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  1. I'm a manager Die Spark smashes several mugs with Robbie's name onto the ground, shattering them into tiny pieces!
  2. The next person to post in here is going to be labeled as Kyet's goat.
  3. What about all seventy Sparks and ANGELICA
  4. Look, Gordian, a pile of nerds! We can use these to count basic numbers over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over-
  5. Kyet told me to pop some tires so all of your cars are now slashed
  6. It won't be an easy kill option if you play it smart. As it is, it would still be somewhat risky to pull off. If you want to walk up to random 'dead' bodies in maintenance and expect nothing to happen be my guest, man. Unlike easy kill haha meme tactics antags use, this can also be used by anyone.
  7. That's... exactly the point? Don't walk up to random bodies you find in maintenance without caution. That's exactly the idea. Report it and let the people who are supposed to handle it deal with it. I don't feel it really needs extra effort, although the slightly blinding piece might not be a bad thing. As it is, however, it's not exactly hard to pretend unconsciousness, and people that die don't always have their eyes closed. The core idea of my post is about removing the death text from an actual dead body. It shouldn't be easy to spot a dead person straight away, especially if they are, say, poisoned.
  8. Hello and welcome to another small suggestion thread made by me I'm not exactly sure when it was added (somewhere in the past few years), but I've always felt that the immediate message you get when examining a dead person was fairly... lame, for lack of a better word. Prior to this, you generally had to actually confirm someone was dead, typically via medical scanners, other obvious sighs that show up later during death (flesh rotting, bloating, et cetera)... or the most common, walking up to someone and taking their pulse. This, while somewhat small, had quite an interesting impact at times. It allowed people to do a much wider variety of things, such as playing dead, springing traps on the unsuspecting, and other miscellaneous things. It made people slightly more cautious about approaching random bodies in maintenance. I think this would be beneficial for elevating paranoia.
  9. I was going to let this end with Bryan's statement, but this is somewhat infuriating. You're not the only one here to have fun. Using such a tactic that fucks over other players is not alright, nor will it ever be. This is on top of the fact that it was triggering a bug that forced the slaughter demon out of blood crawl-the only reason it was even remotely as effective of a 'strategy' on it as it was. While I admittedly didn't mention this to you at the time, it wouldn't change much about the situation either way. As others have said, admin complaints or contacting staff over discord is your best route, not kicking a fuss in a public area. As it is, we don't need to 'come to an agreement'; we enforce the server rules, and what we tell you in PMs is how those rules are enforced. I hope this clarifies a bit to you.
  10. Is that a Lugia wearing a shirt and hoodie
  11. This is less about RnD, who really doesn't need plants to do their job, and more about the chef getting food out for the crew, while also letting players experiment more freely without killing people. I suppose it does give science a bit of a buff in that regard, but it's fairly minimal. Perhaps botany would largely just grow food related plants with maybe some exceptions to get a few 'necessary' traits, and xenobotany could take care of the rest. Gaia trays, things for mutations, et cetera. Or they could be considered two entirely different things on their own. Let both grow Gaia, normal botany grow things that benefits their production of food related stuff, and xenobotany can play with all the fancy toys and not really give a damn about xenobiology.