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  1. Xenomorphs are horrifically unbalanced and frustrating to encounter. There's a reason we don't spawn them very often right now.
  2. Some people here just want to artificially boost their post count, why bother being funny :^) But alas I arrive to rain down on good times. I see all, children, you cannot hide from me.
  3. I'd rather not have more anime references in game, especially ones that aren't trying to be subtle. Outside of that, it seems like an effortless manner to murder someone, which isn't particularly interesting. The z level difference doesn't mean too much, as a majority of the time your target will be on the station.
  4. "So what did you do this new years?" "I slaughtered a monkey with a fly swatter." "...Nice weather we're having, right?"
  5. Don't worry I'll just use my alt admin account to do that
  6. Fuck all of you I'm not coming back onto the server for the rest of this year
  7. Honestly, if people did even the slightest bit of research on the wiki or asked around and engaged with the community a bit (which you're meant to do anyways to get karma in the first place), you can make fairly educated decisions on how to spend your karma. IPCs alone have warnings and details on the wiki page, let alone the rampant jokes of tin foil durability and EMPs you see on the discord and such. It's not hard to look at that and understand that it's a rough shift from regular gameplay. Allowing karma refunds is not a wise idea in any regard.
  8. As an admin, I've seen and dealt with players using it quite often. Too often. And Kudzu is quite an overpowered plant, there's no denying that. Even if it didn't deal damage, it still stuns and is more or less infinitely spammable. Being able to randomly teleport players around, sometimes into space or other deadly areas is extremely ridiculous. This doesn't solve everything, and claiming people should adopt a meta and forgo roleplay to wear a gas mask 24/7 is quite ludicrous. I barely see anyone dealing with the tail end of addiction from these plants, esp
  9. I find that glossing over the fact of just how powerful botany already is and trying to pretend it's a non issue isn't really appropriate. Botany has things ranging from deadly kudzu, deadly plants that can zap people with lightning bolts for massive aoe damage, teleport people around, cause lube to appear, spread poisonous gasses and whatever other chemicals can be shoved into it. Healing plants, death nettles, nymphs, killer tomatoes, glowshrooms that spread autonomously and fuck over slings, I could go on. Botany is already a rather interesting department once one gets into it,
  10. I'd walk around in your dreams any day :^)
  11. What are you talking about? he has ronalds, why do you think his name now includes 'R' :^)
  12. Make it have you slow down and speed up at random intervals in addition to the vomiting/ sneezing.
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