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  1. Made a PR on this: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13428 do tell what you guys think of the implementation there!
  2. I'd say go for it and make one my man. I ain't a chaplain player at all so I won't know how to make a good guide myself
  3. I'd like some salt on my fries please. Thaaaaanks
  4. My own opinion on how to rank security officers based on tiers. F Tier: Greytider who found a baton These usually don't walk around for long since admins are usually pretty quick on the draw for these. Uses their equipment to grief people. Might even be other officers Please god don't be this tier Gets called shitcurrity (rightfully so) E Tier: The bald officer Somebody who joins the ranks without knowing anything about security. Sometimes behaves a bit like tier F due to it. Talks very little or not at all on the comms. Usually disappears and nobody will be the wiser. Uses arbitrary crimes with arbitrary sentences. The worst offenders don't listen to other security members who try to teach them how actual sentencing is done. Uses their batons on harm mode because they don't know that you can use them on help mode to just stun people Gets called shitcurrity (rightfully so, get more experience before attempting security. It's hard job that demands a lot of skill from the user. Be it mechanic wise or knowledge wise.) D Tier: The rookie Knows a bit about law and SoP. But does make mistakes Only uses the standard equipment like a baton, a taser and cuffs. Does not know how to effectively use bola's or flashbangs. Tases any "criminal" on sight. No matter the situation. Does not speak when an arrest is made or does not let the person being arrested know why they are being arrested. Uses the security comms a little. But does not respond to calls himself most of the time Forgets about perma prisoners. Or just walks into their cells without much reason. Knows about some threats. And usually does not know how to deal with them. Lets caught criminals bleed out in processing because they do not notice that the criminal is dying. Does not know what implants being offered do. Might still take them though. Or just ignore them Takes any weapon provided to them. Officers that take the big blue gun from the armory usually fall under this tier. Gets called shitcurrity (you will get better as long as you're willing to learn from mistakes) C Tier: The Regular Joe His sentencing usually are correct. But usually forgets context and keeps the stations situation out of the sentences. Example: Always gives max time even though the station is on green and the criminal did a minor crime Sometimes uses special equipment like bolas. But usually ends up misusing them (it is a learning process though!) Responds to calls but does this without telling on the comms. This usually leads to the mimes office being filled with officers to arrest one clown breaking into the place. Walks into perma to get out the perma prisoner without backup or preparation. Leading to a sad slipped officer or worse. Tases on people a bit too often. Usually it is warranted but sometimes it happens because the perp is walking away because he did not notice that the officer is arresting him. Communication is key here Knows about most threats. But does not always know how to deal with them Usually gets the criminal get medical care if they are dying Takes every implant offered to them. Regardless of the situation. Take guns when provided to them. They know what most do yet are not that experienced yet in using them. Gets called shitcurrity B Tier: The robust officer Makes sure to sentence people with relative appropriate sentences. Lower sentences if it's calm. And higher if the crime was violent and such. Knows most things about law and SoP and how to apply them. Knows how to utilize most special equipment that security has to offer. Uses comms a lot and responds to most callouts while telling others he is going. Knows when a situation is resolved by the calls of other officers on the comms. Prepares himself either with backup or by stunning the perma prisoner if this is needed prior to escorting him to escape. Talks to criminals before arresting them. Getting their story of the case if this seems fit. Then tells them they are going to cuff them if the situation requires it. Or don't cuff them and escort them to security uncuffed. Knows how to deal with most if not all threats and does so at all times. Is robust, both in combat and in other mechanics. Knows when to retreat and when to attack. Knows what implants are good for which situation and takes them accordingly. Got clings that EMP a lot? Welp not taking the upgraded heart today. Asks for help from other departments when it is required. Also notifies the captain or HoS if things are calming down and an alert lowering can happen soon. Knows what most if not all weapons do and know how to use them in most situations. Gets called shitcurrity A Tier: The hero we deserve Lets people of the hook if the situation fits it. You don't always have to brig people for things. A warning can be enough at times. Knows law and SoP from the top of their head. When to apply them and when not. This is important especially for SoP. Is robust but knows when to use it and when not. Antags are there to make the rounds interesting. Completely shutting them down by using all the tricks you know is not fun for either side. A long battle back and forth is. Knows how to use tools outside of security if needed. Need a door hacked open? Go for it if there is no other way. This should be used sparsely if possible. Asking for help is usually the better way. Provides detailed yet short information on the comms if needed. Callouts for criminals at locations for instance. Their description and what they did. Aids other officers/crew with things. Be it learning on how to be an officer. Or by helping them get out of situations. Getting the criminal is not always the goal. Getting your coworkers out alive is. Tries to make an arrest interesting for the person being arrested. If said person is willing to RP that is. If it's just a shitter then go ahead with the max sentence. Knows all about the threats. But chooses not always to use it. See a new agent with their PDA in their hands in a locker? Just jokingly state to lock their PDA and walk away. Catching said crew member will remove an antag from the round yes. But it won't make it interesting for them or for the station. Does not always take implants if they can. Only when it is really needed. Implants will buff you and this might result in more boring fights. They should be used to make the battle more fair. Not to make you unstoppable. Talks with prisoners on downtime. Including perma prisoners. They usually did their role and made a mistake. This should not mean they should be punished for it by being put in a cell all on their own. That is boring as hell Knows what all weapons do and how to use them in all situations. Yet does not always take them. One known agent with no weapons onboard? No need for a shotgun then. Just a baton and taser will do. Gets called shitcurrity I might have forgotten a lot of things on here. Playing a security officer means you have to deal with a lot of stuff and have to keep track of a lot. Do tell if I missed some stuff and I hope you enjoyed it/found it useful!
  5. A quick reference guide for how I myself see virologist tiers. F Tier: The greentide Uses their access to steal medical supplies from medbay. Only makes bad viruses that always accidentally seem to get out into the public while they themselves have the vaccine already for themselves alone. Healing virus? You mean private virus. Never shares a virus they create no matter the situation Will fight till the death if the CMO tries to demote them for releasing a third beard growing virus that makes everybody pale as an irish while they are puking all over the station. Wonders himself why he is not job banned. E Tier: The clueless Usually ends up SSD on the spot them spawn on. Has no clue what to do or why he is even there to begin with. The words "wiki guide" or "asking for help" are unknown to them. Generally a waste of a slot and usually ends up roaming the station if he does not lay SSD in his office. D Tier: The trying virologist Is ready to learn the job. Yet does not know how to do it. Will stare blankly at the machine and maybe experiment on the virology monkeys resulting in an accidental release of the cold virus. Might ask people that come visit for help. But usually tries to figure it all out on his own. Usually not that helpful unless they ask for help and then move up to C Tier. C Tier: Virologists first virus Managed to make their first beneficial virus. While not perfect it will provide a boon to the station. Knows the basics about curing a virus and how to make vaccines if needed. Might forget to get the virus approved by the CMO but does not force people to take it. Might add sneezing to the beneficial virus to "improve spread". Yet does not prepare a vaccine before releasing it. Is better than 70% of the virologists who attempted the job. B Tier: The reliable virologist Knows how to use the advanced chemicals like virus plasma to speed up the creation of his virus. Knows that a virus can hold 6 symptoms max. This is done by mixing two different viruses together. Will notify the CMO about any beneficial virus he creates and makes sure it's approved and the samples are brought to chemistry to be put into pills. Does not add sneezing to the benefical virus! When they hear a level 7 biohazard alert they will notify the crew to go to medbay if they feel sick. Helps the medical doctors with curing the virus and prepares vaccines once they got a patient cured. Most likely has dabbled in creating lethal viruses. But never allowed them to be released upon the crew (unless it was his intention) Helps other learning virologists learn the job. A true boon to the station. Or a curse if they decide to be one. A Tier: The Viromancer Pumps out a fully worked out beneficial virus at a fast pace every shift. No matter the random chance he gets on the symptom generation Prepares a monkey with an antibodies virus just for that 0.01% chance that a real lethal non advanced virus is let loose on the station. Viruses like real GBS and Lycancoughy. Makes sure to not just notify the CMO when their virus is complete but also the entire crew once it is available. Bonus points for PDAing people about it. Helps other learning virologists learn the job while not doing the job himself. This is different from the B tier in the sense that the person does all the steps themselves. This requires a lot of patience but will help new people learn the job the best. The level 7 biohazards are no match for what this viromancer can make if he decides to. The station will be down on their knees before they have cured the many lethal viruses this person created. Usually gets bored after creating the virus and antibodies monkey and will request a job transfer to help in another field. Asks to keep virology access in case of an emergency. Their beneficial viruses become common knowledge among the longer playing crew members and will help create stories about players going against the odds and winning.
  6. Got one from a week ago when a tunnel clown got summoned onboard... A nice first sighting when you entered medmaint His arch nemesis beheaded on a spike. just before you enter his lair. Then the lair itself. All to praise the honkmother And the location of the last stand of the called ERT. Who tried to bomb the tunnelclown. But instead ended up as meat for the meatspikes. Was a fun shift as you can see
  7. Forum username: Farie82 Discord (include tag numbers): farie82#7905 CKEY (BYOND username): farie82 Characters you play in-game: Henk de Fries, LIPIH (AI/borg) Link to the list of PRs you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls/farie82 Most noticeable ones I'd say are the mhelp ticket system and my recent surgery PR Link to the list of PR reviews you've done: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is:open%20reviewed-by:farie82 Link to any other examples of your PR work (e.g. on other codebases) to give us an idea for your skill as a PR author: I've not worked on other public code bases but I have two own repo's. The runtime log parser and the research scraper which can also be used for other data scraping like armor values. Link to any other examples of your review work (e.g: on other codebases) to give us an idea of your abilities as a PR reviewer: Nothing on public codebases and I can't share the private ones. What do you think the most common issue is for PRs submitted to Paradise, and why? If this is about the PR author making "mistakes" then I'd say that code is not always fully tested. Be it technically testing it or functionally testing it against the wishes of the playerbase/staff. If it's about the whole process then I'd say that PRs currently don't get (enough) feedback which results in people leaving or new coders being discouraged from even starting to code for paradise. Feedback can be seen as feedback when the PR is denied or feedback on open PRs. If you could make one single change to our coding guidelines, what would it be? Do not duplicate code when you can reuse existing code. And make sure that your code can be extended upon. In short make it Object Oriented. Snowflake code is god awful and will lead to people being confused when they read it and not daring to change/refactor it. Doing it this way will also learn people good practices that they can use later in life if they choose to become a developer for work or just as a hobby. Also just clean code that tells you what it does and only does what it says it does. If you need comments explaining code then you need to look at it again to make it more clear.
  8. Things I keep hearing a lot from the admins is that they fear that people will argue bans or such. Isn't that what an appeal is? If they go argue a decision in game you still have the power (see rules) to act on the responses. In large this will also make admins be more aware about how they treat people. And see how different other admins do it. Yes it's a large group with different approaches to the adminning. But see it as a player. One round I could do X, even ahelped it. Next round I do X and get perma banned. Yes I'm going to complain and argue. But now I can't access direct proof since the notes are hidden. Mostly trying to state here the big differences in adminning and how confusing it is for the players. And that they can't do anything "against" it currently. And I think that making notes open will help make this become more apparent as well thus making it easier to fix/improve. Honestly speaking I like the middle approach Kyet suggested. Just start new and leave the old behind.
  9. I am all for this. I've let this know a few times before but I think that transparency is required. Especially in these times. I know this won't happen anytime soon. Also due to the promises made to previous admins and current ones about the notes being a secret. Maybe something to work towards? A private old notes record and a new public one? Where the old one will become read only and the new one public and the one where new admins write to.
  10. Quick update. I've started to work on the code for the psionic. Quite a few abilities are in already. Or at least their core mechanic. Upgrades are not yet in. Thus far the following are in: Harvest thoughts, doesn't yet do the brain sucking part or the permanent brain damage. Sleep, working as described above. Will need tweaking after testing Teleport, working as described above. Force push, works for a single target. Doesn't have to be directly aimed at the target. (Will search for a viable target in a circle) Invisibility, works but needs tweaking Become ethereal, works but needs tweaking Confusion, works but needs tweaking Increased concentration. Works ish. Will work when buying system is fully in Disguise self, works Illusion, works I got help from the great gentlemen @McRamon and @Ralta. So special thanks to them in helping make the project work!
  11. They will start disguised as regular crew. Once they "evolve" they will gain their other abilities. I think I'll give them the ability to use abilities while they are in using "Self disguise". Maybe limit some abilities to not be able to be used. This way they can be undercover for a bit and cast their abilities against a cost of upkeeping the disguise which costs focus. I like this idea. I think I'll make it into an ability which will make them near invisible (bit like the vamp cloak) and it will turn off all lights near them. I might include these ideas in an upgrade of hallucination. I don't want a passive hallucination shield due to the fact that you can then easily find the psionic. At the start they will behave a bit like a vampire looking for it's first victim. They start out weak but will ramp up like slings. Psionics won't go around and cause direct damage to the station. They will more likely be the indirect cause of damage. Psionic versus psionic combat will be more a fight of tactics than of a fight with guns. Seeing thralling will be difficult and dangerous the Psionic won't have many friends to help him fight. I myself see this antag more of a hit and run antag in combat. But he should avoid combat for the most part and stick to stealth. I'll include the ideas in the post. Thanks!
  12. I've talked with Neca, Purple, Ansari and Crazy about the idea and none were opposed. So I'm starting the basic development of the core features and I'll keep adding more details in when I get inspiration. Feel free to suggest things. They always help!