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  1. I remember back in fastmos, when the announcement came up, people were FREAKING OUT to stop it before it happens, besides the sound of a million vendors breaking their chains at the same time, it was fifty times more dangerous.
  2. "oh no, they can't hear the nukies, they have their earpods in!"
  3. I disassemble the robot control console, the circuit printers, protolathes, stuff them into my circuitboard dimension and then have my malf AI lord enact their plan
  4. the description also says "visit the station" a remnant of civillian/businessman who weren't employed by NT
  5. time locks and karma locks will never really guarantee the outcome of a player, it's how our community reacts and encourages behaviours, either by admins striking down bad behaviours, or just regular players praising the good, and giving tips to each other to improve and keep working towards better. It's at it's best when we can hear how to improve our craft instead of "wow you suck, read SoP idiot"
  6. Why is there a concern for making sure anyone who approaches the role is 100% perfected and trained beforehand? In a normal scenario, someone who is interested in blueshield usually observes how blueshields do their thing, or has a good enough idea of what is needed from the wiki page, and once they've unlocked, giving it a try. They might not do everything perfect, but in a reasonable scenario, they try. Yes, there are people who unlock a role, don't actually read up or anything, and don't do a good job. If they are not doing so horribly to not break server rules, is this an issue? They still have chances to be instructed by others seeing what they are doing, given tips of how to proceed, especially when they find themselves dead, and ghosts chime in. People who aren't good, while 'annoying' to people who want an all-pro-player-staff, will either learn, or be filtered out, I don't believe time barriers to help this, as there are definitely still special people who bubble up to captain and HoP by being incredibly minimal in command roles, shirking any real duties.
  7. I remember when the Robocop lawset was more commonly uploaded to encourage AI to deal with antags, but many silicon players don't understand the lawset and the reference. Law 1: Serve the public trust. Law 2: Protect the innocent. Law 3: Uphold the law. Most players don't understand what "public trust" is defined as. Many will argue "who is innocent?" Even they will argue about the definition of "law" here as AI law, or spacelaw. The simple answer would be "do what robocop does in the movies", but this is no longer a movie series that people have seen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RoboCop_(character)#Prime_directives
  8. make a *scream macro, so everyone else at a moments notice, can see how you're feeling.
  9. Erm, excuse me, but *heh*, I read this forum post, that ummm, says I'm right.
  11. maybe if deconversion required holding down the target with something that ties up time on the deconverter, so that there's a vulnerability involved, making it too risky to do out in the open?
  12. Anecdotally, as a captain, a blueshield got very upset when I denied them the spare ID. They also did not understand when I did not give them the pinpointer. I instead gave the pinpointer to the Head of Security, and placed the spare ID in a secure location I could retrieve it from in the case of my death and revival. When a member of command was targeted by an antag, blueshield was the first to rush in and demand access, which I only gave additional access to the department of the targeted head of staff (with their input/permission). On the other side of it, I hate when as an antag who needs to retrieve the NAD, that once I've gotten it, the blueshield fucking terminator walks in my direction endlessly to blow me off of existence with two(sometimes three) AeGs.
  13. imagine objectives like "ensure there are no mechs" or "make sure research level for X never passes 5"
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