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  1. It would be incredibly annoying to try and deal with an antag that is surgically attached to your target if you happen to get a kill-antag objective. Also, what if Security gets called. Are both or one of the antags able to kill them to succeed on their objective? Are they allowed to use lethal force to kill all of security if they came to separate them both?
  2. => assistant => hop line => transfer job => actually talk about what you're doing and ask how to do things thread over
  3. It will also lead to alot of people rushing for science, which in turn reinforces a power gaming ideal we dont want on this server.
  4. We've had to deal with people making entire binds to report their exact location to comms in the past, the feature, while admittedly cool and could be used to good effect, would be abused the minute it gets added.
  5. Assassinate X is most likely never going to change, however, you can make a proposal to add these objectives into the game for added variety. Also, ontop of that, the proposed objectives of gathering information could be elaborated on, such as adding a secondary use to the PDA which would take a code and give you something to do with the newly added password.
  6. Species selection and any type of customization would end up doing that.
  7. Don't think this will be a good idea. This may lead to people wanting to name them as well, to make Syndicate characters, and as such hording the role, trying to get the character into the station, or otherwise letting the character be known instead of a randomly generated nobody working against Nanotrasen.
  8. >Flash light in your own eyes to make sure you're seeing straight. Theres no way a Kidan could be in maint without their light on.
  9. >Force open the Box('s?) with Crowbar
  10. >Wait what is that down the hall, another door is it that Weldertank?
  11. >Quickly, make sure the Spraypaint isn't poison by huffing it.
  12. Race: Nucleation Job: Central Command Officer General Look: Construction Worker
  13. as a security main i am horrified of the fact that i'd be getting more access. it would take away precious seconds that an antag has to think of a plan to get out of escape-or-capture scenario. plus its funner with the chase
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