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  1. I wonder how they got a fire burning in a pure N2 room.
  2. Her pupils just keep getting smaller and smaller.
  3. A few potential ideas for rewards I've thought of for this goal. Unlockable Cargo Crates A couple of select cargo crates that only become available after certain point thresholds are met. The first few could be ones that aid in further drilling, such as Oupost Defense crates with gear for fighting off enemy swarms or defending existing pumps. Later crates could be things like exotic material crates containing diamond and bluespace crystals, to make up for mining being distracted by defending the drills. Uncovered Artifacts While drilling, there could be the possibility of unearthing valuables and treasures. The most common would be mined materials, but there could also be a chance of unearthing Necropolis Chests, and in extremely rare cases, a boss chest. Rare Enemy Spawns Drilling could increase the chance of rare fauna spawning, giving those xeno-collectors a fun time trying to catch 'em all (And then force them to defend the very thing they sought to destroy.)
  4. Looks like your average shuttle ride off the station.
  5. Say what you will about the depressing stuff, it sometimes makes for the best storytelling moments.
  6. Your art is so amazing! I love how there's just so much emotion baked into them all!
  7. I really like this idea myself, too. I'm always up for new station goals, and this one would really encourage a lot of cooperation among the crew.
  8. Would it be possible to copy over the custom name mechanic some objects have to drink glasses, or would the fact that drinks change name and appearance break that?
  9. Gotta love a good pool party.
  10. I like playing chef and bartender, and two of my favorite things to do is make custom dishes and drinks. As great as that is though, it kind of kills the immersion when your mix of foods for a Continental Breakfast is named the list of ingredients, or when your special drink that tastes of a stun baton, THE LAW, and poor life choices is named after whichever drink in the mix has the most units in the glass. It'd be fun if there was a way to give these dishes and drinks custom names. It could be something as simple as giving glasses and plates an option to rename them, either by hand or with a pen. I think it'd also encourage people to get creative with their foods and drinks and venture into custom dishes and mixes.
  11. I think it would depend on how much time is left in the round. Sure, folks may want to end the round if an hour has passed already, but if it's been less than 30 minutes, I think most would want to continue so their construction/research/RP stuff doesn't go to waste. I've seen people openly announce that they're not gonna do any work because there's a wizard and the shift will likely end very quickly. At least having the option to continue the round would mean people would still have reason to work and not see that effort cut off abruptly.
  12. I'm sure you're familiar with the Wizard any% speedrun. Things start quiet, suddenly wizard is called out on comms, and then the end of round results pop up. This can also apply to other antags such as Shadowlings and blobs, where the round can end very quickly and abruptly. This can be annoying for the crew, as it cuts the round short in the middle of things like research, construction, or RP. My idea for a solution is make it so the end round vote for the shuttle is automatically called instead of ending the round immediately. Should the crew wish to continue with the round, they'll be free to do so. If the crew wishes to end early, such as due to station damages or exhaustion after the fight, they have the option to vote for it. This could either be implemented as is, with the standard end round vote being called, followed by the shuttle call if it passes. If more flavor/RP explanation is needed, then automatic announcements could be attached to it giving explanations such as "Command has deemed the damages minimal and not requiring an early end to the shift." Or "Command has decided to end the shift early due to damages to station assets."
  13. What are your favorite kinds of admin events to run? Do you like RP/Story stuff, giving the crew challenges, absolute chaos, or perhaps something else?
  14. Name: Vixx Vaxx Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: AB+ General Occupational Role(s): Surgeon, occasionally other medical jobs, Robotics, Bartender Biography: Originally a trader with a love for everything science, Vixx found himself an unwilling employee of Nanotrasen after a moral decision led to him owing a major debt to the company. He’s tried to make the best of it through pursuing his personal interests and taking advantage of the company’s state of the art research facilities, but frequent deaths and clonings, Syndicate involvement, supernatural occurrences, and general distaste for Nanotrasen have made it difficult for him to make any progress on clearing his debt. Qualifications: Certified in surgeon and biomechanical implanting. Employment Records: Security Records: Medical Records: Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Vixx is a Vulpkanin that stands at about 6 feet tall and is physically similar in appearance to the vulpine side of the Vulpkanin species. His coloration is similar to that of a Red Fox, though lacks any of the black coloration traditionally seen on foxes. His eyes are a light green color and his overall build is fairly thin. Other Notes: Favorite drink is Doctor’s Delight. Favorite food is Eggs Benedict. Terrified of pirates, especially ‘Fur Traders’. Is annoyed by people who compare him to foxes.
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