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  1. I think this would be a good idea. In a lot of situations gamma would make sense yet is not called/given due to the armory and the borg module the station gets. Removing those direct ties would be good. But as said in the post itself. There should be downsides to having the Gamma alert. Maybe cargo will be unable to buy supplies other than guns, medical items etc. Perhaps calling it should also be more difficult than red alert. (Requires 3 swipes? (Still) Requires admin intervention?)
  2. Good point. Totally forgot about that one when writing the guide. It is a must for sure and I can't properly play without it!
  3. Made a PR on this: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13428 do tell what you guys think of the implementation there!
  4. I'd say go for it and make one my man. I ain't a chaplain player at all so I won't know how to make a good guide myself
  5. My own opinion on how to rank security officers based on tiers. F Tier: Greytider who found a baton These usually don't walk around for long since admins are usually pretty quick on the draw for these. Uses their equipment to grief people. Might even be other officers Please god don't be this tier Gets called shitcurrity (rightfully so) E Tier: The bald officer Somebody who joins the ranks without knowing anything about security. Sometimes behaves a bit like tier F due to it. Talks very little or not at all on the comms. Usually disappears and
  6. A quick reference guide for how I myself see virologist tiers. F Tier: The greentide Uses their access to steal medical supplies from medbay. Only makes bad viruses that always accidentally seem to get out into the public while they themselves have the vaccine already for themselves alone. Healing virus? You mean private virus. Never shares a virus they create no matter the situation Will fight till the death if the CMO tries to demote them for releasing a third beard growing virus that makes everybody pale as an irish while they are puking all over the station.
  7. Got one from a week ago when a tunnel clown got summoned onboard... A nice first sighting when you entered medmaint His arch nemesis beheaded on a spike. just before you enter his lair. Then the lair itself. All to praise the honkmother And the location of the last stand of the called ERT. Who tried to bomb the tunnelclown. But instead ended up as meat for the meatspikes. Was a fun shift as you can see
  8. Things I keep hearing a lot from the admins is that they fear that people will argue bans or such. Isn't that what an appeal is? If they go argue a decision in game you still have the power (see rules) to act on the responses. In large this will also make admins be more aware about how they treat people. And see how different other admins do it. Yes it's a large group with different approaches to the adminning. But see it as a player. One round I could do X, even ahelped it. Next round I do X and get perma banned. Yes I'm going to complain and argue. But now I can't access direct proof s
  9. I am all for this. I've let this know a few times before but I think that transparency is required. Especially in these times. I know this won't happen anytime soon. Also due to the promises made to previous admins and current ones about the notes being a secret. Maybe something to work towards? A private old notes record and a new public one? Where the old one will become read only and the new one public and the one where new admins write to.
  10. Quick update. I've started to work on the code for the psionic. Quite a few abilities are in already. Or at least their core mechanic. Upgrades are not yet in. Thus far the following are in: Harvest thoughts, doesn't yet do the brain sucking part or the permanent brain damage. Sleep, working as described above. Will need tweaking after testing Teleport, working as described above. Force push, works for a single target. Doesn't have to be directly aimed at the target. (Will search for a viable target in a circle) Invisibility, works but needs tweaking Be
  11. They will start disguised as regular crew. Once they "evolve" they will gain their other abilities. I think I'll give them the ability to use abilities while they are in using "Self disguise". Maybe limit some abilities to not be able to be used. This way they can be undercover for a bit and cast their abilities against a cost of upkeeping the disguise which costs focus. I like this idea. I think I'll make it into an ability which will make them near invisible (bit like the vamp cloak) and it will turn off all lights near them. I might include these ideas in an upgrade of hall
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