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  1. Go back to making Unreal Tournament Epic, you were doing so good
  2. Spark has been subverted and is going absolutely haywire, throwing the entire station into a chaotic frenzy. As a cyborg synced to Spark, what are the best means of maximizing your chances of survival while simultaneously complying with anything Spark might need doing?
  3. Turned the assembly line into a lounge. Been a bit since I've done something like this. Oh yeah we built an AI and everyone freaked, so we made fortifications afterwards. Obviously nobody took the AI.
  4. While I certainly agree the satellite as a whole is very weak and could use some upgrading overall, this is really just a small suggestion; a discussion about how to change the satellite in general is rather out of scope here and deserves its own thread.
  5. We need a picture of Shesi being chased by an elf while wearing an apple on his head
  6. Welcome back to Spark's suggestions Today I am asking to place a single shutter, similar to those the chef can close in their kitchen, in front of the AI core on the satellite. The satellite is woefully under protected as is, and this would go a bit of a way to giving the AI a bit more defense, or at least a bit more time, from assaults onto its core. Metastation already has this, and it doesn't have any real negative impacts on the game.
  7. Our atmos system used to work like this years ago, we used a different atmos system called 'ZAS' (Zone area simulation). It featured exactly what you're looking for--explosive decompression, objects and people being flung about mercilessly. As fun as it was, however, it also came with a slew of bugs. We eventually moved onto the LINDA system (no idea what that stands for), and while we did have someone code in a sort of explosive decompression thing for a bit that worked alongside it, it came along with its own issues, enough that we eventually removed it as well. I so badly wish we still had ZAS--but there were legitimate reasons for switching over to LINDA. I don't expect we'll be able to do anything to change our system anytime soon, although it is something I feel the game does need. Space should be deadly.
  8. Playing one character eventually gets dull and repetitive tbh I've been lifetime burned out on playing Kei' Shen because of it, honestly. Only reason I think I still play Spark is because I have a whole host of other characters to switch to when I feel the need.
  9. "But Spark, who needs thirty character slo-" "I do." Hi yes I have been deleting characters to make room for new ones. I don't really like deleting old characters in the event I want to use them in the future once again, and ten more slots would be wonderful in alleviating that issue. Please someone tell me I'm not the only person with this issue, I can't be the only person on Paradise with way too many fucking characters.
  10. Most likely, although there are some players who play them more often than others. Drone is typically a very lonely role--even moreso than the AI. Since interaction with the other players is what often drives the game forward, most tend to be dissuaded by it outside of an occasional 'chill' round.