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  1. Got one from a week ago when a tunnel clown got summoned onboard... A nice first sighting when you entered medmaint His arch nemesis beheaded on a spike. just before you enter his lair. Then the lair itself. All to praise the honkmother And the location of the last stand of the called ERT. Who tried to bomb the tunnelclown. But instead ended up as meat for the meatspikes. Was a fun shift as you can see
  2. Forum username: Farie82 Discord (include tag numbers): farie82#7905 CKEY (BYOND username): farie82 Characters you play in-game: Henk de Fries, LIPIH (AI/borg) Link to the list of PRs you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls/farie82 Most noticeable ones I'd say are the mhelp ticket system and my recent surgery PR Link to the list of PR reviews you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is:open%20reviewed-by:farie82 Link to any other examples of your PR work (e.g. on other codebases) to give us an idea for your skill as a PR author: I've not worked on other public code bases but I have two own repo's. The runtime log parser and the research scraper which can also be used for other data scraping like armor values. Link to any other examples of your review work (e.g: on other codebases) to give us an idea of your abilities as a PR reviewer: Nothing on public codebases and I can't share the private ones. What do you think the most common issue is for PRs submitted to Paradise, and why? If this is about the PR author making "mistakes" then I'd say that code is not always fully tested. Be it technically testing it or functionally testing it against the wishes of the playerbase/staff. If it's about the whole process then I'd say that PRs currently don't get (enough) feedback which results in people leaving or new coders being discouraged from even starting to code for paradise. Feedback can be seen as feedback when the PR is denied or feedback on open PRs. If you could make one single change to our coding guidelines, what would it be? Do not duplicate code when you can reuse existing code. And make sure that your code can be extended upon. In short make it Object Oriented. Snowflake code is god awful and will lead to people being confused when they read it and not daring to change/refactor it. Doing it this way will also learn people good practices that they can use later in life if they choose to become a developer for work or just as a hobby. Also just clean code that tells you what it does and only does what it says it does. If you need comments explaining code then you need to look at it again to make it more clear.
  3. Things I keep hearing a lot from the admins is that they fear that people will argue bans or such. Isn't that what an appeal is? If they go argue a decision in game you still have the power (see rules) to act on the responses. In large this will also make admins be more aware about how they treat people. And see how different other admins do it. Yes it's a large group with different approaches to the adminning. But see it as a player. One round I could do X, even ahelped it. Next round I do X and get perma banned. Yes I'm going to complain and argue. But now I can't access direct proof since the notes are hidden. Mostly trying to state here the big differences in adminning and how confusing it is for the players. And that they can't do anything "against" it currently. And I think that making notes open will help make this become more apparent as well thus making it easier to fix/improve. Honestly speaking I like the middle approach Kyet suggested. Just start new and leave the old behind.
  4. I am all for this. I've let this know a few times before but I think that transparency is required. Especially in these times. I know this won't happen anytime soon. Also due to the promises made to previous admins and current ones about the notes being a secret. Maybe something to work towards? A private old notes record and a new public one? Where the old one will become read only and the new one public and the one where new admins write to.
  5. Quick update. I've started to work on the code for the psionic. Quite a few abilities are in already. Or at least their core mechanic. Upgrades are not yet in. Thus far the following are in: Harvest thoughts, doesn't yet do the brain sucking part or the permanent brain damage. Sleep, working as described above. Will need tweaking after testing Teleport, working as described above. Force push, works for a single target. Doesn't have to be directly aimed at the target. (Will search for a viable target in a circle) Invisibility, works but needs tweaking Become ethereal, works but needs tweaking Confusion, works but needs tweaking Increased concentration. Works ish. Will work when buying system is fully in Disguise self, works Illusion, works I got help from the great gentlemen @McRamon and @Ralta. So special thanks to them in helping make the project work!
  6. They will start disguised as regular crew. Once they "evolve" they will gain their other abilities. I think I'll give them the ability to use abilities while they are in using "Self disguise". Maybe limit some abilities to not be able to be used. This way they can be undercover for a bit and cast their abilities against a cost of upkeeping the disguise which costs focus. I like this idea. I think I'll make it into an ability which will make them near invisible (bit like the vamp cloak) and it will turn off all lights near them. I might include these ideas in an upgrade of hallucination. I don't want a passive hallucination shield due to the fact that you can then easily find the psionic. At the start they will behave a bit like a vampire looking for it's first victim. They start out weak but will ramp up like slings. Psionics won't go around and cause direct damage to the station. They will more likely be the indirect cause of damage. Psionic versus psionic combat will be more a fight of tactics than of a fight with guns. Seeing thralling will be difficult and dangerous the Psionic won't have many friends to help him fight. I myself see this antag more of a hit and run antag in combat. But he should avoid combat for the most part and stick to stealth. I'll include the ideas in the post. Thanks!
  7. I've talked with Neca, Purple, Ansari and Crazy about the idea and none were opposed. So I'm starting the basic development of the core features and I'll keep adding more details in when I get inspiration. Feel free to suggest things. They always help!
  8. @BryanR I added a list of suggestions to choose from. Think these will work? I tried to make them not to violent in nature.
  9. @McRamon overall I think we both have different approaches to this. Yours is more of a mastermind style gamemode where the psionic has pawns to use. And has to clear out other psionics to make himself stronger. The idea I'm going for is more of a nightmarish mind bender. Not to interested in getting power from pawns but instead get power from the minds and ultimately by breaking open a bluespace rift to bind himself to the weaves. I think your idea can be coupled with the current one though. As in make both psionic mind benders spawn and psionic masterminds. You are correct in this part. The psionic needs a way to blend in at the start and grow out of it's hidden shape after a while. I think I'll make the psionics spawn as regular crew. Then have them be able to "evolve" into the psionic. A bit like slings. They will also get the "Disguise self" ability from the start which only transforms them in their "original" form. However I don't think I'm going to include the more pawn like gameplay style however. My idea for these antags was that they were a more lone oriented antag. One that can make thralls but that it is dangerous to do so. I'll edit the original post to include the starting conditions
  10. I like the idea of making a preset list of objectives. Things the psionic can choose from. I'll think of a list of objectives and put it on the post. It'll probably be things like: Distract the crew, Start a brawl, clear a room, sabotage research etc. I'd like to hear your thoughts on these though seeing you'll be dealing with them yourself.
  11. Good questions. I think I'm gonna make the Become Ethereal ability make you unable to use abilities. Or if you use it it'll break the concentration and drop the ability. You can see it as a hologram that is real for the person. I'm thinking about making it a creature of choice (demonic things, zombie etc) or yourself. I'm currently thinking of making it like an hallucination but that damages you and you control the creature doing it. The abilities will be cast from the position of the image. Idea is that you channel your power into the brain of the victim and use him as a relay. As for him it's all real. I'll put a max range on it though. That you can only walk till your body gets out of sight (1 screen width). I'll think a bit more about the second answer since this ability is one of the weirder ones. The focus pool will be large enough to cast a few abilities but the regeneration will be slow. This way the Psionic will be able to burst chaos into the station. But afterwards he needs to recharge somewhere quiet. Meaning if security is on his tail he needs to preserve focus to get out of danger. Exact numbers I can't tell yet but the "Become Ethereal" ability will not last minutes. It'll be mostly used to move around in maint. Make somebody sleep from maint while he's alone in his department. Then come in as a ghost and harvest his thoughts. Then leave again. Leaving no trace of entry. The "disguise self" ability will last for a few minutes. This will allow the psionic to transfer himself to another maint or hide out for a bit so things calm down. This will mean that he's vulnerable due to him using focus to do this. I'll update the post accordingly. Thanks for the response!
  12. The Psionic Versioning: 1.0.0 29-07-2019 Initial idea 1.0.1 29-07-2019 Extra clarifying abilities 1.0.2 29-07-2019 Start conditions 1.0.3 30-07-2019 Psionic vs Psionic VS crew. Added "Alter perception". Changed harvest thoughts. Changed Suggestion 1.0.4 30-07-2019 Added a list of suggestions 1.0.5 31-07-2019 Changed "Disguise self", changed "Hallucinations", Added "Cloak of darkness" and "Disguise other", added slave limit to mindslave 1.0.6 2-8-2019 Changed mind project completely. Any suggestions or additions are more than welcome! Main Idea The psionic is a mentally strong humanoid monster that is capable of altering ones mind. Due to this they are very brittle physically wise and have to rely on their brains for survival. They can’t use humanoid weapons either. They look humanoid but more monstrous. Think of sectoids from Xcom or the Controller from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. They will be from the type human and thus can manipulate tools and heal themselves. To gain power they have to harvest the thoughts of sleeping humanoids. These thoughts will heal them and make them able to gain powerful new abilities. The gameplay will be stealth oriented. Seeing he’s very weak physically. There will only be a small amount of psionics on the station. They are meant to be played as a lone antag. Seeing the way they grow in power will limit other psionics. There will be 1 psionic per +- 40 people. His abilities cost focus to use, a resource he has to manage. Most abilities take time to channel, the instant cast abilities are emergency abilities. If he gets caught in a fight he’ll probably lose unless he can get out. He has thermal and dark vision to give a small advantage in maintenance. The psionic slowly regains focus passively. But he can speed it up by going into a meditative trance. This trance will leave him vulnerable as he can’t move while doing it. Until interacted with which drops the trance. Mindshielded crew have an advantage in resisting the abilities. Start conditions The psionics will start out disguised as regular crew members with jobs. They will be set on a timer till their disguise wears off. They get the ability to remove their disguise so they can use the other abilities. They will start with the following abilities unlocked: Disguise self, they will get disguise self but they can only use it to disguise back to their "original" form. After removing their disguise at the start this will start to cost focus. Harvest Thoughts Teleport with 2 charges Sleep Depending on the server pop size they will also get additional bonus thoughts to spend on unlocks of their choice. Win condition They have stage objectives. The first objective will be a simple. Get X thoughts collected. Once they have that they will get a specific target to harvest their brain from (target has to be on station on the objective creation). This target can also be another psionic, the chance of this happening will be about 25-50%. If they use harvest thoughts on that target they will instead suck the brain out. The target can be dead while doing this but if he’s alive while being sucked then the psionic will get thoughts as a reward. They can switch targets at the cost of thoughts. If the person is to hard to reach or not on the station. This person is somehow tied to a bluespace rift that the psionic can use to empower himself. The last objective will be to go to one of 3 generated areas and connect with the bluespace weaves there. This will give out a loud sound and notification to the crew. The psionic just has to activate the rift there and then defend the location till the rift is active. Then channel himself in it. After which they ascend and get all powers upgraded fully and better. They also become nearly immune. (Think of a sling ascension) Psionic vs crew The psionic will be a threat that won't be noticed to much at the start but will ramp up in danger the more power it gets. With each victim the presense of the psionic will become more clear. At this point he should have enough abilities to escape security and to blend back in with the crew to move around. The crew will be afraid to be alone and will be paranoid of their surroundings due to the psionic. The crew will have no reason to work with the psionic and getting caught will mean that they get a permanent debuff. Psionic vs psionic The psionic is a lone antag. He acquires his power from harvesting thoughts which can only be done once. It's a very power hungry creature and other psionics will just get in his way. Psionics are immune to each others mind altering powers. Yet by the use of thralls the Psionic can kill one of his rivals. If this happens he can harvest the brain of this psionic and will absorb a part of the power the other psionic had. It will also free the mindslaves the dead psionic had. Abilities (costs are not set in stone) Each ability is unlocked separately at different costs. The focus pool will be big enough for the Psionic to cast quite a bit of abilities but the passive regeneration will be slow. This way the Psionic can burst out chaos and afterwards he'll need to find a place to meditate. The maintain costs are yet to be determent and the given costs are relative to one another. Harvest thoughts (melee range, channel, Upgrade makes it go faster, Cost 1) The psionic will get his powers from harvesting thoughts from sleeping victims. This takes a while to do and the psionic has to stand still for this. Afterwards the victim gets permanent brain damage and a permanent random mind related genetic defect. The victim won’t be able to get harvested again and the permanent damage will be shown when scanned by a body scanner. This ability is also used for the second stage objective and to harvest brains from other Psionics. Teleport (Self, instant, upgrade gives more charges, Cost 1 per charge) The psionic will get a limited amount of charges that he can use to quickly get out of trouble. He will teleport to a random safe spot on the station atleast X tiles away from his previous location. Without cameras or people nearby. He can regain charges by spending thoughts. Sleep (Ranged, Channel, upgrades make it go faster, Cost 2) The ability has 3 stages. The first channel will make the target get drowsy (blurry eyes, yawning). The second stage will give him stamine damage and the last stage will make him fall asleep. He’ll be asleep for 1-2 minutes. Enough time for the Psionic to harvest his thoughts or mindslave him. Force push (Cone, Instant, Upgraded will make it affect more people, Cost 2) Throw the closest target near you away from you. Will chose which target depending on position you point the ability to (middle mouse click or such). The throw will knock people down if they hit stuff just like a normal throw. Mind control (Ranged, Channel, upgrades make it last longer, Cost 2) Will give the psionic full control over the victim for a short amount of time. The psionic will stand in place and will stop the control when interacted with. The victim can talk to the psionic while this is happening. He however won’t see/hear what is happening to him as he is put to sleep himself. He is also given the message that he has lost all memories of what happened during him for the last few minutes. If the victim gets hurt enough the mindcontrol will break and will stun/hurt the psionic. Mind project (Ranged, Channel, upgrade makes it seem as if the victim is using the abilities, Cost 1) This ability will allow you to use a victims mind as your base to use abilities from for a short duration. Meaning that you will temporarily see what the target sees and will cast abilities from his location. If upgraded people surrounding him will see it as if the target is using those abilities. Hallucinations (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it AOE around the target, Cost 1) Causes the target to get hallucinations. More dangerous ones than regular hallucinations. The user will get real damage from the hallucinations. If upgraded and used on yourself you will cast it as an AOE effect around you that will last a set duration. Terror (AOE, Instant, Upgraded will make the ability affect more targets, Cost 1) Makes the closest humanoid terrified of the psionic. He loses control of his character and starts to scream and run away from the psionic. If people are blocking him he’ll try to push them down. If there is no way out other than space he’ll flee into space. Invisibility (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make you move faster, Cost 2) The psionic will have to stand still for a bit and then turn invisible. They can’t use abilities while invisible and maintaining it costs focus. They also move slower than normal. This ability will cost a lot to maintain. Become ethereal (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make you move faster, Cost 1) After focusing for a bit the psionic turns into a mist form (still visible, same visible effect as the darkcloak). Using this they can go through walls. Keeping this up costs focus and you move slower. You won't be able to use abilities while in this form. But if you use one you will break concentration and get back to your normal form. If you stop the ability inside of a wall you will take damage and get pushed out to a random direction. This ability will cost a lot to maintain. Confusion (AOE, Instant, Upgraded will make it affect more targets, Cost 1) Makes the nearest creature confused. With a chance to start puking or falling down. Break mindshield (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it go faster/AOE, Cost 2) Breaks a mindshield of a target after focussing on him for a while. The target will get messages saying he’s targeted. Moving out of sight will stop the channeling Mind slave (Melee, Channel, Upgraded will give the psionic a mindlink with the slaves (think hivemind idea but only in one directional, towards the slaves), Cost 3) The target will be mindslaved to the psionic. The mindslaving consists of 2 steps. The first step clears the mind of the victim and makes him sleep for longer after. It also does braindamage. The second step is to implant the loyalty into the brain of the victim. The first step takes the longest and the psionic can’t move while doing this. The process will stop when the psionic is interacted with. The target will be freed when he gets a mindshield. If the psionic dies it won't break the mindslave. Only when another psionic harvests the brain of the mind controlling psionic. You will have a limit of mindslaves you can have (1 per 3 harvested thoughts?) Increased concentration (Self, Passive, Upgraded will increase passive regen, Cost 1) The psionic gets a bigger focus pool to use. Suggestion (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will speed up the channelling, Cost 2) Implant a chosen idea/objective (chosen from a preset list) into the brain of a victim. The victim has a chance to notice that he’s being influenced. The longer the psionic focusses on the victim the longer the suggestion stays. Each step will increase the duration with 1 minute. Each step having the chance that he will notice. After you cancel the current step progress you will implant the suggestion in to the brain of the victim. This is an objective that he has to achieve. After the duration he’ll lose his memories of what happened during the suggestion. Same idea as the chaplains staff Disguise self (Self, Channel (maintain), upgraded makes the illusion look real upon examine, Cost 1) Makes you appear as a chosen crewmember. On examination you will appear off without the upgrade just like a morph. You will have to target the target first. So he has to be in sight. This takes a bit to do. Then after you can disguise yourself as him after a short channel. This ability won't cost much to maintain. You can use most abilities while disguised. Illusion (Ranged, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make the illusion real, Cost 2) Make a structure or effect appear for nearby viewers. Costs time to prepare and then is usable after a short channel. The upgrade will allow an additional channelling afterwards which takes a bit longer but will make the illusion become real. You can drop the effect by using the ability again. This ability will cost an average amount to maintain Alter perception(Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it AOE around the target, cost 1) Blinds and makes the target deaf to the real world after focusing for a bit. Will make the target stammer as well. While deaf and blind the person will hear and see things that are not there. As if he's somewhere completely else. Floors will turn into ash floors, other people will turn into weird beings etc. The psionic will be invisible in this perceived world. Summon visions (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will summon another monster, Cost 4) Summons a monster that is player controlled. This monster is loyal to you and will disappear after a while. This ability will cost a lot to maintain Cloak of darkness (Self (AOE), Channel (duration), Upgraded will kill all light sources, Cost 1) After a short channel you will shroud yourself in darkness for a set time. Turning nearby lights off. If upgraded it will destroy the light sources if possible after you stand in the area for a bit. You will also become slightly transparent. Like the cloak of darkness from vampires. Disguise other (Ranged, Channel (duration), Upgraded will change the target voice, Cost 2) After a channel you will change the target of choice in a clone of your real form for a short duration. Unless upgraded the target can still talk in his normal voice. When upgraded it'll make the target sound like you. Suggestions The "Suggestion" abillity will implant a preset idea into the persons mind. These ideas are meant to not cause harm and are meant to single out targets or draw attention away from the psionic. You have a surprise for a coworker. Lure one into this room. Make sure he's alone since the suprise is only for that person! This room is to crowded. Make the other people leave to let you focus again. You have something to show security. Ensure they come to this room right now! You have something you don't want security to find. Make sure they will be on the other side of the station! You are done with the system! Make sure no security member enters this room, ensure you do this without harm since you are protesting peacefully. You need some time alone. The nearest maintenance looks like a fitting place to take a small break. You need some time alone so don't bring others. More to come later. Suggestions are welcome! The idea is a bit similair to the Assimilation on TG (removed since 25th of July) https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Assimilation
  13. I'm all for more OR's. But here are some first glance things to consider. The medi maint place is gone (below genetics). It is a commonly used spot for medbay antags or cultists etc. Virology is put in a corner again. Meaning it'll become more of an antag spot. It also lost it's connection to maint which makes it harder to break into (since virology is nearly a fortress). Having 4 ORs might be a bit overkill. 2 is usually enough now a days due to the bone breaking nerf. 3 will be better suited I think. Also means you can put an OR storage place near the lower OR.
  14. I think valids are not being punished enough sometimes. Crew holler into maint way to easily even if they get threatened or shot. Then the other issue comes. If you kill them as antag you have to justify it usually. And because you can't non lethally shoot them down with lethals you will have to kill them usually due to new crit. I believe that antags should get an easier time if they want to kill somebody or such. I'm hearing way to many reports of people getting banned for defending themselves as antag while being chased. So short of it. Punish valid hunters more. Crew chasing into deep maint to try and get you should be bwoinked at least. And spare the antags the bwoink if they kill that person chasing them.
  15. I also believe that the communities opinion should at least be voiced. Currently this is not done all that well. I get that time and such is a constraint but a voting system will reduce said constraint because you can easily poll the opinion of the players. As for to make it reliable. Make it so that active players (X hours in Y months) can vote for it. They are the ones who actually play the game and are affected by the changes. A more transparent system will also help. Why is X implemented. What are the alternatives. Who were consulted prior etc. This doesn't have to be for minor things but overall I feel that paradise lacks this big time.
  16. Why is this a thing. I do feel dirty because of it
  17. Having played a bit more and thought about it. From the normal crew perspective (security and antags mostly) 1. The RNG needs to go or at least be reduced. People can stand up at random or just die instantly. This makes the game feel unfair and random. Which it is. 2. Have a set damage threshold at which point people die guaranteed. Once again. People won't die or go down, making it extremely annoying if you unload a full clip into somebody and they keep happily walking around disarming you. 3. The system is still quite incompatible with the existing systems. Take no breath from genetics. Unless it changed without me seeing it. You will be immune to most damage that the new crit system does. Take self resp and mind restoration from virology. These make it so that people stand up even more. Even though they are far over the -200 health mark. I know how genetics is dealth with and I don't want virology to undergo this fate as well. From medbays perspective: 1. Chemistry is quite useless due to the fact that the vendors are stocked to the brim with meds. Reducing the amount of stuff in there will help make chemistry relevant again. Although this would also mean that medbay is heavily reliant on chemistry. Even more so than before new crit and such. Other than that I don't know. The system mostly feels as extra annoying steps mostly for all sides. It doesn't work with the existing systems and changing them requires a lot of work and will most likely lead to a nerf or worse... removal of stuff without adding new features. My to go to thing would still be revert but well that won't happen. And fixing the points above here would just mean going back to old crit but with heart attacks being more common.
  18. More like that. In game design it's a big no no to make things relly to much on RNG. A bit of RNG is fine to spice things up but the system currently relies to much on RNG to make it work. Thanks ?. I will try to thinker of some ways to improve the system when I got some more time.
  19. My opinion about new crit didn't really change much since the last few PR's about it. 1. People don't go down anymore in combat. You have to stun them or just fuck them up so badly that they drop. Meaning killing is needed more. I've seen people (myself included) stand up after getting shot 5 times with buckshot. I stood up after getting bit 20 times by terror spiders just to get bitten 20 times more before I finally died. Last one is fixed by a snowflake way as far as I know. 2. The idea of having a chance to walk away from danger when you're dying is not happening. If you're fucked up it means you're either in combat or you're in space. In other words you will die. And screaming for help won't work due to the oxygen loss you have. 3. It make medbay slightly more complex. But at the same time it's just a few more steps which will bottleneck medbay. Chemistry is not needed due to the vendors being stocked up fully. And if you don't have them stocked up fully then medbay will fall down due to the fact that most chemists can't keep up. 4. For antags it's a pain as well. If you get out alive in combat you will die after. First you just had to get surgery. Now you just die from shock or something. Making antagging much harder. Same goes for being an officer. All in all I don't think it adds possitive things to the game as a whole. It's more tedious now mostly and dead feels random due to the RNG nature of shock, heart failure and heart attacks. (triggering is random but weighted on the damage).
  20. Sounds more fitting aye. I've changed the idea so it needs spaceacillin now. 15u of vaccine (1 bottle) now require 15u of spaceacillin. This is mostly due to the missing interaction between the crew and the virologist at the moment. This will force them to seek out a "willing" test subject or they can't release more complex viruses. It's also a debuff for antag virologists due to the fact they will have to experiment on themselves first and have the cure prepared. But all in all I'd say it'll make a few nice stories out of this. Local virologist experimented on himself. Forgot to bring a cure. Infects local crew with the greytide virus
  21. Atropine is in the vendors last I played. With new crit that is. I'm in favor of something like this. Will make it clearer what is required to threat shock, cardiac failure and cardiac arrest as well due to it being in a kit together.
  22. Sounds as a legit change. Made a PR for it. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/11156 Thanks for the find!
  23. Might include this one in Idea 3. So that some unlocks will do this. Does sound like a real neat idea. This one will also be for after the 4 PR's are done so we have the basis there for expension
  24. I see where you're coming at with the first suggestion. The cure per blood type would be a bit to much I think personally. Would clog up the chemists and will mostly be just tedious work. I'll keep it into consideration though. The vaccine per species is also an interesting one. I'll keep this one in mind for a possible later PR. I might make a second rework for the event viruses and then I might include that idea into it. The fuel idea is pretty neat. It would make viruses more complicated for the average crewmember though. Maybe make it passively do something and when it contacts a chemical it will do something else extra or work better? Or it will do something negative so you can counter virus users by forcefully injecting chemicals into them. I'm gonna think a bit more about this one. Thanks for the feedback!