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  1. Any map edit should be legal, that is it is possible to do it ingame. Reinforced walls are for secure areas, space is not a secure area. Secure areas can also use shocked grills, but is not needed if the windows are exposed to space Grills should be for shocking. Do not use a full set of quartertile windows. Avoid running pipes, disposals and wires under walls, and mainly under doors, unless it's to avoid illegal builds. Avoid building loops, a single pipe should be enough to cut of an area from atmospherics. Crew Areas that have windows exposed directly to s
  2. When vox got introduced, they had spaceproof, and spawned with insulated gloves and no slowdown magboots, got vox leap, after a while the gloves got removed, then the boots got removed, vox leap was changed, then they became immune to being absorbed by clings, and could not be a cling, and could not really be vampires as drinking blood required removing their mask, vox leap got changed again into a throw yourself at someone, and could be cling, and eaten by cling, vox leap got removed, they could drink blood without having to remove their mask, they gained and a brain that could be damaged by
  3. Win? Win how? Outside of causing performance issues when it starts, and generally bringing nothing to the round other then annoyance, if ya want it for enviromental rp, then sure, enable it in the apc. But for everyone else, it can just stay disabled.
  4. Since this is a configuration setting to disable, im making a topic for it here. Nightshift lighting is nice from an rp standpoint, but for an overall game experience, it's preferable to be disabled. One of the reasons is that a diona can actually die in that light, and that there are performance issues around enabling and disabling it.
  5. See, the way both cult and sling win, is by queuing up in a line, and walking in one at a time with a minute between, this is an player issue we can't resolve. There is also the fact that sling is a rare gamemode, and if you have a security who is less bald then the slings, which is also an player issue we can't resolve. in the past 12? days, there have been 7 rounds of shadowling, which means there is a 5% chance of sling, and looking at the stats two of those rounds might have been sling victory, and both was during low pop, this is also an issue we can't fix. Now, what can sl
  6. Think you can ask kyet for data on win rate. This just shows you how big of a win condition being able to convert security round start was. Thing is, sling wins the same way security wins, by gathering up, and taking people down one by one, if you do go loud, you will more often then not get stomped by sec, this is true for all antags, be it traitor, vampire, changeling. This had the same issues as paper cult often had, they got discovered before they got close to their win condition, and was unable to win. I am actually interested in the sling winrate after what 1.5 months
  7. Honestly, this feels far too complicated, and should be more generalized, like this. Medical SOP: Medical is in charge of healing people of any and all ailments, be they dead or alive. Medical is in charge of bagging, tagging and putting corpses in morgue. Chemistry is in charge of providing medical, with medical reagents for medical use. Chemistry may supply the rest of the station with any reagents they might require. Genetics is in charge of documenting all genetic powers and disabilities, they may not give this to normal crew unless the RD, CMO or Captain have permit
  8. Wow, no 'thralls are innocent' and not cultists? Honestly its better to kill the thralls since surgery is so damn hard to do to begin with. lets just take the tools from medbay, and bam, useless. Vox Raiders? Validhunt them. Best option is literally to remove the law, it is bad. Shadowling Thralls, Shadowling, Wizards, Vampires and Changeling got magical abilities that can't be removed easy. This will not solve the issue of 'cheesing' for protection, just remove the law.
  9. Medical SOP is still super bloated, please minimize, remove things that promotes unfun, and makes it a job, remove anything regarding permissions, there should not be anything about how to do your job, just what you could do this and then.
  10. Is this a joke?? Cause it looks like one, this is far to over the top, it looks like one that is not meant to follow, because there is so much. This needs to be simplified, especially considering the low-rp of the station, something like this could, be fine on high rp, but even then. RP in medical is an if else thing, if it's calm, and nobody gonna die horrendusly, then yeah, lots of rp is fine, when when loads of people are dying, or hurt, then you skip rp, cause your job as medical is to get other players into play again. Lets list up whats good. CMO: 1-4. Super silly, sinc
  11. One of the bigger problems is, as Belario mentioned, Shittyness breeds shittyness. This is so true it hurts, I find it rare to actually meet an good officer, but another problem is that security, and command in general, are never punished for breaking space law, unless they are actual antagonists. Good laws would be the following: Excessive use of force in detainment - basically harming someone who can't do anything but run around. Sparking a manhunt - Basically causing multiple officers to chase you down. Abuse of confiscated equipment - Using anything they confiscate is verbooten
  12. To explain eloquently, due to the player base and the low rp that is on the server, security officers have no reason to follow any of the security rules, regarding Refusal to Coroperate, the procedure of security should be like this. [*]Take the prisoner to the brig and inform the Warden/HoS of their crimes so their Security Record may be updated. [*]Take the prisoner to a brig cell, set the time and activate the timer. [*]Enter the cell with the prisoner in tow, open the cell locker and hold the prisoner over it. [*]Empty their pockets and remove their gloves, backpacks, tool
  13. Oh god, this is horrible in literally every way. Here is the problem, average processing takes 10 minutes anyway, and there is a major issue of a part of security being especially terrible. I've havent been arrested a single time, without suffering some damage one way or another. This will force shitcurity to become more shit, and that again will cause everyone arrested to become even more shit to counteract the shit of the shitcurity. We already got a law that covers this, which is resisting arrest, nothing good will come outta that. There is also the fact that securit
  14. Problem with the dnd ref, is it's badly made, it makes a temporary black hole so small it last for less then a second, and swallows everything in the location, having it essentially delete everything in a 3 distance area would honestly be much better.
  15. This will never be added, even if you get someone to do it, cause this is unbalanced, i mean, why not just give slimes godmode. I mean, yes, I would love for bones to be removed from slimes, BUT bones is basically 80% of the damage system, and only way to fix it, is remove broken bones as a thing, most of the other stuff is basically turning slime into unkillable machines as long as they got food. Vent crawl was removed for a reason, and the only things i could ever see in slime, is 1. Make slime blood something that can be replaced. 2. Make em not slip on wet floors. 3. Move c
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