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  1. hello, mentor gaming here. the answer to your question is that me and the other online mentors do not know the answer. have a nice day
  2. If the goal is to attempt to avoid confusion by having two different things named the same, it's probably best to avoid calling these augments. Augmentation is already a thing that can be done by robotics, wherein robot body parts are used to augment an organic humanoid. Especially considering the nature of implants and how robotics can sometimes be handling them, I would forsee players asking for "Augmentation" resulting in confusion between the present augmentation and RnD augments.
  3. On-the-go deconversions already do occur, with the downside to Sec being the reduced safety of it - especially considering they cannot stop the cultist from communicating with its team. However, I still do see your point - do you have any ideas for how to mitigate this issue?
  4. Could then leave the amount required the same and increase the rate of consumption? I'm not sure how that might affect other holy water based issues like Vampires.
  5. Going to keep this short and simple - The deconversion time for cultists is far too long. Security can arrest a cultist, drag them to processing, fill them with holy water, and then it just becomes a babysitting game for about ~3 minutes. Meanwhile, the cult grabs someone and effectively instantly converts them due to the way the Offering and Spirit Realm runes work. Sitting around in processing for the long-ass time it takes to deconvert people isn't fun, either for the captured, buckled cultist or the babysitting officer. Reducing the amount of holy water needed to deconvert people to about 1/2 or even 1/3 of what it presently is would hopefully streamline an otherwise quite boring process and keep the round moving - plus, it would be a minor yet effective nerf that the cult desperately needs.
  6. How easy is it to walk onto a NanoTrasen station with no equipment and walk off with a large amount of sensitive data and items? Apparently, very. All tech disks were obtained at level seven minus illegals (which was at 2) and alien (which was not obtained), botanical and xenobiological samples were obtained, as well as Lazarus technology and anomalous materials. An unfairly written employment contract was swiped, and a contraband 10mm pistol was acquired. However, the true treasure of this corporate espionage was the photos. Pictured: The Head of Personnel's personal use Guardian The incredibly stable Supermatter Crystal A local of Ligure, an "Ash Walker" being detained on-station by security personnel And lastly, a little something for blackmail - the Captain's ass
  7. With the removal of the option for players to choose Security Cyborgs (and Generalist Cyborgs), Malf AIs have also lost access to these modules for the purpose of combatting crew directly with their Cyborgs - this makes certain Malf AI tactics far less viable, such as trying to combat the crew with a Cyborg army created by a Borging Machine, as they now (mostly) lack ranged attackers. I believe the simple solution to this would be to allow the Malf AI to purchase an ability with its points (perhaps 20 per use) that would allow it to directly alter one of its Cyborgs and upgrade it to the Security Module (while also hacking them for the laser for convenience). The amount of purchases of this ability could be limited, if concerns of the AI making too many security modules is present, but I believe the cost alone should serve as a balancing factor.
  8. CQC was re-added to the Traitor Uplink in this PR: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/14474 Since then, it's seen its fair share of nerfs (unable to be discounted, unable to use as Vampire/Changeling). However, I don't think I'm alone in the belief that it is still an overwhelmingly strong purchase, and generally completely un-fun to play against. Is it rather fun to use? Of course, it's overpowered so it's rather fun. However, I cannot think of anything fun about being on the receiving end of many of the things CQC does. Putting aside the legsweep into an instant sleep, the instant grab sleep is also ridiculously strong, as well as all the other things CQC does. The most important thing about it, however, is that it's not an item - Sec can't detect it upon searching someone, and it can't be confiscated or disarmed in a fight. If sec does manage to catch the CQC user and perma them, they cannot remove the martial arts from them while they're in perma. CQC is balanced - for nukies, and it popping up in bundles is (generally) rare enough to make it not as much of a problem as it is now. As it stands, with certain traitors buying it every round and becoming near-unstoppable thanks to it, I would not say that CQC on traitors is a thing that benefits the general fun of most rounds, and think it should be restricted to nukies and the Bond bundle as a result. And hey - Sleeping Carp has been reworked to actually be both good (while not overpowered) and affordable, meaning it can honestly replace CQC as a martial arts choice for traitors. Now I wait for @Charliminator to tell me "it's a skill issue"
  9. So much for quarantine, eh? Fun round, @Hostail is a champ.
  10. Look, I've seen the announcement in development news stating that we would be "updating" our sprite-set to TG, so I've known this was coming for a long time. However, I also happen to know that my opinion is not alone in preferring the present sprites over the TG sprites. So I'd really like to know what's the cause of this shift in sprite direction to the 3/4's perspective - and what the opinion of other community members is. Because I gotta be honest: Some of these sprites are questionable. Some of our old isometric-y sprites seemed to fit these a lot better. But maybe it's just me.
  11. I want to play 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel with people
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