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  1. In the mean time, I might make a quick write up on the unlocking mechanics, loot, and examples of languages. If you got questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Ironically, I'm actually looking into learning coding. Thing is, I'll be starting pretty much from scratch. I'll probably need a few tutorials to watch and some time to learn the code.
  3. YES PLEASE! To often I have to rescue people from bald surgeons, and more often than not the only indication that there's an issue is the 'They are bleeding' message. I mean, I should be able to see that a person's brain is exposed.
  4. I'm curious what the primary differences are with the FBP and an IPC or an IRC. Reading through this, the only major difference I'm seeing is that they can be linked to the AI (Which is an issue of it's own, because why make borgs when a FBP is more versatile.)
  5. The problem with this is that it is very easy for the situation to spiral out of control. Already a fully powered vampire is almost impossible to catch and extremely dangerous to the crew, often warranting an ERT or shuttle call all on their own. Now imagine that, but with half a dozen thralls acting as bodyguards. This would potentially turn the vampire into a more powerful, more dangerous version of the Shadowling. I can see this playing out as an admin event (Already there's an admin spawned 'Ancient Vampire' that can convert crew into vampires), but I wouldn't think this would be good for regular play.
  6. I agree that the blood cost for talismans would be a good idea to keep them from going too crazy with the talismans. As for the other stuff, the reason I suggested it is because it'll take only one taser hit for them to go down and be wrecked. I don't know if shielded robes protect from stuff like tasers and stun batons, but since super antags are often very easy to identify, they need at least some sort of protection since they'll likely be called out quickly. The Ancient One vampire has access to its blink, jaunt, eye flash, and convert power while stunned. Wizards can use a lot of their spells while stunned. A Syndicate Operative can get adrenaline implants, Eswords, and shielded suits. Cultists in general don't have much defense against stuns aside from EMPs, which only work if the cultist is able to trigger it before they're hit, and may not be an option if you have IPC cultists around that may get hit by it. All the other antags have a preventative and/or reactionary method of dealing with stuns.
  7. What Is This 'Super Antag'? Super Antags are admin spawned variants of standard antags that are absolutely OP. Because of this, they're only for admin events and are sometimes treated as a code Gamma emergency. There are currently four super antags in game for when the admins want to meme it up. The Ancient One is a vampire that has all of its powers, unlimited blood, and can turn other people into vampires. Arch Wizards get 50 spell points. Syndicate Officers get unlimited TC. And Empress of Terror is a super powerful spider spawner that can take on mechs. However, there is currently no super antag for cultists, an antag that could probably use a bit of admeme help when all the cultists are deconverted in the first thirty minutes of a round. The One Who Has Seen 'Him': The Ascended Cultist is a cultist that has had a brush with their god. They could be a cultist given a special divine gift from their god, a physical embodiment of that god, or one of the heads of the cult's order. No one is more knowledgeable in the ways of their god than they are. The powers they possess make them a threat to the entire station, even if they are the only cultist on board. They start out with a full set of cultist equipment, including shielded robes and a sharpened blade. They come equipped with unlimited use talismans, or if possible, the talismans in spell form that can be triggered with the action buttons. They can perform most rituals by themselves, including convert, sacrifice, cultist summon, and the emp ritual. Not the god summoning ritual though. They still need other cultists for that. The have a few powers as part of their dark blessing, including regeneration, xray vision, arcane bolts, and a strong resistance to stuns. They are able to bind a slaughter demon to their service, which forces the demon to obey their commands and act as a body guard. Of course, none of this stuff is balanced, but Super Antags in general are OP. Still, it's fun to speculate on ideas for super antags for the different antag types. Feel free to post any ideas, comments, or suggestions you have on a super cultist antag.
  8. Potentially so. This would promote a lot of cross department work. The entire process could look something like this. Mining finds and artifact on Lavaland, the mechanic brings something in from space, or an assistant finds one in maintenance. The artifact is brought to the librarian to translate. The librarian determines what is needed to unlock the artifact. The librarian gives the artifact to the relevant department or organizes several people together to unlock the artifact. The artifact is unlocked! It can then be put on display, given to a specific department to help them, or use by an antag.
  9. When it comes to the ancient secrets of the universe, there aren't many people you can turn to for help. The chaplain has his godly magic, but knows next to nothing outside of his domain of work. Wizards... well, you're lucky if the worst that happens to you is you get turned into a corgi when you meet one. So who should you turn to when you come across some ancient artifact or book? How about the guy that has access to all the knowledge? The idea behind this to give the Librarian a minor duty that they can perform in their spare time. It's not mandatory, and can feed into RP with the mechanics you have to deal with to 'discover the secrets of the universe'. Ancient Items: At the start of the round, randomly spawned books, artifacts, and containers will appear. They'll rarely show up on the station, and more commonly be seen in space ruins and Lavaland. These 'ancient artifacts' are a bit similar in mechanics to strange objects, in which their exact use is unknown until studied. However, unlike strange objects which you just toss into the EXPERIMENTER to learn their use immediately, these artifacts take a bit more work. They'll vary in appearance depending on the possible results from unlocking them, giving you a hint as to what it may be. Decoding: In order to unlock or activate the artifact, you need to either do something specific with the item, or solve a puzzle of some kind. Before that though, you need to translate the inscription on the artifact. At the start of the round, a few different Ancient Languages will be randomly created. For simplicity, they'll be the normal alphabet scrambled in a random order or made up of numbers matching certain letters. The first step is to determine what language the artifact has on it. To help you, you can print out a 'Translation Text: (Ancient Language Name)' from the library computer. It'll take a bit of trial and error testing out the different languages, but you may be able to narrow it down depending on if letters or numbers are used. Once you figure out what language it is, you use your translation text to figure out what the message on the artifact is. After translating the message on the artifact, you will then have to do one of two things. The Word of Truth: The first possibility is a riddle or puzzle. The answer will usually be one word for simplicity, and must be spoken aloud. However, simply saying the word in Galactic Common won't work. you'll need to reverse translate the the word into the ancient language, and THEN say it to unlock it. If it is an especially rare artifact, you may even need to have the word spoken in the language of a certain species. Have fun trying to find a Kidan to speak the code word in Ancient Chittin. To prevent cheating, the artifact won't react to synthesized voices, such as the AI, borgs, or pAIs. Once you get the word spoken, the artifact will react and reveal it's true form. Fire Will Reveal the Truth: The second way an artifact will be revealed is though subjecting it to a certain stimulus. These can be anything from 'The secret will show when exposed to flame', to something like 'The artifact is awoken by the screams of a dozen people'. With those two as examples, you would have to either expose the artifact to fire, or get a dozen people to scream near the artifact. This has a lot of RP potential to it as you will have to often recruit people from around the station to help you unlock the artifact. Once the proper stimulus is used, the artifact will activate and reveal its purpose. Unlocking True Power: So you got a Vulp to swear in Canilunzt, or you got a miner to toss it in lava. The artifact is now unlocked! What did you get? The thing that is revealed is dependent on the type of artifact that you found. There are three different categories, each with their own table of potential items. Items: This artifact takes on the appearance of a rust and dirt covered... thingy. It's hard to say what it is, only that it's some sort of useable item. This can potentially be rare weapons like wizard staffs, cult clothes and weapons, alien tools, or even stuff that has been lost to history (return of removed items?). Or you could reveal a trombone. I mean... it's not the worst thing you can find. Ancient Text: These books are old, dusty, and full of cool secrets. Of course, whoever wrote it didn't want their secrets to be discoverd so easily, so the nature and use of the book is locked and hidden till the proper trigger is used. This book can potentially be one of several things. You have a chance of getting a single use wizard spell, such as the Recall spell. Great for those DnD games where you need to recall the d20 that jerk keeps throwing across the room. You may get a book that has a complete translation of a language, allowing you to instantly learn and speak it. The book may hold secret information that may be of value to others, such as which gene is linked to a certain genetic power. Worst case scenario, you uncover a generic book that a miner accidentally left on Lavaland. Ancient Container: This is the lootbox of ancient times. This box could potentially contain anything! It draws from both the book and item artifact table, and if you're really lucky, may actually contain multiple items. They're a bit harder to crack than the item or book artifact, but tend to have better rewards to make it worth the effort. However, with reward comes risks. The container has the potential to house something bad, like vampire bats or a gas trap that poisons you. And don't think about simply trying to break the container open. Doing so will destroy the contents. So that's my pitch for a new librarian/library mechanic. I'm aware that something like this would probably take a ton of coding, and I'm not expecting it to be something that's accepted. Still, it's fun to theorize about possible new mechanics. I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on how this can be altered or improved.
  10. There actually are mechanics already in the code for zombies, including infection mechanics, reanimation, and unique sprites. At the moment though, there's a bug that keeps them from reanimating, so until that's fixed, we have no zombies.
  11. Name of Event: Night of the Maintenance Menace One Sentence Description: Beware that which lurks in the tunnels, for death swiftly comes to those that wander into maintenance. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Any Number Full Description of Event: Inspired by the classic slasher films, an evil maniac manages to sneak onto the station and prepares to go on a murderous rampage. About ten minutes into the shift, the station experiences a sudden power failure due to sabotaged. Throughout the event, there will be no way to restore power, or only limit it to fueled generators. At this time, the 'Slasher' will spawn in, with the goal of killing as many people as he can. Bonus points for creative kills such as door crushing, lighting people on fire, or impaling them on meat hooks. The character will be seemingly human, but have an array of powers and gear that make him absolutely terrifying and near invulnerable. He has an extremely high amount of armor and constant regeneration, making him take very little damage. He will be stun proof, so tasers and disablers won't work. He comes armed with a weapon of the admin's choice, preferably a blade of some kind or a chainsaw. Even without his weapon, he'll be dangerous to face with his Close Quarters Combat, meaning disarming him doesn't make him powerless. However, every monster has a weakness. For the Slasher, it could be one of many. He could be weak to electricity, meaning shocked doors and electrified grilles are extremely dangerous to him. He could have no protection to vacuums, so locking him in a room and siphoning it would kill him. It's really up to the admins to decide what the best method to kill him is, but in the end, the crew will need to figure it out for themselves. The event attempts to take on the tone of horror films, so the Slasher will need to be somewhat overpowered to instill fear into the crew. The lack of power will help by making more of the station accessible through the use of a crowbar, which makes hiding and barricading rooms a viable and encouraged method of survival. Although security will likely be the first ones to take up arms, the rest of the crew will likely be encouraged to get tools and weapons to help them escape or slow down the monster. Even with strong weapons, the Slasher will be nearly impossible to take down without help. All in all, the goal of the event is to make the crew feel like they're in a horror movie.
  12. A lot of these sound more like event ideas than Halloween themed content. That being said, here are some of my ideas. Trick Or Treat Bags: Random loot that can be found in maintenance at round start, or made from wrapping paper. The random spawned ones will contain either a variety of candy items, a costume, or (Very Rarely) potentially magical items like spell books, Lavaland loot, or DNA injectors with a random power. Zombie Gamemode: If the zombie virus is fixed, then there's the potential for a game mode where one or a few random people are infected with the zombie virus and given a short amount of time before they die. After the virus revives them, they get the goal of infecting a portion of the living crew, while the crew has the goal of either killing all the zombies, or surviving till the shuttle call. Since this would be considered a biohazard (Perhaps a Level 4 if given an announcement) the crew will be encouraged not to do an early shuttle call. More Pumpkin Food: Pumpkins can only be used for two foods. Either the Pumpkin Spice Latte or Pumpkin Pie. However, there're a lot of other potential foods pumpkins can be used for. Make a bowl of Pumpkin seeds by baking a pumpkin with salt. Pumpkin bread by baking a pumpkin with dough and an egg. Pumpkin cookies by baking unbaked cookies with a pumpkin. The Spirit Board: I've seen it only a few times as an admin spawn, but it'd be fun if Spirit Board could be made obtainable. It is essentially an ouija board that ghosts can use to spell out words to people.
  13. So what about other supernatural creatures like demons and devils? RP wise, they too should be in some way vulnerable to the chaplain, yet mechanically there's nothing the chaplain has that gives them an advantage when fighting them.
  14. If it's for RP reasons, then I find it odd how there are weapons that have completely different purposes compared to the others. The Prayer Beads for example is one of the two non combat forms of the Null Rod, and probably the most useful for fighting cult and vampire. The whip does bonus damage to Shadowlings. If the Null Rod variants are meant to be for RP purposes, then it's odd that there are variants that are objectively more useful for certain situations than others.
  15. The thing is, unless someone is memeing, this is often what I see from chaplains anyways. God Hand is strong against Blob, the Prayer beads are strong against Cults and Vampires, the whip is strong against shadowlings, and most other weapons only come out when there is a valid antag around like nukies. Since chaplain isn’t normally allowed to go hunt antags, aside from memeing or cosmetic, they don’t really have a reason to change their null rod, nor are they equipped to even fight quite a few supernatural threats like demons and wizards. So as is, most of the time, a chaplains null rod just sits in their pocket the whole round till they need to change it.