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  1. I've brought up the topic of removing cloning several times within the Para discord, and each time it was a clusterfuck. My (albeit now very irrelevant) opinion still stands; Paradise would do well to remove cloning and strange reagent entirely from the game. Leave defibs, FBPs and borgification as the remaining methods in which someone returns to life.
  2. Now see I could follow the bait and reveal myself to be Spark the unretired but uh no So instead I'll just call you stinky
  3. I am merely a ghost haunting an old dwelling
  4. February 2014 was when I joined Para. Then I tried to leave, but I was locked in the dungeon and if you're reading this help I want ou-
  5. I suggested this in an unofficial capacity at a few points, and each time was generally told that IRCs need to be identifiable at a glance. Personally I'd just have given IRCs the ability to change their identity once upon having a robotic brain inserted to the chassis for the first time. If you want my lore opinion (which I'm totes sure you do :p) keep the posi/ robotic name the same as the original name it was made as regardless of the name of the chassis changing.
  6. While you're at it, integrate this idea with abductors. Rather than implanting odd organic body parts into IPCs, have them experiment with ancient alien tech on them instead.
  7. You should try rigging that 3D model for use in ML64 oot and then force gangel to play it with me, looks like it'd fit there nicely.
  8. We may have to agree to disagree on this point. I'm personally not bought that any one SS13 server must absolutely stick to one art direction, unless it's a server with a specific theme--which Paradise is not. I do not believe the 'artwork direction' should impede features from being added, particularly features the playerbase enjoys. I don't think either of us will convince the other party of their respective side, however. I do not see the problem with cartoon natured aesthetics, which Paradise has had some of over the years, regardless of whether it's been removed now. As well, removing one small thing doesn't cause problems per se, but this does play into an overarching issue. When you port features from other servers, you should consider a few things; namely whether that feature fits within the server you're porting it to, and what the ideology was from the other server. This is an extreme. If I treated HRP servers as gospel, I would have left Paradise years ago, and I most certainly wouldn't be playing on a blatant LRP server now. Lord knows I have my own complaints about many of the other HRP servers around today. An unholy amount of them. Yet, it doesn't hurt to consider the thinking process behind some of their features--particularly when the argument being put forth is that it damages immersion, which is something HRP servers pride themselves on. I may also mention here that TG has also made many, many poor decisions over the years, yet Paradise ports from them quite frequently. I would argue that treating tg as 'gospel' would also do more harm than good. Presently, you're about the only person presenting counter arguments and dissent to a feature that many others appear to have interest in. If you express such, you should be ready and expecting to defend your viewpoints. I don't think it's bad that you're positing your own thoughts, mind, on the contrary. But you can't be surprised when others push back against you.
  9. Realism != good gameplay. The notes aren't overbearing, either. Often times you'll hardly notice them. They add a subtle touch. If we wanted to remove many of the subtle touches akin to this, the game would become rather soulless. Missing the point of my statement and fitting in a snarky reply, but sure, why not. My point was largely that HRP servers think a good deal more about these sorts of things than most other server. If they're willing to put in something like this, it's generally because it's small, subtle, and non instrusive--while also bringing something else to the table. I'm one of the biggest 'muh immersion' players around, and I certainly can't find a problem with the notes. This is a suggestion thread, where people discuss and debate ideas. If someone disagrees with you, they may engage with you on that point--particularly when you appear to hold the more 'controversial' viewpoint within this thread.
  10. You're free to go tell that to the HRP server the feature originally came from :P This feature was something I greatly missed when it vanished. It was subtle, but added a nice touch.
  11. Have an exceptions list that blocks these specific boards, then. Alternatively, have the boards fall out if the borg is flashed or otherwise disabled.
  12. I expect you could make a new lawset, and a new subtype of drone and/ or drone fab that could spawn in with said lawset. As for capability, while bay drones don't have hands, they are still very adept at most construction tasks.
  13. Just kidnap toob here every round and toss him at the megafauna, ez win
  14. IPCs can already easily recharge from any nearby APC, there's very little need to have upgraded cells for them. Perhaps the ability to drain power from power cells could be implemented, but even that is a bit iffy. Truth be told I don't actually have any issue with IPCs being impacted by radiation... although, I'd recommend not going the route of 'eternal flash effect'. I doubt player's eyes would thank you for that, especially if you're a gremlin like me that keeps the light off while playing. Perhaps it could be as simple as incurring burn damage over time to exposure, as well as internal component damage. You could potentially do this for lawed synths too, not merely IPCs. A shield that helps against radiation with the above in mind... ehhhh, maybe. Perhaps some form of plating that could be installed which would reduce oncoming damage, perhaps even nullify component damage. I'd imagine it would be expensive to manufacture, as well--perhaps even requiring multiple parts to be installed internally, one for each limb (and a general upgrade for lawed chassis).
  15. Frankly that sort of LRP behavior should be bwoinkable but what do I know
  16. Alright everyone time to metagrudge vallidian and burn down his minecraft house
  17. I'll bite, this is always a genuinely interesting debate to partake in :p As a precursor, I would like to say that I don't view IPCs as useless, completely flimsy or helpless. They have some good bonuses. I just don't agree that they're super powerful like some would want others to believe. The chemicals that do have the ability to harm you, however, are the ones that are most devastating. Fire related chems, teslium, the sonic sound shit, chem grenades filled with the IPC 'buff' chems which can decimate if overdosed, etc. Couple that most of these aside from the last two incur brute or burn. Good points, nothing to add. These are the more powerful buffs of IPCs, and largely well balanced against their downsides. Edit: Well, okay, Shadey is definitely correct about radiation. I will say that being able to withstand a space breach for a longer time than a human can is still a fairly decent buff, especially coupled with tools. That said, it IS entirely pointless if you're also being attacked and exposed to space for longer than 30 seconds. You can't mend during a fight and you'll succumb to a combination of battle wounds and pressure damage quickly. In a vacuum when you're alone, however, there are merits to the ability. Power outages disable this. As for human hunger, you can often just fill a box with cheesy honkers and usually be fine throughout a round. Hunger seldom is an issue, more an annoyance, much as the entire SS13 community has tried to change this over the years. If a chef isn't around, players everywhere would drop dead without some sort of middle ground, and unfortunately that middle ground is capable of filling in entirely with very little issues. True, but being that it only takes a few hits to crit in most circumstances, and you generally have to sit still for various periods of time to heal... if someone wants you dead, you're dead very quickly. It only takes a few hits to incur a slowdown effect even without being put into crit. Limbs easily fly apart, which renders those repair tools useless in such a circumstance. EMPs, although no longer instant death, are still typically a round ender if someone is using it as a weapon against you. It isn't difficult to get one's hand on EMPs, either. Shadey's post also makes some good points regarding human healing. Unless it was changed in my absence, IPC posibrains have their speakers set to 'off' by default. It's ultimately meaningless that they could technically speak if debrained since the speaker would have to be toggled back on. As Paradise also lacks any CMD related rules for humans, a recovered and revived human brain is perhaps only a few minutes of extra time away from revealing their killer in most circumstances compared to a recovered positronic. That's providing the brain is recovered in the first place, of course. The surgical procedure to remove a positronic is also much simpler than a human debraining procedure, being that it only requires engineering tools and a simple table. Do you hunt megafauna like the other miners? Or do you just mine? What parts of an IPCs ability enable you to perform better than a human counterpart? What do you differ in playstyle from other human miners? I've played IPC miner, IPC blueshield and IPC security. Yes, you can still be efficient at those roles--but it takes considerable more effort, time and skill than an organic counterpart. As it should, too. Keep in mind that me and you also have considerable experience--the majority of IPC users do not share our playtime. As for wizards, I don't doubt it. Wizards have a lot of mobility options, which is something an IPC player can make fantastic use of. Their buffs and downsides don't mean much if they don't get hit in the first place. This all said, the buffs IPCs do get which have meaning are still quite potent. Oxygen and rad immunity are quite useful. Viral immunity is useful. Welding damage immunity is useful. Adding further buffs to IPCs, even in the form of late game upgrades, would likely begin to encroach on an actual balance issue. As they are now, they are simple enough to dispatch by typical means, which encourages IPCs players to alter their playstyles and approach to most given situations. This, even indirectly, influences roleplay. It makes things feel more dynamic, rather than the same static encounters round after round. Taking that away would be a considerable mistake--especially to give them something so powerful as a speed buff. Mob speed is one of the most powerful tools in this game. If you can outrun any threat, you can run into that threat, cause serious damage and run away again before the other side can even react. Also hi shadey
  18. IPCs were always meant to be hardmode, and an RP race at heart. Paradise IPCs accomplish this well enough as is, so much so that other servers considering IPCs often look towards Paradise, rather than baycode synths. They fit Paradise and lower RP servers well, as a race that allows a player to easily introduce themselves to a different style of roleplay. These buffs have an interesting concept, but would take away much of the purpose behind IPCs. I will never agree that IPCs are 'too powerful', anyone that's actually tried to play them for awhile can tell you that isn't the case. But they don't need to be all that powerful--it's enough that they're diverse and encourage roleplay. If you want to play a more powerful, buff synth, there are lawed chassis.
  19. It's sensible for it to require command hours, as those are the individuals you will be tailing after much of the time.
  20. As much as I'd love to have a xenobotany subsection again... science is already stupidly overpowered.
  21. When you take IPC as a race, you have to come to terms with their downsides. One of those is potentially being at the hands of a roboticist who isn't sure on how to fix you, or people bringing you to medical without thinking too much on it. I'd rather not streamline IPCs into medical. Roboticists, unless you're like me and enjoy RP in between work, already suffer from a lack of things to do during a round. I'd rather not take away one of their biggest responsibilities.
  22. Codes or not, you can apply enough common sense not to let the clown in to take the NAD--which is also a crime that, once committed, may easily escalate into harm depending on how both parties react. Again, it's not breaking the laws. AIs are not tools with which to grief/ greytide by proxy. I agree that crewsimov belongs in a trash can, but let's not misconstrue facts.
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