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  1. For some reason I couldn't put text in my last post- but uh, yeah! A short animation I did to test things out. First thing I've uploaded in a while so I hope you like it!
  2. I think the sprites look pretty neat though.
  3. Also please ignore the fact that I spelt it 'Statoin' in the title. I was very excited when I made this thread.
  4. WIZNERD IS 32!? What is 35. We HAVE to find the person with the most forum posts. Where are they!
  5. A lot of Chaplains mistaking themselves as botanists here.
  6. To be honest I'm just making this thread to see what rank I am. I hope it's something cool. Here's something- Looking at your rank (Bottom left of your profile picture) how do you think you'd fair personally as that role? Edit: Station engineer? Come on! I would've thought I'd be higher than that. I don't even KNOW how to work dangerous equipment. Oh god I'm going to de-laminate the SM...
  7. This change has been missing from paradise for too long. Please implement it ASAP
  8. Look, it's hard to celebrate pride when you're busy- but there's always a chance to show your colours as you work here and there.
  9. LivOS- one heck of a good IPC. I like drawing nerds, and this nerd was a pleasure to draw
  10. I just realized I can stop this tyranny now that I've defected back to yellow Edit: Oh. Wait. Nevermind- I realize I'm just 'On leave' and also- 'Mentor lol' instead of 'mentor' so I guess I don't count. Seventeen I guess?
  11. Gosh! Been a while since I've uploaded. I've been SLACK! I've done quite a few drawings of late- @Fraility's Syndicate officer, Essono's beeper, and Jatu's plasmeme. I really enjoy drawing Space station charaters, gosh.
  12. I wonder if I still have my blue name on the forums, since I've gone on leave.... HMM. Edit: THIS DOESN'T COUNT I'M ON LEAVE I SWEAR OH GOD
  13. A drawing for Pewtershmitz, of his nerd Skippy facing off against a nukie. I might've skimped on the background a bit :') BUT I hope you like it all the same!
  14. I drew a Jill. Jill Stingray. With those eyes you have to wonder how customers even concentrate. Beepboop
  15. Gosh your art style is so consistently nourishing, like jeeze
  16. Gosh, I really love your art. VERY good posing, like, MWAH! So nice
  17. Sometimes the worst weapon you can come up with is just a person with a smaller weapon. Question is- who gave her the knife? A drawing of Seshi and Dayana for @MrSynnesterand @White In Sky :D
  18. Hey, turtles smell good.
  19. I hope everyone has a wonderful holidays <3
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