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  1. Going from the wiki page on vampire it says that vampire are newly turned and have vampire lords who give them task in exchange for power and such. They aren’t syndicate affiliated especially seeing as they can’t be tots anymore but yeah boss wants them to do task and they do it. That’s the IC motivation.
  2. Become a sec borg to red text antags with his taser but oh wait those are both gone. Oh nooo maybe some pod exploration? …Oh those are gone too….perhaps he can show up as BS or NTR with karma……….that’s also gone oh wow. Changelog
  3. Or we go the easy route and just remove assistants as a whole :) No more greytide anymore! Gas mask, spears, and grey jumpsuits are now banned. Nothing can prevent this.
  4. Something you could also do is try to chat with science and ask them, the people handing chemicals and all, to make the required chems. Now you have a bit of RP and work going on for both sides to be happy. Problem solved with an even better solution that was fun for both sides!(I hope at least)
  5. I remember that Giraffe. I remember Adrian too
  6. Same vibe as science stealing the ORM or for some reason getting another for RnD alone. Not really needed and you can do without it. Even then I don’t think botany having their own chemistry dispenser would be smart seeing as they stand real close to science with their powergaming tools. Maybe a special dispenser with only chemicals needed for botany stuff. Bye
  7. “So Mel told me to get a diary after I asked her about it and I guess I got one now. I only really got it because I feel like I talk too much sometimes and I wouldn’t want to annoy Mel, which I do anyways so whoops.” First entry into a book I’ll never use again o guess. So a few weeks ago I was thinking very deep about something. When I dated Michael I truly thought he was the one for me, and that got to my head way too much. I try to uphold the image or at least personal thought of me being a confident person without much of a care of how others feel about me, and it’s obvious I was everything but that when I was with Michael. It’s really disgusting to think about. Had I used a bit more sense I would’ve probably snapped out of that weak spell he put over me. Maybe it’s my weakness to people complimenting me or something, he did a lot of that. Cutting away from Michael though, I’ve been playing match maker for Melinda and her little match? She’s always helping my relationships and me in general, so why not return her aid to me? She slapped me though when I tried to help her so yeah that kinda sets the tone for what’s to come regarding that. Guess this is the last piece of writing in this diary. I’ve been talking to this redhead and he kinda decided to propose to me, which I didn’t say no to because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and it’s not like I didn’t feel the same. But you have to look at it from my superior perspective would you say no? No, you wouldn’t! There’s not many negatives to him but god is he dull sometimes. I feel like he’s not trying to talk to me about certain bits of his life which is fine but I kinda feel as if I’m entitled to know almost everything about him. Especially since he made the executive decision to try and marry me. “Anyways, I’m out of this place..the book that is. You might be wondering why I’m talking out loud to myself and I respond with “I’m talking to the audience.” I may need to go to sleep I don’t know. Time to go to sleep and wake up to another annoying day of life.”
  8. I don’t understand why any of those upgrades would be needed. They don’t need a speed buff and the cost of said speed buff is extra battery charge? Which can be countered with another upgrade, the battery upgrade? Seems like you just suggest buffs to IPCs with cost that the other buffs can just shut down which makes it really only buffs and no one wants to deal with that. More ions ions ions
  9. First Name: Keziah Last Name: Braun Gender: Female Orientation: Straight Nicknames/Alias: Kez, Kezzy, Braun, Liz Picture(If Available) Age/D.O.B: January 26, 2541 Place Of Birth: Upper class district, Luna Species: Human Blood Type: O+ Alignment: Lawful Neutral Affiliation: Solar Federation Religious Beliefs: Atheist Childhood: Keziah grew up with her two parents, Arthur and Anne Reed, Solar Federation Generals, who extremely spoiled her with as much love and materials as they could. Being born to two very influential people gave her a odd childhood, surrounded by people who were very older than her, and preforming in activities you wouldn't find a 13 year old in. She grew up with a very blunt perception of the world. Not being shielded by anything such as death or even the "birds and the bees", something that might've been a bad thing to her as a child, but helpful for her as she grew older. Relations with friends or romantic partners weren't a thing for her. Attending training, military academies, and many events left her with little to no free time. Due to all of her "support" from her parents she did grow up to be very experienced, which did once again leave her behind children her age. Sadly, all of this caused her to develop extreme anxiety. Only wanting to be the best for her peers and parents. If she couldn't set a standard for herself. then would she be enough for them? Adulthood: Rushing out of college quickly, Keziah decided to leave her home and venture out to other parts of the galaxy. Ending up in another system named Epsilon Erdani. Joining the crew as a librarian which seemed like a good idea to her, but a more active job was more fitting such as being a roboticist. Her pursuit in science earned her the job of Research Director which she loved, the power of controlling an entire department felt empowering to her, and only motivated her to climb on the ranks even more. Soon becoming a Captain due to her leadership skills, but she found more pleasure in Representing the corporation that is Nanotrasen better than controlling a backwater station. Still serving her contract as a Representative until she comes back to Luna for further assignment. Detailed Information Appearance: Keziah is a women with a beige colored skin, fairly average in size. She has signs of doing a lot of exercise, but she lacks muscles or toned calves and such. She loves to dress herself in clothing that compliments her body like turtlenecks or dresses Her hair falls to her knees in a curly pattern, and you would think to yourself...why isn't this obstructing her movement or vision? Sometimes her hair could be seen pulled back into a rather tight bun to help her seem more professional in her job though. She has a celestial nose with freckles blanketing them alongside her entire nose/cheek area. Glasses covering her hazel eyes that may be replaced with clear contacts at some times. She stands at 5'8 with an annoyed look of disgust on her face, clenching her fist at times when she feels rather violent. Overall, she's very confident in herself at least at a first glance, and tries to hold that visage carefully. Character Voice: Keziah has the voice of an intern that isn't paid enough to work, and has to deal with dimwits everyday. Her voice is euphonious, but that disappears when she starts to yell. Raising her voice to a more brisk and direct tone, that would be really condescending, but she does doesn't mean it, honestly. She sounds sarcastic to anyone that she doesn't hold in regards or just has annoyed her to a certain extent. Her laugh is often short and sweet stopping with a small chuckle if it really is an amusing thing to hear or see. Personality: Keziah's personality is a mix of professionalism, annoyance, and chaos. Always starting off professional slowly devolving into an annoyed state then giving up all hope and falling into a mindset of chaos. Anything and everything seems to annoy her, but to different levels that aren't harmful or "bad". She does enjoy being with her co-workers and peers, but she would never admit it. But as tough as she may look or act a simple compliment really melts her like butter. Medical Record: Starting off simple Keziah is 5'8, weighs 170.6lbs, has a blood type of O+, and is lactose intolerant. Diving a bit deeper though her genetic code is off. Due to a botanical experiment her DNA does have a few floral elements to it. Not making a plant but having those odd elements to her like a green tint, causing an allergic reaction from pollen, or having a rose scent to her. Fairly normal though and Doctors found nothing wrong with it. Her hair is "technically" a purple-ish pink color from that incident but it only comes back in small patches which she dyes back fairly quick. Keziah also denies all type of mechanical augments to her limbs, disliking the feeling of not being natural and organic. Character Biography Background: Growing up on Luna in the upper class district gave Keziah many opportunities that other Selenian children did not have. While she did grow up physically and intelligentially superior to other kids, she did lack socials skills of a normal child. After her parents noticed the lack of social interaction with other children they did enroll her in a debate club. Why a debate club is a question she still doesn't know, but it did improve her social skills, and help her to become the SUPREME NanoTrasen Representative she is now. Her degree in communications are also a major factor into her having the jobs she is permitted to work as now too. Having two Solar Federation Generals are your parents does also help in making sure you are well versed in law and at least some type of procedure regarding it. Family: Keziah has a mother and father named Arthur and Anne Reed respectively, and an older sister named Kinessia Briars. Her mother was always supportive of Keziah and anything she wanted to pursue. Never questioning her decision or actions, but only giving her advice on them. She wasn't too harsh or too gentle on her, and always wanted the best for her. Without her mother, Keziah would've been a lazy good for nothing stuck up adult if she wasn't pushed to strive for the best. Her Father was very overbearing to Keziah. He would wake her up at 6:00 AM sharp to start on her daily exercises, which no kid would enjoy, because..why? He was definitely the cause of her childhood anxiety from his high expectations that he made clear. He's just as loving as her mother, but she does sigh as his attention gazes to her. Keziah's older sister, Kinessa Briars, is 13 years older than Keziah throwing her far ahead of her. She is currently a Solar Federation Representative that Keziah actually doesn't know much about due to her busy life and general distant connection to her. She's adopted and looks very different from the Reed family. She hasn't seen her for about a year or two now. Personal Relationships Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Other Information: Even though Keziah grew up on Luna, she now lives on Mars in her 2br/1bh apartment that's fairly comfortable. Why she doesn't get a bigger house which she can obviously afford is beyond her mind, but she has her dog Marley to keep her company in her times of loneliness. If she's not staying over her partner's house that is. She also doesn't believe in gods and all, but that won't stop her from saying, "Oh my god" or "Oh my lord" she doesn't say thank god though, defaulting to "Thank the Stars" instead. She always covers her mouth when eating, laughing, coughing, sneezing, or yawning. Whenever she sits her legs are always crossed, but on couches she curls her legs up and leans back onto them. Well uhh that's it for this Character Bio for Keziah. I made this because I didn't like this one. It felt insulting a bit and just not like Keziah. I do plan to expand more on Keziah using this club thingy and hope this all was pretty fine seeing as I suck at writing and stuff. Peace from the middle east though(I'm not in the middle east)
  10. Well I do believe the ERT has a slow to counter their pretty good gear. And imo if you’re a new player you shouldn’t be going ERT. Even a first-time ERT should know about red slimes and such(I hope). But yes the slowdown is the trade for getting very good gear.
  11. What a rollercoaster of emotions. To think it all started because of the big cheese.
  12. That mime had me crying. I told them they weren’t a true mime for speaking and they said, “I’m a Syndi haha”
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