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  1. I rarely play hijack antags but the one thing I've really wanted to try, and I know this is a long shot, but I would love to try to make it happen based on deception. Here are some off the top of my head: Impersonating an NT official. I know this sound unlikely but I've seen a captain give All Access to the clown based on a note a borg dragged in which ordered that the captain get all access. The note was signed John Nanotrasen. Blackmailing the captain somehow. Maybe framing them for a crime or some big offense. Becoming HOP, somehow removing the captain from power, call the sh
  2. Great idea. Seems like there should be some protocol on how you dispose of terminated ID:s and PDA:s.
  3. As a lover of paperwork, I like this idea. It bugs me that this company hires some heads that show no regards for paperwork at all, when the company themselves seem to worship it, based on the hiring forms in the IAA office and the guide to writing faxes. It's also, for me at least, a guilty pleasure to make someone fill out a form as HOP when they want a jobchange. It takes like 1-2 minutes but it makes so many people completely pissed off. "What? I have to fill in a short form to change career completely!? THATS INSANE!". I think putting pre-formatted paperwork in easy to acces places f
  4. I also think player elimination is a pretty zero sum game in this case. Being murdered randomlyl for no reason with no warning isn't really my idea of fun. I have suggested "Find out password from X" which works similarly. A random player gets told the "password" at the start of the round. A traitor gets the goal to find out this password. However, the only way to get this password is for the random player to tell the traitor. This means roleplay IS required to aquire the information. You can't murder the person, you won't get the password. Torture might work, maybe trading the informatio
  5. First off, I really like the idea of more creative ways to accomplish the traitor goals. I would prefer them more interaction and RP based then violence based though. I also didn't know you could ask the admins for specific traitor items and trade them for TC:s. That is very helpful. Watching this video, I'm a bit concerned. You kill 13 people which to me seems extremely excessive. Even more concerning is the admin urging you on. Personally, a killing spree before hijacking is what I would call the opposite of creative, since murdering a lot of people is usually the first thing that comes
  6. Spawned as a sentient animal. Creator basically said me (the tree) and the Lussy xenomaid should get married. We set out to join branch and claw in holy matrimony. It took some time but the captain finally put a ceremony together!
  7. Great suggestion! Giving inexperienced people a chance to try new stuff with no danger of "failing" is amazing. I mostly play sec and command so the first ideas that spring to mind is the HoS asking the HoP to hire someone to play a Victim and someone to play a Criminal. The test officers could practice talking to a victim and get details then find the criminal. Bonus points if the Victim and Criminal are stereotyped as a sweet old lady and a bearded greytider or clown, respectively. Extra bonus points if the person they hired as a criminal, actually is a traitor. Would lead to a really i
  8. Hologram is definetly one of the coolest features of an AI. Great suggestion!
  9. Move or remove the courtroom and put the library or chapel there instead. The courtrom occupies prime real estate yet is something I've never seen used. Give some love to the RP roles and put the library or the chapel there instead. I think having the chapel quite close to the centre of the station would be pretty sweet. I would also love to see the unused office moved closer to the centre to give more RP opportunities. I think the feeling is that many heads are incompetent but this solution may not adress that. It will make those that play the jobs more skilled at individual task
  10. Thanks for the reply! I would be surprised if it turned out to be a race-war but honestly, if it does, then that's what happens. There is no set destination this event needs to end up with. If the race is a big mess, the winner was methed up, the clown lubed the whole track, race relations were irrevocably damaged... then that's what happened. It sounds like a really interesting round to me. Compared to "nukies want to blow up the station, kill them or die", it sounds pretty amazing.
  11. Name of Event: All Races Together - A stationwide footrace One Sentence Description: NT is holding a stationwide footrace to improve morale and race-relationships. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Medium-highpop Full Description of Event: Due to complaints of non-diversity, Nanotrasen is starting it's "All races together" initative which is a foot race from one end (arrivals) of the station to the other (departure). They hope it will bridge racial chasms and bring the whole crew together. Security is in charge of keeping the rac
  12. Great job on the writeup and thank you for your dedication. Agree. Certain events actively detract and oppose roleplaying. There is no RP interaction with wizards or Nukies. It's just fighting. This is completely out of left field and would most likely be impossible to greentext but what about an "Interrogate goal"? Something along the lines of: Find out the name of (Player characters) first pet/Moms maiden name/grandfathers favorite whiskey/others. Since it would be impossible to gain the information without actually talking with the target, it would force RP. Also, the victim
  13. Great suggestion! If someone manned the front desk you could also have fun RP:s of people having to wait to be treated for a little while with emergency patients being prioritized. If you want to go the paperwork route, you could also give people a form to fill out about their injuries or diseases.
  14. Thanks for the uplifting comment. If you have some sort of concrete steps you want me to take to flesh it out, please let me know! Personally, I can't see the captain getting an order form CENTCOM to be nice to the kid then saying "fuck it" and refuse to even RP with an NT VIP once they are at the ship. But even if that happens, that will have interesting consequences in the game. Regarding attacking the kid, if it happens, it happens. Coming up with this event I assumed that something will go wrong, the station being the station. Thats usually when the most interesting stuff happens
  15. Depends how you define "will work". There is no set goal, or predetermied outcome we're working towards. I think it will promote a new and interesting experience for the station. It would take some RP-skill by the player playing the kid to keep the demands interesting without going into annoyance territory. I know several people on the server who could pull this off. Personally, I think that some jobs like chef/bartender/librarian/chaplain would love a specific goal directed strictly towards them. I do when I play those jobs. I don't see why an NTrep is necessary at all nor that they
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