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  1. It would appear that I cannot read. RIP. Still, wouldn't be a poor idea to properly implement imo
  2. ...So I was planning on bumping this as I still find it an issue, but... was merged, and I don't see anything suggesting it was reverted. What the.
  3. It was also a very beloved minor touch at the time, too. Hrm... actually, I have shit tier YouTube videos I made during ye olde days of Paradise that I can probably dig up and post here lmao
  4. -Cargo used to be massive. -Atmos used to be explosive. Breaches would cause you to be violently sucked towards them. -There used to be two additional jobs, known as NT recruiter and Customs Officer. The first was in an office near arrivals, and was meant to try and hire civilians on station. The second was basically Papers Please, with an xray machine that everyone jumped through to skip the line and get irradiated. -You used to be able to knock off people's headwear with disarm mode. In addition, disarm intent didn't push people over. -You used to have to pull someone into an aggressive grab before you could handcuff them. -There was once only a single gateway mission, and it was custom made for Paradise; a giant snow covered planet where the clowns and mimes had a giant war on. -The gateway was located right next to arrivals, and allowed anybody to access it. -RnD used to be able to make something called 'power armor', which was an overpowered spacesuit that, when powered with a cell, offered heavy damage protection (more than most other things in the game) and meth-like speed. -On the note of RnD, lockboxes were once not a thing. Just think about that for a bit. -Telescience used to be a sub-department science had. -The maintenance area north of botany and the library used to be a massive disco room.
  5. I'm probably going to drink coffee until my teeth rot from it. However, like said, I certainly can skips days of ingesting it and be just fine However, it's not realism that I care so much about. Realism doesn't always make good gameplay, nor does consistency. Things like coffee and tea should not be addicting like they currently are. It actively hinders small character quirks--for example, I have a human character that starts out every shift with a cup of coffee. With this system in place, that one cup ends up forcing them to drink coffee for a good long while or pester medbay to fix the issue--neither of which really make any sense or add anything interesting.
  6. I'm reviving this, mostly because I've been seeing a bajillion recent statements that people are getting addicted to coffee and tea now.
  7. Cybernetics would be neat to have as a more common thing, but they need to be tweaked in many ways before something like that could be done.
  8. Inaccurate, gun isn't pointed at Shesi
  9. Unfortunately I don't think you can edit books once they're uploaded. Generally if people report books about things like Naruto dabbing on Princess peach (or whatever you weirdos come up with), I delete it.
  10. Robotic limbs that aren't attached to IPCs cause you to take about 50% less damage to said limb IIRC. While it might be amusing to allow roundstart head and chest modifications, it likely would be a bit much. Although it does mean we'd technically have baystation's FBPs.
  11. I will turn Zeke into a pretzel.