - this kind of jelly could be around their skeleton, making them able to move. Also the cartilage is a rather elastic thing, much more flexible than bones. 4) No. They do have a skeleton, as noted above.
  13. I'm afraid you are missing my point. This feature would let you read the notes, not to modify them on the spot. If you manage to get a sechud, you probably also have a security ID and so you are able to delete notes/entries via the arrivals console, yes, but it has nothing to do with my idea. I don't see why this feature would weaken security in any ways...
  14. OP asked us to suggest things that would increase the number of sec officers. I don't think increasing their "winning rate" is the way to do and this change isn't aimed at antags, it is aimed at one of the main issues of security - the rest of the crew's behaviour towards them. If every officer had access to the notes when they are on patrol and they can inform people why they are wanted/being arrested for, there will be less "SHITCURITY IS ARRESTING ME WITHOUT A REASON" yelling -> less stress -> more officers.
  15. A Quality of Life change in my opinion would be a more useful secHUD! When I rarely play security and we have 5+ people wanted, I might forget who is wanted for "a simple search" and who is wanted for "being an armbladed, lethal changeling". Most often I try to get both of them to the brig and while the former might comply without cuffs - but by bringing them to processing wastes a good 6-8 minutes of their time when I could've searched them on the spot instead - the second one will delimb me while I'm writing "please come with me". I don't like to taze and cuff people when all they did was witnessing a murder. My idea would be - but I'm not sure how doable this is - is to add a [Notes] option next to Security Records: [*Arrest*] (or None or whatever it is) and let people wearing secHUDs see the added notes without the security management console. This way I could notify the person on the spot why they are being arrested or why they need to be searched. While I can arrest people without giving a reason on red (and we are almost always on red), I don't like to do it. As for why I don't play security more often: I have terrible IC experiences, nothing that could be fixed by changing the code. A week ago, due to a misunderstanding I executed a vampire on the spot. Another security officer got kidnapped by said antagonist, yelled changeling, so when I rushed to help him, I went lethal on him - stun, harmbaton, harmbaton, stun. I dragged him through the church... where he caught fire... I immediately stopped my colleagues trying to cremate it and rushed to Medbay to try to revive him. I knew I ruined an antagonist's round but I tried to fix it. The crew proceeded with bashing me, ridiculing me, and wanting my public execution. Not in a humorous manner. I tried to explain myself, I tried to explain I am fixing the situation, but nobody of security (especially not the person who wronged me) helped. Isthel tried to alleviate the situation but as another member of the security, nobody heeded her. Another bad experience is - especially! - the Warden/HOS not handling prisoners well. Executing detainable vampires and thinking they are right, physically harming people in processing then shrugging "it's just the clown/a vulp/etc". These are unacceptable. We are supposed to be the upholders of the law, the Warden/HOS are supposed to be proficient at their job. Every time I try to get them arrested for assault/manslaughter, people laugh at me and Captains dismiss me with a shrug. I don't think admins or anyone with power over the server can really fix this situation. If people were a bit more patient when it came to security, if they understood that screaming "shitcurity" is not "hip" or "cool", things would change. God, I sound like a grandma. But I think unless people personally try to do something about it - as in, understanding that security officers and antagonists(!!) are PLAYERS too who are here to have fun and that the law applies to EVERYONE if they trespass/steal something, regardless they have the "antagonist" flag or not - instead of changing things on the big scale, this role will always be locked for the thick-skinned/masochist players.