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  1. Do I see dark mode? SOMEONE CALL THE FBI ON HIM!
  2. The same Jacob Pearls I met on Skyrat?
  3. I love this idea so much. It's like a long term wizard which I really think could be cool. Hope this is added/reviewed.
  4. No, I meant the sadistic Russian man that loves to call his victims Comrade.
  5. I'd just lie on the floor realizing that I hate my life and sooner or later some Russian man is going to turn me into a cluwne.
  6. Recently while playing the best department(Dchat/Ghost) I've seen Cyborgs basically hunt down antags. This could be using their lights on slings, flashing vampires, or just in general bolting, shocking doors, etc. The most I've seen it was a generalist Cyborg hunting down a vampire using their flashlight and flash. Mind you they were a generalist module. Some people could argue that their law set means that they shouldn't let crew be harmed and etc. But I think borgs should go security if they wish to hunt down antags. What does Paradise think on this?
  7. As a new found IPC player I agree.
  8. The Magistrate also doesn't have access to "Execution" which is weird seeing as the "only" person who can authorize it. Also the Court Room has a fax machine inside of it(the court room is accessible by all crew). Might want to check that out.
  9. bit old but SOME Scientist want to get levels before someone askes them for a PAI or something dumb. I sometimes just stop doing RnD because people asking me to get them stuff while we're on level one is stressing while I'm already doing work. I'm an idiot!
  10. I can say that this is so true. I only come back to NTR because CC replying to my faxes warms my heart.
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