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  1. I was a vampire, made to assassinate 6 people. I sweat a bit, not feeling super confident hunting down 6 randoms. I find first guy on the list, Alfie Archer, an atmos tech. I be friendly with him, pretending to be a vampire with transylvanian coat and stuff like a paper titled 'fangs'. I take him out of the way, and begin my work. I was coroner, and stashed him in a tray. Later I catch up with another on the list, a cargo tech, who created their own back room surgery. Their boss, quartermaster, was MIA, they were operating on some guy trying to fix him, and another cargo tech kind of checking up, while also assuming role as charge of cargo. I get a point of time where the other one takes the guy to medical, since she didnt have all the tools/scanners needed to take care of the guy, and I comfort her before taking her out and decapitating on her own surgery table. It was around this point that the quartermaster, and another target on my list were called out as traitors on radio. I went back to Alfie, and found he had a stechkin pistol and an emag, didn't bother to check before. The other one didnt have anything. One target was holopara user and killed by sec with DnR, and the quartermaster and another target, Mocha, were in perma now. Last target, Yazi Stormwind, was hanging around in medical still, so I left him for last. I mist into perma, unconnect and unbolt the botany trays. My plan was to pretend to be helping them, but make a breach that kills the two, which should have been easy, as security was terrible that round, and had also released the N2O. Instead I fucked up because I just wanted to breach one spot with the bullets from the stechkin, but mocha stood in the way with carp, and I got banged up before screeching. We all end up in space. I die, mocha dies, QM dies. Security doesnt even realize I'm dead and drag me to processing, injecting me with holy water and shit without knowing that I'm dead until shuttle call. I watch Yazi run to vault, emag door, find out that bolts were down and it's fucked now, uses C4, blows door, buys safe drill and steals documents. It was pretty cool, as he was pretty new at the time, making me glad I left him for last, and he was able to have that goal fufilled, though he went a bit too late and missed the shuttle. Mocha was cloned by some dipshit officer just in time for score screen.
  2. captain's suit is practically a hardsuit with how much bomb protection it has
  3. there are plenty of atmos players who would move back into the role if it offered some more complexity and things to do. Usually people who are interested in atmos learn it all, and then decide there's nothing left to do, since it's not very variable. edit: or they want to deal with atmos problems (fire/breaches) and find that engi/borg/drone cuck them
  4. I didnt even notice that the PR was already closed
  5. I had my objective and just wanted to leave, but got gunned down by blood thirsty LRP
  6. marriage in this game is like when kids marry their dolls.
  7. I agree with tetris. I am glad I can waste less by just adding here.
  8. Main thing is making a system that requires maintenance and care from atmos, less set n forget stuff, on top of trying to squeeze some variability with ventcrawlers, though it doesn't need to necessarily come into play often, as they need not be unstoppable
  9. But how does this help stopping people cutting pipes to stop ventcrawlers?
  10. If supply was same pressure as ambient room, that would mean in normal world situation that there is no airflow
  11. The problem then is balancing that destructive force of over pressure (or even under pressure for a waste loop that won't stop sucking). Explosions or sabotage purposely causing this would require a smoother way for atmos to identify and correct these issues.
  12. yeah, unwrenching a pipe to cause a ventcrawler to pop out, with the most negative effect just being the possible pressure release from the pipe smacking you back (which is avoidable) is something I wish could be reworked, so that messing with pipes was either dangerous, or had an effect that negated the gain of trying to block ventcrawlers via powerplay
  13. yeah, mainly wanted a new meter for atmos to handle, with some kind of reprocussions for not keeping it maintained. It's not entirely about making entry points for ventcrawlers (honestly was just thinking about minor ones like morph, and blob mice who are unfortunate to be right after a spiderling scare). The big issue is that it would involve changing how pressure in pipes work, how to check for these pressure problems and how to manifest them. It'd even be interesting if certain pipe junctions or spots get affected as well, either busting off in maints, or breaking elsewhere and exposing it from tile. Another meta thing I wish a new system could be used to adjust is that some people have had the idea that to counter vent crawlers, just unwrench pipes in key crossing points.
  14. It's definitely only in mind for cases where power players immediately weld literally every vent on station, which is a rare occurrence. Like I said, haven't thought too far on it, but wanted opinions
  15. I would like to see a system where if most of the station's vents are welded shut, the pressure in distribution builds up and starts to pop random vents to release pressure. A counter to this could be atmos paying attention to the conditions of the system and manually releasing pressure, or lowering pressure, etc. Or at least something that balances this. I haven't thought too far, but wanted to put the suggestion in.