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  1. At the moment, with the relatively new Bloodcult, a common trend I see in rounds is the cult being very "unga", and despite being given tools to operate silently and grow their numbers in secret like a cult, they're rewarded just as much for going loud due to their quick access to very powerful weapons and defensive items. I'm not saying a cult shouldn't eventually go loud, in fact they should when they're preparing to summon in order to secure their summon area. At the same time, the cult isn't rewarded that much for actively going after their sacrifice targets. They can usually just gr
  2. Wendy: *smile, *grin, *smirk Sieglinde: *scowl, *grumble, *glare G.O.R.D.O.N.: Hello, GORDON! *ping Jericho: Yee-Haw, Pardner!
  3. Could have it cause intermittent seizures, like Meth withdrawl. Could also have it cause damage to all organs, though this could also be countered with some mitochlide. Perhaps, temporary blindness?
  4. Guess we'd better unload those - one hat crate off the shuttle...
  5. Playing Traitor-Command is a lot of fun, though.
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