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  1. Perhaps if there was some desire to add some form of mechanical gameplay to psych, they could have the ability to identify when someone is under the effect of a mind-control effect? I often see people who are mindslaved, wololooed, or thralled by vampires end up in permabrig half way through a round and are abandoned by their master. Since these methods of mind control aren't obvious, a person could go a whole round undiscovered, even if they do get caught, searched, and permabrigged. A psych could perform an 'Evaluation' action on a person, and after spending some time with them, they could get an indication of what might be affecting them. Messages like "This person's movements are unnaturally rigid and forced." "This person seems unfocused despite being awake and aware." "This person twitches like they hear something that's not there." It would give the crew a means of checking for these kinds of mind controls without having to metagame or have the victim drop (sometimes quite obvious) hints that something is wrong.
  2. I think one of the biggest issues is deciding at what point SHOULD an AI get involved if not directly told to. If it's minor crimes or something that security can handle without any help, then an AI should probably at most just alert security, just like your average bystander would. But what happens when an antag starts doing things that go against AI laws, or an antag becomes so powerful that security can't effectively fight it on their own? If an antag has killed several officers, shouldn't the AI bolt them in so they can't go do further harm to the crew or station? Would only alerting security be considered inaction if the AI has more tools at their disposal to help? I think the AI should be allowed to involved themselves, but only when an antag is clearly too strong to be handled by security and is doing things that go against the AI's lawset.
  3. 1. Virologist 2. 3. 4. 5. Tail wagging is fine if it's scene appropriate. I hope I'm not too late to get in on this. I love your other videos and wish I'd seen this sooner.
  4. In my original post, I made several suggestions as to how these sorts of issues could be addressed. One idea was making it so that the antag has to take parts off the body as a trophy. Whether it be organs or limbs, this could be how kills are tracked, through checking if a body part was removed by the antag while the victim is dead. There is also the idea of a calling card, some sort of brand or mark on the body that can't be removed even when cloned. It'd add to the story for the round (A guy comes into medbay with all of his limbs missing/his kidneys stolen, or has the syndicate logo etched into his arm that not even cloning removes). This would force the antag to be alone with the body for some time as to get what they need to confirm their kill, so magdumping and running won't be viable. As for accepting being killed... I hate to say it, but people already do that. There are people who, if you ask them, are willing to be killed and put into an MMI or simple mob so that they can at least continue participating in the round. I'm not sure there're any changes that would fix that. It's more of a server rules issue.
  5. Looking back at that sentence, I realize now that it got off point from what I intending to discuss. I agree that antag activities need to be moderated to make sure people aren't causing unnecessary death or destruction. So yeah, I agree with you on that opinion. I was going for something else when I brought up greentext. I feel that, although an antag doesn't need to achieve it, it still encourages antags to 'win', which in turn encourages taking the safe or most meta method of assassination, that being to round remove a person. The need to use the best method give no room for creativity to the antag, and the unlikelihood of surviving without serious metagaming makes it unfun for the victim.
  6. The current Assassination objective requires that the victim be dead by the time the round ends. It doesn't matter how many times they'd been killed during the round, they just have to be dead the moment the round ends. This tends to lead to two situations, one where the antag rushes down the victim at the last minute so there's no time for revival, and the other being to make the victim unrevivable. There's a very limited number of ways that a body can be kept unrevivable, which leads to nearly all assassinations going down the same path of ambushing or rushing down the target and then making a break for it with the body before anyone can respond. There's very little, if any room at all for creative means of killing people, since anything that doesn't guarantee their body being unrevivable ends up being wasted time on the antag's part. Antags are supposed to be a part of the storytelling for the server. They're meant to add tension, drama, and excitement. However, the goal of making sure someone can't continue to participate in a round goes against that philosophy. No longer is it fear that you may be attacked, it's now fear that you won't be able to play the game. It's a reason people late join to avoid being selected as antag targets, or overprepare themselves in case they or someone else is attacked. Granted, an antag doesn't need to green text, but doing anything outside of their goals requires admin permission. but the greentext still encourages antags to go with a method that is safe and most likely to guarantee the victim stays dead, permakilling. Removing the 'dead at the end of the round' requirement I believe would alleviate a lot of these issues. Requiring the target to only die once would give the antags freedom to get creative with how they kill the person. There are so many cool and interesting traitor items and methods of killing that go unused because they don't give the opportunity to make sure the victim can't be revived. In addition to giving the antags more freedom, it would also mean victims don't have to metagame or valid hunt to make sure they will be able to keep playing the game. Many people say the best interactions with antags are the ones where they actually get to interact with the antags. If there's worry about this change making things too easy for antags, there could be ways of making sure the kill was at the hands of the antagonist. Some servers have the antagonist put a calling card on the body of the victim as a mark of a successful kill. Other methods could include taking a part of the victims body as a trophy or branding them. It would also create potential for more interesting storytelling or interactions with the victim, as they may be the target of multiple antags, and each antag would get their chance at them. Overall, I feel like no longer requiring assassination to be permenant would be more enjoyable for both antags and victims, plus opening up the opportunities for more interesting interactions between the two parties.
  7. Ohhh! 3D Kikeri! Kind of has a N64 style to it. Very neat and cute.
  8. You have such great art. Your style just gives so much personality to all the characters.
  9. I do love the dark stuff, but it's always refreshing to see the nice stuff too. Sleepy Chiki is very cute.
  10. Her pupils just keep getting smaller and smaller.
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