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  1. Rolling the lottery with the gateway. What a way to go.
  2. Ohhh! 3D Kikeri! Kind of has a N64 style to it. Very neat and cute.
  3. The station is about to be nuked. Assuming all friends are safe/off-station, what is Kikeri's preferred method of GTFO?
  4. You have such great art. Your style just gives so much personality to all the characters.
  5. I do love the dark stuff, but it's always refreshing to see the nice stuff too. Sleepy Chiki is very cute.
  6. I wonder how they got a fire burning in a pure N2 room.
  7. Her pupils just keep getting smaller and smaller.
  8. A few potential ideas for rewards I've thought of for this goal. Unlockable Cargo Crates A couple of select cargo crates that only become available after certain point thresholds are met. The first few could be ones that aid in further drilling, such as Oupost Defense crates with gear for fighting off enemy swarms or defending existing pumps. Later crates could be things like exotic material crates containing diamond and bluespace crystals, to make up for mining being distracted by defending the drills. Uncovered Artifacts While drilling, there could be the possibility of unearthing valuables and treasures. The most common would be mined materials, but there could also be a chance of unearthing Necropolis Chests, and in extremely rare cases, a boss chest. Rare Enemy Spawns Drilling could increase the chance of rare fauna spawning, giving those xeno-collectors a fun time trying to catch 'em all (And then force them to defend the very thing they sought to destroy.)
  9. Looks like your average shuttle ride off the station.
  10. Say what you will about the depressing stuff, it sometimes makes for the best storytelling moments.
  11. Your art is so amazing! I love how there's just so much emotion baked into them all!
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