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    I don't know what to title this
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    A piece I did for some SPESS people! The commissioner asked for some interesting looking characters on the poster, but wasn't descriptive on who exactly, so I got to make up some different likely spess adventurers. The little red dots make up the constellation for Scorpio, as it's a project that the commissioner is working on, and I'm wishing them luck! This was enjoyable to work on, I got to draw space which I always enjoy, and I got to draw just some... different sorta characters!
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    It's Pride month, and I was asked to draw a very Cone-ie Vulp showing off some colours of celebration. I was happy to oblige. I hope everyone of all flavors and persuasions are doing well in this tremulous time. I love and appreciate all of you.
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    Stealing all the berets and replacing them with kitty ears!
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    unknown voxxy seems like i have a problem with revolvers
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    This is a suggestion for our discord, instead of the game. I feel an 'Art' discord channel would do wonders in helping the players of our community express their work! Sure, you can use the forums, but sometimes you have sketches or works in progress that you want advice on and don't want to post on the forums. In addition to the more low effort art pieces that are funny, but in no sense forum worthy. I've spoken to many people on the discord, and the overall opinion of this idea seems positive. I think it would help foster creativity in the player base, and I always enjoy seeing other peoples work. Unlike PRs it would be pretty easy to add/remove. I would like to at least try it for a week or two, and if it doesn't work we can always get rid of it! What do you think?
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    I'm also trying out a new drawing program, Paint tool SAI 2. I'm really liking its shading, and the ability to modify lines after you draw them. To test it out I drew a toaster-head I've been seeing around a lot, and who seems to be carrying medbay on their back a few times. Wyldcard! They're a neat player. I think it came out pretty nice. I think I'll try to use SAI 2 for a while. Also I love an appreciate all your comments and reactions. Honestly I don't get much reply when I post up my art on other platforms, which is likely why I mostly post on this forum with my art now you guys, honestly, are so kind, and your feedback is astounding!! JEEZE
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    Well, seems like I am late but hey. Might aswell start sharing my pixelart pieces! Currently working on 1 bit style, meaning I can only use a shade of black and white to make a piece. See below my first try at it. In this example I made a kind of ss13 RPG, with dentha as the main character and spark as the 2nd character.
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    A commission I did for some people, the Blacksheild of a HRP server. It was fun to do, I will say that uh... Uniforms are hard to vary. I DUNNO IF I SHOULD BE SHARING art of different spess plesses but uh... I do WHEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you all
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    Thanks for all the nice words This next piece is a robust vulpkanin officer named David @Flufferton First attempt at a vulp, and at a taser, but I like how it turned out.
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    I've never tried 4th edition, so I can't provide any sort of expert opinion there. That said, I'd say SR 5e's rules are written and organized poorly in the book, but make sense when they've put into practice. Between D&D and SR, it felt like Shadowrun's rules were thought-through a little better (one of my pet peeves with D&D 5e is that the races all follow Star Trek logic, in which the full gamut of dwarves, elves, etc. can be described as, "Just like humans, except considerably better in numerous ways with no real tradeoffs compared to humans" whereas Shadowrun's metatype system balances typically 'superior-than-human' fantasy species by forcing players to compromise on starting resources or attributes in order to select a fantasy species.) That said, it took me about a solid year of deciphering SR5e's rulebook before I finally understood enough to properly GM it, while in comparison I had D&D 5e figured out in about a week, so I might just be falling into a Sunken Cost fallacy. I hope everyone's staying safe and well-supplied these days. I actually ran out of sketch paper due to social isolation--while that was disappointing at first, I think you'll agree it was a net positive. You'll see what I mean. Just a practice picture. By this point I don't feel like I'm uploading a 'full' set of pictures unless at least one of them features Cecilia looking annoyed. Swarmers are annoying. Hostile wildlife. As I mentioned earlier, running out of paper to sketch on prompted me to dust off a tablet I'd left neglected for some time. I'd given tablet sketching a try quite a few years ago but I think I let myself get discouraged from it too easily. This first sheet just includes various SS13-related doodles that I made to get used to the tablet. A picture of Cecilia I made using ArtRage, a program intended to emulate markers and paints. I felt like I had to fight the software every step of the way, though I'm impressed by how the image looks convincingly like a crappy paint-and-markers art on canvas rather than something made using a program. "Does SoP say I can't use my desk as a footrest? No. No it doesn't." I give IAA a try whenever I want to play, but don't feel like I'm in the right headspace to try a 'proper' HoS round. I think the reason a lot of players have difficulty with IAA is that they approach it with no prior experience in security, and see their relationship to the security department as one based on conflict rather than cooperation. To get security to do anything as IAA, you need to have mutual respect. To have security respect your opinion as IAA, you need to know when it's practical to emphasize SoP and when it's not. The job is much more about earning security's trust that you've got common ground with them rather than trying to get officers fired for incompetence or reduce prison timers. Epic fight music of your choice goes here When the Nuke Ops get whittled down to their last squad member, don't get cocky. There's usually plenty of good reasons why that last man standing outlived all their squadmates, such as being an unstunnable sith lord with a shielded hardsuit who's been on a meth-fueled rampage since reaching the station. Something about the position of the Nukie's right arm is bothering me. I might have to fix that later. Command roles are not suitable for players with an inferiority complex or an easily-bruised sense of pride. There are plenty of AI players who seem to relish making new Command staff go utterly berserk over relatively minor slights or small acts of insubordination. Spark 5.5 has made it into an art form. This was meant to help setup the 'crazy captain' exchange above, though I felt having the context-less version there helped set up the joke better than leading with a sketch that 'gave away' the joke so to speak. I wanted to add dialogue here, but I think it would've taken away from the picture: this is the "I demand to speak to your manager" face, the "I'll get what I want if I just get angry enough" face, adding text would really just be reduntant. Cecilia's "I'm listening respectfully, but I still think your opinion is dumb" face. Like I said, I think giving the tablet a try was a net positive overall. Don't get me wrong, I was happy where I was before, but this feels like a whole new level.
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    Tl;dr version: Currently, Seccies have to juggle low-speed stuff like "teach a baldie how to not hit himself" and "toss the Clown out of Medbay again" alongside high-speed stuff like "harmbaton a vampire" and "cremate changelings." These two roles don't gel very well, so let's split them into two complementary positions. Introduction: As a job, the Security Officer is easily one of the most thankless ones. There is no learner position, no easy way to get into the job, and lethal consequences when you make a mistake. You're thrown into the deep end right from roundstart and expected to swim, and it's no surprise that few people do. Even for those who figure out how2redshirt, the role remains an extremely demanding one at all times; "quiet Sec round" is a contradiction in terms. This also makes the game much more stressful than it needs to be for everyone involved. For Seccies, it means calls of "FUCKIN SHITSEC GO HOME" at the same time they're getting calls of "HALP VAMP SCI MAINT," which tends to leave the redshirt in question burned out and uncaring. I've heard this phenomenon discussed in real-life law enforcement, where it's referred to as "paradoxical policing:" law enforcement is derided for their misbehavior over minor crimes like noise complaints at the very same time they're being called out for not doing enough to stop major crimes. For the crew, it makes calling Security a dubious proposition, as you aren't liable to get a rapid response and might well get complete shitcurity if you do. Another major issue is of gaining experience and learning the role: as there isn't any new place to learn how2redshirt, new Sec Officers are left trying to figure things out on the go. This is a problem with other roles as well, but a lesser one since other jobs are ultimately trying to help. A Medical Doctor or Roboticist might get some LOOC salt if they're taking a while in fixing someone, but that's a much more rare thing since they're ultimately still trying to assist the person. A Sec Officer is virtually guaranteed to get insulted, especially if they appear new, because much of their role is messing with other players' fun. Even taking too long to strip someone in Processing will get people complaining on comms, let alone if the other player manages to unbuckle themselves. Given that sort of problematic learning environment, some sort of intervention to help newbies would be very useful. One of the solutions used IRL is something I think we could adopt here, which is splitting the people handling major crimes apart from the people handling minor ones. As of now, Sec Officers are a single murderblob tasked with handling both "halp baldie beating me" and "HALP LING ABSORBING ME MAINT," which tends to leave them responding with either too much force to the first incident or too little for the other. It also leaves a more "low-speed" Security role for both baldies trying to learn the game and more experienced players looking for an easier round, and provides a much more tangible sense of little-s security to the crew (since a Constable will likely respond when you call, as opposed to the Sec Officer busy battling antags in Sci Maint). New position: Constable Scope: Limited. New code needed: Minimal. The key requirements are adding the new job with its starting text, equipment, and access. Starting text: "You are the Constable. Your job is to assist other crew and safeguard the station." Access: Brig, Holding Cells, Maintenance (similar to the Detective, does not have 'Security' access at roundstart). Starting location: Sec Briefing Room. Starting numbers: 4 (can be changed by HoP). No whitelist, fewer hours requirements than the Sec Officer (meant to serve as the intro to the Sec Officer role). Equipment: Security jacket, handcuffs, flash, pepperspray, energy bola, standard SecHUD, belt with seclite, non-bowman Security headset. Starts with a grey Sec uniform and a black Corporate ballcap (all Sec headgear has the same stats as the Helmet). Has mindshield. The uniform, esp. the jacket, ballcap and SecHUD, would provide Constables with a clearly different 'look' than regular Sec Officers while still providing protection. The regular SecHUD and non-bowman headset would provide a meaningful in-game difference between Constables and Sec Officers (in that Constables can still be taken down by flashes and flashbangs), while allowing for easy correction by more experienced players (modding their SecHUDs with regular sunglasses to get flash protection, and wheedling a bowman headset out of the many spares in the Sec Gear Room). Lacking a taser and stunbaton would force Constables to both play more conservatively and leave very dangerous antags to the Sec Officers, and also make them use the other bits of the Security repertoire. Flashes, pepperspray, recruiting bystanders, and the old expedient of "just set them to arrest and let Beepsky handle it" are all viable options when you aren't expected to take down a fully-powered vampire. FAQs: 1. The Constable has less gear and access than the Sec Officer. Why do you think anyone would play the role? I'm suggesting the role because I would like to play it: more specifically, I would like a Security job that actually lets me be Officer Friendly instead of 24/7 ASS TO THE GRASS BALLS TO THE WALL HARMBATON IN FREEFALL YEEHAW. I'd like a job where I get to laugh when the Clown slips me, instead of going "Damnit, that vamp's gonna get away!" when I fall over. Some rounds I want to pound face into plating with a cut-off riot shotgun, and some rounds I'd like to gently shoo the Clown out of Cargo without having to murder anyone in the process. 2. The Constable lacks a ranged stun, and can't easily catch someone if they decide to run. How do you expect them to stop anyone? I'm planning on them being able to stop a baldie on the run with an energy bola; if in-game practice shows that Constables truly do need some form of ranged stun, I'd suggest a disabler (harder for newbies to screw up with disabler shots than a taser, still plenty effective, already in code, differentiates them from Sec Officers, etc). However, I'd like to keep the role based around the non-combat portions of the Security role, and "set the baldie to arrest and have him picked up by other redshirts" seems very appropriate for the position. 3. The Constable is a role meant for newbies, but still has useful gear. What's stopping people from just murdering Constables for their stuff? Circumstances, co-workers, and conscience. Constables aren't meant to be running deep into Maintenance areas, and should be leaving the high-level threats for other Seccies. While I'm sure some baldies will merely take the role as a stepping-stone to being a bonafide redshirt and will go haring down into Med-Sci Maint, they're knowingly putting themselves at risk in the first place. The ones who stick to public areas will be kept much more safe by their circumstances. Secondly, the Constable role is meant to be much more community-oriented than the Sec Officer one. While Sec Officers are meant to carry out a high-level conflict with antags, Constables are supposed to be Officer Friendly, who gets close and familiar with the rest of the crew. This should provide them with some protection in practice, as the crew they've befriended will doubtlessly help them much more than an unfamiliar face in a Sec uniform. Thirdly, Constables are meant to be a beginner's role. While murdering a Constable will certainly be doable, their gear is differentiated from standard Sec Officer kit, and should mark you out as someone who killed an 'Officer Friendly' on the station. Lacking flash/hearing protection, flashbangs and Armory weapons, and a taser/stunbaton, Constables are also a much less appealing target than an actual Sec Officer. None of this is ironclad protection, but then again, it really shouldn't be. Taking on any Sec role is accepting your position in the round as valid-salad, and you might just get axed anyway - them's the digs. However, if you play the role as intended as a Nice Guy(tm) who sticks to public areas and makes an effort to actually help out crewmates, you'll be fairly well-protected from the inevitable game of murderbone throughout the round. 4. What else can the Constable do aside from 'Being Officer Friendly?' A) Dispatching: Watch comms and cams, keep a handheld crew monitor with you, and monitor other Seccies for their own safety. Call out when someone's in trouble, pinpoint a hostile's location, and ensure that calls for help are being properly responded to. B) Desk-jockeying: Man the Brig front desk, staff Processing, and watch over the holding cells. Assist the Warden with moving prisoners, question 'tiders and antags, and help keep Sec records updated. Work as a bailiff in the event a court case is called. C) Training: Work with other Constables - or baldie Sec Officers - to get them oriented in how to safely handle a cuffed person, dangerous gear to confiscate, the ins and outs of Space Law, and so on. Other roles such as the Warden, IAA, or regular Sec Officers can do these jobs, but they all suffer from either overwork (Warden, Sec Officer) or severe understaffing (IAA). A Constable looking for something to do should be able to slot in to camera duty or training fellow Constables with minimal difficulty, and with a positive benefit to the round as a whole. 5. What else would you like to see implemented with the Constable role? Departmental checkpoints. While it's not required for the role to function, I would definitely like to see Constables having basic 3x3 places to work across the station. I know that this question has been hotly debated before, so I'm not going to try and scratch off everything on my redshirt wishlist, but if possible I'd definitely like to see Constables having places to update records, get replacement gear (flashes, cuffs, etc.), and watch cameras. Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion. If you've comments, ideas, or thoughts on how to improve it, I'm all ears.
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    I forgot to upload Drake's cappy snek Here's Kiki listening to some VOXXY OPERA
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    @Spacemanspark 's character Auzshi Medow, after nukies attacked
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    here's the map as it's currently uploaded to github
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    well it's been a while hasn't it ? well life being life i haven't been around drawing that much but some of you have seen this one already but ...well might as well upload it here as well did not turn out at all like i wanted but i still like it so it's going here Edit almost forgot the quirky line don't get your head stuck in a mug...really people don't be like Ellie here
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    Let me preface this by saying that drawing like this is an entirely new area for me and I've never really put much of an effort into any other drawing before. Perspective, shading, all of that? No idea how to nail it right. With that out of the way, this is what I have done. I thought to myself, "What can I draw? There is no way I can draw people yet, but I want to be able to put my own spin on it." That's when it hit me. I'm no stranger to nitpicking the design of the welder in this game. This is not to criticize the spriter, they did pretty good and it looks just right. It's just that...it's a cutting torch. So I decided to create my own interpretation, and I will now explain it because some of you may be trying to figure out how to interpret whatever the heck I just scribbled. The welder itself is a mixture of a MIG welder and cutting torch. It is then connected to a wheel of wirefeed, which is used in MIG welding to provide filler metal for the joint. Of course, the filler needs a shielding gas to protect it from that nasty oxygen, otherwise it will be too weak once it cools off. The welding fuel tank attached to the wire feed drum serves this purpose, but it also can be used for cutting. The user switches between the two modes by pushing the Nanotrasen logo on the side up or down. In Welding mode, the fuel is redirected into a chamber where a focused beam and some space magic turns it into a shielding gas for the wirefeed. Also, I do not have a pen, I do not have better paper. Just letting you all know. Anyway, onto the art. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair. Like I said, this is all entirely new to me and I genuinely have no clue how to do much of anything related to drawing So please, if you have feedback, I want it.
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    from a girly girl to a manliest man. @farie82 's Henk De Fries's evil twin Hank
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    if people like this rendition, then i'll update the git with it
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    Behold me, my wife and her 4 foot tall beaked plush partner. Angery
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    Makes me cry every time
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    This is how you get shot
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    What is this f o r g e r y ? I'm gonna have to agree with @Trololiver112 and @rapaskoti as well Unbelievable (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)
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    "Is be pullings patients away still yaya? Is told for stoppings? Is know wha happen now yaya?"
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    I like to sometimes upgrade my workplace, here's engineering from about a month ago
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    After seeing a fair amount of plasma escaping containment, i decided to dig a little deeper into why windows sometimes are not airtight. Below is a summary of my findings, along with images for the different things tested, and what works/ does not work. TL;DR All tests were made using reinforced plasmaglass along with a canister of plasma gas and some holofans. 1) One window, screwed and fastened the normal way Result = Leak 2) Same as above, just an extra unscrew/screw of the window result = leak 3) Normal fastening again, but this time, i removed and placed down the floortile under the plasmatank, after fastening the window result= no leak! 4) Same window placement as above (note that the window is placed on the left tile), on this one i also replaced the tile under the tank. Result = Airtight, this indicates that it does not really matter if it is the left or the right tile that is pulled up and placed down again for it to become airtight. 5) Experimenting with a fulltile window, this one in particular was not screwed down, and was still airtight. Result = Airtight, but moveable, more on that soon 6) Standard fulltile window, screwed down as usual. Result= Airtight. 7) Now this is where it gets fun, building a fulltile window, then moving the window any number of tiles, makes it no longer airtight. Result = Leaks. 8 ) Large window moved over to a location of choice, then fastened as usual, and floor tile removed and placed again Result = Airtight. So there you have it folks, make sure that your windows are screwed properly in place, and that the floortiles are removed and placed again, that should remove most of the issues you have with atmos leaking. Also, word of warning, if you have plasma on one side of a single panel of glass, and remove the floortile on the clean side, you will draw an amount of plasma gas into the tile you removed, thus causing a contamination of the area you are in. Always remember to keep a scrubber handy when working with dangerous gases(and maybe remove any nearby welding tanks as well). Safety first! Take care, and stay safe. - NULL
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    what in god's green earth have you made me create? Kei'Shen and Rissandra are cute and fluffy, right? Right.
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    I've been busy getting ready for artfight so here's some more old art of my friends characters bc I still think they're funny. Alaina Foster, the human doctor Firsa Hrar, the tajaran librarian @rwn's SEAGULL (monitor head) and @Pegasnow's Atmosia Skyloid, the ipc engineer (blue hair) and lastly an unnamed drask who punched a vampire to death for me once
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    Haven't been doing much SS13 art lately cuz of online classes and what I'm technically counting as a vacation at the same time but here's pride art before I forget! Love y'all, always cool seein' other lgbt people on the server!
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    screm, making a fresh thread to show off my latest works. I'l post more in the meantime *shriek.
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    Most likely traitor round. Wolf as Captain, agents most likely emag their way in. I can’t draw keyboards or backgrounds in general.
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    Gosh Darn Kikeri makes the cutest wireart... I love their art so much... ah jeeze (You can see her with a BAT ready for ACTION)
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    Both the most adorable captain ive ever seen, and the most deadly
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    Hi! I'm entirely new to SS13, but my wife has been playing a fair deal lately, and I wanted to join her (she's not on the forums yet, but if you've played with "Grace Evergreen" that's who she's been playing the most as). I've been roleplaying for a long time, though, so that aspect isn't new to me! I'm most interested in eventually futzing around with the mortician and botanist jobs, but I'm sure I'll become interested in additional things as time goes on. I've never been great with introductions, so I'm not sure what else to say -- just wanted to pop in and say hi as I try and get involved.
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    Doodling and redrawing two of my old OCs. Never forgetting your old OCs mang?
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    Paradise Nymph!
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    When you get to be the unholy combo - A vampire and a changeling at the same time: Also that action bar did prove to be a hindrance when trying to look up...
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    Just dumping art attempts. Theses are sketches of my OC Yordle and maybe Wolf. Still learning.
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    *sips triplesec* You should buy a pod, back in my day everyone had a pod.
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