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  1. As much as I'd love to have a xenobotany subsection again... science is already stupidly overpowered.
  2. When you take IPC as a race, you have to come to terms with their downsides. One of those is potentially being at the hands of a roboticist who isn't sure on how to fix you, or people bringing you to medical without thinking too much on it. I'd rather not streamline IPCs into medical. Roboticists, unless you're like me and enjoy RP in between work, already suffer from a lack of things to do during a round. I'd rather not take away one of their biggest responsibilities.
  3. Codes or not, you can apply enough common sense not to let the clown in to take the NAD--which is also a crime that, once committed, may easily escalate into harm depending on how both parties react. Again, it's not breaking the laws. AIs are not tools with which to grief/ greytide by proxy. I agree that crewsimov belongs in a trash can, but let's not misconstrue facts.
  4. I wasn't planning to talk much in this thread as I feel it's a fire waiting to happen, but this is probably the most egregious mindset that causes problems for AI players today. It's also a good show of why crewsimov is a very poor lawset. Crewsimov is an intentionally flawed lawset that we attempt to make solid and indisputable, which causes all nature of issues; and this isn't even getting into how horrible it is from a crew interaction perspective. "AI law 2 open door" is about as interesting to have spammed at you as it is to huff glue. AIs are assumed to be capable of intelligent, advanced thought. As well as with what Esenno said, it can be pretty damn obvious that the clown is only going to do harm with the captain's ID and nuke disk. Hell, I'd probably be more likely to bwoink an AI that randomly did something like this. More often than not, the people that say these things are the same people that get annoyed/ irate when they greytide and get smacked for it by security/ whoever. Put simply, if you're going to greytide, do not expect the entire server to bend to your will.
  5. What sound does the card make when you slice it in half?
  6. what's the three numbers on the back of your card
  7. I don't think the issue/ question is if they should be getting to full power every round--it's safe to say that they shouldn't expect that. The issue is what's encouraged and what players may feel they're expected to do to get to that point. I'm fairly certain your average player will feel the need to get to max power, and most will go to any extent they can to do so. This isn't unreasonable to think someone would do, yet it's the effects that come from this mindset that may be problematic. I'm overall neutral to this, but felt I should point this out.
  8. Very much well said, and something that should have been more stressed during the community meeting.
  9. The wonders of Byond controller integration. I can use an N64 controller just fine, but lord forbid someone try a switch pro controller.
  10. I think if any overhaul happens to the librarian, we need to root through a good chunk of books (or hell, wipe them all [with warning so people can copy their own books first]) because currently there's a ton of dumb things like Naruto fanfictions. Onto the actual librarian, I also think that while an overhaul may be beneficial, forcing it onto players and characters isn't the way to go about it. IE forcing a character to have a 'late turn in' where their character may not even be interested in books in the first place is a bit jarring, for example. It should ideally not breach character agency.
  11. AEGs used to irradiate and incur a small stun. This was back in around 2014ish when radiation also spread to clothes and such, much like it does now (but much better coded). Perhaps something like this would be a good alternati--HEY PUT DOWN THE PITCHFORKS-
  12. This genetic power was notorious for being a greytiders best friend way back when, and it doesn't need any sort of love right now. Especially in regards to a device meant to end rounds.
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