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  1. Fuck it, then, throw the book at them. Give the traitors more TC, have an extra smaller chance for extra side antagonists to spawn (swarmers or terrors, for example). Alternatively, have the wizard's death automatically render useless all the items they've exclusively summoned. Fizzle out, delete, explode, whatever... although, granted, this would likely be quite difficult to code. It would, perhaps, be the better response. At first, yes--until the feature becomes more well known. That said... if someone goes "well, wizard is dead mission accomplished okay bye" and
  2. Add a chance to randomly introduce other antagonists (traitor/ changeling/ vampires) and you'd likely erase most meta issues.
  3. Oil was a change literally made to make them closer to humans. It was awful to deal with in practice and added very little. As for EMPs, while I generally agreed that IPCs are hard mode and are best that way... being one shot obliterated by a shitty revenant or an abductor giving out free EMP glands was a bit much to me. IPCs on Paradise are in a good state, all things considered, and don't really need more changes for the time being, nerfs or buffs. Give thought to some of the other races that are truly human+.
  4. This doesn't quite block the ability to trap a pod--just slide in via the middle two tiles. Indifferent otherwise. EDIT: I misunderstood OP's intentions. Disregard, this seems fine to me.
  5. Stuns impact combat in a very massive manner, particularly for security, which is a combat heavy role. Security having a vehicle they can use in combat for various purposes will also impact combat. It's better to wait for the overhaul to go through and let things settle before we pile more things either for or against security.
  6. Security should wait for the current stun overhaul to go through before other aspects of it are modified.
  7. Perhaps they shouldn't. Why do they need it
  8. I think Paradise had enough tg ports. I'd prefer to see new, unique systems which are carefully designed to fit within Paradise's vision.
  9. This. Chemistry is already wicked ridiculous.
  10. This. Seriously, lockboxes are fine as is. Honestly, mecha weapons should be locked as well.
  11. Blueshield doesn't need even more incentive to stick their noses into security's business imo.
  12. Tbh I wouldn't mind people being able to use their karma races. Have everyone spawn in as a blank slate human and pop up a special customization window. If you change your race, it'll automatically assign a new name fitting to that race.
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