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  1. as a security main i am horrified of the fact that i'd be getting more access. it would take away precious seconds that an antag has to think of a plan to get out of escape-or-capture scenario. plus its funner with the chase
  2. whats wrong with a good old fashioned harm baton to the knee
  3. Blessed

    mech nerf?

    tactics not buffs, build thicker webs, power in numbers, cause breaches and fastmos the mech to death
  4. Blessed

    mech nerf?

    in my 1000+ hours of playing ive seen so many mech users be useless when chasing down a single traitor with a basic layout of the station, a counter to an antag shouldnt warrant a nerf, it should inspire new tactics from the antag
  5. Blessed

    mech nerf?

    more power to mechs if they can take out blobs, most of the time if they arent a phazon or a gygax they're slow and easily out ran
  6. i once ate a shoe and got banned.
  7. No, check the rules on making a appeal post.
  8. i have an extreme hate and fear of horses. when i was a kid i was hit by a horse and nearly trampled, then a day later while i was riding a completely unrelated horse it got extremely close to a fence and nearly crushed my leg in the process. horses are shit
  9. If you're going for the gimmic of wearing the veil, why would you need other equipment or clothes that wouldn't fit the style
  10. a wonderful picture and accurate to vox lore.