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  1. I haven't touched ps2 in years, hrm
  2. I don't feel that having a round where all antags are valid will end particularly well--especially if it's actively encouraged. Guns or not, the crew will basically wipe away any and every antagonist. Look no further than when shadowlings are about to ascend or cultists are about to summon and the flood gates are opened--everyone, their mother and their mother's great grandmother typically all jump up to eviscerate the threats if they can find them. We have enough problems dealing with valid hunters as is, and it's not something we wish to give incentive to.
  3. I suppose a faltering holographic 'error' sign wouldn't be terrible... although it'd probably be done the same way the smoke or other ideas would be done.
  5. There's nothing much you can really change about them specifically that will identify that, unfortunately.
  6. Master Slade probably won't give a fuck tbf
  7. Small thing while goofing around.
  8. Tiny lightning bolts falling out of the borg or smoke rising from it would be good additions, I believe.
  9. Majority of the time people already assume that since it's already against the rules to use such big explosions as is, without hijack.
  10. If you have enough 'good' abilities (Hulk, xray, tk) in one person without enough balancing disabilities, they take constant clone damage and eventually gib on Paradise. This was done years back because the abuse of genetics was overwhelming.
  11. And here we see an example of someone trying to boost their post count en masse. Back to zero.
  12. I think if you alt + click on a tile in DMM it stacks it. So those fire alarms could have been placed on the walls, for example.
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