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  1. I think if any overhaul happens to the librarian, we need to root through a good chunk of books (or hell, wipe them all [with warning so people can copy their own books first]) because currently there's a ton of dumb things like Naruto fanfictions. Onto the actual librarian, I also think that while an overhaul may be beneficial, forcing it onto players and characters isn't the way to go about it. IE forcing a character to have a 'late turn in' where their character may not even be interested in books in the first place is a bit jarring, for example. It should ideally not breach character agency.
  2. AEGs used to irradiate and incur a small stun. This was back in around 2014ish when radiation also spread to clothes and such, much like it does now (but much better coded). Perhaps something like this would be a good alternati--HEY PUT DOWN THE PITCHFORKS-
  3. This genetic power was notorious for being a greytiders best friend way back when, and it doesn't need any sort of love right now. Especially in regards to a device meant to end rounds.
  4. I thought mech code itself was also bad tho
  5. I'm fairly sure they're actually subtypes of mechas in code, so you're dead on there. One thing you CAN presently do is make custom keyboard macros using the macro system. This is the ONLY thing I have ever felt comfortable binding to a macro that's not an emote of some sort. I do agree though, pods could use an overhaul.
  6. What the hell kind of sane person plays this game
  7. The oil tanks should actually be outright removed from the map, as they serve no mechanical purpose now. IPCs don't need them.
  8. I played for a bit on other servers with this sprite set for a time. For me it's not really a matter of adjustment; I'm just not a fan of them to begin with. I don't really see why we have to change our sprites, they really looked fine as is.
  9. You based that IPC off the Walten Files, didn't you.
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