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  1. I like how you're expanding on the idea! Seems like you're putting a lot of thought into this. Sounds very sound from a game design perspective. Forcing the two players to actually work as a team is great. I like the activation process of Call in/Revengeance, but think the actual effect is a bit strange, considering you earlier stated it wasn't a high impact antagonist. Furthermore, all of these options: Seem to directly contradict: Since you're basically getting a third teammember, although you have to work quite a lot for them. You also get a teammember that is arguably stronger than a regular blood brother. How about just having the activation be the goal in itself? The reward is that you accomplish your objective. You don't need an extra incentive for that.
  2. Can't believe more people haven't commented on one of the most famous people on the station. Autumn is one of my favorite characters to run into! Thank you for rping such an interesting and dramatic character!
  3. While I like the idea of making two antagonists working together, how would you design to make that the most viable strategy? If a noob is paired with a pro, the best way to accomplish your goals would be to let the pro do them while the noob stays under the radar. What mechanical incentive is there to actually work together? Something like a bonus when they are together would be such an incentive. Another option would be that they have a symbiotic relationship like the abductors. Each of the brothers has to perform certain actions to actually accomplish their goals, so one can't remain passive.
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone! I've taken some time to respond to everyone. Thanks for your input! Hopefully I can explain my reasoning a bit more clearer. This is a sentiment that is repeated in several posts and I find it interesting. I don't understand how you're forced to perform this goal. There is zero consequence if you choose not to pursue it. Hence, you're not forced. On the other hand, if this goal is presented to you and you choose to pursue it, you have chosen to be kind. I do understand hating the sentiment of being told what to do. But just like traitor objectives, no one is forcing you to do them. Thank you for your input. I would love departmental objectives. Compared to departmental objectives this feature would be way easier to code and implement. You can take the goals as written, write the code that the goal is displayed for (X numbers) of players per round, and thats it. Departmental objectives would require more coding work (sorting each player by their department) and (figuring out the actual goals which are department specific). This suggestion is a step towards department goals, and qutite a small one. Thanks for your well thought out post! This is not the topic for it, but I do think greentext feature is detrimental to actual roleplaying as it stands now. Considering the amount of creativity people display in this game for no other reward than "I wanted to build/create/rp it" that is lost after the round, I do think there is space for goals without greentexting. If you wanted to make the feature more complicated, you could add a "Goal completed feature" that would poll the target player asking them if the other player completed the goal. But again, it would be extra work for what I would consider be a needless scoreboard. I do agree that the goals could be better. Like all suggestions, this is a first draft. I would argue that a goal such as "Make sure X gets their favorite food" would be an easier objective to accomplish for a new player than most traitor objectives. But some of the written goals can be re-phrased for clarity and more intersting interactions. Yes, some of them would be hard to complete. Some of them are maybe even impossible. As I responded to @Frank, there is no force at all. Just like traitor objectives, you're offered a suggested goal. If you choose to pursue it, great. If not, no problem. I do get your point. Some may not be in the mood and if you are actively annoying them, you're most likely not fulfilling your objective. In your specific example I would personally just ask that character "Hey, what would make this shift the best ever for you?" they may say "You leaving me the hell alone." - Mission accomplished. Or they may offer a constructive path. Or they may not respond at all. As I wrote in the OP "The journey itself is the goal here, not the destination."
  5. At the start of the shift (a handful) people get random goals that are positive and helpful. They get another player as a target and has to do something nice to them. The nice thing is defined in the goal. Could be an Opt in system if people think it would be annoying. Could also be expanded into role specific goals. Why it's good for the game? It creates happiness. When successfully executed as intended, someone will be happy and they will hopefully have a cool memory. It creates interaction. The randomness in assigning the target player leads to interaction between people who may not otherwise interact. This is also a net positive. You may meet someone really cool this way! Also has a chance to break up meta gangs. But people can already do this! They don't need to be told what to do! That's true. Some people will come up with this stuff by themselves. But a lot of other people won't. Some people will have trouble coming up with unique ideas for this. Sometimes, it's just nice to be told what to do so you don't have to think about it. If someone doesn't do their goal, there is no problem with that. Well what if people don't do it? Then we are where we are right now. If someone chooses not to engage with the system, it's not harming the round in any way. Problems with it? Probably impossible to code to check for succesful achievment of the goal. So no greentext. However, getting on the scoreboard isn't the goal here. It's to make someone happy. The journey itself is the goal here, not the destination. Someone needs to code it obviously. Example goals: Make X look like a hero Surprise X with a personal gift Make sure X gets a medal/promotion Make a unique drink for X Build a shrine to player X Make sure X is featured in the newspaper Make sure X gets their favorite food Make sure sees their rival/enemy/frenemy embarrassed Get X their favorite book/item Give X the best compliment. Get X to partake in a scientific experiment. Show X a special part of the station. Make a special joke for X. Make sure X has the best shift ever
  6. A bit late to the dinner here but I'll chime in. From a gameplay design perspective, as others have already mention, why does a support role, not meant for fighting, have a deadly weapon? It makes no sense to me. Sure, it's a reference to Dirty Harry but.. does anyone want Dirty Harry as a detective on Paradise? The role as it's designed on paradise seems to be directly against this since it's about solving crimes, not fighting, like regular security. If they need a gun, how about a simple disabler, or a small laser gun like the HoP:s? I really enjoy playing detective and after not realising the bullets were more deadly, I completely blasted a guy who went into crit and almost died. Now I'm super hesitant to use it even in dangerous situations since I may end someones round. Now, firing it at all is super risky. The anger if you hit a bystander is very real. If the gun needs to remain in the game for some reason, put it in the armory along with the rest of the lethal weapons.
  7. I don't see this as an important feature, but if you wanted to do it more easily, wouldn't it be enough just to create a chess window where both players can move the pieces however they want and display the result to your opponent? I.e no checking that a move is legitimate or not, just an interface where you can move chess pieces. So yes, you could theoretically cheat and move your pieces wherever, but just like in real life, this would be frowned upon. This could also lead to playing interesting chess variants like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_chess
  8. Detective page updated. https://paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Detective
  9. Really curious how this went! I also think the idea of organizing an event ahead of time is great, even if you don't know the exact details of the event. So great job Sirryan!
  10. Something so simple can lead to amazing things! Was one of my most fun and memorable rounds. Thank you so much!
  11. Some of the mixed adventures of Todd Rutabaga, the loveable idiot HoP. The one where he accidentally confuses one grey with another, leading to being called racist. A great job interview with a potential miner! A tough interview with a potential Cargo Worker! And the Fax sent to CentComm when he was tricked out of his whole life savings but had a shot at making it big with a clever investment!
  12. I think this is a super interesting suggestion. I agree that general comms is a pretty inefficient way to communicate due to it's general-ness. Removing it would remove the easiest way to communicate to the whole station and OP suggests some good replacements. I'll put some counterarguments to the points already put forward. Lack of communication/interaction with people I think this proposal will force MORE interaction with people rather than less. Instead of just being able to shout out whatever you want over comms, you have to communicate with the right people who have access to all comms to deliver your message. That's one extra step of communication and one extra step of interaction. I don't know how you guys play this game, but I don't sit and read comms that much. I usually have better things to do. If one of my highlights are triggered then obviously you gotto read it, but otherwise it's mostly empty chatter. To respond to the argument of it being harder to coordinate with people I would bring up the following points: Use the PDA - I find this way more effective to contact people than writing in Comms. I use this way more than regular comms these days. Get radio with right access - If you have some project spanning several departments and you need contact, you should be able to get a radio with access to the proper channels. Get Heads to Deliver important messages - If you have something you want announced to the station, like a cool bar setup, basketball court or sushi bar, contact a Head and ask them to announce it. You could also ask the AI since they're usually forced to do it. This would actually add a level of interaction, instead of you shouting it out over comms. New "Radio host" job - This is a more RP focused option, and something I would personally love. A karma role in which you get access to the NT radio station where you can host a radio show. You can deliver messages to a special radio channel everyone can listen, but not communicate on. That way everyone can opt out if you're bad. Transponder instead of Emergency callouts I think this is a great idea. This is how I envision it working: You hit the button, you get the option to provide a message, you hit send, everyone nearby is alerted that you have called security maybe by the PDA clearly stating "Silent Alarm activated". Warden/HoS or sec officer is pinged over PDA with the messsage but ALSO their location, based of their suitsensors. This means the Warden/HoS can PDA the victim back if they are lacking details or it seems there is time for it. Who gets alerted could depend on the Alert level. Warden/HoS can get the messages on all levels then delegate to the officers. On a higher alert level, the whole sec channel could be pinged with the message. You could extend this by having some sort of communicator role, who's single job is to work as a 911 operator. I imagine this could also be a security Officer who may have been harmed in the line of duty or similar. To respond to this. The Transponder could clearly state when it's activated, alerting Antags. Regarding alerting engineering, you can deliver a message with the transponder if you want, such as "Plasma Fire" then the person pinged will have to get an engineer. A specific, targeted Alert message, delivered straight to a Sec officer/Warden/HoS with as much information as could be delivered, would be way more effective than shouting it out over comms and hoping someone will detect it in the clutter. I don't see why they would missed more than the current messages. I would even argue that why a lot of this information is missed is due to Common being so messy and people automatically filtering it out. Nerfing/Boosting Antags I don't have a lot to add here, I just find it funny that some thing it will nerf antags and others think it will boost them. Personally, I think trying to balance a game such as this where skill disparity is so EXTREMELY WIDE for equal chance of winning is impossible. Balance in this case should be towards creating interaction and emergence, not winning. With that standpoint, I think this idea as balanced towards interaction and emergence as the usual comms.
  13. I love this. Here is a cardgame I just came up with. Glory to Nanotrasen - A card game for new employees This game was designed by Nanotrasen to teach new employees the right way to interact with people on the station. Setup: Shuffle a deck of card and every player takes one. A turn: A randomly chosen player reveals their card. Each other player needs to react appropriately to the card (based the list). The one who reacts the slowest is out. If someone reacts the wrong way they are also out. When only one player remains, they are the winner and everyone else has to pay them part of their salary (or buy them a drink). What the different cards Represents and how you should react if you see them: Suits are ignored Ace: Traitor - shout "SYNDICATE AGENT!" Any number from 2-9: Tourist - Say "Welcome to Nanotrasen!" 10: The Janitor - say " Clean up medbay!" (Can also be another location) Jack: The clown - Honk your nose Queen: The Captain - "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Sir" Depending on time of day. King: John Nanotrasen himself - Say "GLORY TO NANOTRASEN" This partygame can probably be played in the bar really easily. Roleplaying games Another option would be to import some ACTUALLY PLAYABLE roleplaying games (DnD is a horrible roleplaying game to play on paradise. Too slow and too crunchy). This would require no coding, only teaching people (who are smart enough to learn this annoyingly complex computer game) a really simple roleplaying system. Something WAY more simple and WAY more playable than D&D would be the following: Roll for shoes: https://rollforshoes.com/ Super simple D6 system where your character starts pretty worthless but then evolves into a unique character based on their actions. You can set this up in 2 minutes. Your character starts with only one stat. Would be super easy to implement a session. Honey Heist: https://gshowitt.itch.io/honey-heist Here is the plot: 1) You have a complex Heist that requires precise timing. 2) You are a GODDAMN BEAR. A bit more complex, but way less complex than D&D.
  14. IC, I find bridge hoboing extremely annoying, both that people who do it think that it's allright and that people in command who don't do it also think it's allright. People who have a job should be working or at least be pretending to work. They should not be resting in front of the bridge. I always tell people this IC. For me, as others have mentioned, the reason bridge hoboing exists, is because the bridge is at the centre of the station. Since Hoboing is extremely passive, you want as much entertainment as possible come to you without moving, staying in the spot with the most movement makes sense. If the bridge swapped places with the library for instance, I doubt hoboing would be that much of a problem. It would be too much out of the way. Instead the library would be the place to hobo.
  15. Thanks for all the help! I couldn't have done it without you!
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