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  1. Tinted windows. The old robotics layout had them for the surgery area. I'm unsure if they had full window variants, but some form of them did exist.
  2. Given that I've dealt with this sort of thing across multiple servers beyond just Paradise, I'll give a proper response to this as opposed to a mere half joke like my previous post in this thread. You don't need to enter the kitchen to suggest an idea to the chef. Do it from just outside or via PDA if you really want to do that. When people barge in to do something, it immediately sets a bad taste in most veteran player's mouths; this applies to damn near every job, in fact. For good reason, too--99% of the time someone struts in, it's to do your job/ some element of your job, steal things, or otherwise mess about with you. When this happens for the umpteenth time across many, many rounds, it begins to get tiresome and players lose patience. Sometimes players have their own ideas set in stone, and want to carry them out without interference--people pick these roles and not assistant primarily because of that. Occasionally, yes, someone might come up with something interesting to try out, and an ideal time/ place/ circumstance to try it with others (and to this, I wholeheartedly give my thumbs up; creativity is what makes this game fun to experience overall, and I would much rather see that from assistant players rather than greytiding or bridge hobo-ing). But expecting everyone to immediately want to drop what they're doing to play along... ehhhhhhh, no. The key phrase here being when the chef is absent. I doubt many here would particularly be bothered with the crew stepping in to account for an unfilled/ entirely neglected position. That's considerably different and far more reasonable as opposed to barging in when someone is already manning the role they chose. There's some vague merit to this. Putting a negative label on everyone with the assistant title is indeed not the best take--but also consider that across the wider ss13 community, "Greytide worldwide" is quite a popular meme. It has been for well more than a decade, and behind the meme there's quite a bit of truth in the stereotypes regarding assistants. I cannot blame anyone for being a little reserved when coming across assistant players (especially after months of potentially dealing with people being little shits towards you in whatever role you play). I play robotics. Not to overly toot my horn, but it's the role I feel quite good at and known for wherever I go--and yes, if someone unwanted walks into my lab without a damned good reason prior, they're going right back outside again. I've had people steal things, break things, waste materials by printing random shit (exosuits and implants usually. On servers with ore silos this can be quite bad if mining hasn't been the most active, since robotics exofabs devour mats if used frivolously), do parts of my job for me because fuck me I guess, or otherwise waste my time and cause chaos because it amuses them to do so. These things happen CONSTANTLY, and naturally I've become quite reserved about random players (regardless of role) strutting into robotics regardless of reason. That said, if someone wants to try something genuinely interesting and fun (lord knows robotics needs more content on just about every damned server) I'm much more willing to indulge them when they don't bust into robotics. Many players operate on similar standards throughout many roles if they don't already have some form of project they're invested in. This is an entirely separate can of worms. If we're going for the realism argument here (which I wouldn't recommend, but hey) consider that having someone not manning a specific position lounge around a work area can have considerable negative impact--ranging from as small as being an obnoxious distraction all the way to a dangerous obstacle, depending on the job. Assistants can indeed be helpful, but their help would theoretically be coordinated as needed, and not merely allowed into restricted station areas to lounge about. That said, I'm not a fan of realism arguments. It makes for poor gameplay in most cases... and this is a dumb goofy game set in a shitty hell hole of a space station. So, looking past that, from a gameplay and/ or roleplay sense--once again, there's a time and place. Occasionally allowing a friend inside your department (DEPENDING ON DEPARTMENT [the brig isn't a hangout zone, for example]) to chill when things are calm is fine, provided the others in your department don't have any oppositions. Occasionally allowing a friend inside your department if you're overworked and need some help is also fine in some circumstances (if I'm running around trying to repair 20 IPCs and another robotics capable player currently as assistant comes along and offers a bit of help, I sometimes say yes, for example). Teaching a friend or an otherwise new random player your job is also fine sometimes, provided tact is used. However, constantly allowing your friends inside your department is indeed problematic. It disrupts gameplay flow (hanging around in big groups makes it hard for many antags to do their thing... or far easier in some cases [conversion antags]), it attracts negative attention from griefers, it instills toxic mindsets and clique behavior which plagues most ss13 servers. That is indeed an issue (one which has also existed for years and has its own memes and stereotypes), but not what this thread pertains towards. Mentioning this doesn't offer much of value to this discussion. I'd hope my text wall here helps you to understand that it isn't quite unjustified. Yes... and no. A cooperative game would imply that everyone is largely on the same side. Halo has a split screen cooperative mode, with both players housing the same goals (eradicating those damned covenant alien bastards) and using the same mechanics and character (more or less) to achieve that end (Arbiter is still based tho) Space station 13 is a multiplayer game with some cooperative elements sprinkled in. You have many players in the same server, but they all have different characters. Different jobs, different mechanics, different motivations. Yes, players should ideally work towards making an interesting experience for those around them--but not at the explicit expense of their own fun. There are limits to what's reasonable to expect and reasonable ways to go about trying unique ideas. Many of the game's elements and surrounding atmosphere also cause paranoia and distrust of other characters by design. This I will somewhat agree with, in closing. Again with robotics, I've dealt with obnoxious assistants, clowns, engis, cargo, security, other scientists, other goddamn roboticists, medical, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Some players have good ideas and want to genuinely do fun things. These players shouldn't be overlooked... but at the same time, there's often an avalanche of others who have less than fun intentions when interacting with any given department. To address the title of this topic more directly; randomly entering a department without permission is indeed poor form from nearly every angle, and continuing onward to do things within that department when others are playing said department as is... well, it's certainly not unreasonable to react to such by tossing them out, and when it happens over and over again it's also not unreasonable to grow tired of it and react quickly to stop it.
  3. For clown or duck shoes it should make that noise rubber chickens make when inflating
  4. Honestly the WT sprite looks more akin to a pistol anyways, iirc. Regardless; if you add a ballistic pistol option it might be more interesting (at least in terms of aesthetics) to make it more ss13-ish. Something Sci fi and unique rather than a simple M1911.
  5. Return to limited assistant job slots (scaling based off of active security members) when :^)
  6. Not really; these two things take mere minutes to construct for anyone even vaguely familiar to the role. Same with IPC repairs and such. On the contrary, robotics actually finds itself lacking things to do on many servers--not just Paradise--and while it isn't a massive addition, modsuits are at least something. I'd argue it would be better to teach these roboticist players, rather than strip potential content away from veterans of the role due to the potential for incompetence. Mechanic was a role that used to make a pod and then vanish into space, never to be seen from again. It was a one note role that didn't have much of value even when pods existed; and it would be even less of value with MODsuits as a sole focus. I do think Paradise needs more roles, but they need more depth and content. MODsuits would be best off with robotics overall.
  7. Go back to zero I am no admin, but I smite thee anyways
  8. Perhaps rendering a carded AI blind when it's wireless is shut off would help matters. After all, if it lacks wireless capabilities, how can it access the camera grid (which is presumably how it's able to see through walls and such from a lore standpoint)
  9. Paradise used to have a 17x17 viewport for all players, and I wish that hadn't been removed to this day. That said, having played on servers with wide-screen since my leave from Para, I often feel like it's a bit much in my experience. Also, consider little Timmy using their 2gb ram mini toshiba laptop; some just aren't fortunate enough to have a large screen for such features.
  10. The average Paradise psychopath generally achieves somewhere around 2500 hours I wouldn't know of course :^)
  11. At least the end of a bucket means the end of another vox
  12. They're currently a little busy testing the KFV meat spikes.
  13. vox are a suitable replacement for firewood in a pinch.
  14. I would argue that the mental health of volunteers for a 2D sprite game has more cause for consideration--and detriment for the community at large when poorly addressed--than being completely open about every decision. The current system as Arc has pointed out appears to work well in this regard, if how they explain it is true. Much better than what came before it, at the least.
  15. I have seen enough people do exactly this, many times over. There is a reason why the Paradise maintainer team has (or at least at one point had) a reputation for being in a sort of turtle shell, and it's exactly because people constantly went after them. The PR creator also definitely gets flak too, of course--but they aren't the ones with the power to add their proposed feature into the game (or refuse to). I am 100% all for communication, but you do need to look both ways before crossing the road here. It's a two way street, and I would take burnout into serious consideration when making these sorts of suggestions.
  16. Banning someone does not prevent them from being a toxic twat in the first place. You cannot solve every administrative issue by playing whack-a-mole, and burnout is a very really concern when it comes to being a part of any SS13 community staff team. I've always been fully on board with having development team communication with PRs, but I dont think opening their chats to the public solves the issue you've made note of. A simple comment on a closed PR doesn't take terribly long to write up (in most cases) and goes miles in alleviating a lot of anger some might have (in most cases).
  17. There isn't much to be gained by targeting a player maliciously with admin shenanigans--if a player is deemed a problem, they'll generally be spoken to in PMs. Not sure what the cat emoji shenanigans was about tho, as I think there's some context missing here.
  18. Unfortunately that's the last thing the character I've tossed in would be (pacifist who's enjoyment comes from helping others). If need be they can be bumped down to assistant, or I can throw in another character entirely.
  19. I have opted to do both JSON data and screenshots, since I know how finicky JSON shenanigans can be at times. Thanks for letting me tack this on :P 1. Roboticist/ Biomechanical Engineer 2. {"type":"/mob/living/carbon/human","icon":null,"name":"ANGELICA","limbs":{"chest":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/chest/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics upper body","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"groin":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/groin/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics lower body","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"head":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/head/ipc","name":"Unbranded head","status":2,"company":"Unbranded"},"l_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics left arm","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"r_arm":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/arm/right/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics right arm","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"l_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics left leg","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"r_leg":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/leg/right/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics right leg","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"l_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics left hand","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"r_hand":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/hand/right/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics right hand","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"l_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics left foot","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"},"r_foot":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/external/foot/right/ipc","dir":4,"icon":"","name":"Bishop Cybernetics right foot","status":2,"company":"Bishop Cybernetics"}},"iorgans":{"positronic brain":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/brain/mmi_holder/posibrain","status":2},"microbattery":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/cell","status":2},"optical sensor":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/eyes/optical_sensor","status":2},"APC-compatible power adapter implant":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/cyberimp/arm/power_cord","status":2},"microphone":{"type":"/obj/item/organ/internal/ears/microphone","status":2}},"equip":[{"type":"/obj/item/storage/backpack/satchel","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/shoes/black"},{"type":"/obj/item/storage/box/survival","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/mask/breath"},{"type":"/obj/item/tank/internals/emergency_oxygen"},{"type":"/obj/item/reagent_containers/hypospray/autoinjector"},{"type":"/obj/item/flashlight/flare/glowstick/emergency","color":"#6496fa"}],"slots":7,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":14},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/gloves/furgloves"}],"slots":21,"max_w_class":3,"max_c_w_class":21},null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/storage/belt/utility/full","content":[{"type":"/obj/item/screwdriver","icon_state":"screwdriver_green","pixel_y":10},{"type":"/obj/item/wrench"},{"type":"/obj/item/weldingtool"},{"type":"/obj/item/crowbar"},{"type":"/obj/item/wirecutters","icon_state":"cutters_red"},{"type":"/obj/item/stack/cable_coil/random","color":"#ffff00","pixel_x":-1,"pixel_y":2}],"slots":7,"max_w_class":2,"max_c_w_class":14},{"type":"/obj/item/card/id/roboticist","name":"ANGELICA's ID Card (Roboticist)","sex":"Female","age":26,"btype":"None","dna_hash":"3f1e6802f9083c4aa4f234517dbff0fe","fprint_hash":"04edf2f24ac8945b0be8fec93bc975d2","access":[29,7,8,23,6,47,76],"job":"Roboticist","account":0,"owner":"ANGELICA","mining":0},{"type":"/obj/item/radio/headset/headset_sci"},null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/head/beret"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/shoes/winterboots"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/suit/jacket","icon_state":"bomber_open"},{"type":"/obj/item/clothing/under/pants/blackjeans","accessories":[]},null,null,null,null,null,null,{"type":"/obj/item/pda/roboticist","name":"PDA-ANGELICA (Roboticist)"},null,null],"implant_list":[],"dna":{"UE":"3f1e6802f9083c4aa4f234517dbff0fe","SE":[613,636,263,172,799,595,124,44,528,124,285,345,971,554,436,249,460,299,62,333,66,424,666,132,365,884,757,347,175,413,961,607,271,257,502,499,580,934,533,200,293,526,341,111,184,1006,436,256,770,207,834,365,445,693,166],"UI":[3275,16,3275,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,651,1910,1910,1910,16,2456,3275,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,891,67,404,409,157,2843,2843,2843,3266],"species":"/datum/species/machine","blood_type":"None","real_name":"ANGELICA"},"age":26,"ushirt":"Heart Shirt","socks":"Knee-high Rainbow","uwear":"Nude"} 3. Made 2/25/2023 (side note, object tab --> switch strap side still needs to be done, datums can't handle that) 4. 5. 6.
  20. Vox ate my PB&J sandwhich when I was 8 and this has left me with a lifetime of trauma vox are pox
  21. Vox steal over four billion pieces of candy from babies every year. Snap your local Vox's neck, save an innocent life from being a victim of the shoal. Vox are pox
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