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  1. Blueshield is probably my most played role. I like that you put a lot of thought into this post. 1. Blueshield doesn't get AA, at least not by their own volition. If the captain wants to hand over the spare ID, I think thats fine. I've never seen a Blueshield (when playing captain) ask for AA even if I don't hand over the spare. I think the problem with the Blueshield having AA is that they are expendable and that sort of access shouldn't fall into wrong hands. I personally don't see it as that big of a problem being handed the captains spare but it does go against the spirit of "
  2. Great initiative. I took a swing at the language page. It's a lot easier to read now.
  3. Putting this up since I don't play Brent enough these days. I was wondering if you had some ideas on new directions I can take him. Most rounds you don't get any interesting cases, even as the security detective. I've been pondering Ntrep and command roles but I think he is a bit to silly for them, especially since he NEEDS to constantly have his title changed into "Gentleman Detective". Any suggestions welcome! I might also put some of his stories here later, so keep your eyes on this page!
  4. Name: Brent Savoir - Gentleman Detetive Age: 52 Gender: Male Race: Human General Occupational Role(s): Looking for new jobs, Tourist (Special title Gentleman Detective or The Gentleman Detective). Appearance: A man in his late forties, yet there is something ageless about him. A curious glint in his eyes reveal his massive intellect and his well trimmed moustache reveals his great sense of style. He speaks with a posh accent and is clearly of the upper class. Rarely seen without his walking cane, monacle and smoking pipe. Biography: Parts of ch
  5. Yeah, there is so much potential there. Since psychological experiments are always based on people, they would force interaction between the psychologist and the crewmembers. There could be a number of different experiments, pre-determined, similar to station goals where the Psychologist has to write a report and hand it to the captain or NTrep for faxing in or the goals could be more freeform and have no "cleared" state. It would require some re-writes to the Psychologist and it would become a more prominent role, but as I mention in my first post, they have no purpose right now so why n
  6. Nice guide! Something to add might be the Procedure channel, which is an easy way to get in touch with the captain and NTR, since it's usually a quiet channel with a distinct colour. When I'm captain or NTR I use it quite a lot. I've played IAA only a little, but since you seem to know your stuff I got some questions: What is the most fun way to play IAA? What is the most enjoyable part of the job? How proactive do you need to be to search out "cases" or SOP breaches to get something to do, in your estimate?
  7. Great points! Regarding that psychologists are usually bald, I totally agree. I argue that is due to their current status as "civilian with medical access" and not inherent to the job. Experienced players won't choose psychologist because they know they don't do anything. This is just another argument for removing the role until it's fixed. If the job actually had a purpose I think the "baldie-rate" of psychologists would lower due to players wanting to play it. Coding solutions would be great but I assume they would take a while. The three top suggestions I had could be impleme
  8. Hey! Right now, the Psychologist has no purpose, mechanically speaking. If they were removed the game would not be different in the slightest. Compare this to other heavy RP roles like: Librarian: Some people really like reading the books, and I would personally miss the books. They have a unique mechanic, even if it's shallow. Removing them would remove a feature. Chaplain: Can bless people and are actually mechanically useful during some rounds (cultists and vampires). Removing them might actually affect balance in some modes. IAAs: Has a clear purpose on the station
  9. Seems exactly like the level of detail one would expect of a job on Space Station 13. This is a pretty cool idea to spice up the janitorial life!
  10. Great idea! Getting feedback from the top dogs after the kid has left would be pretty cool. And to your second point: Yeah. It really saddens me that you have this amazing sandbox with such in-depth and creative systems being used but the stakes in all the gamemodes basically boil down to if you will be eliminated or not. The potential for RP is so immense, it makes me sad that most gamemodes revolve around destroying/murdering/fighting. I wanna see way more events.
  11. Hello! This is my Roleplaying guide based on my time on paradise combined with a lot of tabletop roleplaying experience. I hope it can give some interesting ideas. If it doesn't, I'm still happy you took the time to check it out. This guide doesn't dwell a lot on what you SHOULD do but rather HOW you do it. It's easy to tell someone to roleplay. It's harder to tell someone how to roleplay. This guide tries to amend this by providing traditional roleplaying and improv techniques. It also gives a lot of examples on how you could accomplish the three steps detailed below. Th
  12. That is a really good way to put it. CentCom is forcing the crew to run a race to stop rascism. The idea itself is not very thought through and more of a PR thing than an actual solution. Some will like it, some will not. It's allright. It's always going to be that way on a server with 100+ people. However you feel about it, there will be some different interactions created due to the new situation the crew needs to deal with. Some potential ideas for those who think it's stupid: Complain to the IAA about the stupidity and uselessness of this excercise. Write up a sign and
  13. I rarely play hijack antags but the one thing I've really wanted to try, and I know this is a long shot, but I would love to try to make it happen based on deception. Here are some off the top of my head: Impersonating an NT official. I know this sound unlikely but I've seen a captain give All Access to the clown based on a note a borg dragged in which ordered that the captain get all access. The note was signed John Nanotrasen. Blackmailing the captain somehow. Maybe framing them for a crime or some big offense. Becoming HOP, somehow removing the captain from power, call the sh
  14. Great idea. Seems like there should be some protocol on how you dispose of terminated ID:s and PDA:s.
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