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  1. Wow. Been ages since I've looked at this thread. Yeah, I'd have to agree on some of the stuff being pointed out.
  2. This could be a fun idea if the guy gets to interact with the entire station. I always worry a bit with events their mainly command focused, since those kind of events sees little to no interaction with anyone outside the bridge. However, if this person is permitted to wander the station and go wherever he want, I think it'd be a fun RP event for everyone.
  3. If the captain gets his mind-shield removed, that'll be an immediate red flag for anyone that walks by with sec HUDs on.
  4. So this is more of a shower thoughts kind of topic, but one I want to hear other people's input on. So lets start with where this all stems from. Genetics. In game, genetics is a powerful tool that not only allows a person to unlock hidden and powerful genes, but also drastically modify your character's body. Everything that can be edited in the character creator can be changed in game via genetics. You're even able to have your gender changed. Which brings me to my first shower thought. Much like how we have plastic surgery in the modern age, people in the SS13 universe could pay money t
  5. Have a vampire use its glass shattering screech while you have a plasma fire burning in the toxins burn chamber, resulting in a plasma fire outside of the burn chamber. Both of us died.
  6. There's certainly a bit of a disparity between the cost/complexity of the job. All the time, I see the job boil down to just building a space pod for yourself then flying around space till you find something. Even then, most of the loot you find is contraband and can't even be used by non-antags. Which is where the other side of the issue comes in. Mechanic is a VERY powerful antag. You get access to off station locations to hide or collect loot, have easy access to space and all locations connecting to space, and can essentially vanish after completing your objectives if security is after you
  7. That feeling when the civi fights to leave medbay before they can be cured of a virus.
  8. A while back there was new ambient noises added to several areas. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few new sounds added to lavaland.
  9. Somehow (admemes) through the used of chemistry and genetics, I managed to turn a vox into a tajaran. Well, everything except the tail, that stayed the same, along with them also getting the tajaran tail. They could wag both at once.
  10. Not the bees! Ahhhhhh!
  11. Perhaps a downloadable computer/laptop/tablet program that allows access to security records. Security access required to download it, of course.
  12. See Also: People with lit cigarettes in the toxin mixing room.
  13. Do sec pod pilots not have Security HUD glasses? You should be able to set security records with those.
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