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  1. Chasms are garbage tbh. Don't see any issue removing them.
  2. Yeah but why do that when you can get this hottie here Single supermatter/ singularity hybrids in your area
  3. The solution to one problem is not to worsen another.
  4. Alright boys see you in another eight years
  5. Yet you have the balls to tell a maintainer you're going to make an admin complaint against them because they didn't merge something related to vox. Ironic. If you can't tell, I'm a little more than irate with the behavior being presented as of late from this one particular race. Like, yoooo, I've seen some dumb shit from slimes, IPCs, humans, vulp, you fuckin' name it, I've torn down several cliques that were going out of their way to cause problems for other players of the community. But Jesus, I have never seen anything like this. We should not have people in private discords br
  6. I mean, even if you take it from the standpoint of what makes sense ICly--uh, yeah, I'd at least charge battery if someone walked up to me and kissed me because ??? I think you're overexaggerating. If you don't want to have problems, don't use it in open spaces on random people. It's not that hard.
  7. do we really need more blatant meme abuse than we already have.
  8. I mean, if it's consensual then the officer can get bapped for it ICly. Some people may abuse it, perhaps, but probably not as bad as the people abusing the kiss system.
  9. I mean... don't abuse the feature if you don't want to get smacked. It's simple.
  10. Unfortunately it's quite the opposite. Yes, I see you fuckers in maintenance. I don't want to, but I do. As a feature... eh. Not the biggest fan, but at least we could make it battery.
  11. One and the same as far as I can tell. If you aren't trying to accuse us of such, you're sure wording it in a very poor manner. This is something I can agree on. I wouldn't have minded giving a bit more of a heads up to the community at the very least, if not a bit more discussion beforehand. However. In the words of the holy arbiter, Nothing about this game is simple. Managing it from an admin perspective is a nightmare at the best of times, and we have to accommodate a near limitless set of possibilities in a near limitless world. I was up at the top
  12. Yes, we very often just change server rules on a whim to justify admin wrong doing. Shit, we've been busted boys, get out the admin bom- Are you fucking kidding me. No. This action could have been carried out by a player with the same result. The situation it was used in showed us that the rule needed fleshing out, and we moved to adjust it. It was discussed by staff and head admins alike and agreed upon for the most part (Kyet being the exception, obviously). Perhaps there could have been more community input on the matter before it was placed in, but saying it was made to giv
  13. We do not need departmental security.
  14. In the past, we've allowed ghosts to do very minor things that seemed to impact very little. The best example I can conjure up is the ability to spin chairs around. Naturally, many players found ways to abuse the potential of the system and cause all sorts of meta issues. It was eventually removed. As much as I enjoy the boo! verb, I sometimes feel like even that can be a bit much. Not to mention the spectral blade (fuck that thing, lord). As interesting as the idea is to have some sort of communication with the beyond... we, unfortunately, cannot place enough trust that the
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