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  1. PPI

    Clone Removal

    Oh sorry, it was 5 years not 7, was the oldest mention of clone removal on the discord i could find dated 03/29/2016
  2. PPI

    Clone Removal

    Clone removal has been a commonly discussed topic for the past 5 years on Discord, the problem has always been a lack of alternative systems, or at least a polish of said systems, and there are a few issues that remains to be fixed before a solid clone removal can be viable done. Stasis pods: What the label says, puts someone in stasis, we used to have one-time use stasis bag in the code ages ago, and at the time instead of taking brute, fire, toxins or oxy damage, you took clone damage instead, stasis pods would be mostly used to prevent death, to require less use of defib, especially in cases where you got someone who is very hurt, and requires a lengthy time in surgery to fix. Anti-coagulants: This comes along with stasis pod, as it won't help if you just straight up bleed out faster then you can be transfused with blood, currently, in my personal opinion, bleeding can be really strong, and you can bleed out everything really fast, an anti-coagulant that could fix, or improve on IB would be a huge QoL, as corpses without blood tends to be cloned rather then defibbed. Increase/remove or change defib timer: Currently we got a 5 minute defib timer I don't really agree with, but considering how fast 5 minutes can pass between you dying, being found, dragged to medbay, and healed up beyond the defib treshhold is quite easy, which means you have to rely on the crutch that is SR, so changing it away from a timer into a decay based system instead would be a huge improvement, that way with surgery and patience, you could get anyone back on their legs. De-husk surgery/chem: Currently we can only dehusk those husked by fire, while cling husks have no active way outside of cloning to fix, and having a way to fix that via either surgery or chemistry, will make it possible to still revive husked cling victims if found within a reasonable amount of time. Improved surgery to fix decayed or dead organs: At one point, you removed the organ, and washed it in the sink to fix it, those days are long over, and it is now remove the organ, splash with mito, and put back inside, and the organ removal is a super clunky way to do it. Remove or change most forms of ingame gib/dust/devour: Most people wanna play as the character they spawn in as, they care about their own character, and their persona, gib/dust/devour are all things that destroys that, and prevents that outright, unless you got prescanned. Make SR harder to make: SR is a huge crutch, it's one of the chems that makes being fast and efficient irrelevant. Make Rezadone Easier to make: Rezadone is the chem thats been buffed a few times, and works like a super cryoxadone, rezadone could be one of the chems that fixes cling dehusking. Make Formaldehyde important: Formaldehyde purpose is to prevent rot, if defibing becomes reliant on organ decay, then formaldehyde becomes mort important. Chemical Purging: Currently the only way to purge a corpse of reagents is via the sleeper, which is less then optimal, having a surgery that could do this would be a far better approach. Pre-scanning: Hands down, this is some hot garbage that is just makes all death irrelevant, killing a powered vampire after chasing them for 90 minutes? Bam cloned, they click one button and got a new face as well. It also makes murder harder then it is, as just hidding a body in a locker is usually enough to 'perma' kill most people, but bam, they are back and you don't know, so both as an antag and otherwise it's trash, infact the only good use is for miners, and thats mostly due to the many ways they can easily die on lavaland Cloning is bad, that we can all agree on, if any non-vox or non-slime comes into medbay dead, you can just clone them, heck, you can just wait for them to die, and with a couple of button presses you can fully heal them without having to put in an iota of time, infact you probably just drag the body into cloning and let someone else deal with it. Cloning removal will make ungabunga plays rarer, it will make security be more carefull about running in blind or alone, cause there is no easy way back to life if they die, ontop of that everyone else will have a certain fear of death, there is not guaranteed get-outta-jail-free card, and this alone can create even hostage rp. As a medical doctor/nurse/cmo/surgeon, your job is to fix people, heal them up, and kick em outta medbay when at 100%, thats their job, that is the job you choose to do in this rp game.
  3. Any map edit should be legal, that is it is possible to do it ingame. Reinforced walls are for secure areas, space is not a secure area. Secure areas can also use shocked grills, but is not needed if the windows are exposed to space Grills should be for shocking. Do not use a full set of quartertile windows. Avoid running pipes, disposals and wires under walls, and mainly under doors, unless it's to avoid illegal builds. Avoid building loops, a single pipe should be enough to cut of an area from atmospherics. Crew Areas that have windows exposed directly to space, i.e HoS office, should have some grills infront as meteor protection, it can also be a broken grill. Floors should not have a direction It's better to code the items ingame, then to var edit them on the map, that way the item or object can be reused easily across multiple maps. Also mentioning something about fastdmm I know some of these are already mentioned, but these are the
  4. When vox got introduced, they had spaceproof, and spawned with insulated gloves and no slowdown magboots, got vox leap, after a while the gloves got removed, then the boots got removed, vox leap was changed, then they became immune to being absorbed by clings, and could not be a cling, and could not really be vampires as drinking blood required removing their mask, vox leap got changed again into a throw yourself at someone, and could be cling, and eaten by cling, vox leap got removed, they could drink blood without having to remove their mask, they gained and a brain that could be damaged by emp, and then got 20% extra brute damage, before they lost spaceproof and lost emp weakness. So vox have be heavily balanced for both good, bad, and silly. The problem really with vox atm, is as a species they have nothing good speaking for them, they die easily are harder to fix. and the second problem is the toxic vox clique that formed during the past couple of years. and that second problem is what makes it hard to nerf or buff vox. However the main problem is that vox has lost much of their identity, which is true for nearly every species Here is what vox code looked like, 8 years ago /datum/species/vox name = "Vox" icobase = 'icons/mob/human_races/r_vox.dmi' deform = 'icons/mob/human_races/r_def_vox.dmi' path = /mob/living/carbon/human/vox language = "Vox-pidgin" unarmed_type = /datum/unarmed_attack/claws //I dont think it will hurt to give vox claws too. warning_low_pressure = 50 hazard_low_pressure = 0 cold_level_1 = 80 cold_level_2 = 50 cold_level_3 = 0 eyes = "vox_eyes_s" breath_type = "nitrogen" poison_type = "oxygen" flags = NO_SCAN | IS_WHITELISTED flesh_color = "#808D11" reagent_tag = IS_VOX Compared to what we have today /datum/species/vox name = "Vox" name_plural = "Vox" icobase = 'icons/mob/human_races/vox/r_vox.dmi' dangerous_existence = TRUE language = "Vox-pidgin" tail = "voxtail" speech_sounds = list('sound/voice/shriek1.ogg') speech_chance = 20 unarmed_type = /datum/unarmed_attack/claws //I dont think it will hurt to give vox claws too. blurb = "The Vox are the broken remnants of a once-proud race, now reduced to little more than \ scavenging vermin who prey on isolated stations, ships or planets to keep their own ancient arkships \ alive. They are four to five feet tall, reptillian, beaked, tailed and quilled; human crews often \ refer to them as 'shitbirds' for their violent and offensive nature, as well as their horrible \ smell.<br/><br/>Most humans will never meet a Vox raider, instead learning of this insular species through \ dealing with their traders and merchants; those that do rarely enjoy the experience." brute_mod = 1.2 //20% more brute damage. Fragile bird bones. breathid = "n2" eyes = "vox_eyes_s" species_traits = list(NO_CLONESCAN, IS_WHITELISTED, NOTRANSSTING) inherent_traits = list(TRAIT_NOGERMS, TRAIT_NODECAY) clothing_flags = HAS_UNDERWEAR | HAS_UNDERSHIRT | HAS_SOCKS //Species-fitted 'em all. dietflags = DIET_OMNI bodyflags = HAS_ICON_SKIN_TONE | HAS_TAIL | TAIL_WAGGING | TAIL_OVERLAPPED | HAS_BODY_MARKINGS | HAS_TAIL_MARKINGS blood_color = "#2299FC" flesh_color = "#808D11" //Default styles for created mobs. default_hair = "Short Vox Quills" has_gender = FALSE default_hair_colour = "#614f19" //R: 97, G: 79, B: 25 butt_sprite = "vox" reagent_tag = PROCESS_ORG | PROCESS_SYN scream_verb = "shrieks" So overall there isnt as much change as youd think there would be in 8 years, and most of the changes goes more into looks and whatnot, for a long time vox names were random every round. ATM, you can't balance vox, not without rebalancing all the species, or equal them out, and as mentioned earlier, tajarans have litterally nothing, they are basically humans with tails and cat ears, slightly more resistant to low temperatures and slight more affected by high temperatures. tl;dr vox needs some tlc along with a couple of other species, but due to community bias, touching vox is a painfull process
  5. Win? Win how? Outside of causing performance issues when it starts, and generally bringing nothing to the round other then annoyance, if ya want it for enviromental rp, then sure, enable it in the apc. But for everyone else, it can just stay disabled.
  6. Since this is a configuration setting to disable, im making a topic for it here. Nightshift lighting is nice from an rp standpoint, but for an overall game experience, it's preferable to be disabled. One of the reasons is that a diona can actually die in that light, and that there are performance issues around enabling and disabling it.
  7. See, the way both cult and sling win, is by queuing up in a line, and walking in one at a time with a minute between, this is an player issue we can't resolve. There is also the fact that sling is a rare gamemode, and if you have a security who is less bald then the slings, which is also an player issue we can't resolve. in the past 12? days, there have been 7 rounds of shadowling, which means there is a 5% chance of sling, and looking at the stats two of those rounds might have been sling victory, and both was during low pop, this is also an issue we can't fix. Now, what can slings do. They got a ranged 10 second stun and silence, which is plenty of time to cuff and remover their headset, at a 30 second cooldown They got a 15 second aoe 5 tile range light removal, which does not put a handfull of lightsources. They got a 30 second phase shift, that allows them to move from one side of the station to the other, as well as extinguishing them, disabling stuns and weakens. They got a 25 second aoe 5 tile frostoil, body temp reducing, minor burn and two second stun, this slows them down, and are easy to stun for a longer time. They got a thrall that takes 21 seconds They got a 4 second blinding smoke grenade with a 60 second cooldown, that can blind, and has a 25% chance of a 3 second stun, that also works as a small heal for sling and thrall. They got a 30 second aoe 7 tile stun that confuses humans for 10 seconds, and stuns borgs for 6, allowing them to safely destroy borgs. They got the the ability to empty an apc of power every 60 seconds They got the ability to revive or empower thralls every 60 seconds, turning thralls into lesser shadowlings, which gives the thrall the ranged 10 second stun/silence and 30 second phase shift. And lastly they can use a non-thrall to delay a called shuttle by 10 more minutes. They don't take pressure damage, don't slip, are shock immune, got thermals, and 25% melee armor. Further more, to take whats commented in the code Shadowling strengths: - The dark - Hard vacuum (They are not affected by it) - Their thralls who are not harmed by the light - Stealth Shadowling weaknesses: - The light - Fire - Enemy numbers - Lasers (Lasers are concentrated light and do more damage) - Flashbangs (High stun and high burn damage; if the light stuns humans, you bet your ass it'll hurt the shadowling very much!) Like many has said, it takes only one to have seen a sling, but thats on the player for not being stealthy enough, sling is intended to be a stealth antag, this is why thralls are so hard to check, as you need to stand next to them while they wear no masks. Slings got it's strength, that are countered by some fairly hefty weaknesses, they can slow down de-thralling brutally by robbing surgery of some of it's tools, and get remove the mindshields and thrall any role, they can thrall anyone if they lose their mind shield implant. Slings respecting mindshields is healthy for the game, but the primary issue seems to be a player issue, many people in maint, making hatching hard, or finding someone to thrall hard, and being unable to thrall security who seems to be the primary people in maints after the maint loot goblins had their run, after that, maint is mostly used as a shortcut to some places, maybe to look for some gear you are missing, so less people in maint, with security being the primary people there, and slings being unable to check if people are implanted or not, they can't just ungabunga. Overall this is a playerbase problem, both as a sling, a thrall and a non-antag.
  8. Think you can ask kyet for data on win rate. This just shows you how big of a win condition being able to convert security round start was. Thing is, sling wins the same way security wins, by gathering up, and taking people down one by one, if you do go loud, you will more often then not get stomped by sec, this is true for all antags, be it traitor, vampire, changeling. This had the same issues as paper cult often had, they got discovered before they got close to their win condition, and was unable to win. I am actually interested in the sling winrate after what 1.5 months since it was merged
  9. Honestly, this feels far too complicated, and should be more generalized, like this. Medical SOP: Medical is in charge of healing people of any and all ailments, be they dead or alive. Medical is in charge of bagging, tagging and putting corpses in morgue. Chemistry is in charge of providing medical, with medical reagents for medical use. Chemistry may supply the rest of the station with any reagents they might require. Genetics is in charge of documenting all genetic powers and disabilities, they may not give this to normal crew unless the RD, CMO or Captain have permitted it. Paramedic is in charge of bringing people or bodies to medical for treatment. Surgeons is in charge of making sure the Surgery Rooms are supplied with the tools required to perform surgeries with. Surgeons are also in charge of keeping such a hygiene standard, where the risk of infection is minimal. Only those in medical with access to surgery are allowed to permit surgery, in lack of aforementioned, surgery may be done by anyone who is capable of such. Coroner is in charge to document the cause of death of death of bodies in morgue, and has as a main responsibility to see that all corpses are processed properly. Virologist is in charge of making viruses, they may not release a virus without it being approved by either the CMO or Captain, spreading of virus should only happen to those who want the virus. Virologist is in charge of making cures in an effective and fast manner, monkies humanized or not are recommended to make the cure for, in cases where there is no time for such, the virologist is allowed to make the cure in the affected person. Psychiatrist is in charge of ascertaining the mental health of whoever requests such. CMO is in charge of keeping medical running in all manners of things in Medbay to be functional, this mainly being that chemistry is producing chemicals needed to allow medbay to function, to make sure cloning is functional, and the cryotubes can be used, they are to make sure that medical get any external supplies when needed. CMO is in charge of locking down medical when needed. During a medical outbreak, medical is to turn their effort towards halting it's process and removing it, both by isolating sick crewmembers, preventing healthy crew from being infected when others require medical treatment, keep corpses in body bags, and to keep the floors and walls of medbay sparkly clean to prevent a spread of outbreak. To put in comparison, this simplifies it from 1781 words, too 408, and instead of a reading time of roughly 7 minutes, this makes it two. This is a better base to work from, then that short-novella that is introduced here. It does not need to be super specific, because much of it is already implied here, so please take this into consideration.
  10. Medical SOP is still super bloated, please minimize, remove things that promotes unfun, and makes it a job, remove anything regarding permissions, there should not be anything about how to do your job, just what you could do this and then.
  11. Is this a joke?? Cause it looks like one, this is far to over the top, it looks like one that is not meant to follow, because there is so much. This needs to be simplified, especially considering the low-rp of the station, something like this could, be fine on high rp, but even then. RP in medical is an if else thing, if it's calm, and nobody gonna die horrendusly, then yeah, lots of rp is fine, when when loads of people are dying, or hurt, then you skip rp, cause your job as medical is to get other players into play again. Lets list up whats good. CMO: 1-4. Super silly, since harmfull is subjective, i.e viruses are harmfull because higher temperature, so some things are lethal to certain species, but not others. The rest is kinda irrelevant. 5. Should make sure clonable corpses are cloned, as the CMO it's not always you got a full medbay team, or that you even got the time to check who is dying, your job is basically maintain medbay. 6. kinda silly, cause carrying a harmfull chemical weapon is illegal, irrelevant of who you are. 7. This should be a general medbay rule. MD: 1. already in SOP 2. Running of with defibs is bad, carrying them while in medbay, taking care of incoming dead people is fine, it's not like defibs are a finite resource either. 3. This is the janitors job 4. Marking body bads and morgue trays should not be something you must do, body bagging a dead body seems obvious, thus silly. 5. This sounds like a many chefs in the kitchen make a huge mess, if you are in medical and see a lack of mass, then you get more, not something that should be forced, since defibs are a thing. 6. What?????? Clean SE after cloning if there is a need, cryo if there is a need, or for hyper cloning 7. This is dumb, because "MEDICAL TO CARGO" oh no he left medbay, ding dong fire his ass, this will happen, thus lets make sure it can't. 8. again, obvious, and not needed, i mean this is more a what is your job procedure at this point. Chemist: 1-2. What? Chemist makes medical stuff, chemical researchers make toxins and explosives and other fun stuff. 3. Again silly, because in generall it is the HoS who is asking for it, or the warden, and honestly, there is no reason to get permission for such. 4. see 1-2. 5. see 4. 6. Again this is something science should provide, especially to robotics. 7. No, this was pretty good untill the 20 minute part, just no. No. No. 8. Why should he leave at all when he has yet to do his job? Virologist: 1. Should wear it whenever in virology, irrelevant of anything. 2. Trying to hard to describe em, they are monkies, irrelevant of species, even then they often needs to be humanized. Other then that, its fine. 3. Considering most of the waste is vials and such with blood, this seems like a silly idea to throw way vials, or even beakers with blood, destroy the samples instead. 4. Again obvious, so he knows what it even is. 5. This is fine, not sure about the antibodies, since if the virus got longevity, antibodies would be a 'harmfull' substance. Making a cure is generally good because diona. 6. Seems fairly obvious, but is fine. 7. Do your job? 8. bad, timers are bad. Paramedic: 1. should not need to unless emergency 2. should not need to, no access. 3. why do they need a permit? 4. Or make sure the patient just, does not die before coming to medbay??? 5. Not the job of the paramedic, bring bodies to medbay, bam. 6. Or just leave it for the doctors. 7. Do your job? Surger: 1. Wear gloves to prevent infection, cause infection means more work for you. 2. Clean room or not does nothing for infections. 3. not needed, wash between patients, and don't waste time. 4. when it's bloody wash it, if it's bloody at all, you did your job wrong. 5. This is fine as it, but a bit long winded. 6. remove if asked to, its not your job to play security, if you dont do it, they will probably ghetto ssurgery it, and thus end up back at your table because infections. 7. Very good. Making it to specific is bad, also breaking SOP is not a crime at all. TL;DR Make it simple and less repeating, short and easy to remember, this is supposed to be a GAME, remember. Describe general responsibilties, and things you should not do, like running of with important medical stuff.
  12. Problem with the dnd ref, is it's badly made, it makes a temporary black hole so small it last for less then a second, and swallows everything in the location, having it essentially delete everything in a 3 distance area would honestly be much better.
  13. This will never be added, even if you get someone to do it, cause this is unbalanced, i mean, why not just give slimes godmode. I mean, yes, I would love for bones to be removed from slimes, BUT bones is basically 80% of the damage system, and only way to fix it, is remove broken bones as a thing, most of the other stuff is basically turning slime into unkillable machines as long as they got food. Vent crawl was removed for a reason, and the only things i could ever see in slime, is 1. Make slime blood something that can be replaced. 2. Make em not slip on wet floors. 3. Move core to chest. and going on a stretch 4. making em clonable.
  14. PPI

    Make logs Public

    msay, asay, and ahelps can be censored, in the program used, and if it's not, it can be. Regarding metagrudging, well that is bannable just like anything else, and not having something that overall will be more helpfull then not is a wrong way to hink of things. Also, regarding coders finding it locally, well they find it if they know it is actually runtiming. All that will be there is essentially admin actions and and chat.
  15. /tg/ got it, and people can be held accountable for their actions. https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3996 https://tgstation13.org/parsed-logs/ Among other things, it will allow for better player complaint reports, allows those who code, but are not staff, or just coders in general a easy way to access runtime logs. I think this would be really interesting to do.
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