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  1. Perhaps a downloadable computer/laptop/tablet program that allows access to security records. Security access required to download it, of course.
  2. See Also: People with lit cigarettes in the toxin mixing room.
  3. Do sec pod pilots not have Security HUD glasses? You should be able to set security records with those.
  4. I do like these ideas, but as is the most common killer of new roles, there’s the potential of self-antaging. If a ‘protagonist’ is given permission to act outside of space law, what are the limits and how far is too far? What’s to stop them from killing suspects outright? With ‘skeptics’ you got the issue of people stealing important equipment for departments, especially taking weapons from security or research machines from science. In general, I think these would be better as admin made roles with people who understand the bounds of their role. I wouldn’t trust people with these roles as random antags.
  5. Got a suggestion for a build. "The Smuggler". It's the cargo tech/ quartermaster that keeps somehow managing to order contraband crates without anyone noticing, and distributing said loot to his fellow traitors. Will likely have a storage implant to hide his tools like his emmag and traitor headset. Also expect him to have a set of tools for setting up hidden meeting spots and supply caches.
  6. Best song I can think of for the Ash Drake is Teostra's Theme from Monster Hunter.
  7. Found a crystal that turns people that speaks near it into clowns. Of course, it was taken straight to the bar.
  8. Actually, this was inspired by Left 4 Dead 2.
  9. A random thought I had recently was how there's a lack of music that plays in game aside from going into space. I do think the game could do with having more music, but this threat is more of to theorize potential songs for a variety of situations. In this case, a song that plays when fighting megafauna, or one that plays for you when receiving an antag role. Assuming there's no issue with copyright, and being able to take a song from anywhere, what songs would you love to see for antags and megafauna?
  10. Yeah, the music bot is one that I can see being passed on. The others though I think would be a helpful, or fun, addition to the game.
  11. Goonstation has a bot that does just that. It doesn't even cook, just criticize.