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  1. I guess that's true, tho there will be some people abusing it
  2. It sounds cool to code automatically chosing X character to play when you roll antag BUT. Imagine I make a character "Not a placeholder" Now, Xann Zxiax is never antag. But whenever you see not a placeholder character you would know that it is indeed antag, cuz it was always antag, there was no round when "not a placeholder" was normal crew member Now imagine someone plays security, we'll call his character "definitely not shitcurity" Now definitely not shitcurity would know after playing for a while that "not a placeholder" is always an antag I guess I just wanted to say that it would encourage metagamming if you swap to certain character whenever you roll antag. You'd need to randomize look/race/name of the character, then it's fine. But I don't think that's what you want
  3. Set up department power grids with their own SMES units taking power from main grid preventing power outage from hitting whole station. Actually setting up backup SMESes in fore starboard maint Prepare emergency portable air scubbers and air pumps Injecting crew with general anti-virus Setting up sec checkpoint at arrivals forcing people to "register" as they arrive. Setting up sec checkpoint at mining shuttle forcing protection from wildlife Preparing medbay's emergency aid kits with some advanced chemicals Placing one aid kit with advanced chamicals inside in each department Assign one officer to each department, give him departmrnt access, radio and armband.
  4. yeah racial audio would be neat Like kidan scream, maybe something like "*hiss" emote for tajarans drasks have their own weird cool as hell sounds, I would love to see every race having their own sounds I personally would love to hear silent clicking everytime kidan speaks
  5. Yeah for some people don't like RP that much. Tho from time to time you meet people that actually are willing to RP with you Last week I, Torque and Mercury Miles fled the station after they both died, a lot of bombs went off, and generally mess. And I have to say the RP we had on the outpost was really good. Like Mercury is one of a few people that play spess now and are really good at RP. ((considering only people I meet on the station)) I wish more people were like that tbh.
  6. Hello there! New fellow engineer on the forum :3 Time to take over
  7. I was so long ago Like literally more than 2 years ago So I'm not sure, I usually use Segoe UI Semibold tho so it might be it, not 100% sure.
  8. @farie82 Hear that Henk De Fries? You feel dirty. :^)
  9. @Rurik I remember that, it was cool af RURIK YOU NERD I HAVEN'T HEARD YOUR DUCKY IN A LONG TIME
  10. Depends on the time you left tbh Engineering-wise propably not much changed except being able to shield airlocks with metal/plasteel and fancy RCD UI ((that I love)) Welcome back :^)
  11. @DerpehBoi KIDAN MASTERRACE Also welcome to the server man, if you want to learn the game, feel free to mhelp things Also if you want to learn engineering, feel free to DM me on discord :^) always happy to teach new folks
  12. Let's remember that IAA's job is not to babysit security, but to make sure crew follows SoP. I know that mostly sec officers break SoP, cuz there are a lot of rules for them to follow,but still. IAA is (if I'm not mistaken) also the first sec job you can take as new player, so that's also the thing to consider. What I'm saying is, that IAAs are often new players that don't know what to do, and people almost never call IAA to help them fix their problems with X-person that breaks SoP.
  13. If you are willing to code some stuff, how about "Superior Engineering Hardsuit", that look like normal engi hardsuit but are also fireproof and "Superior Engineering Magboots", the same sprite but work like adv. Magboots. Besides that RCLs RPDs, metal, glass and bluespace satchels.
  14. Hello there space traveler! Welcome welcome, it's good to see new face on forum, remember if you need any help in game ((mechanics etc.)) Feel free to mhelp it ((click F1 then chose mentorhelp option)) See ya on the server
  15. ~~KURWA BROTHERS~~ I played barotrauma a couple weeks ago with my friendos Game has no voice chat, so if you want any RP in it you need a) people you can trust with VC b) you have to use text chat Ship is small as hell, and game is uh... lets say, faster than ss13, so it really needs VC, engineering looking for breach for 5 minutes = crashed ship. Basic ships are just pure trash, one breach ((especially on the top of the ship)) basicly kills you, the movement system is really interesting ((you have a couple of ballast-chambers on the bottom of the ship, if you want to go deeper into the water, you inject there water into the ballast, if you want to go higher, you empty the ballast)) but one breach basicly floods at least one room and you immidietly start loosing height and crash the ship. In order to make basic ships playable you need experienced crew. You can download custom ships so that's fine I guess. Let's take a look at the roles. Captain, there is ALWAYS one captain on the ship, game will not start without captain, or rather it will force-select someone captain Security Officer, they start with harpoon guns and stunbatons, they mostly operate guns Medical Doctor that is supposed to help wounded.... supposed to.... cuz if you are in breached area, pressure kills you, so mostly they die before they can reach medbay, but well maybe I just haven't seen good doctor Engineer, the best role obviously, yellow dressed nerds that run engine that literally requires you to click 2 things, they also make sure electronics is not broken and fix flooded engine. Mechanic, the second best role obviously. They are supposed to fix breaches and equipment. They also can make equipment like welding tools, syrgines, etc. Assistant, GREYTIDE SKREEEE Speaking of gamemodes, you can play single mission, that is good way to learn, then there's campaign that alows you to buy things, earn money etc. it's basicly chain of missions. You also can set traitor to "Yes" or "Maybe", they literally have to do a single thing> kill X person, there is no other mission for traitor Wiki says there are 10 types of missions, but in reality there are like 6. And talking about making it polish only..... Well I know only 4 polish people thay play/played on the server including me so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.