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  1. Paradise lost its way about 6 months ago. What really needs to happen is for it to accept the demographic shift to low-RP so all the med-RP guys can move and form a new server. And tully, please try to calm down.
  2. This is hugbox station 13. God knows, we don't want anything ACTUALLY DANGEROUS in this game, someone might start crying.
  3. maint drones are good fun, and emagged maint drones are even more fun. "i ded nerf pls"
  4. Can we Also have Brezhnev eyebrows for the true USSR experience?
  5. Make Paradise great again! The public servers send over greytide and griefers. I'm sure there are good people on them, but they don't send their best. Delist and make the public servers pay for it.
  6. I played bay for 2 weeks and hated it. Its probably just that RP doesn't agree with my neanderthal brain. I'll just ignore the cancers and stay in my corner of maint going toe to toe with validhunters then.
  7. You've clearly missed one of the main points of my argument, which is that individuality for its own sack is one of the greatest cancers in ss13. I don't mind silly RP, provided it is done spontaneously., And is done with character interaction, rather than shitty fetish gear or whatever. And yes, I agree that dank droid is not someone who you should look to for RP standards because he's a shitty forced meme and an awful character. And as for players, I'll point to those IPC players who run snowflake cliques and have lurid colours, yet still somehow manage to go under the radar
  8. The quality of the ss13 experience is reduced by lurid colours. Frankly, shit like maid costumes, lurid colours, fursuit characters and cat ears all pander to the worst kind of player. This isn't about how good or bad your RP is, it's about how aesthetically horrible those things are and how they attract the worst kind of players.
  9. I can think of a great reason to restrict them- they look hideous. Who wants a station full of Joseph's amazing Technicolor fursuits?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlcJHO5elFs These records are also good. They get bonus points for being science fiction in theme.
  11. Swans. Specially either the albums: To be Kind, the Great Annihilator or Soundtracks for the blind. If not swans, then my playlist of 90s hiphop.
  12. So do salty people make you salty then?
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