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  1. Good suggestion! I would love to see this event happen in general.
  2. Awesome idea! If you wanna expand on this, the librarian can post each photo on newscaster and each character can get a quote there, creating a "photo album" on the newscaster.
  3. Clown holding a speeddating event which included customized romantic gifts for all participants. The gifts were weight loss shakes, burnt cigarretts, a bloody photo of a plasmaman, a katana, a toddler and other assorted junk I found laying around. Some just came to watch the trainwreck, but ended up participating. Love, after all, is best experienced up close, not at a distance.
  4. Not sure if there is a sperate thread for the review of this station, since it was tested yesterday, but here are my thoughts: All in all, I liked the new map. I play a lot of command and a hobo safe bridge is a great plus. May also increase productivity. It was way too big. Walking across it took ages. While I like that it's big, which each step I take I'm considering, is this trip worth it? Walking isn't really what I play ss13 for so it was a big deal for me. Spending a larger % of the round walking is not something I want in a map. I liked the gym, library, chapel and t
  5. That sounds like a pretty cool event!
  6. Can you elaborate a bit on what happened during this event? It feels a bit sad to miss fun events. I would love if there was a set time during the week which was "event time" or something.
  7. Sazzy McHonkdydonk performing his legendary magical act under the watchful eye of two IAA agents. Sazzy was previously thrown out of the bar by the bartender while said bartender was saying "Magic is lame" "Go away Gandalf. No hobbits here". Can you figure out how this master magician performs his trick? (Instructions for the trick below) The trick is as follows: Get a random volunteer from the crowd. Write down the prediction, put the prediction in a paper bag. Hand said prediction to the volunteer. The volunteer then draws a card from a shuffled and normal deck. Saz
  8. A shift in two pictures. Demotion of the QM Halfhour later Full story: I was HoP. QM was drunk. Warning the first time. The Second time he was drunk and also handed gave me a document for the creation of the Nation of Cargonia. He was demoted. That's the first picture. A while after, the cargo people started getting upset that he was demoted for drinking on the job. Slogans such as "Drinking is a right, not a privilege" and "justice for QM" were shouted over comms in slurred speech. Signs were written, negotiations were had but nothing could stop the a
  9. When I'm captain, I've started locking the spare into the safe and give the HoS and the Blueshield the codes in case of my demise. Then maybe increase the Blueshield access. The spare is a bit too valuable to be held by a bodyguard who is supposed to sacrifice their life for members of command.
  10. Thanks! I find the roleplaying aspect to be the main draw of the game. Yeah I have similar stuff with my characters. Brent Savoir (https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/topic/20023-brent-savoir-gentleman-detective/ ) always texts the journalist or librarian to offer to do an interview since he's galaxy famous. Even if they say no it's an attempt to reach out and create something fun. Having specific food requests is also cool. It also feels way more real when people want some specific food from the chef instead of gobbling down whatever dead carrion laying on the bar. Yes!
  11. Here is one of the first "good" Brent Savoir stories I wrote for his regular newschannel "The Curious Cases of Brent Savoir". It's formatted so that each part will fit inside one newscaster article. If you want you can upload it into your newscaster channel to spice it up! I know it looks massive, but if you get people to read it in parts, it's quite digestable. Saving the Kings Bacon pt. 1 "BRENT! BRENT!" The king, himself crashed into my bedroom while I was taking my morning tea. I had been invited as a guest for his grand celebration of the unveiling of his port
  12. I don't like perma killing. I don't think it's a big issue and it happens quite rarely to me but nevertheless, I still dislike it. Reasons: Taking a player permanently out of, what a lot of the times are 1-2 hours of a round is not fun. For me, who has limited playtime, this is the biggest reason. Being killed is mostly in the hands of your attacker. As long as they don't mess something up, you will have no chance to defend yourself. Playing as a beach bum/planting diona/cyborg/other ghostrole is no replacement for my custom made character. It can still be fun, but it'
  13. Blueshield is probably my most played role. I like that you put a lot of thought into this post. 1. Blueshield doesn't get AA, at least not by their own volition. If the captain wants to hand over the spare ID, I think thats fine. I've never seen a Blueshield (when playing captain) ask for AA even if I don't hand over the spare. I think the problem with the Blueshield having AA is that they are expendable and that sort of access shouldn't fall into wrong hands. I personally don't see it as that big of a problem being handed the captains spare but it does go against the spirit of "
  14. Great initiative. I took a swing at the language page. It's a lot easier to read now.
  15. Putting this up since I don't play Brent enough these days. I was wondering if you had some ideas on new directions I can take him. Most rounds you don't get any interesting cases, even as the security detective. I've been pondering Ntrep and command roles but I think he is a bit to silly for them, especially since he NEEDS to constantly have his title changed into "Gentleman Detective". Any suggestions welcome! I might also put some of his stories here later, so keep your eyes on this page!
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