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  1. one round I started a blood drive, giving crew who donated a cookie and juice after taking blood. People were very confused at the beginning, but it was fun. I've also started getting chef to make me lollypops as early as possible, to give to "good patients"
  2. If I'm reading correct, there was a tweak to require crit to delimb, but the tweak was removed
  3. This game is supposed to be a co-operative type of experience, so it's intended that there isn't much "soloing" possible. It is why you cannot perform surgery on yourself, even attaching your severed hand (even as an IPC). So no, you are not wrong to want people to not break into your department to "do it themselves". We are supposed to be able to co-operative and rely on others in this game to each play their respective role, but there are individuals who are incapable of that, or bitch and complain about the playstyle or experience of others. Security and Heads of Staff aren't even good examples of loner jobs, as you need to be able to co-ordinate with other officers, or as a head, be able to manage your department. Closer jobs are Explorer (piss off into space) Miners (they could die on lavaland and be unnoticed) or a job like the Librarian/Journalist (the job is what you make of it) Close seconds are Virologist (making virus, yes, but mostly you are alone), Xenobio (yes they want yellow cores etc, but again often alone, or one other with you) Ultimately, it is better to learn how to live in a co-operative environment, and how to deal with those who are overbearing, and try to one-crew everything.
  4. people just saying how many games they play and how often they are roundstart antag wouldnt show you a full picture. Other factors like time of day, days of the week, how many players have antagonist roles switched off (which antag obsessed cant understand) all change "the odds". It's also interesting that you don't start with your own experience.
  5. how does this map compare to farragus, the big map with segmented maints that people say they hate?
  6. we buckle people to chairs because all our space chairs have buckles to begin with, they're not being secured to the chair with their cuffs.
  7. I've done stealth wizard. I teleported into mime office, became mime, got an ID from HoP, danced and was silly in front of bridge, whereupon the captain let me in. I ei'nathed him, yes, and misted away. During scry orb, ghosts tell me captain brain is being transplanted, but crew still doesnt know what happened, and thats where I finally figured out what I'm doing. I make my way into medical, steal the brain just before CMO is placing it into the new body, then as CMO chases me into the middle of medical, I ei'nath them too, somehow with no witnesses again, and take the brain. I then get the head of security in the halls, and the HoP in command, just as crew figures it out. My plan was to only kill command, then inform the crew they are free of their shackles, but the CE and a wily sec officer with a shotgun (old shotgun with slugs etc) got me before my plan could be realized.
  8. That is in fact what would happen, IAAs who take it on themselves to be an antagonist to sec rather than an oversight, nevermind going through SoP for any other part of the station
  9. "live tweeting from the scene of the blob attack!"
  10. I remember back in fastmos, when the announcement came up, people were FREAKING OUT to stop it before it happens, besides the sound of a million vendors breaking their chains at the same time, it was fifty times more dangerous.
  11. "oh no, they can't hear the nukies, they have their earpods in!"
  12. I disassemble the robot control console, the circuit printers, protolathes, stuff them into my circuitboard dimension and then have my malf AI lord enact their plan
  13. the description also says "visit the station" a remnant of civillian/businessman who weren't employed by NT
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